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Carole’s hairy cunt fucked at fancy dress parSee the pictures – Carole’s hairy cunt gets fucked at the fancy dress party at CaroleXBeing an outrageous exhibitionist, taking every opportunity to flash my hairy pussy and my big tits, we tend to get invited to a number of parties by fellow naturists from some of the clubs we attend.These aren’t actually sex parties as such but as they are attended mainly by ‘like minded’ naturists the dress code is quite minimal, especially on ‘theme’ nights where usually there are quite a few nip slips and flashes.One party we went to was hosted by Jim and Claire who (unusually for naturists) were in their early twenties and were new to the club. They were a lovely couple and both were completely shaven down below – very smooth.The party theme was Roman Gladiators and Keith hired the appropriate gear. I had great fun polishing his helmet and honing his weapon before leaving our house. Yes, that was a euphemism! I went as Cleopatra relaxbet güvenilirmi with the full make-up and a tunic that barely covered my nipples and just about covered my private parts down below.The party was in full swing when we arrived and we enjoyed dancing and talking to the other guests. Towards the end of the evening the smoochy music began and I found myself in a clinch with Jim, our host. As we danced he couldn’t keep his eyes off my tits and his hands frequently dropped down to my bum. I didn’t complain.Jim whispered that he really loved seeing my hairy pussy in the Sauna at the club. I told him that I wasn’t wearing any knickers right now and he could have a look or a feel if he wanted to. He placed his hand under my tunic and gave my somewhat moist clitoris a gentle stroke. Shortly afterwards we saw Claire and Jim chatting and Jim then asked whether Keith and I would like to stay behind when the other guests left. relaxbet yeni giriş We said we would be happy to.Once the guests left it emerged that the request hadn’t been that spontaneous after all. Jim and Claire had been considering ‘experimenting’ for sometime and thought I might be up for it as they heard I was quite a slut – charming (but possibly quite true). Jim also fancied the idea of experiencing a hairy pussy. Claire said she was happy to watch him fuck another woman before taking the plunge herself.I released my tunic which fell to the ground leaving me completely naked. Jim said he’d like to go down on me. I laid on the bed and stretched my pussy lips wide for him to get a better look. Soon his tongue was probing my clit and penetrating my hairy pussy.I asked whether he wanted me to return the pleasure and so he positioned his cock alongside my face for me to suck and lick. I flicked the tip repeatedly with my tongue relaxbet giriş before engulfing the whole of his cock with my mouth and bobbed up and down on it. His pre cum tasted good and I lapped it up.After a few minutes he guided his cock into my hairy cunt and fucked me hard and deep for some considerable time. I climaxed a few times as his cock rammed in and out of me. Then Jim asked whether I’d ever experienced anal. Clearly this was something Claire had not yet let him do and so he saw this as an opportunity for all his fantasies to come true.I said I was happy for him to fuck me in the arse and I got on all fours. Once again I stretched my pussy lips wide open for him to get a good eyeful. He slowly entered my arse hole with his dick and gradually penetrated deeper and deeper. The tightness of this orifice had the desired effects and soon he was shooting his load over my arse and cunt.I think Claire was a little envious or jealous of Jim getting all the pleasure and said she and was happy to take the plunge NOW!And so I got to hold the camera whilst Keith fucked Claire. It was interesting to see Keith fuck this slip of a girl, possibly half his age and I couldn’t resist the temptation to get involved too.But that’s another story…