Chap. IV – Bio love – Home delivery

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Chap. IV – Bio love – Home deliveryChap. IV – Bio love – Home delivery— Chapter IV —Other chapters and stories about is a tool that was extremely important in my life, the Minitel, it was almost my job, at least I had access to the tool from its inception and without restrictions. If the rate it was a curiosity, the arrival of the service of dialogue, ads and other means of communication was a real aubaine.Au beginning, I never used it from time to time to discuss, in general I tried to have my corresponding to such, for further discussion. And of course I do not hide that very often we end by love to such assaults. You may be a number of steps to understand what a pleasure it is to make love in this … Have you at least tried? Not? So do not criticize .. Certainly it is not as good has two or more .. but it is so much better than a solo masturbation …In case it is a meeting of way, it makes fun of it depending on the attitude of the person, it must not be too shy to talk daring, exciting partner. But if it’s someone that we know already and that is separated by distance, it is still different, we have already experienced this partner, we know what she likes, there is less shy and it’s even better .. I loved these amusements, but of course the ultimate goal was the game .. Obviously the distance, various constraints were that it was not always possible. But being free and single, I happened to hundreds of miles for a meeting that ultimately could well not take place or be missed .. Honestly this is not the case almost never occurs and no one asked me rabbit.So since the advent of chat services on Minitel, I spent some time. Contrary to what any would have thought I still come across people who do not cheat, who rode boats or cheating in general do not accept to call or meet people. Thus I avoided unpleasant surprises. Being free, I gave my phone it made contact and were advised on what to do. It was clear that finding a woman alone was pretty tough. Although I met many single girls, who sought the company, or an adventure at times charming prince. I was very clear, for my part I was looking for a one night stand or a few nights. The future looks like if we kept in touch or not.My first meeting was called Minitel by Sandrine. Young teacher, she had failed in the region for his first post. Sandrine was shy, complexed by her body, she was strong, had not the size mannequin and not feel attractive. You will say oh yes of course we minitel thought it kind of profile .. Well, no mistake, there were all the template.I dialoguais several times with her. She was smart and funny. She ended up admitting that she had a lot of fantasies, but she was ashamed. She also admitted she had not had many boyfriends because of its propensity to be a hard worker and that its size above the average complexed so it was hard to get naked.For my part, I never had any feminine archetype. My type of woman is the one I said yes and ended up in my bed. In any case they are found always nice when they made love. What matters is the desire to share, give and receive pleasure. Sandrine knew that if we saw there was no question if it was not going to bed, shut the light or want to hide .. I wanted to see it as it was.I had clearly said that I was not looking for adventure sustainable, but there was no bar to see from time to time if the meeting went well.She was confident and for the reassurance I gave him an appointment in a bar in town. She had given her a complete description and especially the dress she would tell me that anyway I would notice his blue eyes very pale “the only good thing she said to me”.We experienced a little love by phone. She could not break free and I heard a sentence, but she said she had enjoyed it. But she was too shy to get a good pleasure. She admitted that it is almost with me as she masturbated for the first time.At the appointed hour, even before I arrived at our appointment. At that time few people in the cafe, it was ideal. I was sitting with a coffee for 10 minutes, I saw a young woman, blonde long-haired, strong chest with a maddening. She was not the size mannequin, but in her dress, a little strict but elegant, she looks great. I noticed she was wearing high heels and her walk was really sensual, a rarity she could walk in heels. I got up and as she approached him I nodded. She replied with a pretty smile. Once near me she hesitated a moment and kissed me gently. Her skin was soft and my god it felt good.I commanded him coffee, and we began to discover. I could not res **** r the temptation to tell her I thought she was too hard on her. It is true she had a not very flattering portrait of his appearance. While I found a very pretty girl, with round certainly not too sore kg in accordance with established criteria. But she had a charm, beautiful eyes, a blue so pale it could drown in it, very pale blue with small gray chips. She has spent time on makeup probably, it was perfect. She confessed later that she had made a detour to the beautician