Calvin at the Playground

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Calvin at the PlaygroundThe playground is on the other side of the park from where he was earlier today. Calvin was strolling along when he heard some giggles. He walked over to the slide and looked up to the top, there were 3 girls kisssing and taking each others clothes off. One of the girls was sucking on Lori’s tits. He couldn’t make out if it was Tina or not. Calvin stood there and watched. Lori, was rubbing another girls tits and was bending over to suck on them. Still unsure of who these other girls were, Calvin went to the other side and climbed the steps to where the girls were.Suzie was shocked to see a man in the shadows. She went over to him, rubbed her chest up to his and whispered something in his ear. She giggled when he answered her. Suzie was rubbing her hands on his chest and feeling for his package.Lori, looked over and saw Calvin kissing on Suzie. Lori, had stopped Sami and had walked over to him. Lori leans over to give Calvin a kiss and begins to french kiss him. Suzie has bent down to undo his pants and out pops his grandbetting yeni giriş dick. Hard as a rock. Sami, stands in the distance to watch. She is naked and is rubbing her chest, making her nipples hard. She hasn’t rubbed her kitty yet, but she is twitching for her fingers. Suzie and Lori are now sucking on Calvins dick, rubbing and sucking his balls. Lori, reaches over to Suzie and takes off her top, exposing her nipples to the moonlight. Lori, begins to suck on her nipples and is rubbing Suzie’s kitty thru her pants.Sami, walks over and begins to undress Lori. The three girls are undressing each other, then turn to Calvin and take his clothes off. The girls are impressed by his muscles. The girls are rubbing his arms and chest, Lori has worked her way to his dick. She begins to kiss his head, sown to his balls and back to the tip again.Suzie and Sami have gone to the steps and have begun to finger and lick each others kitty. Sami, is first for the lickings. Her tongue is circling Suzies nipples, kissing grandbetting giriş and nibbling them. Her fingers are rubbing up and down Suzies chest. Then, Sami is spreading her pussy lips far apart and her tongue is licking her nub. Suzie lets out a loud moan and Sami is licking her harder and faster.Calvin goes over to the girls and gets on his knees to lick on Sami’s pussy. Lori, is under Calvin and is licking on his dick. Lori, takes one ball at a time in her mouth. Her fingers are rubbing the tender spot just below his balls and Calvin is twitching. Next, Lori has her fingers in Calvins ass.Suzie is ready to cum, from Sami fingering her hole with 3 fingers. Suzie is cumming and screaming with joy. Calvin has been licking Sami’s pussy and her ass, fingers roaming from both holes.Lori ahs gotten up and switched positions with Suzie. Calvin is now licking and fingering Lori. Sami and suzie have gone to another spot. Sami has lifted herself up on a pole and Suzie is licking her pussy. Suzie is almost fisting Sami’s grandbetting güvenilirmi pussy. Licking her ass is getting Sami excited. She tells Calvin she needs his dick in her ass. Sami, gets down and Calvin lays on the slide. Sami, lowers herself on his dick and is pumping her ass up and down. Lori, has climmbed on top of Calvins face and he is fucking her with his tongue.Suzie is on the side watching and rubbing her hole. She gets down to the picnic table and reaches in her bag to pull out a double ended dildo. She begins to play with herself, first in her pussy, then after a bit she gets in doggie style and puts the dildo in her ass. She’s pushing it in and out of her pussy.Lori gets up and goes to assist Suzie. She pulls the pussy end out and sucks on it for a few seconds and sticks it in her pussy. The two girls are fucking themselves. Sami, has got up and got on all fours. Calvin has entered her ass and is pounding her hard. Sami gets off and he fucks her even harder. He gets off in her tight ass. Lori gets up from Suzie and goes over to Sami and licks her ass. Lori has his cum in her mouth and goes to Suzie to share. They kiss passionatly and swallows their prize.Everyone seems to be satisfied as they sit on the table. Calvin says thankyou and gets dressed. Lori slips him her number if he ever wants to do this again.