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Chastity?Hi. My name is Chastity. Yeah, it made it a little harder to get dates in high school, but fortunately most of the guys didn’t know what it means lol.I’m 32 years old, 5’1″ tall, and weigh about 110. I have brown eyes, plain brown hair, and average features. I never attracted much attention in high school. I’ve been married for 13 years. My husband is only the second guy I ever let in, and I’ve been faithful to him ever since. We have 2 k**s — a daughter 12 and a son 9. I work as a waitress at the local truck stop. The truck stop provides a “uniform” of sorts — a t-shirt with their logo on the front and advertising on the back. We have to provide our own jeans, and I like to wear a pushup bra to make my little 32B’s look as big as possible.We’re a small rural community and there aren’t a lot of good restaurants, so a lot of the locals eat at the truck stop. I try hard to learn the likes and dislikes of the regular customers. On Tuesday nights we run a special to try to attract a few more customers. The manager picks 3 entrées which sell for 6 bucks each. Sometimes one of them will be something that isn’t on the regular menu. It’s a pretty good deal, especially for the seniors, ’cause a couple can get a good meal with beverage for about 14 bucks and usually have enough left over to take home for the next day. I usually draw the Tuesday dinner shift. The senior waitress on that shift, Kathy, is an older woman, probably in her mid to late 50s, tall, dark haired, and with a pretty good figure for her age. I’ve learned a lot about waitressing from talking to her and watching how she works. The other server on the shift is a new guy, Jeff. He looks to be about my age, short and skinny, a little weird-acting at times but seems to have a good work ethic. The hostess is usually Amber, another 30ish girl, blond, a little chunkier but still not too bad looking. We all get along and work well together.I started to notice a party of four who came in just about every week. The one couple looked to be in their late 60s. She is a tall blonde (probably from a bottle at her age) with a pretty good figure. She was most likely a knockout when she was younger. He is a little overweight and seems to have some memory problems. It takes almost forever to pry an order out of him. The other couple is in their mid 60s. She is short and kind of frail looking, with pure white hair. He is about 6 feet with a white beard and greying hair. He looks like he’s in the best shape of the whole group. The first time I noticed them was when Amber put them in my section. As I took their drink order I concentrated on memorizing what each one ordered, since they looked like they were locals and I figured I’d probably see them again. I noticed that Silver Beard looked pretty intently at me whenever I was in range. I also noticed that they were back each of the next two weeks, but they were seated in Jeff’s section. I made sure to smile and say hi as I went by their table. The following week they were placed in my section again. I think I made a pretty good impression when I named the beverage each one had ordered 3 weeks earlier and asked if they wanted the same thing. The next week I noticed that Silver Beard always ordered soup instead of salad. The next week they were in Kathy’s section, the following week in Jeff’s. Both times I made sure to smile and say hi. I got smiles and greetings in return.The following week I saw them coming in the door and watched carefully as Amber led them towards my section. I quickly drew a raspberry iced tea, a regular iced tea with a wedge of lemon, and 2 waters. I delivered the drinks to their table almost before they got seated. This earned me some big smiles and thank yous. I got an especially big smile from Silver Beard. We have an informal agreement among the staff that if the hostess is not available and a customer wants to pay their bill then one of the servers can ring the customer out. It happened that day that I was near the register when Silver Beard’s party was ready to check out. When he handed me his American Express card I checked the name. I saw that his first name was Richard. I thought that I had heard someone say the name Dick as I was going by their table at one point, so the card confirmed it. Nice to be able to put a name with the face. I rang up a couple more customers while Dick was signing the slip and when I looked up he was gone . When I picked up the charge slip I was almost gone too. He had left a seven dollar tip! On a 15 buck check!!! tuzla escort Almost a 50 percent tip!!!!! My superior waitressing skills were beginning to pay off!!!!.The following week I was able to maneuver things so that Dick’s group was in my section again. I was about to thank him for the big tip the previous week when he briefly put his finger to his lips