Carrie Gives an Encore

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Carrie Gives an EncoreSummary: After a concert, Carrie Underwood has some fun in her dressing room.–Any questions, comments, requests, etc. Feel free to email me at–Carrie Underwood stepped backstage after finishing her concert in Boston, MA. She had a huge smile on her face because the crowd was more electric than any crowd in recent memory. Not to say that her crowds weren’t always entertained, but it didn’t seem like anyone out there was disappointed this time. She hugged every member of her band and thanked them for a great show before walking towards her dressing room.She entered the room and locked the door behind her. As was her routine after a show, she sat down and relaxed on the couch. The hot lights and the constant motion on the stage wore her out and covered her in sweat, making her relaxation period a very welcome time. As she sat on the couch, she looked up at the wall and saw the many autographed pictures of performers that had performed in the Boston Garden in recent weeks. Bon Jovi, Motorhead and Jimmy Buffett were just a few of the pictures that she saw. She stood up and walked towards her travel bag and pulled an 8×12 photo of herself out, signing it and leaving it on the table.The smell of her sweat was filling her nostrils and made her uncomfortable. Standing in the middle of her dressing room, Carrie reached behind herself and unzipped the small, sparkly, black dress she was wearing. The dress hit the ground and she stepped out of it before pulling her white panties down to the ground as well. After unzipping and removing her knee high black boots, she was now completely naked. The naked singer walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, preparing for a quick shower before she called her husband back in Nashville. Nothing relaxed her more after a concert than a nice hot shower. She took a quick piss while it warmed up. Once the water was nice and hot, she jumped in and let the water wash away her scent of exhaustion.She grabbed a bar of soap and lightly rubbed it all over her body. She always started a shower by cleaning her chest. The bar of soap ran across her sensitive nipples, bringing them to stand at attention. Her hands spread the bubbles across her beautiful chest, pressing her fingers against her slippery buds. She moved the soap down the front of her body and down to her crotch. The beautiful blonde cleaned her hairless area quickly before cleaning the rest of her body. She knew she didn’t have much time to give herself a really “good” shower since she had promised to call her husband as soon as she was finished on stage. She shut the water off and stepped out of the shower. Grabbing a towel, the blonde covered her body and stood in front of the mirror. She grabbed a hairbrush off the sink and began to straighten out her long blonde hair that was soaked and pressed against her slippery skin. After a few minutes of brushing, she walked out of the bathroom and was shocked as to what she saw.One of the maintenance men and unlocked the door and was in the room pushing a broom. He hadn’t heard her in the shower or leaving the shower, as far as he knew he was alone. Carrie started off angry when she saw the man who had broken in to her room to clean. Her anger was quickly diverted when he bent over to pick up her stray dress and panties. Her eyes were drawn right to his ass. He was wearing a pair of well-fitting jeans, showing off the outline of his rear. She could tell from this angle that he was a very fit man with a very tight backside. She had a smile on her face as she watched him pick up her clothes. The man turned around and almost jumped out of his skin.“Oh, umm hi…I…I didn’t know anyone was I here. I’m…I’m sorry.” He stuttered as she approached him with a bit of a smile.Carrie walked up to him and pulled the dress out of his hands. He was blushing as he was now left holding only her white cotton panties in his increasingly sweaty hands.“I would have appreciated a knock, but I do thank you for picking up my clothes for me.” She said in a soft voice. “But I think you missed something.” She walked a feet in front of him and spotted the boots. She slowly bent over to pick them up, giving him a nice shot of her ass under the short towel. The man couldn’t keep his eyes off of her as she took her sweet time to retrieve the boots. Once she finally picked them up, Carrie walked over to the table and placed both the asyabahis yeni giriş dress and boots next to the picture before turning around to face him again.“Do you like how my panties feel?” She asked as he was subconsciously rubbing the fabric between his fingers. “Umm…um…” He stopped moving his fingers. “I was just…yes…they are very…they’re soft.” She giggled at his stutters.“Yeah, they feel really good pressing against my little pussy.” She said as she took them away from him. He was shocked at the singer, whom he was a fan off, was talking this way to him.“Would your husband approve of you talking about your pussy to me?” He asked, now a little calmer.She playfully looked around the room before saying, “I don’t see him anywhere in here. How is he going to know?”Almost immediately after she said that, her cell phone rang. It was her husband who was expecting the usual phone call.“Speak of the devil.” She said as she picked the phone up.The man started to walk out when she yelled at him to stop. She answered the phone as she walked towards him. “Hi Mike. Sorry I didn’t call sooner, I was taking a nice hot shower. Yes I was thinking of you while I washed myself.” She suddenly grabbed onto the crotch of the man’s jeans and smiled at him. “No, I won’t be leaving the arena for another hour.” His cock was bulging almost through his pants as she moved her hand around. “Okay baby, I’ll call you when I get back to the hotel. Love you. Bye.” She hung up and tossed the phone on the table.