Cam and Terra

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I came back to the cabin both mentally and physically tired. Terra would already be in bed by now. Not wanting to wake her, I decided to lie down on the couch; the cool leather felt wonderful to my aching body. I positioned myself with one arm behind my head, my hand only inches away from a knife that sat on the end table. My other arm rested across my ribs. I allowed myself to slip into a doze. I swear I was only out for an hour at most because I felt no more rested then when I had laid down. What dragged me out of my slumber was the sudden weight on my waist. There was only one person, well two really, who could sneak up on me even in my sleep. One was Emil, who wouldn’t be here till tomorrow, the other was Terra. I lazily opened one eye just to make sure it was her. She smirked and leaned forward, her shoulder length hair brushing my face. I assumed that she was going to place a gentle kiss on my neck like she normally did, I was not expecting the bite to the sensitive edge of my ear. I yelped and tried to pull away only to find that she had successfully pinned me.
” You awake now?” She laughed
” Yes, unfortunately.” I growled at her
” Why didn’t you come to bed when you got back?”
” I didn’t want to wake you. I didn’t know you were waiting for me.”
” Where were you?”
And there was the question I had hoped to avoid. To hell if I told her that I just spent the last three to five hours being shot at by some Romainian maniac. Or was he Russian? I didn’t know nor care for all I knew the guy could’ve just been faking the accent. Either way I was not going to be telling her about that little encounter any time soon. ” I was on the slopes.” I said. Techincally It wasn’t a lie. She let out a sigh and I could feel the warm breath travel across the skin of my chest. Wait. That’s not right… I glanced down to find myself naked save for my underwear. Shit. She’s almost as bad as Emil.
” How the hell do you do that?” I asked, struggling to get my arms free. She just grinned at me then leaked down to kiss my jaw. I sighed, managing to get one arm free to wrap around her.

She wore plain black cotton shorts that fit snugly over her butt paired with a loose grey t-shirt that was at least two sizes too big for her. I wasn’t complaining. In fact I rather liked the view that the loose collar provided as she leaned over. My fingers had barely touched the skin of her back when she sat up.
” My turn Cam.” She said. I raised an eyebrow at her
” You fuck me? That’s a change.” I said. She gave me that smug little smile of hers ” Oh and what did you do with my clothes?” I asked remembering the last time she had stripped me.
She rolled her eyes ” Don’t worry Cam, they’re all in one piece I promise. You were out cold when I came out here.” I glared at her but she only smiled. ” Speaking of cold, Cam, you’re freezing.”
” Well maybe if I were wearing clothes I wouldn’t be-” the soft ends of her ebony hair swept across my skin as she bent to kiss my neck, sucking lightly. My eyes lidded, my breathing deepened. She sat up again, grinning at me.
” You know, I’d rather not be wearing a bunch of hickies escort kocaeli when my friend gets here.” I said flinching at the deeper tone of my voice as I forgot to pinch it. That just made her grin even wider
” Then I guess you’ll be wearing a scarf.” She replied wickedly.
” Not gonna happen, girlie,” I said, not that I minded being marked by her, but I wasn’t in the mood for Emil’s teasing. I pulled my arm from behind my head, my hands trailing lightly down her sides, following the nerve from the bottom of her ribcage along the curve of her body down to her hips. My fingers lightly teased the soft, sensitive skin at her hip joint making her shiver.

She wouldn’t give up that easily, though. She grabbed my wrists and dove for my neck again. My breathing hitched and I could feel her smile against my skin. Her hands slowly strayed to my chest and I bit back whatever sound my body was trying to get me to make. I had to take back some control… Or all of it… I slid my hands under her shirt. Her skin was soft and warm to my touch as my hands slowly climbed up her back, feeling the ripple of her muscles as she shivered. A small groan brushed my neck as my hands slowly made theirway back down her body to her shorts.
“Cam…” She whined. She tried to stand, tried to get away from my hands.

I used the moment to sit up, leaning into the corner of the couch. I snagged her ’round the waist and pulled her against me again so she was settled between my legs. My chest pressed to her back, my left arm pinned her arms to her sides as she struggled. My right hand strayed down her front, my fingers slipping under the waistband of her shorts. Her struggles stopped abruptly as I pressed my lips to the soft curve of her neck and my fingers found her entrance. I chuckled against her skin, she was already wet. I trailed my fingertips between the soft folds of skin and heard her responsive moan. I chuckled, confident she was done fighting. I allowed my left arm to loosen its grip, my hand sliding under her shirt to gently grope her breasts. She squirmed, pressing her hips into my hand. I felt her slick heat press against my fingers and I easily slipped my two longest digits into her core. I felt her shiver, her soft moan in my ear as she let her head fall back against my shoulder. I couldn’t get very deep in this current position, so I focused instead on driving her crazy via frustration. As far as I could tell, it was working.

She tried to pull me deeper into her, her breath came in short, quick gasps and her skin was flushed, a pretty pink in her pleasure.
“Damn it, Cam…” I heard her mutter. I couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled up in me. This was just too good.
“Oh, come on, m’dear you didn’t think it would be that easy did you?” I chuckled and placed a feather-light kiss on her neck. She groaned as I moved my hand in a slow circular motion.
“Would you please stop teasing and just fuck me already!?” She demanded, squirming.
I laughed “I would babe, but its not quite possible in this position.”
“Bull shit” she muttered. I allowed her to stand so she could easily shed her kocaeli anal yapan escort clothes and reveal her smooth, pale skin. She turned back to me and I opened my arms for her to come closer. She did so willingly, again, straddling my waist before kissing me eagerly. My knees came up to block any escape as my hands trailed down her body and our tongues danced in a small battle. Although, when it comes to kissing, I have to admit she’s the more dominant… My fingers again found her opening and I easily pressed into her heat, feeling her shudder.