and almost imperceptibly shook his head no. Maybe he read my mind. Then he barely tipped his head towards his wife and again signalled no. Didn’t want her to know? What’s going on? Well, the meal went well, the service was impeccable if I do say so myself, and there was a good bit of friendly banter between us throughout the hour. I noticed that Dick had finished eating before the others and had put his credit card on the table with the check. I swung by and asked if I could run the card for him. He agreed so I picked it up and went over to the register. By the time I returned to the table with the charge slip and tray the rest of the party had finished and was ready to go. I saw Dick sign the charge slip and pick up his card before he left. I went back to the table to pick up the pay slip and was kind of shocked to see that there was no tip entered. Stunned, I picked up the tray and then discovered the ten spot that was on the table under the tray. My knees buckled for a second before I recovered and took the payslip back to the register. Wow! This guy really likes me! For the next 3 weeks I managed to get my now favorite customers into my section. I worked my tail off for them and joked around, mostly with Dick. He had taken to calling me sweetheart, darling, and other such endearments. And every week there was another tenner on the table. My husband said that I am worth it and to keep up the good work.I knew that Dick had breakfast with a group of guys who met in the “banquet room” on Wednesday mornings. The week that he left the fifth ten spot I had drawn the Wednesday breakfast shift. I made sure that I was in plain sight of the banquet room door when the meeting broke up at 9:30. As the guys filed out Dick spotted me and a great big smile illuminated his face. He came straight over to me and put his arm around me. “Good to see you darlin’. How are you today?”. “Good. I’d like to ask you something, Dick.”. “Sure sweetie. What is it?” I moved over towards the hallway to the restrooms. Dick moved along with me, his arm still around my shoulders. “Dick, I really really want to thank you for what you’ve been doing. I don’t want you to think that I don’t appreciate it because I really do. But what I don’t understand is why? I’m just doing my job.”. “Darlin’, I believe in rewarding those who deserve it. You are probably the best waitress I’ve ever seen. You always have a big smile, you are always hustling, I don’t think I have ever seen you walking through the dining room, you always get the orders right, you have a great personality, you’ve learned my preferences and in record time, you have a great attitude, and besides you’re waaay cuter than Jeff.”. That one really made me grin, because I think I’m way cuter than Jeff too. But Dick wasn’t done yet. “And who knows, maybe if I keep on giving you good tips, I might be able to get into your panties.”. Whoa, wait, what? Is he serious or is this another one of his jokes? I stared at him but I couldn’t tell. A tiny hint of a smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. But his eyes were steely, boring holes in my mind. I figured that I’d better play it as if he was joking. “Well, that would take a really great tip.”. He stared at me for a few more seconds. “I guess it comes down to the definition of a really great tip. Would a hundred do it?”. That tiny smile still played at the corners of his mouth. I didn’t know what to do. “Dick, you know that I’m married. I’ve been married for 13 years.”. “And it’s getting a little boring, isn’t it, sweetie? The spark, the flame that was there 13 years ago isn’t there any more. There’s no more love making, just fucking on Saturday night out of habit.”. That really stung. Because it was so close to right on. But it’s Friday night. He continued “How about 200?”. “Dick, I can’t cheat on him, not after all these years.”. “Let’s look at it this way. The President wouldn’t lie to you, would he? Remember Clinton said if it’s oral it’s not sex. So it wouldn’t be cheating. How about this: I solemnly promise that I won’t get inside you. You just wrap your legs around my neck and I’ll French kiss whatever I find there. Two fifty.”. Someone said tuzla escort bayan “I get off work at 8:30 tomorrow night.”. It sounded like my voice. I realized that the words came out of my mouth. But I swear my brain never said the words. “Great. See you then.”. He gave me a squeeze and headed for the door. I leaned against the wall to keep from collapsing. Ohgawd what have I done?I was a nervous wreck for the rest of my shift. Which turned out to be not very long. I dropped a whole armload of dishes on the concrete floor. Fortunately they were empty, but it was still a disaster. A few minutes later I was told that the manager wanted to see me in his office. “What’s wrong Chas? You look like you got some bad news or something. I’ve never seen you like this.”