Business trip with dad, last part

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Business trip with dad, last partI was still in the hotelroom and looking at my bald pussy inthe mirror. The feeling was lovely and I coldn’t keep my finger away from touching my genitals. I did put on a tight dress and no underwear as I stepped down for breakfast. There was not much people down there and I sat for myself looking on my Iphone. Suddenly the mother and her son entered the breakfast room and, they went straight to my table asking if they could join. I said ok, and they sat down. The son wascompletly quiet, but the mother started to present themself. They was from the czech republic and the son was 17 years old.We talked for a while and she asked if I will go to the wellness area today, and I said probably. We talked a bit more ans soonI was ready to leave. Went up to the room and switched to the bathrobe, and went downtothe wellness area. When I entered the danish couple was inthe pool, and I went to the showers.I was so thrilled to show my shaved pussy, and I almost came just by taking the bathrobe off. I went into the sauna and laid down on the bench for 15 min. It was really warm and I went out for a shower again. Decided to watch outside by the sunbeds and it wasstill and completly alone,so I placed the towel and laid down butt naked. Looking at the balconies I saw bingöl escort a lot of different people looking down at my naked body.The feeling was amazing as they saw my completly bald pussy fullyexposed to their eyes. I stayed in the sun for something like an hour before I went in to shower again.Felt braver and braver and more and more aroused, and decided to use the whirlpool.Walked out still completly naked and went into the pool. After about 15 minutes the mother and son entered the area. They wawed at me and went to the showers. Soon both of them came in my direction, she in bikini and him in swimtrunks. They entered and after just two minutes the bubbles stopped and they discovered my nudity. The mother asked straight in my face if I liked to show off for other people. I was a bit surprised but asked why she thought so? She just said they had been watching me from the balcony the last two days. I said I didnt mean to show off like that, but she just laughed. She just said something to her son and he went out of the pool and I sawhim leaving the wellness area. I went into the steambath and soon the lady got in there as well. She sat down just a meter from me and spread her legs and started to rub her self. I just stared and she took my head and pushed bitlis escort it down between her legs. I had never ever been with a girl anddidn’t know what to do…Suddenly we heard people coming and she let me go. I thought it was it, but she just told me too follow. We dressed and heading to her room. She knocked and the son was opening in his swim pants. I stepped in and was really nervous, and she just pushed me down. on the bed, and went downon her knees and spread my legs and went down on me. Her tounge was licking me and I was still in a bit of shock. It was soo good and I saw how her son just lifted her bathrobe up on her back, dropped his swimpants and entered his mom from behind. I felt how she started to lick more intense and harder and I was close to cumming. Her breath got heavier on to my pussy and her som was fucking furiusly from behind. Suddenly she just said something to him and they both stopped. I could see her son back off a bit before he started to push against her ass. Her eyes went big as he pressed into her ass and I felt a finger ienter my ass at the same time. She started to mumble with her mouth full of my pussy. Her son started to go harder and harder in her ass, and I couldnt resist any longer as I came , pushing her head on to escort bayan my pussy. After my orgasm I was so sensitive down there andwent back a bit. they fucked like rabbits and just before he came she turned around and got his load straight in her mouåth. Both of them laid down and I just adjusted my bathrobe and left quickly. Back in my room I had hard to understand what just happend. Laid down on my bed and was falling asleep. Woke up when my dad touched my chin, and there I was completly exposed to my father, with my bald pussy just in front of him.He asked if I was awake, and I tried to cover myself. I got a glass off coke and he told me to shower and get ready for the evening dinner. Went in to the toilet and started the shower. Was just about to step into the water when my dad entered, completly naked. Time frooze as I saw his hard on pointing at me. I didnt say anything just went down and took his cock in my mouth. After just a minute he stopped me and got me outto the sofa. He pushed me over rhe armrest and my ass pointing straight at him. I felt some cream in my ass and then he strated to enter my butt. I cried a bit but that didn’t bother him at all, and he just keep pushing. Then he started to fuck my ass so hard and the next 3-4 minutes was completly unreal. I just heard him thrust and pushed two three hard pushes and he filled my ass completly. He backed out of my ass and I felt his cum dripping out of my butt. He went straight into the shower and I laid ther still with my cumfilled butt. That was the first time, but not the last…