Cassie Loves to Do Services

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At 5:30AM, Cassie’s alarm clock woke her up. She turned off her alarm and slipped out of bed. She padded over to her bathroom and splashed some water on her face and looked at herself in the mirror.

She had dark red hair that fell midway down her back. Bright green eyes that enchanted those who saw her. Porcelain white skin with a faint smattering of freckles across her cheeks. At 5’7″, 120lbs, with a 34 C bust, she was gorgeous.

After brushing her teeth and relieving her bowels, she grabbed an enema kit and proceeded to clean out her rectum of any remaining fecal matter. Once that was done she inserted a good amount of lube into her rectum and smeared some more on her sphincter. Cassie opened up a drawer and laid out were around 15 butt plugs. Ranging from stainless steel to rubber and even some with animal tails attached. She picked out a stainless steel plug with an emerald gem at the end to match her eyes.

After her bathroom ministrations were finished, still naked, she padded down the hallway. She stopped in front of her father’s bedroom doorway. She got down on her knees, sitting back on her heels and knocked on the door. Her father opened the door, also naked having just got out of the shower.

“Good morning hon,” he said to his daughter.

“Good morning daddy!” She said with a smile.

Knowing what she was waiting for he gently placed his hand on top of her head and guided her face to his member standing hard and proud.

Cassie engulfed the head of his manhood with her mouth and slowly swirled her tongue around the tip. Then she slowly started to swallow more of his cock while swirling her tongue. Having trained her gag reflex away long ago, there was no resistance and she took his entire rod into her throat until her lips were pressed up against his pubic bone. Then she started to manipulate her throat to massage him. He moaned and grunted in approval. She held it there until she was almost out of breath and pulled back enough to breathe through her nose. She kept moving her tongue the entire time while she took a few breaths. When she had her wind back she took a deep breath and plunged back down. She continued to bob up and down while using one hand to lightly tug on his balls. This sent her father over the edge and he exploded all over the back of her throat and tongue.

She sucked until he stopped spurting and pulled off. She showed him the cum still in her mouth, then closed her mouth and swallowed, savoring the taste. She showed him her empty mouth and then took his member once again to clean it off. After she was done he helped her to her feet.

“Thanks honey, that was great”, he said, then turned and walked back into his room to get dressed.

Cassie took a few seconds to savor the taste of her father’s cum before heading down the hallway once more.

She came to her older brothers room and knocked. She heard him say “come in.” When she entered she saw her brother sitting naked on his computer chair.

“Hey sis, you got time for a ride before school?” he asked her.

“Of course big brother,” she told him.

With that she walked over to him and straddled his lap. She slowly lowered herself until she felt his hardness up against her pussy lips. She pushed down and impaled herself on him. He leaned forward and latched onto her nipples. As he sucked and lightly nibbled on her she started to bob up and down on his lap. They were both moaning and whimpering in pleasure and she moved quicker as the pleasure surged through her. With startling speed a wave of euphoria washed throughout her body and she tensed with the feeling. Her pussy clamping down on her brothers cock caused him to grunt loudly and have his own orgasm.

As they both recovered she slid off of him.

“Thanks sis, that was amazing” he told her.

“Anytime big brother” she replied, and headed back towards her room.

Cassie hopped in the shower to wash off, and out, the morning exertions. After she was clean she went into her room to get dressed for school. She grabbed her school uniform out of the closet. It consisted of a tight white button up shirt, that showed off her breasts and toned stomach, no bra, and a checkered skirt that only went to the bottom of her ass cheeks. She didn’t wear panties as they would be a hindrance during the school day. Once she was dressed she headed off to school.


Cassie walked into her homeroom class to her assigned mat and knelt down. Sitting back on her heels, back straight, with her hands folded in her lap.

There were already a few girls in the same position at their own mats throughout the room and a few more filed in. The mats were all in neat orderly rows. Finally all the mats were filled and the bell, signaling the start of the day, rang.

Her homeroom teacher Mr. Benson said “good morning girls.”

“Good morning Mr. Benson” they chorused back.

Mr. Benson walked up to a girl in the second row.

“Would you do me a service manavgat escort while I read schedules Ms. Hayes?”

