Camp Love 2

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Camp Love 2It must have been even before sun rise that i felt myself getting hard again…i felt a warm hand playing with my cock and i shook my sleep away to focus on what was driving my nuts wild…i froze when i saw my cuz fiddling with my cock and it was then that i remembered the glorious nite that had passed. I was relieved that it wasnt a dream and i had had the great fortune of making love to two hot young heart throbs…i smiled at my cuz and gave her a kiss…she blushed and gave me a big hug…feeling her brown pointy nipples pressing against my chest got me even harder….Cuz noticed it too and she slid down the blanket and started going down on me….it was so hot to see my little cuz running her wet mouth all around my cock and i enjoyed seeing the movement of her lips and tongue on my she slurped and gagged on my cock. i felt Rach stirring on my other side…i pushed my hand downwards and started playing with her pubic hair and her soft pussy lips…she tempobet giriş groaned and opened her eyes…she giggled when she saw my cuz moving her mouth on my cock and she started to kiss me…we tongue kissed for a while and she put her hand in between her legs and pressed her pussy mound…she lifted her hand for me to see and i could see her thick juices coated on her fingers…i asked her to shove her fingers in my mouth and she did so…i enjoyed the taste of her pussy juices and i wanted more…i asked her to face fuck me…she didnt understand.. so i instructed her to sit on my mouth..she giggled again and she got up and brought her pussy close to my face…the raw smell of her aroused pussy hit me hard and i could smell the funkiness of last nite’s multiple orgasms and she tasted wilder than the previous nite…while i could feel my cuz using her wet and hot mouth on me i returned the favour by licking, nibbling and fucking Rach with my tongue….she tempobet yeni giriş was moving hard on my face and i could make out that she was really enjoying the tongue lashing…..her juices were running down my chin and i was amazed on how much a woman could leak…i asked her to sit on my cock and beggedmy cuz to now sit on my face…Rach brought her pussy close to my cock head and she pushed the tip into her wet leaky pussy…she started riding me slowly and Cuz had taken Rachs spot on my face and Boy….I absolutely loved the taste of my cuz this morning….she was totally funky and i couls smell a bit of pee, a bit of the previous nites juices, fresh juices alll mingling into a mindblowing cocktail….i slurped and licked her wildly and cuz was going crazy by my energetic and deep slurping….Rach was now riding my cock hard and i would give her occasional bursts of deep ramming and she would scream and go all wild…this two way fucking tempobet güvenilirmi went on for a couple of minutes before i felt my orgasm approaching…i warned Rach and she begged me to cum in her ..i pumped faster and deeper and Cuz got of my face to see the hot explosion….Rach and i pumped each other super hard and fast and we burst into a joint explosion of cum, sweat and juices…..she loved the way my sperms smashed into her inside and i loved feeling her juices slide down my cock and into my ass…..we all fell down exhausted and then all 3 burst into loud laughter..we peeped out of the tent and there was no one in sight …we walked out all naked and went to washe ourselves…..both the gals had to pee bad and they both squatted behind a bush…i followed them and pushed one hand under both their pussies….they stared to pee and i loved the feeling of the hot and funky smelling pee running down my palms….the gals were so embarassed…but they were turned on by seeing their pee on my palms….after they finished, they gave me deep kisses and we then jumped into the lake….the water washed away all the traces of our sweaty hot, cum filled sexapade and we were all fresh to have one more glorious day of exploring each other……