Car Park action

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Car Park actionThis wasn’t that long ago. I was sitting in my car one hot summer’s day, waiting for my wife who was over the road at a work conference. It had overrun, as they always do, and I knew she would still be a while. The sun was shining, the window was down, my seat was half back and I was dozing the sun, enjoying a slowly lazy wank, when suddenly I heard a very annoyed mother hustling her two c***dren through the car park. Now when you’re in a public car park, stroking your engorged cock, the worst thing you can do is suddenly start flapping and trying to cover yourself bursa escort up – you just attract attention. So I closed my eyes, and waited for them to pass. As luck would have it however, they were in the car opposite mine, and as I sat there stroking my dick, she came past screaming at her c***dren – “stop dragging your heels, stop crying, get in the car, where are my keys” etc etc. The k**s jogged past the car without noticing a thing, but as she went past she glanced in, although she didn’t break her stride and got the k**s in the car sharpish. Then she said “mommy bursa escort bayan will be back in a minute”, closed the door, and strode back towards me. Preparing myself for a torrent of abuse I started to zip up, but as she got to the window she leaned in and said “I’ve had one hell of day, the k**s have been proper little shits and I am in no mood to be messed about, so get that lovely cock back out and let me see some spunk”. I didn’t need telling twice. She was a blond, with a black top and grey skirt, with a nice silver necklace that dropped down over her big tits that escort bursa now rested on the window sill. One of the c***dren shouted for her, but without taking her eyes off my cock she shouted back “mummy is just talking to the nice man, I’ll be there in a minute.” Then she undid two buttons, – enough to show me the most amazing cleavage – and said, “Hurry up, I don’t have all day.” I pumped my cock while her bright red lips twitching in anticipation, and then I just started spunking in huge white spurts that landed on the steering wheel, the seat, my trousers, everywhere. When I was done, she rubbed her hands on a big ball of cum on the wheel, put her hand down her top and rubbed it all over her left boob. “Something to remember you by” she said, then strode back to her car and was gone.