Charlene Clubbing

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Her legs were bare, she wasn’t wearing a bra and the top three buttons of Charlene’s shirt dress were undone. Charlene was still a few months shy of being eighteen and old enough to get into the club, but one of her escorts, Blake, had told her that somewhat immodest attire would likely get her past the club’s doorman. Charlene wasn’t really sure about all of that but as it provided a rationale for dressing the way she really wanted to dress, she bought into the argument.The doorman looked her over as he examined the ID’s provided him by Blake and Charlene’s other escort, Tommy. Blake further bamboozled the doorman by explaining that Charlene needed no ID as she wasn’t old enough to drink anyway. The doorman, predictably distracted by Charlene’s suggestive manner of dress, waived the trio into the club.It being early on a Sunday night, they pretty much had their choice of seats. They selected a circular booth at the edge of the spacious dance floor, Charlene sandwiched between her two male companions. The conversation earlier in the pizza place, and even earlier in the apartment, had gotten quite sexual. Blake wanted the theme to continue. “You ever go topless?” he asked.Before Charlene could answer, Tommy volunteered, “I asked her that this afternoon, just before you arrived.”Blake looked at Charlene. Surprised maybe, a little putout, but not seriously pissed. Turning to Tommy he asked, “So what’d she say?”Tommy looked at Charlene, who was still not saying anything. “Not sure she wants you to know.”Charlene revealed grudgingly, “Once. I did it once…” Getting naked is not topless, so doesn’t count. “…on a boat.”Blake took several swallows of his beer while debating whether to continue. Sounds like she might say more but she seems a little uptight about it. Charlene and Tommy waited silently. Blake chose to continue cautiously. “I’m guessing you’d rather not talk about it,” he lamented.“Well, I must admit, it’s not my favorite topic, but I might be willing to share a bit of it,” Charlene relented. “However, I sure don’t want to read about it in the school paper, and…” Turning to Tommy she added, “…I wouldn’t want it to get back to my father, either.” Turning back to Blake, she added, “Tommy did ask about it earlier and I was going to tell him more, but then you showed up and we never got to it. I might not be ready to provide every detail, but I’m not trying to hide what happened, either.”The door had been opened but Blake was still afraid of being too direct. “Since you are at least willing to talk some about it – guessing again of course – it does sound as if you might have liked being topless.”“Liked having my tits bare?” Charlene responded sternly. “At first no,” then cracking a slight smile, “but after a time, maybe,” she allowed softly.“Would I be off base in thinking you might do it again then?” Blake’s question was clearly of the leading type.Charlene hesitated. “Well… if the circumstances were right…” Peripherally, she caught sight of the stirring in Blake’s pants. “…it could happen again but, like I told Tommy, it certainly won’t be anytime soon, so let’s not get into that again, okay?”The light had at least turned yellow. Blake continued cautiously. “Understood, but you are okay talking about what has already happened?” he inquired.Charlene was warming to the topic. “I’m okay with it,” she assured. Turning to Tommy and resting her hand lightly on almanbahis his thigh, she prompted, “You do want to hear about this too, don’t you?”Tommy had been listening patiently. “Sure,” he replied. And you can leave your hand where it is too.Charlene did leave her hand on Tommy’s thigh as she turned back to Blake, providing a significantly abbreviated accounting of her topless experience. “I know you guys are anxious to make something out of this, but it really wasn’t all that big of a deal. This one guy and me were up on the front of the boat. My top was off and as we were readying to join the others, I began putting it back on. The guy I was with though, argued that since my friend Diane, on the back of the boat with the other guys, had her top off, I should leave mine off too. So I did.”“This last summer?” Tommy inquired.Charlene rubbed her forehead. “No, not last summer, the one before.”“Summer before? When you were still sixteen,” Tommy replied, eyebrows raised in disbelief.Charlene locked eyes with Tommy while lightly stroking his thigh. “Sounds right.” A playful smile appeared. “Good thing Daddy didn’t know about it, huh.”