to put everything on his side. His chest was impressive, I must admit I had a terrible urge to see her, but her dress was slightly indented and what I saw was not significant. His legs were sheathed in black stockings has more sewing that gave a certain style to be my future conquest.I asked her what she thought of me. She thought I was also very pretty eyes, she even made me take off my glasses to see them. I as always played fair and was not surprised. The beard seemed a little upset, but after he dared pass her fingers gently over she found she was sweet. She relaxed and as far as we were aware. And of course ends up in addressing the main topic … She was looking for an adventure, she was not looking for Prince Charming but she said a little life, madness. I learned that his sex life has boiled down a pair of friends there was a time, it lasted some time with one of them to whom she gave her virginity, but he quickly dropped it. Then it was the desert. I still managed to make him say that from time to time she gave a little fun. It was very rare. But it was wet dreams frequently. She was in the region because of her teaching position successor. She was from North.Quickly we came to the conclusion that we would not be any more on the terrace of a cafe. Now we needed privacy. She had let me take her hand, during our discussion and I had let him caress a cheek several times. She felt confident and seemed ready to go further. I asked him also and she responded that perhaps it would go but it was really hard to achieve.So I took Sandrine home, my apartment was on the first, and while the building was occupied by old ladies who had an eye on what went in or out .. They had a lot of work with me.Once home, I settled down comfortably in an armchair Sandrine, and I opened the champagne .. What woman can resist? Now how would she react?In my case I found it quite to my taste, my only complaint is his reserve and shyness. I confess I have a weakness for women who take on that dare, to take necessary initiatives in a word and it is a compliment in my mouth, I love sluts. Sandrine and was not at first sight in this category.I had settled near Sandrine sat on the armrest of the chair beside her. His cup in his hand she chatted. I felt she waited for the moment or I would go on the offensive, pray I got the impression that it has started getting bored. I had timed it to not feel too rushed … But we had to take action. I put my hand on his hair, caressing them, I was above it, and let his head back, her large eyes scanned me with a point of malice, her red lips parted slowly and I asked my lips on hers. His arms encircled my neck and pulled me toward her, his mouth opened, his tongue explored and rejected mine my mouth greedily. I felt his breathing speed up, his lips had a taste of red fruits, her perfume intoxicated me. Our kiss was very long. My hands roamed her breasts heaved to the rhythm of her breath, I heard the crunch of her stockings as she rubbed her legs crossed the tightening and loosening the tempo of his desire rising. Mine was also soared. My hand slipped under her dress, caressing the silk stockings, she departed meekly thighs, I felt the edge of her stockings under my fingers, I was going further, the grain of her skin was fine, within its thighs with a gentle baby. I now felt her panties, she actually seemed to disappear between the lips of her sex. I felt the fabric, it seemed moist, and oh yes my beautiful fleshy partner was already wet.For his part she lost all her reserve, she had launched her hand between my thighs and it was seized my balls, kneading them greedily or point it was a bit painful, but it made me horny as a Carmelite.Between kisses I told him “comes to bed” she rose from the chair, and we made the short distance between living room and the room we undressed each other. bahis siteleri It was really hot. Once on the bed, there was a Sandrine, her garter stocking, her stockings and heels. She was plump, but really very beautiful, her breasts were huge but not flabby as it happens, her nipples were pink, small but erect and hard. Her wide hips, plump rump. His white skin was a softness, sex, barely shaded with a few hairs nestled between her thighs, she opened wide for me to take .. “Come take me quick, kiss me I feel like it.” Contrary to my habit, I moved between her thighs, without even a flick of the tongue, it was useless as she was wet already. I licked her breasts buried my face between them, my cock slipped into his cave boiling. She was moaning with disheveled hair around her face. His big eyes scanned me, full of a wild gleam. She déchainais, undulating, arching, rolling basin. More agile than it would have left to imagine. My cock was festive. I felt wave after wave her juices running down my cock tight. I ressortais my member entirely, casting a glance I saw him covered with cream. Sandrine grabbed and pulled me. “Quick, fuck me, trapping me pussy”. Moments later I ejaculated inside her. We were both ecstatic. I let myself go back a bit to regain my breath. Sandrine also .. She looked at me