“Can I ask you a question?” He asked her. She nodded. “If you are happily married, why are you coming on to me?”She flashed him another big smile.“Because I can.” She giggled as she started to undo his belt.“I’m not saying I’m not flattered, but I have a girlfriend and I don’t think she would like this very much.” She continued to fondle him, realizing that his cock was now hard as a rock.“She might not like it but I can tell that you sure do.” He was nervous as she began to unzip his pants. “What’s the matter, she not giving you everything you want?”He looked around nervously. “Well, I guess she doesn’t…no, no I’m completely happy.” She stopped fondling him for a second.“You were going to say something. What doesn’t she do that you want her to?” She looked him right in the eye with a comforting look on her face.“Well, she…I guess she doesn’t…doesn’t like to…umm…go down on…on me.” He was sweating as he struggled to get the sentence out.“Aww.” She made a sad-little-girl face and looked down at his crotch. “Don’t worry…wait, what’s your name?”“Jed.”“Don’t worry Jed, she may not give you what you want.” She undid her towel and let it hit the floor, showing him her stunning body. “But I will.”She put her thumbs in the top of his jeans and, with one quick move, dropped to her knees and pulled the pants to the ground. She was now at eye level with his bulging cock aching to be released from his underwear. She started to lick her lips as she fondled the large piece of man-meat through the thin fabric.“Can I take these off of you Jed? Your big cock looks like he wants to come out and play.” She looked up at him waiting for a response.“Yes Carrie, please let him out.”She quickly pulled the underwear down to his ankles, causing his very thick eight inch cock to spring in her face.“Holy fucking shit!” She yelled out. “This thing is huge.” She was still licking her lips as she began to stroke it.He let out a loud moan as her thumb pushed against the head of his cock. It wasn’t long before she placed the head on the tip of her tongue and slowly inhaled the massive cock. Taking it in inch by inch, she sucked in about six inches before she started to rock her head back and forth. She knew that she could take all eight inches but didn’t want to go deep-throat right off the bat. She had had several dicks as long as Jed’s but couldn’t remember one nearly as thick. She joked that his cock must have been working out. She started the blowjob by sucking him slow, letting her mouth adjust to the size. She began to pick up her pace a little as a string of slobber began running down her cheek. She pulled it out of her and gave his balls a quick lick before going back to sucking him off, now much faster. The head of his cock was now bumping against the back of her throat, begging to go down her throat.“Fuck!” He yelled out as he received the best blowjob of his life. “Think your throat can handle all asyabahis giriş of it?”She pulled him out. “Yes, fuck my throat like it was a pussy.”He grabbed the back of her head and shoved all eight inches into her throat. Her eyes began to water as her esophagus tightly grabbed at his cock. He held it in for a good ten/fifteen seconds before roughly removing it. Instead of gasping for air, she grabbed his cock and began to furiously lick his balls. She sucked on one of his nuts, causing another loud moan. He grabbed her again and shoved his cock back down her throat. Instead of holding it in, he did what she told him to do and began to fuck it like a pussy. The sound of her sucking in air and saliva filled the room as the large piece of meat violated her mouth. She closed her eyes and smiled as her mouth took the abuse that she loved so much.He pulled out of her mouth and started to jerk off quickly. “I’m gonna cum Carrie. You’re going to make me cum.”“Oh yes, cum in my mouth. I want to drink your sweet spunk.” She was giggling as she anticipated the taste to fill her mouth.He aimed the head of his cock on her tongue and shot stream after stream of his hot sticky cum down her tongue and into her expanded throat. A stray shot landed on her cheek, but the rest of it all went into her waiting mouth. He scooped the stray cum from her cheek and she sucked it from her fingers before taking a big gulp and swallowing his load.“Mmm, you taste really good Jed. I bet you want to taste something good yourself.” She gave him a devilish look before he grabbed her and tossed her on the couch. She sunk into the couch and spread her legs, waiting for his tongue to greet her. He kneeled down in front of her and began to kiss up her legs. Starting at the ankle, he lightly gave her several kisses up to her knee, more kisses led to her thighs. He licked her inner thighs, getting closer to his prize. His tongue made it from her thighs to her shaven public area.“Nice and smooth, just how I like it.” She smiled as she heard his words.He moved his mouth down and began to kiss her pussy lips like they were on her mouth. His tongue began to clean around her opening, forcing a soft moan from the singer. She started to run her hands through Jed’s hair as his tongue found its way inside her pussy. His tongue probed her hole, causing her to jump a bit and shove his face deeper inside her. He moved his tongue in and out, fucking her soaking wet cunt with his warm tongue. Jed’s thumb started to massage her swollen red clit, forcing her to cry out louder. He probed her cunt and thumbed her clit for a few minutes, listening to the beautiful rhythmic sounds of the blonde’s moans filled the room. He began to worry for a second if anyone can hear her, but quickly ignored those worries and continued tasting her soaking wet pussy. He knew by the volume of juices surrounding her pussy that she wasn’t going to last much longer. He removed his tongue from inside her and began to furiously lick her swollen cunt, which pushed her over the edge. She held his head close to her and cried out in an exploding orgasm. His face was being flooded by the cum that was squirting out of her. Her sexy body was convulsing as it took her over. The cries and moans she made were louder than he could ever remember hearing. After a few seconds her body relaxed and she quieted down, still holding his head against her dripping hole.