Carla at the Fair

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It was our first time going to the Renaissance Fair in Dallas and we were both excited. We arrived wearing traditional renaissance clothing. My wife was a winch wearing a tight leather corset that lifted her boobs up high and me as a noblemen. We went to see the shows and buy new additions to our outfits. Everything at the fair has a sexual undertone and that is why we both liked it.
We walked up to a jewelry shack with a couple in there early 30’s were working and started looking at the necklace’s. We started talking about how crazy people at the fair can get and they told us that is nothing compared to what happens after hours when everyone else goes home. All of the workers camp out at night they told us.
Jim and Stacy were married and traveled around to the different fair grounds selling there merchandise. Jim was a good looking man and his wife Stacy was a buxom brunette. We seemed to click with them and they ask us if we wanted to stay the night with all the fair workers. “You told us it gets pretty crazy” Carla said. Yes it does stated Stacy but there is no pressure to do anything more than you want. We both agreed to check it out and meet them at there store at 6.
We walked around and talked about going to the after party. “It sounds like it would be fun” Carla said. I agreed and wondered what really goes on? Well lets go and find out” my wife told me. We arrived at 6 and went back to the camp area. When we arrived we saw a pig on a spit roasting over a fire and everybody was drinking and having a good time. I told my wife everything looks pretty normal. We sat with our new friends by the fire on a bench which sat on top of a imperial rug. Our new friends sat in chairs by us. We watched the fire, talked, joked, and laughed until dinner was served around 9. When dinner was over the food was cleared away and the Queen stood up and said “it is time to begin, all women who wish to join in gather round the camp fire. The women started walked around the fire, but Carla and Stacy stayed we us. The men were calling and heckling trying to get different women’s attention. Carla asked me what is going on and I did not have a clue. In a little while women started walked of to different men that were calling at them. When the last women walked away the queen said simply “begin. “
A winch had walked over to a big man right next to us during the event and went to her knees and pulled out this man’s enormous cock. She started sucking on it and before long she was deep throating with her lips touching his stomach. How can she do that? It must be 9 inches long I told my wife. Carla said she must be one of the sword swallowers in that show. We both watched in amazement. In a couple of minutes my wife took my cock out and started to stroke it. The women next to us took the huge dick out of her mouth and asked the guy “I am going to get the ring I wanted right? The one with the ruby.” Yes of course now keep going the man told her. In a couple more minutes the big man grabbed the women’s head and pushed his big cock all the way in and screamed as he shot his load down her throat.
I looked around and took in the scene. There were two women, one on her back and the other between her legs. There was a women surround casino siteleri by 10 men with two of them fucking her and the rest jacking off. Several men and women couples fucking in every way imaginable. I looked over and our new friends were in a 69 on the ground in front of us. I slid the dress off of my wife and we sat on the bench. My wife started stroking my cock I started rubbing her clit. We looked around for a while pleasing each other when I noticed Carla’s breathing getting faster and I felt her wetness increase. I looked at her and saw she was watching a winch getting double penetrated. The women was riding them hard and yelled out as she came. Carla came shortly afterwards.
We watched our new friends still in the 69 as Stacy shook with an orgasm. Stacy got up and walked in front of me and asked Carla is it ok? Carla nodded and Stacy told me to lay down on my back. She knelt besides me and started sucking my cock. Carla got up and knelt by Jack and put his cock in her mouth. In a little while two men came up and watched us while stroking their cocks and I saw Stacy nod. One of them knelt behind her and stuck his dick in her pussy. My wife must have seen this because she looked at me and said I hope you enjoy the show and turned a nodded to the other man standing there. He knelt behind her and my wife looked me straight in the eyes as he pushed his cock inside of her. I was really enjoying watching my wife get fucked by two men while Stacy was sucking and stroking my cock like a pro. It was not long before they both pulled out and came on our wife’s asses.
Stacy moved up and straddled me, then told me now it is your turn. She slid down on my throbbing cock and started moving up and down. I looked over and saw my wife ridding Jack the same way. A group of 4 men walked up and both wife’s nodded. Two of them went to each wife. I watched my wife gasp when the man stuck his cock in her ass. The other filled the gasp with his cock. When the man behind Stacy pushed his cock in her ass it seemed like my cock was being squeezed by a vise. I knew this guy must have been big and Stacy said “o my fucking god this feels amazing.” Stacy then took the other mans cock in her mouth. I was watching my wife receive pleasure from three men and what felt like a vise on my cock when the man behind my wife pulled and came on her ass while the other guy shot his load on her breasts. I felt the big guy in Stacy increase his pace and slammed in deep shooting a load in her ass. The guy she was sucking quickly went around and started fucking her in the ass. In under 30 seconds he shot his load too.
Stacy started grinding on my cock slowly at first while I was watching my wife grinding on Jack I could see the way Jack looked at my wife. It was not the look of lust but showed real feelings. Both wife’s increased there pace until each of them had another orgasm. Stacy laid down next to me panting hard and my wife walked over to me a said “now I need husband.” She straddle me and inserted my cock in her pussy, bent over placing her breast on my chest and said “fuck me lover.” I started pounding her from the bottom as she kissed my lips and told me she loved me. In a little while she looked back and saw Jack stroking his cock watching canlı casino her. She told Jack to come over behind her. Jack knelt behind her and slid his cock in her ass. Carla said “now big boys I want you to cum inside of me together.” We both started pounding and it was not long until I was ready but held on until Jack said he was cumming then we both shot our loads into my wife.