lovingly, caressing my chest. She saw that I always hard-on .. His hand took my cock, and she gently stroked. “I make you a lot?” “You want me to suck you? I’ve never done it you will tell me if it is ..” And saying this she settled comfortably for me to suck. I observed, she hesitated a little, then raises her lips a kiss on my penis, then she began to round up and down on my rod. Her mouth is hot, and for a novice it is quite good. His tongue cajoles me the glans, it sucks. On my side my hand wanders into the furrow of her buttocks, sliding into her pussy which is sticky, its juice, my semen which flows along the thigh. I asked him to put me astride a 69. She is praying “No, I’m all sticky, you feel good” argument does not hold. She spends one knee over my head and here I am in heaven, dripping pussy wide open, I eagerly plunged my mouth into this abyss of pleasure, I lick my cum mixed with nectar, the mixture is tasty, strong odor get drunk, sex feels the love. Sandrine almost choking me, as she kicks hip for me to browse deeper. For his part she sucks really good for a woman who had never done. It certainly can be improved and I later learned how to please .. But for now this is more than enough .. to take me to the brink of orgasm. Since I do not want to surprise her, I warn, it continues to suck me until she feels the first burst, light recoil and it takes me in the mouth making me completely enjoy ..We’re both a bit tired, we lay side by side, it has the grimy little face, but she is radiant .. She pressed against me, embraces me and kisses me.”It was great!, I did not think we could take as much pleasure” Sandrine seems filled. We spoke a long time, this afternoon there .. intersecting our discussions assaults love. She was thrilled to meet us, too, because frankly it was soft, his taboos fell one after the other, it was a little butterfly from its chrysalis. She realized that although his physique was not that of Miss World, she had some erotic potential. I imposed to look in the mirror naked, take poses that showed off her curves. At first she did not, being ugly, but my patient ultimately paid. She ended up loving her image, sexy is found after a while. And it was. We spend many weekends together. I took him to dinner, we went to concerts too. Then our meetings came to an end when she was sent to another position in the Paris region. We were called from time to time. And it is found a prince charming one night .. minitel .. When she taught me that I had a good laugh .. I have excellent memories of the first conquest on Minitel.I noticed it was easier to cross on Minitel couples looking for a couple, a woman or a man, that single women .. I had previously not responded to this kind of expectations of a partner who wants to share and not one. That said I do not prohibit dialogue with Minitel couples course. And an evening where I worked, finding no one naughty, I spoke to a couple who turned out to be close to my home. Michelle and Mark. They were regulars of the trio that seemed the best configuration for that Michelle takes a lot of fun. And it’s obvious, but two men to one woman is the pledge for the latter to spend a great time. All those I know who dared, have really enjoyed the experience and often renewed. For man is also a good formula allows it to reinflate the batteries before restart in a new assault. It is understood that the alternation and organized allows Ms. enjoy a full time occupation.Michelle was really charming, funny and without taboos. After some time I found the keyboard more fun to contact tel. She gave me her number as soon as I proposed to us verbally. We spent the evening at such a chat about anything and nothing, of course sex. From what I liked, from what they loved. I did not hide that if we would see for myself the first time in three. It did not seem too much trouble. I learned that Mark was bisexual, he was not above having fun with men. For me it was not my cup of tea, Michelle told me it was not important. She added that some day I’ll get another view of our discussions it was that I had precisely the profile to get into this discovery .. I admit that this speech made me hesitate to go further with them. But Michelle was so nice that I continued anyway.After our discussion the question was .. I’ll see? See you not? Michelle was home alone Mark as I worked nights. I told him I could remember when he would be there. She explained that it was not necessary in any case she was ultimately the decision. Which was well above normal since it is a man who enjoyed more. And given our exchanges Michelle wanted to meet me.We decided to see us at home on Saturday afternoon next, or 2 days later. We amuse the afternoon before going to spend some time at the restaurant.On Saturday afternoon, the doorbell. I open the door down, and then Michelle is on the doorstep, smiling and I see a car restarts and an arm that greets me by the window open .. I’m quite surprised .. Michelle tells me they are redoing their apartment, Marc fell behind the rest he put to paper. He testified, his wife, and we will end