caught pt 2

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caught pt 2’jimmy i’m home’ jane shouts as she gets in the door ‘where are you liitle bro ?’jimmy walks down the stairs ‘uh hi sis did you enjoy the party ?”i sure did bro and i brought you something back look’ jane pulls a couple of full condoms out of her bag’look really sis you had your fun you punished me lets leave it like that and forget it happened ok’ jimmy says’i can hear what you are saying but your cock doesn’t seem to agree i can see you getting hard through your trousers’ jane points at jimmys cock’come on sis lets leave it please’ jimmy says’oh no i had way too much fun with you for that’ jane smiles ‘come upstairs into my room bro’jane walks upstairs jimmy followsjane goes into her room walks straight to her bin sees adams full condom still in the bin’oh bro i left that for you i thought you would have eaten all that warm cum it’ll be cold now i’m sure its better when its fresh’ jane picks the condom out of the bin’come on lets go to your room bro’jane walks into jimmys room jimmy follows’i know you want to deny it but you cock is really hard now so take down your pants lets see your cock again bro’jimmy takes down his pants his cock stands to attention’i still can’t believe how big your cock is little bro bigger than any that i’ve had in my cunt you should be proud of it”uh thanks’ jimmy says’take off the rest of your clothes then adapazarı escort lay on your back on your bed bro and start wanking that big cock’jimmy takes his top off lays on his bed and starts wanking his cock jane takes the 3 condoms of cum and puts them next to jimmy on the bed’we’ll leave those for now i think ‘jane smiles ‘wank that cock harder ‘jimmy wanks his cock harder’good boy now i want you to flip those legs up over your head so your cock is pointed at your mouth when you cum i want you to spurt your load straight into your mouth”sis please no please no more’jimmy says wanking faster’you say no but you start wanking faster now do as i say get those legs up and over get your cock as close to your mouth as you can bro’jimmy raises his legs up in the air and over his head so his cock is pointed at his mouth’here let me help you’ jane pushes on jimmys butt so his cock gets really close to his mouth hovering just and inch away from his mouth’oh wow you can almost suck your own cock that would be so hot’ jane laughs ‘now keep wanking get your cock really excited’jimmy keeps wanking his cock harder and harder’bro your cock is starting to drip precum poke your tongue out catch that precum and eat it up like a good boy’jimmy pokes out his tongue and catches some of his stringy precum on his tongue then sucks it off and swallows it’oh that escort adapazarı was hot bro keep wanking harder i want you to beg me to let you cum in your own mouth then eat it’jimmy wanks faster and faster ‘keep licking up that precum’jimmy keeps lcking his precum while he wanks’please can i cum in my mouth and eat it?’ jimmy asks’no i want you to do better than that i want you to beg and call me big sis jane”please please please big sis jane can i cum in my own mouth and eat it’ jimmy begsjane gets right down so her face is really close to jimmys ‘look straight into my eyes while you cum in your mouth little bro and swallow all your hot sticky cum’jimmy look straight at jane groans and cums straight into his own mouth swallowing his huge load as jane watches’say thankyou jane you are the best big sister ever”thankyou jane you are the best big sister ever”good boy you can sit up now ‘jimmy sits up and reaches for his pants’no need for those brother i’ve seen all you no need to be shy’ jane laughs’but sis”no buts do as you are told’ jane says ‘now how tender is your cock ? how long before you can wank it again ?”not yet sis at least 20 minutes it does get sore”well we have all night mom called while i was out told me her and dad are staying out for the weekend won’t be home til monday or tuesday and i’m in charge now as its only friday adapazarı escort bayan night i can have lots of fun with you , you like to spy on your sister fucking and wanking yourself off and as we now know you love eating cum i wonder how many times i can make you cum in 4 or 5 days ‘ jane laughs’please sis please haven’t id one enough please no more’jane holds her phone up ‘watch this’a video starts it shows jimmy naked with his legs over his head wanking his cock pointed at his mouth ‘please please please big sis jane can i cum in my own mouth and eat it’ ‘so you see you will be doing whatever i say’ jane says ‘unless you want that to go live on the net ?”please sis i’ll do what you say sis”i thought you would see it my way ‘ she smiles picking up one of the full condoms ‘i want you to poke your tongue into this one i got it out of sallys bin as i said she is a slut while i was at the party in her house she took her black boyfriend up to her room and fucked him twice poke your tongue in get some of his cum on your tongue just on the tip then swill it around your mouth’jimmy pokes his tongue into the condom and gets some of the sticky jizz on the tipof his tongue then swills it around in his mouth’swallow it now , which tastes better yours adams or sallys black boyfriends ?”uh mine tastes best sis ”probably because its freshest maybe we can find out later adams coming around again tonight maybe i can get some really fresh cum from him for you , now tip the rest of that spunk out of the condom into your mouth lick the inside of the condom clean then swalow it down’jimmy does getting all the s