Catching up, last evening, a date at last

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Catching up, last evening, a date at lastAfter I moved to France I was too busy to do anything about finding somebody to have fun with – just life getting in the way. I had a date with a post-op ts woman when I went back to the UK in 2008 but since then, no dates. Last year I decided to do something about it so went online and found a French site what, being French, covers all sorts of things (a sort of mini-ebay, general everyday things) but has a very active contact area, explicitly for people looking for sex.I have been wearing women’s clothes around the house again for months and decided it was time to venture out. So, I posted a few messages, picked one of the responses I received and last evening, I went out on my first date for years. I met the person in the central square of a small town a little way from me, followed him home in our respective cars and we went through the usual rather embarrassed introductions. Then, joy of joys, he told me that a very assertive man would be arriving half an hour later so we could be as sub as we wanted to be – he’s a lot more sub than I am.I went into the bathroom, finished changing, did my face, fixed my hair and into the bedroom, lovely reduced light, very soft music playing and my new friend was kneeling on the bed waiting for me. Within minutes we were kissing each other, deep kisses, exploring each others bodies, really probing pinbahis yeni giriş but not actually touching each other’s clitty-cocks. I turned him around, knelt behind him and started to kiss his neck, nibble his ears and slipped my hand down his bra to play with his nipples. He immediately responded, put his head back, moaning, asking me to suck him – so I did, as it was his bedroom, it would have been rude not to.We were soon rolling round the bed, sucking and kissing, I held his head on my nipples ordering him to suck harder and then bite me, perfect pain.I rolled onto my back; he straddled my face allowing me to pull his pussy-cheeks apart and to slip my tongue into him. He just groaned and pushed back, almost queening me, allowing me to breathe – just – but ensuring my tongue penetrated his deliciously sweet pussy-rose.Then I heard the front door open and close, pushed him off and I saw the ‘actif’, a tall, well built, muscular younger man who was starting to undress close to the bed. As his pants came off, I saw he had the biggest erection I’ve seen for a long time, perfect shape and rock hard. I stretched out, opened my mouth so he could give me some lube, spat on his cock and took it in my mouth. I started by running my tongue round his tip, keeping him hard and then opened really wide, leant forward and pushed the length deep into my throat. I was pinbahis giriş a little worried because it’s been a long time since I deep-throated anybody but it was perfect and he loved it.He eventually had to pull out because he wanted to cum and being the actif, he started to give us orders, telling us what he wanted to see us doing which, of course, it was our duty to do. Lots of rimming, sucking, kissing while I had his cock in my hand making sure that he stayed hard. I really wanted him to fuck me, my pussy was aching for him to be inside me but he had other ideas – well, it was our first date, I suppose I was being a bit slutty expecting that too!We kept him hard for around 20 minutes but it was obvious that he wanted to cum. He had a choice so he ordered me to go into the bathroom to fix my lipstick whilst my friend fluffed him and when I got back on the bed he stood in front of me, held my head and rammed right down my throat. He loves the smell and feel of lipstick so what else could I do. Within minutes I was gagging and my mascara was running but he kept pumping – it was divine, perfect oral sex. And then he came, huge spurts of his cum, right into my throat, hot, sexy and so erotic, it was all I could do not to cum at the same time.Most of it was swallowed but he ordered me to give my friend what was left. As we kissed I pushed the cum into her mouth pinbahis güvenilirmi with my tongue and them allowed my lips to cover her face round her mouth, long stocky, how and erotic kisses. The actif was already getting dressed to go, he’d had his fun and given us his cum so he just left, perfect really, leaving my new friend and I to play even more.Half an hour later, she was embarrassed because she couldn’t get hard but I was still like a pole. So, she asked me for my cum, she wanted the guy’s cum but he wanted to initiate me and she was feeling a little left out. So she laid back with her head overhanging the edge of the bed, opened her mouth and allowed me to face-fuck her. She can’t do deep-throat yet (I’m sure that will change though) so I just gently fucked her mouth, felt her tongue playing with my clitty-cock, felt her tongue round the skin and ridge before I gave one last, gentle but firm push and shot my cum into her mouth.After so long without physical sexual contact I wasn’t sure what to expect but the effect was fantastic. Not only did my clitty-cock explode but I thought my head would too, I was screaming with pleasure as she knelt in front of me, pressed her mouth against mine and we swapped my cum from mouth to mouth.We laid back on the bed chatting, actually getting to know each other before I thought it was time I left, got cleaned up, found my undies and put them on again, straightened my stockings and headed off home – after that is, we had agreed that we shall meet again and that next time my new friend gets the actif’s cock in her mouth, unless that is we can get him to fuck us both in the pussy, we shall have to see.