earlier for the restaurant. I am appalled, the husband left me his beautiful wife in trust, fun situation. Michelle is a beautiful woman, her face really does not attract the eye, small hazel eyes hidden behind large glasses, mischievous little wrinkles around the eyes, a pretty little mouth, light brown hair, curly. But it is his plastic eye-catching, finally, for my part I immediately noticed the legs shapely calves, a small waist, buttocks round neither too much nor too little. A busty high-pitched. An approach to make you fart buttons fly. Michelle is probably one of the most beautiful body I have cherished. Once in my apartment, I realized she had no inhibition. After 15 minutes she was almost naked, and I caressed as if we had known a long time. Shaved, her mound was plump and was really thinking of an apricot. She settled on the table so I could lick comfortably. It was during our brief discussion, argued that men in general are not necessarily very good at this game I had proposed to prove him wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to find a button to a size more than respectable, in fact it was big and long as the last joint of my little finger. All stretched and cracked-I made a pleasure of sucking, the sucking. The beautiful, seemed to appreciate my treatment, and e f *** pushed sighs .. I strove to make her come, it was not long in making. Now it was wet, I slipped in it, god it was tough. I thought she was close when suddenly I plunged to the hilt before feeling his cock trying to grind my cock. It was time to go to bed. She also preferred. There she made me lie down and then began to straddle me, impaling herself on my penis erect. She put her hands on my chest and said “You licked me like never before .. now I have to please you.” She did not move but little or contractions she imparted to her vagina, massaged my tail. It was slow, progressive .. His hands stroked her fingers began to pinch my nipples .. I trembled and my tail as always been a renewed erection. She felt the caress I liked .. “Oh you love here ..” And she began to pummel me the points, it made me even a little sore, but I loved.She straddled me, or almost immobile, I kneaded her breasts with erect spikes. Michelle looked at me with a mischievous smile on my face watching for signs of my pleasure. She also took pleasure in this ride. I had more and more difficult to stay focused on the caresses I lavished him. Waves rode my pleasure, I felt like I was nothing but a thrilling tail, canlı bahis crushed into her vagina. Ground when I say I weigh my words, the constriction was sometimes so strong that it hurt. She felt happy that my coming. Suddenly when I was going to enjoy it literally jumped on me to come get between my thighs. My cock tense, shining in all its juices shone, she pressed the base of my cock, the glans was almost purple, large veins bulged. Michelle ran his tongue slowly under the glans. Despite my state of excitement I could not tear my eyes, and she pressed me décalottait increasingly far. The tension of my sex was nearly full, and she pulled again, giving small licks. I saw a thin stream translucent beading at the top of my glans, he began to dévaller along the stem. Followed by another, and another. I felt rising each issue. And from the bottom of my stomach I felt the storm coming. I pushed a scream when I was finally released. Michelle’s mouth was wide open and I saw the spray crashing on her tongue, her lips, her cheeks .. That moment made me feel to last, it was only after a dozen spurts that the tension finally fell. And yet when I say the voltage falls it is only partially true. When I’m excited, I still want to enjoy my partner, I put an infinite time to disband even after enjoying. And of course if you stay nicely side by side but if the voltage drops rapidly taken up an activity I did not lose my erection. This was especially true at this time when I was young. Michelle had a mouth full of sperm, she contemplated the Interior air. I began kneeling and taking her head between my hands, I drew to me to kiss him. She did not seem surprised by this approach and let me lick my cum on her lips before we take advantage both of what was in his mouth in a kiss more than fiery.”You’re a real pervert you … But I like “My hand between her thighs noted that she was soaked, my cock that was rubbing against her belly, wanted action. I threw my fingers to attack his anus .. She straightened, then making four leg said, “You wants to fuck me? I love to go here. “I made myself do not pray and clutching his rump, I put my cock against the brown patch that I had greatly dampened with a few licks. I penetrated easily, his anus yielded without resistance. Obviously the soda was a habit. In fact I ‘was less tight in her ass than I was in her sex when she contracted. The pleasure is different, the pleasant sensation. I love those who enjoy sodomy. Michelle expert, the clitoris is stroked at the same time. She dared what many do not, yet it is a great way to give maximum pleasure. Add the pleasure of masturbation to anal penetration is a