“Shit, I guess so,” agreed Blake, adjusting his shorts.“Dance with me,” Charlene suggested to Tommy, her fingers suggestively grazing his leg.Tommy didn’t have to be asked twice. He exited the booth, his hands in front of him, trying unsuccessfully to keep his stiffening cock from being too obvious. With Tommy’s back to her, Charlene turned to Blake, squeezed his thigh and whispered, “Later.” She turned and slid from the booth. Tommy and Charlene reached the dance-floor just as a belly-rubbing type song commenced.Charlene turned abruptly and wrapped her arms around Tommy’s neck, pressing her body suggestively against his. Tommy’s arms settled around her waist, but as the two moved to the music, his hands crept slowly over her butt, coming to rest at the base of her buttocks.Charlene was transitioning from being a seemingly reluctant story-teller to being an enthusiastic tease. “From the way you reacted when I told about having my top off, I’m guessing you were wanting to hear more.” She locked her hands behind Tommy’s neck, pulling herself up to her tip-toes and rubbing against the bulge in his shorts. “Was I wrong?” she purred in his ear.“No, no, not wrong at all.” She wants to talk about it. “I mean like, that guy had to have been playing with your bare tits. He was, wasn’t he?” Tommy’s cock was leaking precum, a wet spot forming on the front of his shorts. His hands tightened on Charlene’s butt, pulling her body into his.“Uhm yeah! I guess that’s right,” she cooed. “We were up on the front getting splashed every time the boat hit a wave. Wasn’t much to that bikini I was wearing – lotta bare skin getting soaking wet – and his hands all over me. He got to playing with my tits – at first made me some nervous – but after a bit I got to liking it.”“Jesus christ. He take your top off, or was that your doing?”“Not sure. I do know I was seriously turned on. I was sitting between his legs, rubbing my butt against his cock. I was trying to swallow his tongue while he was playing with my tits. I mean, I do remember wanting it off as bad as he did. Surely I must have helped.”“Fuck! And you just sixteen? How’d you know this guy?”Charlene stopped abruptly and stepped back. “We’re ignoring your friend. We need to get back.” She took his hand and led him almanbahis yeni giriş from the dance-floor. Tommy knew he had said something wrong. He just didn’t know what it was.“Miss us?” Charlene chimed as she slid in next to Blake.“Nope,” Blake deadpanned. “I was watching this hot couple practically fucking on the dance-floor.”As Tommy sat down, Charlene surveyed the dance-floor. “But there was no-one else dancing.”“Must have been you and Tommy then.” Blake licked his finger, then raised it over his head, chalking up a score on a non-existent scoreboard. Charlene stuck out her tongue at him then slid down in the seat a ways, her dress riding up to where a tiny sliver of panties was showing.“Tell Blake what you told me about how you got topless,” Tommy suggested.“Nah, you tell him sometime when I’m not around. I don’t feel like going through it again.”Blake jumped in with, “Then tell us what happened when you went back with the others.”“You guys just don’t give up, do you?” Charlene playfully countered.“Seems to me you do want to talk about it. Just wanting to see us beg before you do though,” protested Tommy.“Okay, I’ll tell it. I just don’t want you thinking it might happen again.”“Oh, of course not,” Blake assured with his fingers crossed behind his back.“It was Diane’s idea that we needed to dance.”“You mean you were dancing topless with those guys?” Tommy spit out in disbelief.“Yes, but let me tell it,” Charlene chided. “The music was the kind you could dance to without touching. Showing off some, seemed safer than sitting on some guys lap, which is what would’ve happened otherwise.”“Just you two girls?” Tommy wanted to know.“Right. And four guys, so each of us ended up dancing with two of them. I was plenty nervous at first but it turned out kinda fun.”“Wish I’d been there,” mumbled Blake.“Then you would’ve been really pissed at what happened next. Storm came up!”“Christ, what’d you do?” Tommy demanded.“Quick, grabbed our cover-ups and put on life vests as we raced back to the marina.”“And that was it?” Tommy asked.“Yeah. The guys wanted us to go with them, but Diane and I had better sense than that.” She turned to Blake. “C’mon, let’s dance.” Charlene blew a kiss in Tommy’s direction and pushed Blake out of the booth.The DJ was playing some up-tempo stuff and Charlene broke into a dance as soon as they hit the floor. As she danced, she held her arms high and spread her legs, her bare legs flashing and panties showing. As she twirled, her bikini style panties did little to hide her ass-cheeks.Blake grew harder as he watched the sexy teenager. “Ever see those guys again?”