Brittany Hayes, a classmate of Cassie’s, looks up at Mr. Benson with a big smile and says “of course sir, I’d love to”.

With that Brittany reaches up and unclasps her teachers belt and fishes out his 7″ cock from his pants and engulfs it with her mouth. He takes a second to enjoy the warm, skilled mouth working his rod and begins to read out the girls schedule for the day.

After a few minutes he reaches Cassie. “Today you will spend 1st and 2nd period in classroom 112. 3rd period you will be servicing for classroom 214. 4th period you will be a cleaner for classroom 115. Then after lunch you will finish out the day in classroom 114.” Then he moved on to the next girl, still enjoying the ministrations of Brittany.

Cassie thought her schedule was pretty good. She could get some classes in and have some fun before lunch.

As Mr. Benson was finishing up giving schedules he stopped for a moment, closed his eyes, let out a moan and tensed as he shot a few ropes into Brittany’s throat. She swallowed and cleaned him off with her tongue before putting his slowly deflating cock back into his pants. A couple minutes later the bell rang.

Cassie walked to her first class. Along one wall was a row of lockers, she walked over to one and opened it to hang her backpack in. She reached back and eased the butt plug out of her rear end and placed it on a shelf. Then she grabbed a bottle of lube from her backpack and reapplied it to her brown eye. She grabbed the books and notebooks she’d need for her first 2 classes and walked over to the wall on the other side of the room.

This wall had a row of padded benches that went into holes in the wall. Cassie hiked up her skirt a few inches and bent over the bench pushing her torso into the hole. On the other side was enough of the bench to rest her torso on and a small desk in front of her for her books. A couple of her friends started pushing through their own holes and she noticed Ripley taking the hole next to her.

“Hey Cassie, how’s it going?” Ripley said.

“Pretty good so far, how’s your day?” Cassie replied.

Ripley grinned and said “My homeroom teacher picked me for the service today, so it started pretty well.”

Cassie gave her a smile, “lucky you. Brittany was the lucky one in my homeroom”.

“Hey, will you have time after school before you go to work to do a cleaning?” Ripley asked her.

“Oh yeah, should be no problem. That sounds like fun.” Cassie said with a grin.

“Grea nnnnnnt.” Ripley said moaning halfway through as she felt rock hard cock pierce her inner folds and slide deep into her pussy.

Just a few seconds later it was Cassie’s turn to let out a moan as she felt hands on her hips and a cock pushed against her rosebud and slowly eased inside her ass.

Her teacher came into the room their torsos were in and started teaching, punctuated by occasional moans as all the girls were filled in one hole or the other by a stream of boys on the other side. Cassie orgasmed 4 times from the stimulation and during the duration of the class she saw many others girls tense up from the pleasure.

After first period she had a few minutes to head to the bathroom and relieve herself and clean up a bit. Then she headed back to her classroom for another round.

After 2nd period was over, feeling satiated for now, Cassie replaced her butt plug, grabbed her backpack and headed off to her next assignment.

She arrived to class 214. She stowed her backpack in a cubby near the door and walked in. 2 other girls were there as well. Along with around 15 male students seated at desks.

They spoke briefly to figure out which boys were who’s responsibility. Cassie walked over to one boys desk and crawled underneath. While the boys were being taught they all already had their dicks released from the confines of their pants. She grabbed the first one and using the same technique she used on her father this morning she slowly sank his dick into her throat and started to massage it. After a few minutes of her expert manipulation she was rewarded with a delicious couple spurts of cum. She savored the taste. She cleaned him off and moved on to her next target.

After the 3rd load Cassie climaxed herself. She loved servicing! She finished off the last 2 boys just before the bell rang. She needed to head downstairs to do cleaning duty. She didn’t want to be late for that.

Once in classroom 115 she removed her tight shirt so it wouldn’t get messed up and knelt bare chested near the door to the classroom. She watched as a few of her female classmates prepared themselves for the period and pushed their upper bodies through he holes.

