Caught by another cyclist

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Caught by another cyclistI was cycling in the woods and those tight spandex cycling pants rubbing on my tiny clitty got me all horny. So I took a break on a bench with scenic view over the nature, I couldn’t restrain my horniness that I started rubbing my clitty over my spandex pants. I got my hand under them and I was stroking my tiny clitty which got instantly hard. I undressed my pants a little, so my clitty got all the fresh air. I was rubbing over my tiny balls, squeezed them, started carefully and slowly to stroke my tiny clitty. I can’t stroke it too fast as I would cum immediately. So I stroked my tiny clitty all nice and slowly and I got hornier and hornier.I was so fucking horny that I didn’t noticed another cyclist passing by whom also wanted to take a rest on that bench. He saw me with my clitty out, stroking it and started laughing loudly “what a tiny cock, is that real?” I was shocked and got my pants back on fast. He sat down next to me and I was quite nervous being caught jerking off. He got his cock out of his tight spandex pants and told me “Take a look, that’s a real big cock” and started stroking it next to me. I didn’t know what to do but his huge cock got me even hornier than I already was.He asked me to hold his cock so I could feel how a cock feels like. I was a little shy at the first moment but then grabbed his cock and stroked it a little bit. I just didn’t know what to say I was just amazed by the size yalova escort of his cock. He asked me if I don’t feel ashamed of having such a tiny cock and if I was even able to satisfy a woman, if she feels anything when I fucked her. I told him that I don’t know, thinking all the time of his cock and wanted to suck it, but I was too shy to do it. He wanted that we stroke our cocks together and so I did. I got my tiny clitty out again and he laughed again “I’ve never seen such a tiny cock” I felt a little insecure but started to stroke my cock as he did.I was stroking it very slowly as I knew I would explode within a second if I just did it a little faster. He was stroking his cock already very fast and he told me that I should stroke my cock faster, too. So I did and it happened what I already knew, my tiny clitty squirted. He was laughing so hard and loud as he saw that I cummed directly and as he saw that so less cum coming out of my tiny clitty. He puts his cock back in his pants and I still could see his bulge of his huge cock. He invited me to join him on his cycling ride to continue the tour together. I agreed, so I cleaned myself up and stood up to go to my bike. I was walking in front of him, so he could see my ass, it seems like he was amazed by my ass as he grabbed it, squeezed my cheeks and said “maybe you aren’t that useless than I thought, you’ve got a nice ass” and pulled them down: “That yozgat escort looks like a nice tight fuck hole, let’s go up there I want to fuck that ass.”I was a little bit shocked at first but I was already addicted to his cock, I didn’t said anything, I just went the way up a little deeper into the woods with my pants still down. He grabbed my ass all the time, spanked it, squeezed it and I just loved it. After a few meters I stopped, turned around and got my hand in his pants to grab his cock, start stroking it in his pants, feel how it gets hard again, so I kneeled down and pulled his pants down. I stroked his cock, squeezed his balls. I just was so amazed by his cock and I couldn’t hold it any longer and started to suck his cock. I’ve never sucked one before but I was always dreaming of doing this one day and today was that day.I started slowly playing with my tongue around his glans while I was still holding his big balls, massaging them, got my hands around his cock and stroked it while I still had his cock head in my mouth. It felt so good, so I tried to get his cock deeper in my mouth, I started to get his cock as deep in my mouth as possible. He started to moan quietly and said “good girl”, I just was so happy to suck my first real cock. After a short while of sucking his cock he started to hold my head and started to thrust his cock in my mouth. He fucked my mouth nice and gently. I felt so escort bayan slutty, but I just loved it.After some time I stopped sucking his cock and got a condom over his cock, stroked it again and turned around, bend over and spread my ass cheeks so he had a nice view on my tight fuck hole. He spit on my ass and started slowly to put his finger in my ass. At first just one finger, then two, he fucked my ass with his two fingers so nice and I couldn’t hold back and started to moan and as I moaned he got his cock ready to put it slowly in my ass. His cock was so big but I was so fucking horny that I didn’t feel the pain but instead I had a good feeling of horniness. He put his cock in my ass slowly and deep, got it out and started again to push it slowly and deep in. Then he started to fuck my ass a little faster and he got faster and faster. He grabbed my hips and pushed my ass on his cock as deep as possible. He thrust his cock so hard and fast in my ass, my tiny clitty was jumping around and I was moaning in pleasure and said to him “fuck me, fuck me”. He was so horny too because of my tight ass. His thrusts felt so great and he was spanking me all the time my cheeks got red.After a while of fucking me, he pulled his cock out and said to me to turn around, so I did, he wanted me on my knees in front of him. He removed his condom and stroked his cock while moaning. He squirted a big load of cum all over my face. He emptied all of his huge balls on my face. Then he laughed at me and told me what a little slut I am. I just loved that. He told me that I should be his little fuck toy and he wants to fuck my tight ass again and again.So we just swapped our numbers and he took his bike and drove off.