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Subject: “Charlie Johnson” – Ch 6 Charlie Johnson – Ch 6 The following story is fiction and involves sexually explicit erotic events between males. If you are offended by such material or are too young to be reading material of this nature, or live where it is not allowed, do not read the story. In the world of this story, the characters do not always use condoms or practice safe sex. Make sure you protect yourself from disease in the real world by always using protection. Please show your support with a monetary contribution to keep the Nifty Archive online services free of any membership fees. You can find out how to make your contribution by copying this http location into your browser: fty/donate.html Comments and suggestions can be sent to the author. hoo My other stories can be found through the ‘Prolific Author’s Section’ of the Nifty Archives by looking up my name Bert Carley alphabetically. Enjoy! __________________________ Chapter 5 of ‘Charlie Johnson’ ended with: I could see the hurt he was feeling with my high school tales coming back to haunt me. Quick thinking, I answered, “Charlie, I love you more than you can imagine. You are the love of my life too and I cherish the air you breath, your looks, our sex together and your smell and scent I consider something I could not live without.” I told him how he reeked of this special body odor that I had come to love these past years, especially the last three after he started regularly fucking me after I started sleeping with him full time. I explained that I couldn’t now live without his smell next to me each night. He was my man, my full-time lover and what I did with others was just sex, not like the love I had for him only. Then I told him about all those old wool Pendleton shirts that he wore all winter long that had his scent permanently absorbed into them between dry cleanings. How many times when he wasn’t around, I would take one of those shirts and wear it around just to have his scent with me. I went on and on telling him about how I worshiped this special guy that was like a father, brother and lover for me called Charlie Johnson. I told him how when he was off to some horticulture convention somewhere, his pillow was my nighttime companion. The smell of him was in that fucking pillow and I had to have it at my nose in his absence, and how important and fascinating his scent had become to me, acting like a powerful aphrodisiac to me starting when I was a child and started sleeping with him when mom moved downstairs. That he had marked me with his imprint for life. There was no going back now for me. I hope he understood, as he was twenty plus years my senior. Charlie Johnson – Ch 6 I was very careful not to share any more of the sexual encounters I was having with others with Charlie from that day forward, realizing he could not handle that information. I learned that day Charlie’s true feelings toward me were genuine and deep rooted alright. He truly loved me! However, he had acquired this possessive streak I had never seen surface before now, clearly triggered by the thought that other adult guys and even a young woman were climbing my bones now that I had entered high school and my teen hormones had kicked in big time for me to allow it to happen and want to share my sexual excitement with him. The fact that I wasn’t just a kid, a playmate for him anymore obviously came as a shock to Charlie! The thought that I was growing up and would be moving on with my life had Charlie in a panic. He must have felt he was losing me. Even at my young age of 13, I quickly realized Charlie’s reaction to my spilling the beans to him was something I needed to clearly deal with, as it was a huge mistake on my part sharing any sexual encounters I would have with others with Charlie from that day forward. I was going to have to handle Charlie with soft kid gloves and tender loving care if he was going to survive my horny teen years without blowing a head gasket or doing something crazy out of possessiveness or outright jealousy. Charlie obviously loved me as much as I did him, so I set my mind on doing whatever I needed to do to keep him sane and the happy true love of my life. No more sharing any other sexual experiences I was having at school with others with Charlie in the future, as he obviously did not want others, especially other adults touching his 13year old boyfriend. As my freshman year progressed, I made the football junior varsity team and each game my three dads, Charlie, Mel and even the older Jake attended games to cheer on our team. It was great having the three in my life. For me, seeing all that older teen dick in the showers really would get me looking, comparing and wanting to taste the teen guys older than myself. Just looking got my libido at the boiling point though I tried to suppress my feelings and keep from sprouting a boner in those situations. One of the juniors on the varsity team caught me staring at his equipment, obviously too often or for a bit too long. He was one mouth-watering hunk. I had been admiring him since I first laid eyes on him. Alex was a 6’3″ mix of muscle and sheer breathtaking handsome