Cassie admired their toned asses and beautiful bare pussies as a few boys started wandering in. A couple waved to her, and ogled her ample chest, as they chose one of the beautiful girls manavgat escort bayan on display to thrust their eager cocks into. After pumping in either their ass or pussy for a few moments Cassie could see them pause while fully inside and tense up as they shot their loads deep into her classmates. As they’d pull out, their cocks would be covered with a mix of their own cum and the juices from the girl. Cassie’s job as the cleaner was to clean off their sloppy dicks with her mouth. She loved this assignment. The mix of cum and pussy juice was heavenly to her and she took care to do a very thorough job on every dick that came her way.

After 4th period it was time for lunch. It was spaghetti and meatballs today. She talked with a few of her friends about movies and music and how many orgasms they each had today. Normal girl talk.

The next three periods went much the same as the first two. Reapply lube, put torso through the hole, get educated while getting pounded from behind. She did come twice when a particularly large cock split her open real good. She really enjoyed that one. She figured it was probably Mike. He was a year older than her and everyone knew he was rather well endowed.

After the school day was done she walked over to the girls only hall to meet up with Ripley.

“Ready to clean up?” Ripley asked her.

“Definitely.” Cassie replied.

They walked over to a padded table and disrobed. Cassie laid down on her back and Ripley straddled her face in the 69 position. Then Ripley leaned down and started feasting on Cassie’s pussy while lowering her own onto Cassie’s face.

Cassie burrowed her tongue deep into Ripley’s folds to find all the cum left inside. She lapped hungrily at her best friends box until she was sure it was cleaned out and then continued until she felt her friend shudder on top of her and a gush of fluid ran out that she lapped at. She felt her own climax engulf her as she enjoyed the skilled tongue of her best friend do its work.

They took a few minutes to recover before Cassie said “That was great, but I do need to head to work. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Alright, have a great day!” Ripley said with a big smile.


Cassie arrived at her job at a clothing store. She worked in the men’s department near the fitting rooms. It was her job to fold and return any clothes left by the customers and assist with any questions or services the customers may require.

She took her place by the table where the clothing to be returned was sitting and began sorting and folding. A man that looked to be mid 20’s with short brown hair and deep brown eyes walked over.

“Excuse me miss” he said to Cassie.

“Yes, how can I help you”, Cassie replied in her best customer service tone.

“Could you point me to where the jeans are please. I can’t seem to find them.”

“Of course sir. They are right over here.” Cassie showed him walking over to that area.

“Thank you very much. Hey, would you mind doing me a service real quick?” he asked her.

“I’d love to”, Cassie said with a huge smile. “What service would you like?”

“How about a blowjob?” He said also smiling.

With that Cassie dropped to her knees in front of him and started undoing his belt. She opened his fly and pulled out his half hard cock. Using her hands and slowly licking from the balls to the tip she brought his cock to full mast. It was an impressive 7″ and a good thickness. She was kind of disappointed she wouldn’t get her pussy or ass filled by this monster but she was excited to taste it. Curling one hand around the base and using the other to fondle his ball sack she swallowed his rod in one motion.

She loved the way his thickness stretched out her throat and savored the taste of his dick. The slight taste of sweat on his skin as she swirled her tongue around his stiff member made her pussy gush a bit. She pulled back until just the head was in her mouth swirling her tongue and flicking his frenulum. Then she took a deep breath through her nose and pushed down until her nose was against his pubic bone. She held there flexing her throat muscles while the man groaned and moaned in pleasure. She pulled back just enough to get some air and started to bob her head back and forth. Giving slight pulls on his balls and swirling her tongue as best she could whenever she pulled back, she could tell he was getting close to erupting. Wanting him to empty in her mouth she pulled back until the head was in her mouth just as he started bucking his hips and rewarded her with a large load of his spunk onto her waiting tongue. She sucked on him to get every last drop and used her tongue to clean him off before swallowing her treat and tucking him away back into his pants.

As she stood back up she said “Let me know if you need anything else sir.”

“Thank you miss. I’ll be sure to come to you if I need anymore assistance.” He replied a little out of breath.

Cassie escort manavgat returned to her table as the man started browsing through the jeans.

Cassie had just finished loading a cart with sorted and folded clothes to return when another customer wandered over to the fitting room with several shirts.

