Caught Her

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Caught HerAfter I had finished showering and shaving I started thinking about sex while standing there in front of the mirror. Needless to say my cock began to get hard so I decided I would masturbate before getting dressed for work. I usually leave the bathroom door open a little when I am getting ready for work so that the steam can exit the room. As I was stroking my cock to its full 8 inches I thought I saw movement out of the corner of my eye at the door. I looked over but didn’t see anything. I finally stroked myself to an orgasm and as I started to shoot my load into the sink I swear I heard a gasp from the door. Again I looked but didn’t see anything. I finished and got dressed and went to work.A couple of days passed and I was again naked in the bathroom shaving. I heard something again but this time I had the mirror tilted so I could look at the door without turning my head. I saw what I thought was movement and a shadow. I thought to myself that the only one it could be was Shelly my 18 year old step daughter because everybody else was already gone to school or work and she and I were the only ones in the house. I thought to myself that if she wanted to see then I would turn so she could get a good look canlı bahis at my cock. I could hear breathing from the doorway but just let it be. After I finished shaving I got dressed and was getting ready to leave for work and went to Shelly’s bedroom door to tell her I was leaving when I heard her moaning pretty loudly so I stood and listened and her moaning got louder so I new she was masturbating. Needless to say this made me really horny because Shelly is about 5’6″ and weighs about 120lbs. She has beautiful red hair and strikingly blue eyes. Her body is magnificent with large tits and a nice round ass. As I started to leave I heard her say to herself “yes daddy put that big cock inside me”. I almost shot my load right there knowing she was masturbating at the thought of me fucking her. I had to hurry and leave or I was going to be late for work.I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had heard. I decided I would find out how far she wanted to go. The next morning I did my normal routine and again as I was shaving I caught sight of Shelly outside the door peeking in so I decided to start rubbing my cock because it was quickly getting hard knowing she was peeking at me. I positioned myself so she could get a clear bahis siteleri view of my rock hard cock and of me stroking it. I can’t believe how turned on I was knowing that my step daughter was watching me jerk off. I moved around where she would lose sight of me momentarily and went to the door and pushed it open and there she was standing there in her night clothes watching me through the crack in the door. She had this panicked look on her face and all I said was “if you want to see don’t sneak around come in and watch”. I moved back over towards the sink still stroking my cock and I thought she was going to leave but then she took a step into the bathroom and came over and sat down on the toilet that was right next to the sink only about 2 feet away and was just staring at my rigid cock. I asked her if she liked the sight of my cock and she just nodded yes without taking her eyes off it. I told her that I knew she had been watching me and asked her how long she had been spying on me and she replied for 2 years. I was surprised when she said that and that I had never known. I asked her if she like watching me stroke my cock and she eagerly nodded yes. I asked her if she had ever watched me cum before and she güvenilir bahis said “no that she had always left to go masturbate before I actually came”. I asked her if she wanted to watch me cum now up close and she nodded yes. I told her she could rub herself while she watched if she wanted and she immediately stuck her hand under her nightie and I could see by the movement that she was rubbing her clit. She never took her eyes off my cock and I couldn’t take it anymore and I could feel my balls tighten up for the impending explosion and I told her I was going to cum. Her eyes got wide and right then my cum erupted out the tip of my cock and shot straight up in the air coming to splash in the sink. Squirt after squirt erupted and I saw her body tighten up and shake and new she was having an orgasm. It had been years since I came that hard and I knew it was from having my hot step daughter watching me only 2 feet away. Once she calmed down from her orgasm I told her I had to get to work but if she wanted she could come and watch tomorrow and I would show her more and call into work if she wanted me to. She said she would like that very much. I went to work but couldn’t get Shelly out of my mind and I knew I couldn’t wait until tomorrow and I wondered how much she would want me to show her and how far she would let me go. I would find out soon enough.If you liked this please let me know and I will finish this adventure.