The next morning we got up and had breakfast. We decided to go to work in the store with Jack and Stacy. All morning we were all grabbing and touching each other. This went on tell about 1 o’clock. Stacy asked everyone if we wanted to play a game. What is the game? I asked. It is called the cum game. The rules are each women will give a blow job and there are two ways to score. The one who cum’s the fastest gets a point and the one who cum’s the most gets a point. I looked at my wife and said we can win this. Stacy picked up two cups and gave one to Carla. Carla and I will get under the counter at the front but you have to wait until customers come up before you approach us. Stacy said “one more thing Carla is giving a blow job to Jack and I am giving one to Carla’s husband. In my head I said shit there is no way I can cum faster then Jack now because my wife gives a better blow job than anyone. I think I can cum more so hopefully it will be a tie.
The wives were under the counter showing us there bare breasts teasing us when a group of people walked up to the window. Jack and I walked forward toward the counter. I asked “how can we help you” as Stacy took out my already hard cock. She was stroking and licking the underside of my head teasing me while I was trying to concentrate on what the customers were asking for. I keep looked over watching my wife suck on Jake’s cock and noticed Jack was not able to talk to the customers. I knew we could not cum with people there because it would be to noticeable so we had to wait for 15 minutes until they left. As soon as they turned away jack whispered I am cumming and I saw my wife jack him off into the cup. I was about to cum when two ladies walked up asking questions. Shit I thought to myself but Stacy had another plan. When she heard the women talking to me she slid her mouth down my cock until my entire cock was in her mouth and down her throat. I gasp and tried to fake cough to cover up the gasp. I looked down a watched the entire length of my cock going in and out of her mouth. I felt the orgasm start and new I could not stop it. I could not say I was cumming, so I could barely get out “now.” To my surprise she did not take my cock out of her mouth but took it all in and I shot my huge load down the back of her throat. When I came I must have looked like I was having a heart attack because the women asked me if I was ok. I said “yes I just got a sudden cramp in my calf.” The women looking concerned said “I hate when that happens.” The ladies turned to walk away and the wives came out from under the counter. Carla said “we got a point” and I told her “that’s my girl I new you would win that one.” Carla then looked in her cup and said “I am sure you got the second point.” I did have a huge load but I do not think we got the point. Stacy showed everyone her empty cup and explained I was going to have kaçak casino him cum in the cup but I could not resist myself and swallowed every drop. “We won” Jack said and I replied “I really feel I won this game.”
The fair closed and we went back to the camp grounds. After dinner the queen once again said “it is time to begin” this time Stacy stood up and ask Carla if she wanted to go. What does it mean when you go up there around the fire. That is when a women wants to find a stranger to have fun with and tonight is my night. Carla told her she will stay here with her husband. The night went on just like the previous night and Carla told Jack not to worry she would take care of him tonight.
The three of us got undressed with Jack and I wearing nothing and Carla only had her sexy corset on that exposed her tits. We all sat on the bench together with Carla in the middle. Carla started slowly stroking our cocks and we took turns rubbing her clit and massaging her body. We were not in a hurry and just keep slowly playing with each other while watching the different shows in front of us. Men would come up to Carla stroking there cocks but tonight she keep shaking her head no. I understood that tonight it would only be Jack and me. After a long while we all started to watch a women with three men in front of us. After a while I could tell Carla was getting close so I speed up my pace and she shook with an orgasm. It had been about an hour since my wife started stroking our cocks and she would bring us to the verge of an orgasm and then stop only to keep doing it over and over. This was both torture and ecstasy combined but I felt like I would go insane if I did not cum soon. Jack was rubbing her clit and I inserted a finger in her ass and it was not long until she came again.
Carla stood and told Jack to lay down on his back. She straddled him with her back toward him and looked at me as she slid his cock into her pussy. She moved up and down for a few seconds then raised off his cock. Jack’s cock was soaked in Carla wetness, my wife took it and put it in her ass. She took his cock all the way in and leaned back placing her legs in front of her. She said to me “put that big cock in my pussy. I knelt in front of her and plunged my cock in her wet pussy. There are times when you have sex that everything seems perfect and this was one of those times. Three of us moved together as one with Jack gently moving his hands over Carla body from behind. My wife’s face showed a look of paradise. Carla said “you two are going to make me cum again.” I heard Jack say “cum for me I need you to cum” and when she came she screamed in ecstasy. When her orgasm finely stopped her legs were shaking and we had to help her off our cocks. I laid down and she got on top facing me. Jack got behind her and gently inserted his cock in her ass. We once again moved in harmony with such a feely of ecstasy for all of us. Jack started cumming and I heard him say I love you as he came in my wife. Carla leaned over and whispered I love only you as I emptied my load into her.
On the way home I asked her if she heard what Jack said. She told me she did and felt a connection with Jack and that is why last night felt so perfect. “I have never felt that way during sex before,” Carla said. I have a connection to Jack and want the three of us to be together again but I only love you and will never love another.