must .. And more what a man is not turned on by this vision? Pretty excited about the assault did not last very long but enough that she and I are reaching a climax after this devastating burst of energy in a short time makes it all we had hardly taken two hours ..After that we stayed in bed for a chat. It was embraced her thighs tightened around mine, I felt the wet heat of her sex when she moved, I even felt her clitoris always tense. Her breasts against my chest. She had her hand on my cock as she gently Cajolais has a small **** s. We gave kisses while speaking. She had enjoyed our first assault. She was happy, she said especially impatient to practice three. She thought I was especially attentive to the pleasure of my partner. According to Michelle it was rare for the first time especially with a stranger as she takes her foot. For myself I had also taken by a lot of fun. And it was not over .. We have presented here after some rest .. But not f *** er .. because we had to find her husband, go to the restaurant and finish the night three. It would have been foolish to totally exhaust ourselves .. And as I told him it was for me the first experiment three .. I was excited but also a little anxious .. find me naked with another man stressais me a little .. Especially since I knew her husband did not mind having sex with men ..That evening I raccompagnais Michelle and came to know Mark. We decide to go to dinner early, so you do not get home too late and enjoy the evening and night to splurge. When Michelle started to brush his afternoon, I was so embarrassed .. Not easy to see his partner by telling the menu what we did with it. Usually they hide this stuff .. where everything was on the table. On the other hand .. Michelle was full of praise. I was a little embarrassed because it touched me, stroked my hand as she spoke. Marc listened attentively and seemed as delighted her. He ended by saying we were going to have fun after .. At the restaurant, Marc insisted that I sit next to Michelle, he began facing her. He basically said that I would like that near her for the heat .. being the new guy would appreciate it even more .. I was amazed at the complicity between them. And I also felt they were in love, also amazed how they managed the situation. I end by saying that in my heart, I was initially a little embarrassed of the situation .. Marc laughed .. and said, “It’s normal the first time like that ..”This discussion was really nice Marc did not stop me commit to tease Michelle who asked that here. We were her and me on a bench in back of the restaurant I that I knew very well also. Her skirt was tucked up, and as she had no panties, I arrived without any problems to stroke her pussy. It does not embarrassed them to ask her hand on my cock I must say that was swollen .. Marc, watched and enjoyed the facial expressions that we were doing .. as we had fun Michelle and me when she placed her foot on the sex of Marc .. and there it was he who gave pleasure to see. This meal was memorable, combining good food, good wine and sex is really the bright side of life. I think this time I realized that more or less commonly called orgies, is that the expression of the will to live, to have fun and enjoy. It was my first attempt, I had again the good fortune to come across this couple great. During the meal I was so heated that Michelle her pussy was wet, and having to push a little further my investigations, I reach my hand under the table, my fingers up to the second phalanx dripping with juice, transparent. Without hesitation, Michelle took my hand and began to suck my fingers, laughing madly glances through a couple a little further. She said and I remember word for word .. “The boys we strongly at home .. you fuck me in every hole.” It was determined to do with Marc .. Then came a little discussion on the relationship man / man. Marc was bisexual and liked men. He added that of course if I did not like. It did not matter, he said it was just one more. Some kind of bonus when he was fortunate to meet another man who accepted such relationships. He told me that I had a good head and after that Michelle had told it would be rather concerned .. As he saw that it was not my cup of tea, he solemnly declared, laughing and he would not try anything .. He also added .. that I certainly had the right to love .. but what I like it when we tried not to .. it’s a bit silly. It was actually due .. and after this idea made its way .. but not that night.On the way back in the car, was pretty epic .. Michelle was next to me, Marc insisted she rises before me. And no sooner had we sat down she opened my pants, my cock out and started to jerk me off .. Then she began to suck me. All this in town, they certainly was dark, but some motorists stopped at traffic lights have been entitled to a bit of entertainment .. Marc we matais him and I finally realized he had the tail in the air and masturbated excited by Michelle and me. Happen in a decent place just near the apartment was impossible .. Luckily no one person crossed. Michelle had her blouse open, breasts