ankara yeni escort Italian meat. In the nude, he sported a massive package of cock and balls. He was kind enough to wait until all the others had left the locker room before he cornered me and shoved me up against the wall before he acted out his concern to me by asking, “You queer for me kid? I see you been checking me out, so don’t deny it kid!” “Damn Alex, yea! I guess I have alright! Can’t believe how big your dick is and how you like to parade around and show it off to everyone, sporting a semi most of the time!” “Sounds like you’re queer for my dick to me kid! What say you drop to your knees right here and give me a blowjob, Coach won’t be back today, told me to lock up when I left! That what you want kid, my dick to feast on?” I just smiled at him and ran my tongue across my lips as a nonverbal YES. Before he realized what was happening, I had dropped to my knees between his legs and had my nose in his crotch hairs sniffing his dick and balls. I was soon lapping the bubbles of pre from the eye of his huge dickhead on to my hungry tongue as I fondled his huge balls with one hand and reached up to play with his nipples with the other hand. Alex obviously loved it. Alex was instantly hot to trot and knew how to fuck a face and deliver the goods. His thrusts down my throat were rough as he quickly unloaded a massive load of his ball juice. One shot went down my throat and the other five filled my mouth with his warm delicious flavor. “Don’t swallow that load Tommy,” as he pulled his dick from between my lips and pulled me up and bitch walked me into the Coach’s office and laid me out over his desk on my back. I was surprised Alex even knew my name, but he had my legs up on his shoulders instantly. He stuck a finger in my mouth and gathered a bunch of his jizz. Over and over he transferred the warm jizz in between my ass lips until he had me well lubed and ready for his still very engorged dick. He slipped right in smooth as silk without saying a word. That huge 9.5″ fat Italian dick was up and inside me doing a real number on me when I suddenly realized Coach Larson was standing where I could see him watching Alex breed my hungry hole. However, Alex had his back to the coach so didn’t realize he was present. I was getting pounded pretty good by Alex as I watched Coach Larson silently close and lock his office door, strip off his coach’s uniform. He stood nude watching Alex and me and fondled his dick knowing I was watching him. His dick lengthened and grew as he silently approached the two of us. The man was awesome, a true-blue walking Alpha male with muscles that rippled right on the surface for me to feast my eyes on and observe as they flexed with his movements. He was now stroking his dick with a small flask of lube as he laid over Alex’s backside and planted his weight up against Alex’s backside. “Oh, fuck Coach, you startled me! I thought you would never get back here; this kid Tommy has one hot well reamed but tight ass for being just being a freshman. Gave me a fantastic blowjob already and really putting the squeeze on my dick now, milking me like he has an addiction for anal sex. Fuck Coach, this one is a real keeper.” “I’ll be the judge of that Alex after I warm up inside your hungry ass for a spell.” I could feel the extra weight on my backside as the coach mounted Alex and began adding more power to the powerful thrusts Alex was already delivering to my seasoned well-muscled fuck hole. This encounter was proving interesting indeed now with both Alex and Coach Larson in play. Alex was soon moaning. “Oh coach! Yea! Fuck my ass harder with that huge black 12inch Anaconda. It always feels so good!” I too was loving the severe pounding we were both taking at the hands of this muscled nearly 7foot coach. The sweat was rolling, the hearts pounding, and the huge metal desk was in motion as it got closer and closer to the adjoining wall with each new thrust from Coach Larson’s powerful hips. Soon the desk was stationary but pounding against the wall as I felt Alex stiffen and spray my anal canal with his warm spouge as he screamed, “FUCK Yes Coach, I’m shooting!” There was little hesitation as the Coach quickly pulled himself and Alex from my bottom. Coach Larson had his 12inches instantly buried in where Alex had vacated my ass. Coach was now pounding my white ass like it was a bass drum sending vibrations up my spine all the way to the chemical/electrical neuron and sensory receptor connections that register sheer pleasure to my brain cells. My entire body was in flight into the far reaches of the universe on automatic pilot as Coach Larson pumped me until he too moaned out his pleasure, stiffened and exploded, filling my Coochie with his massive load. He stated, “Yea Casper, milk me good boy with that bubble butt. What a fantastic fuck you deliver Boy!” He didn’t even take a breather as he went right back into drive mode and got me to spewing a regular stream of cock snot over my abs and chest. I felt like I was in whore heaven and knew this guy would be on my forever list of Alpha fuck buddies. Never has a fuck been so fantastic yenimahalle escort as coach’s first, and here he was going for number two with just as much enthusiasm and