Car Wars

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Car WarsCar Wars.. Chevy Corvette Vrs Toyota Prius.I wrote once that God Drives a Chevy Corvette, Toyota Prius was made by the Devil. Only one person ever said anything about that. She wrote to me and said ” But Prius cars are great for giving abortions in!”It hurt… It was like a knife was thrust into my V8 heart. So I wrote this.I’m not sure if I could describe in detail the power felt when shifting that Corvette from Second gear to third, at 4500 RPMs… You can feel the mechanics like the bolt action on a powerful rife, slowly but firmly pushing the projectile into the tight virgin barrel. It has Passion, and soul in the way the car fiercely holds you to the seat. Never letting you go, but knowing you are the only one that will take her, Tie her to the road, force her to bend to your will. She Spreads her legs open to only her master behind the wheel. You force the fuel to her hot dripping motor making her work harder, her shocks move her up and down as the road make her sway and dance. and when you make her run she only feel s the Pain and desire to run faster. You foot beats her into a frenzy isvecbahis yeni giriş you arms ache to wrap around her wheel, you move the stick shift. finger dance across the leather to her gear box. You push your fingers slowly feeling her motor on the nub..First up shift, she screams more, second, down stroke, she growls with Pleasure. Up into third.. she moans closing her eyes running faster, fourth down deep her legs are spread. Fifth, Up and so much faster, Hotter, she’s sweating at 140 miles per hour… her tears streak she can’t take more pain but she wants too so bad, and finally sixth gear. Down and deep all the ways she’s running at 175 easy, her eyes feel your arms gripping her wheel, the foot deep inside the cabin… the growl so load she’s screams..Fuck me Master, fuck your Whore, Make me your dream Machine.Then there is the Toyota Prius. Soulless. Nothing it does, is worth mentioning. Saves gas.. not a bit. I’ve seen diesel engines get 70 to 85 miles to the gallon without any massive batteries, with regular conventional engines. There is No need to strip mine isvecbahis giriş a Canadian forest to get the nickel the battery cells needs. I never see a Toyota Prius, at a strip club, picking up or dropping off any hot chicks. I see a Prius driver, and I weep for their souls. Their life, their goal is to say, I bought a shity car, because I want everyone to know I want to save the earth. It’s a slap in the face. I can run a Corvette on Premium fuel for 100 thousand miles, and make less carbon dioxide that it took to build a Toyota Prius. They get out of their car and walk into the hell they created. Their friends at the office are two face and wicked. If the Prius was owned by a woman, she would be the bookkeeper no one wants to fuck.. Her fuck hole would be dry.. Cause everyone wants the hot secretary who drives the red Mustang.. She goes home to her Jeep driving boyfriend who fuck her on the coffee table. Just before her parents show up for dinner..His cum runs down her legs as she serves Mommy and Daddy Hamburger helper. The Prius girl can’t stand what’s happing to the world isvecbahis güvenilirmi but doesn’t do anything but bitch and moan. She saves no money at the pump, because 20 bucks is 20 bucks. for a week or for a month it’s still 20 in the tank. She doesn’t go anywhere. she goes to Tom Thumb. He buys the Safeway Brand. She can’t stand Wal-Mart, She hates the fact she goes there for Cat litter so fluffy can shit in his box in a more Biodegradable way. They **** the world. She slums in the Toyota Prius looking around at other. The smile in their Mini coopers, they Smile in there Chevy Yukon , they laugh with their c***dren in the Chrysler town and country. The Prius owners? They go home single, to their cat.. She lays wake at night flicking her clit, wishing she could be used like the whore she always wanted to be…And if a guy owns a Prius.. he’s gay. And other gay guys won’t be seen in a Prius, that was so out of style in 2003. If he hopes to meet girls, there is no hope.So In conclusion, there can’t be abortions in a Toyota Prius. Because Toyota Prius owners have never been fucked as Hard or without emotion, as the day they signed the paperwork and they took the keys to the horde peace of shit. Satin wins No New souls are made. He can manipulate the will of the earth savers. Plus there isn’t enough room in a Prius for a car seat. Parents drive safer bigger cars and SUV’s.