over the bra, skirt tucked and rolled in his belt. Marc and I open shirt, tail in the air .. In the parking lot already, Michelle has just stepped out of car, leaning on the hood I introduced her rump. I could only take it .. I sank into it, while Marc was getting sucked .. it did not last very long because light will be extinguished .. Laughing we grope to find the switch .. In the elevator .. Michelle knelt down and began to suck us in turn .. Especially not go saying you do not have the right immediately. Yet she was busy so Marc and I who were now very hot .. We could have easily just get away .. The show was interesting in the glass elevator. I must say that I knew at that moment that it was my first time to many and it would not be the last ..What I liked was the cheerful, madness, which we used to prank show .. Big k**s who do what comes into their head .. We play with each other, it is niche is really the plurality here that I like .. No way to make deeds, to be the most beautiful, sexiest, most manly .. No it is to have fun, to please others. Orgasms that we share give pleasure to all .. Just look at his partner, güvenilir bahis once we had fun that glimmer in their eyes .. they share our pleasure. As I can not help but see if I adore the little, but at least feel every thrill, chills, screams and sighs of my partners .. We listen to their pleasure .. with a woman if there is a long time lover, I know exactly when to be or she will reach orgasm, I know how to delay or accelerate it. All this is learned only with attention to the other .. What a pleasure it is also at parties where there is a few, or all this time we operate means sighs, squeaks, the light touch, sounds wet and do not forget the smell .. some have a taboo with odors, while participating in our excitement and satisfaction of our senses .. The sweat, the nectar of our women, our sperm, while an odor flavor. It ended up a unique flavor. It floats in places where the people love. Those who have never had sex with only one person at a time can not understand. This pleasure is different and similar. I noticed that often a party to several regonflais with my libido and my usual partner, after an orgy and during several weeks say we were more eager .. more inclined to make love and then the effect wears off .. These evenings are used for charging the batteries .. And if we think, be able to have sex with other women, other men avoid evil desires assumed, see the desire to deceive the other. Why cheat on his wife, with friends when we can change, the converse is true for them .. But it is absolutely necessary to leave the locker room feeling .. If unfortunately you begin to feel any other sentiment than friendship and complicity with a partner in this kind of evening it is essential to arrange not to see. It’s a delicate balance sometimes. Sometimes it hits us without warning and there you can do much damage to shatter two couples .. With a little experience we feel that or those which may attach to us and to understand that we have fun, play .. we play has to have sex .. we do not love .. The distinction is subtle but very real. Oh of course it happened to me to have favorites for some .. sometimes difficult to disentangle the natural attraction to a body, the desire to “possess” and love, then we want the soul of the partner and not just his body. What saves it is often the feeling is not shared so we can safely continue to be, we need one that develops a sense one is done right in this case. Sometimes it’s a fad, which lasts about a meeting or two and then disappears.Since I practice swinging; Free mixing the rather, because I’m not really adept I’ll pass my wife gives me yours .. and we find ourselves as a couple in the end .. I much prefer it is a 4 or 6 see more in a bed .. we do not know what that is within, but that sex is a pleasure playing here is fun. Since the beginning I have rarely seen burst of torque due to this activity .. Once .. yes .. But mostly the contrary I saw more couples are perfectly welded, having fun and were perfectly in harmony with their desires, their desires a more satisfying life that many couples say normal.Oh yeah .. is it normal .. to practice sex with multiple partners .. Yes of course .. these are as education, conventions, standards required us format it. The good, the bad .. Nonsense .. Who can honestly believe that to enjoy two women that are not yours and at the same time in bed is that wrong? Not after the law .. What about morality? Both his beautiful willing … they are free to do what they want .. I do not see anything immoral in it .. of course if you start to trade in this activity .. it is questionable if we practice with people unwilling also .. Those who point the finger we are mainly a problem .. is that he will never dare, he is unable to fulfill their fantasies .. I have fully assumed (see has finally ..) most of my fantasies, and I realized .. Some say it is better that fantasy is fantasy .. it is questionable .. It is true that once realized I’m not saying that it loses its flavor, no. He loses the