Candy’s First Fuck

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Candy’s First FuckCandy’s First FuckI had become a regular visitor to Caroline, the TV escort who had introduced me to dressing.The sense of fulfilment I got when I was dressed and wearing far exceeded what I had felt in my unsatisfactory experiences with genetic females. In those encounters and relationships I was only too aware that I was only going through the motions of what was expected of a “normal” man. It was when I was “en femme” that I achieved the sensual heights that I craved. I had no intentions to take this part of my life forward and contemplate gender re-assignment, I just felt so deeply satisfied when I was in my female persona – it was where I felt my life was right, however temporarily.The experiences that I had with Caroline had become more and more intense. Our sessions always ended up with me with her large cock in my mouth, me stroking and sucking her, caressing her cock and balls with alternating tenderness and urgency, as my desire to satisfy her completely became my ultimate goal and I was to be rewarded with a load of her devine cum juice, whether it be in the form of a facial, shot over my slutty face or her shooting her spunk into my more than willing mouth and me being honoured with the task of swallowing her present to me and me licking her cock and balls clean.Caroline had remarked that I had become a complete cumwhore and that my female name should reflect this. “We’re going to have to give you a girly name aren’t we? I think that, as you have become very keen to suck cock and swallow cum, we’ll call you Candy Cumslut. Do you like that?” “Oh yes, very much” I replied. “I think that is a very fitting name for the spunk adoring bitch you have made me. Thank you.” “You’ve got very good at sucking cock and I can see that you enjoy it. Perhaps we can extend you abilities and turn you in to a complete whore. Would you like that?” My mouth was dry with excitement at the prospect. “Oh yes please Miss Caroline. I think I’m ready for that now” I replied.“Well then. Let’s get that pretty boipussy of yours ready to take cock then.” Caroline smiled at me as she said it. Know that I was both apprehensive at taking what seemed to be the ultimate step but, at the same time, so needing the experience. At this point, I had stripped off my male clothes and was naked. She explained what I would need to do to prepare myself to take cock in my pussy and showed what I steps to take. I was ordu escort soon douched and clean down below. “Right then whore. If you’re going to behave like a cheap fuckslut, you’d better look like one” she said. We looked through the feminine clothing that I had amassed, which was by now quite a selection. “A whore has to look attractive, but in a slutty way and to look like she’s available to be fucked at the drop of a hat. I think we’ll put you in some red stockings with a suspender belt, a nice slutty wet look skirt. A nice black mesh see-through top always sets up the whore look well. You can wear that red bra underneath and make sure you put your big tits in. Men like that look. Some nice sheer black panties so that they can see your clitty underneath too. That’s always a big turn on to men who want to fuck a TV. Make sure you wear the suspender belt under the panties. Then you can get the panties down and round your ankles quickly without having to worry about the suspender belt. I think we’ll set it all off with that pair of nice patent 5” heels that you’ve got. That should do the whore look wonderfully.” I was so excited by the prospect of wearing the clothes that Caroline had selected for me. It would be the picture in any man’s mind of what a cheap, dirty whore who would be up for anything would look like and was completely the way I wanted to project Candy. “OK, makeup next.” Caroline continued. “You can wear your normal foundation, bronzer and blusher. You’ll have to pay particular attention to your eyes and lips though. That’s where the complete whore sets up her look to become a cock magnet” I did my eyeshadow in a purple, blending into a silver, using eyeliner to emphasise and put on a pair of long and particularly slutty false lashes. I drew on my lipliner, drawing a particularly strong Cupid’s Bow, then filled it in with a very deep intense red. Some lip gloss, stick on blood red false nails, my long blonde wig and I was ready. I looked in the mirror at the finished article. Looking back from the mirror was a complete cheap whore. The sort you would have found standing on a street corner in Soho a few years ago, asking the passing men if they “wanted any business” whilst flashing her stocking tops and cleavage at them. A true £10 street hooker. I felt so good. Caroline looked at me approvingly and laughed. “Oh yes you slag. That’s perfect. I suggest you don’t stand around on the ordu escort bayan street looking like that. You’ll