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Subject: Camping with Terry New story, probably for Adult Youth or First Time or both. ***Please donate to Nifty, especially if this story gets you hot and bothered. This is a true story of my first time with a man, I embellished a little but it’s mostly true. Nifty is run off of donations, if you can give even a little it helps them keep the site up and running***** This is a story about my first time. I was about ten and living in Wisconsin with my mother and siblings. There was a local outdoor festival that my Mom wanted to go to and there were lots of camping opportunities, but my Mom wasn’t one to rough it. She arranged for me to go camping with a friend of hers named Terry. Terry was 40ish, stocky, light brown hair and about 6 feet tall. He had a nice smile and a warm demeanor. We set up the tent, he was happy to show me how things worked with the tent and I even got to help start the campfire. He was really cool and let me help cook the hotdogs and burgers. He even let me have a beer. I was feeling pretty comfortable and enjoying the music coming to us from the festival. Terry appeared to be at ease too. As evening approached and it came time for bed and it cooled down, I wasn’t sure how sleeping in a tent worked. Terry assured me he had a two person sleeping bag and we’d be comfortable and warm. We crawled into the tent and I slipped into the sleeping bag with all my clothes still on. Terry smiled at me and shucked his pants and crawled in with just his briefs and t-shirt on. This made me pretty nervous. Still, being tired I was asleep before I knew it even with him next sınırsız escort to me almost naked. Sometime in the night I was laying on my side and I felt a hand reach over and start to unbutton my jeans. I probably stopped breathing and stiffened as he suddenly stopped. Not moving or objecting he felt safe to continue and unbuttoned them all the way. Next I felt my zipper start to go down and my breathing got heavier. He reached into my underwear and started to play with my little cock. I’d never had anyone tough my cock, not even my little brother. I quickly got an erection and I felt him press up next to me his breath in my ear. His breathing was loud and my heart beat was louder. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I felt him reach behind me and I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but probably pushing down his own underwear. He grabbed a hold of my arm and took my hand to his cock, it was huge. I didn’t know what to do besides grab it so he started to move my hand up and down on it. It was hot and throbbing and it was exciting just to hold it. He grabbed ahold of my pants and started to slide them down to my knees. He was still not saying anything, which I found odd. There I was now with my bare ass exposed to his bare front. I was naive and had no idea what he was planning to do. He removed my hand from his cock and slid up next to me again and I felt his cock slide in-between my ass cheeks. What the hell he wanted to do that for escaped me and I just laid there. He lifted my left leg up so it was crooked, I think to gain easier access şırnak escort and lined up his cock with my hole and started to press it against it. My ass resisted, it didn’t know what this intruder was doing. He rubbed the head up and down – probably lubing it with his precum, but I didn’t know that at the time. He pulled me back and pushed forward and I felt the head start to enter my hole. It hurt. Stung is more like it, and I tried to pull away. He held me still and pushed forward a little more. I wasn’t liking this part at all. He started to nibble on my ear to distract me and it worked cause that tickled a little and he pushed more of his cock inside me. It still stung pretty bad but didn’t sting extra as he pushed inside. I started to feel full and then started to feel good. It was odd to have something feel uncomfortable and sting but still give me a feeling of warmth and completeness. Soon he was all the way inside me and he rested there a bit still nibbling on my ear. Then he started moving, sliding his cock in and out of my tight hole. I moaned and he just kept on, his pleasure was what mattered. He was slow and methodical about it – in and out, in and out nothing too hard or too fast. My little cock had gotten soft during this even though I was still turned on. He took his hand back to my little cock and stroked it up and down getting it back to full staff. He then grabbed my hand and put it on my own cock, I got the idea and started to jack off. At this point in my life I hadn’t found real pleasure with my own cock, but soon realized that having that big taksim escort cock in my ass did something to me while I played with my cock and I was soon rock hard and loving how it felt. His fat cock was still inside me and he kept sliding it in and out. His breath started to get heavier and faster and he picked up speed. It didn’t hurt anymore but I was having a hard time staying on my side. Soon he moved me so I was laying on my stomach and he started to really pound into me. He moaned and moans were coming from me as well. I didn’t know what was supposed to happen next but soon he thrust into me and held still and I felt his cock jerking inside me and something warm fill my insides. He just stayed like that for a bit, jerk after jerk of his cock and he grunted a few times. Then he slid out a bit and back in a few more times and then slid fully back in me pulled me next to him on my side and snuggled me. I didn’t know what to do, my little cock was still hard. Then I heard him start to snore, his cock still embedded in me. It wasn’t that bad after the initial sting sensation and my cock did seem to like the feel of him inside me. It felt good having the softer cock inside me now and I was tired too, so I fell asleep with his cock in me. Morning came and I woke alone, he wasn’t next to me. If it weren’t for my sore ass I would have thought it was all a dream but I could still feel a dull ache down there. I reached back to feel my hole and it felt puffy and I was hoping it would be ok. I heard him shuffling around outside the tent. I pulled up my pants and went outside to the campfire. He was making eggs and bacon on the skillet and smiled at me. “I hope you slept well” he said and flipped over the eggs. He never mentioned what we did the night before and just acted like everything was the same. I wasn’t sure I would ever be the same after that.