character of the thing we think not .. and often it will be replaced by another even less attainable ..Now arriving at the edge of the old state of Jerk, my fantasies are without doubt shameful and I think I do not talk about it .. But everyone I’ve done, I assume and I liked .. although some things leave me a taste of ashes I have no regrets and I think I would do everything I’ve done .. Even knowing that certain actions torture me a little .. But you will see later I traveled to the dark side for a long time.So, back to that memorable evening that remained .. fresh in my mind at the edge of senility ..On the landing .. Marc and I tail wind .. actually .. Michelle we were holding our tail and we took him to the door of the apartment .. Tomfoolery of k**s .. in fact, but what it was nice .. Once in the apartment, stole our clothes all over (so much so that the next day I shopped a sock.Michelle was a four paws on the carpet, and had started pumping Marc .. She beckoned me to take it .. too busy to enjoy the cock of her man. It was easily as I slid into it, after all appetizers dare I say it was wet .. I noticed only now that Marc had a tail, different from mine but no bigger .. It’s a constant I think when you start in the group love .. this obsession .. it is big enough .. And ultimately we see that most men have sex in roughly the same size .. except a few individuals who have sex sometimes monstrous, and other rare smaller .. But I never heard any woman we say is too small .. by cons I’ve seen some decline to men too well endowed .. at least refuse sodomy, for example.So while wedged between the buttocks of Michelle besognais I, I must say strongly enough. Very excited .. by all that stuff .. It curbed my enthusiasm .. nicely .. “Not so fast, it continues to time but it’s good” After a time we reversed the positions, making me suck with delight. Michelle then made me lie on your back .. came riding me. She slowly impaled, while Marc was coming .. she pinned against my chest I felt the hardened her nipples which irritated mine .. She looked into my eyes and I saw Mark capsizing when penetrated her anus .. She loved the double penetration .. and me too .. I felt the tail of Mark through the thin wall between the vagina of the intestine, strange but pleasant sensation. Michelle liked, his eyes were in the wave .. his open mouth let out moans of getting stronger, his breathing was jerky .. I took her nipples between my fingers and triturais .. Instantly she arched slightly .. made me penetrate further into it .. “Go it strong, my dears That stuff is good” Her pussy convulsais and hugged me vigorously .. Sliding my hand between her and me I was looking for her clitoris, I put my finger on it, pulling his long complaint .. “Oh ouiiiiiiiiiiii” from then on I knew it was going to last much longer .. Michelle clutched my shoulders digging her nails into my skin, the rhythm of my finger on the button. God it was exciting .. His mouth trembled with pleasure, she was covered in chills .. In her pussy it was fair .. contractions, convulsions .. I thought for a moment that Marc and I were going to be deported .. Suddenly she dug her nails violently, leaned over me and took my mouth “I enjoy I enjoy” it said in a hoarse voice, and almost the same time Marc and I enjoy .. Giclées succeed .. “I feel you, yes even” she said. Her orgasm lasted a long time .. Marc was removed .. Michelle stayed on me, cheek against cheek .. Mark stroked her back .. my cock was still in it .. and always hard. but I felt the semen running down my balls. “She took her foot oddly …” said Marc .. Dreamy and languid, Michelle said “Oh it was great .. it was really very strong!” She got off on me .. my cock was still hard. Marc was surprised .. “Oh the cow after you strip still here!” And with a glance .. “You’re sure it tells you not to try with a guy?” Michelle intervened, putting a slap on the buttocks of Mark .. “Stop it you said he did not like ..” And she looked at me, smiling also brought me a slap on the buttocks and said, “Go no jealousy … Well boys I’m thirsty ..” Mark went for a bottle of champagne that was cool. We sat on the couch. Michelle told me she had got it off as a little mad that it was rare that this is so good .. She was delighted we have got to know and worried about what I thought. I could not conceal how much I was delighted with this experience with others, I will confess that only now, I was somewhat worried. Fear of failure, of not being well accepted, in fact nonsense. Despite appearances I can sometimes be fragile even if I do not admit it. Besides, I do not hide my companions and we always knew and saw, crying is not rare with me. Certain emotions or feelings can put me in a state that I’m gonna cry, when I can be very hard to see certain things unaffected .. We will return later.We have with Michelle and Mark, the evening continued assault by other late into the night. And we finally get to sleep in their bed, Michelle between us, which we have entwined turns in his sleep .. I did not sleep much that night .. It was too strange and pleasant.