“What guys?”“The ones from the boat.”“Oh, when I got topless.”“Yeah, you ever see them again?” The music changed to a slower number. As Charlene’s arms went around his neck, Blake’s hands snaked under the shirt-dress and locked on Charlene’s lower butt, his fingers toying with the edge of her panties.Charlene cautioned, “Keep ‘em on the outside of the panties and we’ll get along just fine.” As Blake’s fingers sensually kneaded Charlene’s nearly bare ass, she pressed her lips to his ear and breathlessly attempted to reply. “Uh… see them again? Oh, shit… yeah one time. They came over to Diane’s, but… oh god, that feels good… but it wasn’t like on the boat, and they uh… they didn’t stay long.”Blake’s fingers continued their assault on Charlene’s ass. He questioned as if there was nothing almanbahis giriş else taking place. “They were wanting you to get topless?”“Uh huh,” Charlene breathed into Blake’s ear. “More like expecting it… Oh yeah… Killed the mood.”Blake’s fingers were sliding along the edge of Charlene’s panties. “I’m guessing you weren’t wearing a whole lot.”“’Bout the same as right now. Panties and a shirt.”Blake pressed, “So what were you doing, just sitting around talking, or what?”“Well, some, yeah, uh huh… but mostly we were dancing… like you and me are now.”“Was he playing with your ass, and grinding into you, like I’m doing right now?” Blake tightened his grip on Charlene’s ass-cheeks and ground his cock into her midsection.“Uhm…” Charlene shifted her body, an inch or two to either side, adding even more stimulation to Blake’s cock. “… I’m sure he was but I don’t remember getting so turned on.”Blake murmured, “But you almost took your shirt off and you would have danced with him… in just your panties?”“Hot, huh,” Charlene breathed in Blake’s ear as her body continued teasing his ever hardening cock.“Jesus, shit yeah!” Blake stammered. “You going to do that tonight?” he urged.Charlene pushed Blake’s hands away and leaned her head back, a startled look on her face. “What? strip down to my panties, right here? No way!”Surprised, not so much by Charlene’s refusal as by the qualification attached to it. She didn’t say not, just not here. Blake backed off and came in at a different angle, “Oh hell no, you get down to your panties here, they’d probably throw us out. But, since we are in the darkest and most remote corner of the bar,” thanks to your insistence, “you could probably get away with undoing another button or two.”As the song came to an end, Charlene stepped back, breaking the contact between them. Rubbing her chin contemplatively, she equivocated sarcastically, “So, I could, huh. Well, Mr. almost lawyer, I’ll need to take that suggestion under advisement.” Skipping toward the table, she added, “Right now, though, I think we need to get back.”With Blake following her to the table, Charlene surreptitiously undid the next button on her shirt-dress, the one below her breasts. At the booth, Charlene climbed in on all fours, enticingly crawling her way back to the center of the booth, encouraging Tommy’s eyes to feast on her nearly exposed breasts.Tommy licked his lips. “And I thought the dancing was hot, Blake’s hands under your dress doing god knows what, but I had no idea you had your clothes half off too.”“Clothes half off?” Blake repeated as he took his place on Charlene’s other side. “I miss something?”Charlene made a quarter turn toward Blake and bent forward slightly, her elbow on the table, dress falling away, affording Blake an unrestricted view of an uncovered breast. “Your argument won the day, counselor.”“Oh my god!” exclaimed Blake, reaching down and grabbing his crotch.Charlene caught Blake’s manly reaction as she sat back, resuming a somewhat more modest posture. “I guess that means you approve.”“Shit yeah,” Blake proclaimed.Tommy picked it up with, “I guess you’re kind of used to this.”“If you mean dancing in shirt and panties… yeah, I guess I have done it a time or two.”“More like, several times, maybe?”“So I like partying in panties and a shirt.”“You mean the way you’re dressed tonight is pretty normal?” Blake asked.“Oh yeah. Pretty much. Panties and shirt. I might have been sixteen but I already had a damn hot body, and I sure didn’t mind guys noticing it. Fact is – most of the time, I even had several buttons undone, like right now.” Charlene looked down at herself and grinned.