This man was about 6′ tall and very broad shouldered. He was a little older, looking to be maybe late 40’s with brown hair just starting to gray. He had a pleasant face and striking blue eyes.

“Hello miss. I’d like to try these shirts on. Could you open a fitting room please?” he asked politely.

“Of course sir. Here is the key for number one right over here. Please return the key when you are finished.” Cassie replied.

“Would you mind doing me a service before I try these on?” He asked her hopefully.

Cassie smiled wide again. “I’d be delighted. What service would you like?”

“Well you pussy looks simply amazing. Would you mind if I licked it for a bit and then fucked you silly?” He said with a grin.

Cassie laughed and said “That sounds like fun. Did you want to do it out here or in the fitting room. The rooms do have better seating for such things.”

“Well for your comfort perhaps the fitting room would be best.”

She joined him in walking over to the fitting room. Inside there were hooks for clothes to be hung up. A floor length mirror hung on the two opposing walls to either side. It was a bit larger than your normal room with a padded bench in the middle.

Cassie asked “Would you like me on the edge of the bench or laying on it?”

“If you could lay down on it and have your ass at the end please.”

Cassie laid down on her back with her ass on the edge and her legs on either side spread wide. She pulled her skirt up to her hips and got comfortable.

The man licked his lips hungrily and knelt at the end if the bench. She felt him get close and breathe deeply through his nose, inhaling her aroma. He started by slowly running his tongue along the outside of her pussy. She enjoyed the warm wetness as it dragged along her bare skin. Then he lightly dragged his tongue along her slit without letting his tongue enter inside of it. She moaned softly at the teasing. Using 2 fingers he parted her slit and started slowly and softly licking the outside walls of her pussy slit. Cassie was getting impatient but also enjoying his skilled ministrations and knowing the orgasm at the end would be worth the buildup. With the same slowness and care he slowly licked from the bottom of her crevasse to the top stopping just before reaching her clit. Then did it again delving a little deeper each time. He pushed his tongue through her folds gathering the wetness she was starting to unload down there while she squirmed and moaned. Finally getting as deep as tongue would go he attacked her clit with his tongue while at the same time pushing 2 fingers deep into her hole and curling his fingers upward. He pumped his fingers in and out while flicking his tongue around her clit. She went crazy from the pleasure building in her pussy and spreading through her body. Suddenly she went rigid as the pleasure swept through her like a wave. She unleashed a flood of juice onto the customers face which he drank greedily. As she came down she smiled and said “How would you like me sir?”

“Would you mind bending over the bench? I would like to take you from behind if that’s alright?”

“As you wish.” She said while bending over the bench with her knees spread apart on the ground.

The customer moved behind her and ran his cock up and down her folds a few times before sliding into her with a firm but gentle stroke. Cassie moaned as she felt her pussy walls stretch to accommodate his shaft.

“Damn, you’re tight” the customer said appreciatively.

He started to fuck her with long strokes in and out grunting with the effort and pleasure. Cassie could feel another climax building as she felt him piston in and out of her slick hole. She was moaning and encouraging him to fuck her harder as she was so close. Suddenly she felt him tense as a warmth shot into her depths prompting her own body to tense as she tipped over the edge to her own bliss. She rode the wave of pleasure as the customer stayed buried inside her shooting ropes of cum into her hot box.

The customer slowly pulled out as his member began to soften. He helped her to her feet.

“Thank you my dear, that was a wonderful service.” He told her.

“The pleasure was mine sir.” She replied with a smile.

An hour passed with Cassie assisting customers and returning clothes to their proper areas when a couple approached her. It was a man and a woman. The man was about 5’10”, early 20’s, fairly fit looking. He had short dark brown hair and eyes. The woman was around 5’7″, also early 20’s and in good shape. Cassie figured she was at least a large B or small C cup. She had long dirty blonde hair that reached halfway down her back and striking blue eyes.

“Hello miss, we are looking for a couple outfits for my boyfriend here. Would you mind helping us out?” The woman asked politely.

“I’d be happy to.” Cassie replied with a smile. “What is it you are looking for?”

“Just a couple pair of jeans and nice shirts for working and some shorts and comfy t-shirts for lounging.” The man told her.