“That was amazing Jed. You really know how to lick a pussy.” She lightly giggled as Jed got up and sat next to her.“If you thought that was amazing, you just wait little lady.” He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her on top of him. They were face to face and began to make out as Jed’s cock came back to attention. They broke their kiss so Carrie could position her pussy to take the large meat.“I hope it fits.” She whispered to him.She began to lower herself down on it, moaning in a mixture of pleasure and pain as the massive cock forced its way into her tight hole. She struggled to get more than two inches in without the pain being too intense. He knew that she could handle it so he grabbed her by the hips and slammed her down onto him.“OH FUCK! OH FUCK, ITS TOO BIG!” She screamed out.He began to pull her back up off his cock, but proceeded to slam her down again. Her pussy didn’t take long to adapt and her cries of pain quickly turned to moans of pleasure. Her tight pussy stretched around his cock, asyabahis güvenilirmi giving her the most intense sexual feeling she had ever experienced. She couldn’t help but moan louder and louder as she rode his cock like a horse. She jumped up and down on top of him just to feel the walls of her vagina stretch around it with every thrust.She was enjoying the impaling so much that she could feel another orgasm coming on already. She braced for it, hoping the lubrication of her juices on his cock would only intensify the feeling.“I’m gonna cum again.” She said between moans.Jed took this as a signal to fuck her harder. He rolled over and placed her on her back, putting himself in control of slamming his massive cock into her moistening cunt. She arched her back against the couch, pushing her beautiful breasts into the air, mere inches from Jed’s face. He leaned down and nibbled on her nipple a bit, causing her to have another massive orgasm. She lay flat on the couch as her body convulsed around his cock. The tugging and pulling that her body was doing on him felt amazing. Her hopes were answered as her cum coated her insides, making the sex feel even better than it already was.“My husband’s never made me cum that fucking hard.” She told him, trying to catch her breath.He was putting all of his weight on her, slamming against her soaking wet pussy. The sounds of splashing from within her replaced the moans. That massive orgasm had drained the energy from her. Add to that the first orgasm, plus the long day preparing for and performing the concert, made her a very exhausted girl.He pulled out from her and turned her over on her stomach. She crawled over and leaned against the arm rest, sticking her ass up and waiting to be fucked like a dog. He got behind her and quickly rammed all of his cock into her again and continued his rough pace of fucking her. Carrie’s head was buried in the armrest, as she clenched her mouth around the soft material. She was still moaning, but it was muffled by the couch. He looked down at her crotch and saw how red it was. He wasn’t sure if it was red from the pain or red from the pleasure. He figured it was both and decided it was time give her swollen cunt the night off.“Where do you want me to cum Carrie?” He asked her.Her mouth was still muffled by the couch, but he was able to make out “Not inside me.” He gave her a few more pumps before he pulled out of her and shot his load towards her back. She looked back at him as she felt the long strands hit her sweaty body. The first two landed in the center of her back, the next one on her ass, the next one went far and actually landed on her face which brought an exhausted giggle out of her. The last little drops of cum landed on her ass before they both collapsed on the couch, exhausted.Jed sat on the couch, staring at Carrie Underwood’s cum covered back and ass staring him in the face. He scooped it all off of her and brought his hand to her mouth. She saw the puddle of cum that sat in the palm of his hand and proceeded to lick it up slowly, like a dog drinking from a water dish. After she swallowed it, she crawled over towards him, rested her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around him.“You’re an amazing fucker Jed. Mike never made me feel like that.” She whispered to him.“Yeah, it’s too bad we won’t see each other until you come back to Boston, or maybe never at all.”“That doesn’t have to be true, what time to get off work?” She asked him.“In about three hours. Why?”“I don’t have to be at the airport until 11 in the morning, how about when you’re done here you swing by my hotel room for a little overtime action.” She smiled and kissed his chest.“Sounds like a plan. What hotel are you staying at?”“The one about a mile south, do you know which one I’m talking about?” He nodded.”Cool, I’m in room 369, just knock three times and I’ll be there with something sexy on.” She kissed him again and went to her bag to get dressed.Jed watched her dress and then began to dress himself. She kissed him and left on her way to the hotel. He spent the next three hours with the image of her cum-stained body flashing in front of him. His shift ended and he quickly walked his way towards the hotel. When he got to her door, he knocked three times and waited for her to answer. He was stunned when he opened the door and saw her wearing nothing but a towel, looking like she had just got out of the shower.“I was dressed like this when we first fucked; I figured I’d dress the same for round two.” She pulled him into the room and locked the door. It was 2 am when he entered the room and the couple spent the next eight hours fucking before it was time for her to get ready for the airport.