She broke the kiss, panting as she proceeded to grind herself into my hand. I watched her beautiful body wrth on top of me, a smile playing at my lips. She leaned back against my, still raised, knees eyes shut tightly. I let her take control. She moved her hips in a circular motion, trying to keep control of herself until I could see she just gave up and let herself fall forward, her head resting on my shoulder as she drove herself repeatedly down on my fingers. Every once in awhile, I curled my fingers to catch that one spot that caused her to groan and move faster. The position left her shoulder tantalizingly within my reach, and I couldn’t help but to bite the juncture of her shoulder and neck, sucking lightly. This caused a high pitched moan to escape her, not that she did anything to hold it back. I chuckled at her enthusiasm.
“You…you are having…way too much fun with this…” She panted. I raised an eyebrow and gave a hard thrust upward as she drove herself down causing her throw her head back with a short scream. “Goddammit, Camrey!” She cried, and my response was merely to nip at her, now exposed, throat. I let my free hand roam across her body, now slick with sweat. I wondered how much longer she could go. The muscles in my forearm were starting to ache and burn from remaining tense for so long. I ran my nails down her stomach and sides as she leaned back against my knees, teasing the nerves in her body. Raising myself up slightly, I gently bit down on one of her nippels. I just couldn’t resist the temptation.

Her passage clamped down suddenly on my fingers her hands clutching at my shoulders. She panted and moaned her climax racing through her. I watched, pleased that I could draw such strong reactions out of her. I continued to move inside her dragging out her pleasure for as long as possible. She finally calmed down, her chest heaving as she tried to regain her breath. She slowly wrapped her arms around me as I withdrew from her heat.
“You’re an ass, Cam…” She murmured burying her face in my shoulder.
I grinned “I haven’t even started yet.” I said all sorts of ideas running through my head. But it was the one I decided to act on that I would find the most satisfying. y mouth was watering just thinking about it. She lifted her head and I almost laughed at the look of bewilderment on her face. I kissed her and while she was distracted, managed to turn us so that I was now on top. I pulled back to look down at her adoringly. I really do love her, but she just had to go izmit yabancı escort and tick me off. I kissed her again, feeling her hands slide up my back to tangle in my hair, pulling me closer. I pulled my body up and off of her grinning at the confused look on her face. But as i bent to kiss her stomach, sliding my body lower on the couch slowly kissing my way down towards her quivering heat, she squirmed catching on to my intentions.
“Cam…” she whined.
“Yes?” I answered, by now I was positioned between her legs looking up at her with what was probably an amused expression on my face.
She bit at her lip lowering her gaze “Why can’t I ever pleasure you?” she asked. I almost felt guilty at this statement. Come to think of it… I have never once allowed her to be the dominant one. I shook myself before I could remember the reason for that. Opting for simply ignoring the displeasing question, I bent my head and ran my tongue along her entrance, still hot and slick from her recent climax. She had a pleasant taste, bittersweet, I suppose one would say. She shivered, her back arching. I worked my tongue into the space my fingers had only just vacated, covering her with my mouth. I looked up and found her watching me with a dazed expression. I raised my eyebrows at her before continuing my attentions. I didn’t have to wait as long as I thought I would, I’d never been skilled at giving oral. She reached down and brought my face up to hers, kissing me dispite where my face had just been, and I had to smile at that.
“Because I get pleasure from pleasing you…” I said quietly, in answer to her earlier question. She smiled, her body obviously drained. I grinned back at her and darted my head to the side to peck her cheek.
“Love you babe.” I said before sliding off the couch and picking her up. This made her squeal and throw her arms around my neck. I carried her with little difficulty to our room and laid her down in bed before kissing her again.
“I love you too.” she said. But when I didn’t join her she sat up “Where are you going?” she asked as I made my way to the door.
I looked back at her “To pick up our clothes and clean up. Emil has a tendency to be early.” She seemed to accept this answer and she laid down again as I went back to the living room.
“Well, I see you haven’t changed.” I looked over at the man sitting in the kitchen which shared the same room as the living room, the two separated only by the couch and a difference in flooring. He was tall and blonde with olive green eyes sitting in a kitchen chair with a duffle bag which he used as a footstool. I glared at him and he only smiled.
“Hello Emil. I see you haven’t changed either.” I said bending to pick up the small pile of my clothing. He wasn’t at all phased by the fact I was still naked. In fact he decided to stroll over and help me clean up. When we were done I dumped the dirty clothes in the laundry room and met back with him in the kitchen. Finally I got to glare at him fully, but after a moment her held out his arms and I sighed, giving in. I hugged him and pecked his cheek “Good night Emil. I’ll see you in the morning.” I said turning back to my room. I paused when I heard him chuckle
“Do I get to meet your little minx?” he snickered. I threw a glare over my shoulder but spared him no more thought as I went back to join Terra who was already asleep.