determination as his first. The guy was a fuck machine and took total control of me as he pounded my ass up and away into total submissive bliss with a constant flow of my own cum dribbling from my cockhead’s eye until the coach dropped his second load. Each time I moaned out the pleasure he was delivering, he would lean forward and plant his big thick lips against me and nibble on my nipples or nip at my lips sending rushes of emotional lust through my body. I was helpless to resist his oral pleasures as he continued to fuck me into total submission. My sphincter was milking his Ebony Anaconda now, totally committed to the task of bringing him maximum pleasure as I was feeling his talent to fuck. By the time Coach Larson dropped another huge sperm load inside my love canal, he was sweating big time, enough that our pungent scent filled his office space with maleness that had all three of us in a state of sexual overload. When the coach finally pulled from me, Alex swiftly dropped to his knees and began sucking the coach’s jizz from between my ass cheeks. I, in return had my face buried in the coach’s armpits sucking up those pungent sweaty pheromones before I worked my way down his body gathering all the sweet moisture along the way to his most prized three possessions, cleaning and inhaling his male scent. It was fantastically erotic. The balls were encased in long pendulous slabs of reddish black flesh, nearly hairless, that hung low between his thighs. They were a sight to behold, even better to lick, suck and bury my face in and inhale their fantastic masculine scent. Eventually, even he had enough as he walked away to gather up his clothing, his dick and balls bouncing and moving back and forth from one thigh to the other in perfect rhythm to his stride as his huge dick pointed the way. I realized I would be making myself readily available for Coach Larson whenever he wanted me to tend to his sexual needs. Sex with him was fantastic. He was the best of the best for delivering the physical sexual pleasures I was craving as a horny teenager. As good as sex was with even Coach Larson, my Charlie Johnson still is the one I am permanently bonded to. I truly cherish my Charlie Johnson and could hardly wait to get back to the ranch that day after school, showered and clean so I could throw myself into his arms and have him make real love to me and put his scent all over me again as I shared his sheets that night breathing him in his pheromones like they were what kept me alive and happy. As the days, weeks and months passed Coach Larson did indeed keep me entertained regularly servicing his huge black dick, as did Alex and of course the custodians Koby and Lenny. I was getting more than enough physical sex to keep my juices flowing, my rampant teen hormone appeased and my body actively engaged in the pursuit of keeping my balls drained, but my mind was always looking forward to cuddling up with Charlie each night and enjoying the love he could give me as I became more and more bonded to him and the love he constantly gave me was of far more importance to me than the physical sex I was getting from others. ____________________________ Ordinarily I had always tried to stay clear of the overtly gay and especially the very effeminate acting boys in school, not wanting to be identified as being gay by association and outed, thinking it might jeopardize my standing with the jocks I wanted to run with now that I was a hot jock myself, or at least felt I was. I had nothing against the gayest of gays, the girly ones, but I didn’t want to have to go through the same horrors and constant badgering they had endure daily from the homophobic or bullies in the school. However, one of the effeminates made an asserted effort to become my friend by joining me at lunchtime in the cafeteria to make small talk with me when I wasn’t sitting with my jock friends one day. I didn’t treat him unkindly like so many of the other jocks did that I always ran with, dating back when we were all were still in junior high together. So, it wasn’t long, and this young guy Tyler was seeking me out in a friendly manner that was hard to resist, since he was a straight A student in the same Algebra class that I attended each day. He quickly offered his help when he learned I was failing the subject that could ultimately get me kicked off the teams unless my grades improved. Of course, I accepted his kind offer immediately, knowing I needed tutoring in Algebra to keep from failing. Well, once Tyler realized I was letting him tutor me, there was no turning away from his constant presence in my daily life. As time passed, he kept me from failing more of my classes, which I appreciated. I soon learned to enjoy his company as well, as the guy was funny and a joy to be around, even though my jock friends called him a fag and teased me relentlessly for allowing him safe passage into my space. Before long other jocks were accepting Tyler’s tutoring as well when they yozgat escort needed help maintaining a passing grade in one or the other of their own classes. I eventually had to admit to myself that I was beginning to get sexually attracted to this redheaded, freckle faced, and very