be arrested in about two minutes because nobody would be in any doubt that you are on the hunt for cock, and probably as many as you can get.” “Right, into the bedroom then.”My mouth was as dry as a desert at the thought of what I was about to do. I was worried, apprehensive, probably even scared, but I know it was something that I was compelled to see through now. We started kissing, deep tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I was soon caressing Caroline’s cock through her panties, feeling it grow harder, thicker and longer as I stroked it. I was very aroused myself but Caroline said “you know you have a duty to satisfy your lover. Your needs are going to be very secondary from now on.” I got to my knees and gently took Caroline’s cock in my mouth. As ever it was heavenly. I loved sucking her huge cock, alternately playing my tongue around her pee hole, taking the full length into my mouth until I gagged, stroking her balls. Very soon, she was at maximum hardness. “Right bitch, you going to get my cock in that slut fuckhole of yours now, and you’re going to love it.” She told me to lay face down on the bed and put a large cushion under my pelvis. “Just to get that man cunt of yours up in the air, so I can give it the full pleasure of every inch of me” she said. She separated my ass cheeks and lubed up a finger. Sliding it into my welcoming ass, she wiggled it around, to begin to open me up. Soon the finger was joined by another, then another. She had three fingers inside me, and I was loving it. “OK whore, I’m going to take you virginity. Are you ready?” I took a deep breath. “Oh yes I’m so ready Miss Caroline. I want your cock in me, I want your spunk. I need it now.” With that, she pulled on a condom probed at my ass with her very erect cock. She teased around my anus, putting the tip into my ass gently, then withdrawing it. “Well here it is then bitch.” With that, she slowly inserted her cock. The was some pain to start, but once she had got the head in, that subsided. “Oh that’s a beautifully tight hole Candy.” She probed deeper. I trembled waiting for the intrusion of her cock. The pain became excruciating for a moment. She had to probe three or four times, then she was completely inside me. She stopped at that point to enable me to recover. My breath was coming a short escort ordu gasps, a combination of pain, extreme pleasure and achievement that I had taken her whole length inside me. Once Caroline was happy that I was now comfortable she started to rhythmically fuck me. Oh my god the sensations that I was experiencing were like nothing before. She soon began to speed up her strokes. She was soon pounding me harder and harder. “What’s it like being a cock whore then Candy you cheap slag?” I could only reply, “Oh please fuck me harder, deeper, Pound my bitch fuckhole. Fill me with your cock.” Her hips slapped rhythmically against my full ass cheeks, making the noise of a good hard fucking taking place, but it was her cock in my boicunt. I was in heaven. Her cock had stretched my pussy and now every stroke deep into me was a pleasure like I had never known. Oh why had I waited so long to do this, I thought. I had found my true place in life. A cock hungry slut, who craved more than anything to be brutally fucked, probably again and again. Caroline’s breathing was starting to come more and more in short desperate gasps. I knew that she was close to shooting her load. “Oh please give me your spunk. I want it I want it now. Use me, fuck me, fill me.” With a howl of ecstasy Caroline jammed her cock deeper into me than it had been and her whole body shuddered. “There bitch. You’re my fuckslut now.” She collapsed exhausted onto me whilst she recovered. After a few minutes, she withdrew she shrinking cock from my mancunt. “Turn over fuckslut.” She smiled and looked into my eyes. “Did you enjoy that. Mind you, I don’t think I really need to ask do I?” “No Miss Caroline. Thank you for fucking me and completing my journey to being a true fuckslut” I replied. “Oh you’re not there yet my dear, but you are on the way.” She continued, “I suppose that we’d better let Candy have a treat as she’s been a very accommodating girl. You may jerk your clitty now and spill your own load.” I replied “Thank you Miss Caroline.” My cock was rock hard. I was in a state of total sexual ecstasy and I took advantage of the offer she had made me and started to wank my cock. I knew that it wouldn’t take long and I was very soon on the edge. “Keep wanking bitch, but open your mouth” Caroline instructed. I obeyed although my own spunk would be shooting in seconds. As I opened my mouth, Caroline took the condom filled with the juice she had produced fucking me and empties it into my open mouth. It was nectar and I swallowed it greedily and very gratefully. “You fucking cock mad fuckslut. You loved that didn’t you? I think I’m going to have some fun whoring you out now.”