attractive guy my own age, even though he was quite effeminate acting at time when he was excited. Well, Tyler and I spent a lot of time at the local public library studying together as he tutored me in my studies. Those upper levels in the loft areas of our local library, the stacks, had a reputation as a perfect play area for the love birds and even the social deviates, perfectly isolated from the library main centers of activity, quiet and poorly lit, making for a lover’s paradise and always very warm, as heat always rises. How Tyler got me up into the stacks that afternoon, I can’t even recall, but I must have wanted something to develop, otherwise I would have never gone up there with him that day. Once he had me isolated up there in the shadows, he dropped to his knees and had my dick out and sucking the 8+ incher down like it was a big hunk of candy to him. There was not way I could resist his talented mouth as he kept me edged for what seemed like forever. It felt so good and right at the time. When he finally let me blast it was so powerful and fantastic that my entire body trembled, my legs especially as they ten turned to jelly. Were it not for the fact that Tyler had me backed up against on of the solid loft walls, I would have most likely slipped to the floor or to my knees before my legs regained the strength to support me enough to keep me on my feet. Gradually a moderately coherent state of mental alertness returned to my brain functions. He had blown my mind, as well as my dick that day. My masculine instincts were triggered that afternoon, and it left me wanting more, much more than tutoring from Tyler. Up until that incident with Tyler up in the stacks of the library, I always served others, always older guys that used me rather than them servicing me. This new all masculine roll I just played with Tyler was a monumental switch from my normal roll, and always with older guys, never with guys my own age. Fuck Yes! This was a fantastic new addition to my sexual orientation Something new and exciting to pursue with Tylor. What an awakening I experienced that late afternoon with Tyler in the darkest upper corners of our library loft’s bookstacks. My dick was hungry now for more of Tyler immediately, Ge was young and almost smooth and hairless, except for the tuffs of bright red hair in his armpits and most likely around his dick, though loaded with freckles all over. His touching me as he did made me crave his soft touch tending to my physical needs as his smarts tended to my tutoring, raising my scholastic abilities enough to keep me from getting kicked off my athletic endeavors. Taylor became more than just my tutor after that day in the library’s stacks. Soon I was escorting him up into the loft areas to get blown regularly, then he begged me to fuck him as well up there on day. How could I resist! Once I did that with him, I found myself fucking his ass like crazy every day, dropping my massive loads into his receptive boy pussy like it was the most beautiful thing I had ever encountered. The stacks became our special place. I became Tylor’s Alpha guy and truly wanted to share him with my true love Charlie, but hesitant from past memories of how Charlie reacted to sharing similar events! I eventually brought Tyler home to meet my family and they all fell in love with him immediately, especially Charlie, my man, of course. Tyler naturally fell for Charlie as well and insisted I let him sleep in the middle between Charlie and me that very first sleepover night. Did we all sleep without touching in that old double bed? Hah! Not on your life! Tyler and I worked Charlie over together and Charlie loved it, couldn’t get enough of our antics on his sexy body. Tyler became a regular guest in our abode. Charlie poked and prodded up both until he had us both attuned to his sex and his love for us both. Tyler took the load off me keeping Charlie from getting jealous like he might have easily done were he to learn that I was still getting plugged regularly by Kobe and Kenny in their man cave in the high school basement, or Alex and my favorite ass fucker, Coach Larson, with his 12+ inch Ebony Anaconda taking me on the ultimate ride of all times into the stratosphere and back. Even Principal Blake was calling me into his office for a quickie with he and his secretary Julie periodically. All in all, I was being well turned into a gay, mostly versatile and enthusiastic teen sex participant. Tyler now in Charlie and my lives so regularly kept Charlie and me very happy indeed. Tyler was like a butterfly in flight when attended by Charlie’s playfulness. The two were a sight to behold as they would play grab ass for hours out in the vegetable garden frotting and wallowing in the mud together. Life was at its best now. Charlie knew he could trust both Tyler and me to keep his identity and the roll he played in our lives top secret. It was all about trusting each other, each however knowing it was against the law what we were doing. However, all laws and rules fell to the wayside as we continued our quest for sexual fulfillment. We considered our relationship ‘family business,’ and therefore allowed to continue with feelings of remorse or wrongdoing.