. “Well, I guess I did get some bad news, but I’ll be okay.” “You’d better take the rest of the day off.”. “No, I’ll be alright.”. “Chas, I can’t afford any more dishes. Go home. That’s an order.”. I managed to drive the 5 miles home without running off the road or crossing into oncoming traffic, but I was shaking all the way. I went into the house and straight to the bathroom, where I threw up what seemed like everything I’d eaten for the last six weeks. I rinsed my mouth out for about 15 minutes and then went to the kitchen. I don’t drink beer myself but I took 2 out of the fridge, popped them open, and chugged them down. I staggered to the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. Somehow I managed to fall asleep. Must have been the beer. The next thing I knew my husband was standing next to the bed. “Honey, what’s going on?”. I had to think fast, an activity that hasn’t been working too well for me lately. “Uhh, I got sick. At work. They sent me home. I fell asleep.”. ” Is there anything I can do for you?”. “Uhh, no, I’ll… I’ll… I’ll be okay. I feel better now.”. I damn well better be okay. I can’t tell him the truth.I managed to get through the evening without shaking too much. I was still shook up in the morning, but not quite as bad. I showed up for my shift at noon, not knowing how I could get through the next few hours. Somehow I did it. Fortunately the traffic was light that evening and I was able to go to the restroom and sob my heart out several times during the shift. Ohgawd, ohgawd, ohgawd I can’t wait for this shift to be over — I can’t take this tension any more. Ohgawd if the shift is over I’ll have to go out with him. I can’t do that. Ohgawd, ohgawd, ohgawd. In spite of all my efforts to keep it from happening, 8:30 arrived. I went out the kitchen door into the parking lot. I stood there looking around, not sure what I was looking for. Maybe it was a joke. Maybe he won’t be there. Ohgawd let it be a joke . Then I saw the headlights of a car flash on and off. I walked slowly towards the car. It was a small SUV of some kind — a Jeep of some sort I think. I couldn’t quite make out who was inside. As I got near the car the driver reached over and pulled the door handle. As the door opened and the light came on I could see that it was Dick. Ohgawd let it be a joke. I opened the door and got in. “Hi honey, it’s good to see you. I was afraid you might not show up.”. Ohgawd let this be a joke. “Hi Dick.””I thought we’d go down to the ATV park. There shouldn’t be anyone riding there at this time. We should be safe.” Ohgawd please please please let it be a joke. He started the car and turned right out of the parking lot. There was silence during the 3 mile drive to the park. It seems like he was right. There was no engine noises, no vehicles in the parking lot. Ohgawd let this be a joke. He pulled up under the trees at the edge of the lot and killed the engine. “Let’s get in the back. There’s plenty of room there.” I looked around and saw that the back seats had been folded down and what looked like a bedspread was laid out in the cargo area. Ohgawd let this be a joke. Dick got out of the car, came around to the passenger side, opened the front and back doors, took my hand, and helped me out. “Come on, let’s get in.”. He assisted me up, lifting me up by the butt, crawled in after me, and pulled the door closed. “Sweetie, according to our agreement you don’t have to take your top off, but I’d really really really appreciate it if you would. And I’d really appreciate it if you’d allow me to help you take things off.”. Ohgawd ohgawd it’s not a joke. I opened my mouth but it wasn’t connected to my brain. I just lifted my hands over my head in resignation. Dick took hold of the hem of my t-shirt and slipped it up escort tuzla over my breasts, my head, my hands. The shirt disappeared somewhere and Dick’s hands moved to the clasp of my bra. Ohgawd it’s not a joke. The bra disappeared along with the shirt and Dick’s hands briefly caressed my breasts before moving to the waistband of my jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped, and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of my panties. My brain was trying to tell me that I should have at least demanded the money up front but since it still wasn’t connected to my mouth nothing happened. Somehow my butt lifted itself up off of the floor and he slipped the jeans and panties off together in one fluid motion. Ohgawd ohgawd it’s not a joke. “You’re so beautiful” he breathed. I don’t ever remember anyone calling me beautiful before. Strange to be thinking that at a time like this. “Lie down on your back, bend your knees up, and spread them slightly.”. My brain was screaming but my body complied. He was on his knees at my feet. He kissed my left knee and then my right knee. He kissed the inner surface of my left knee, and then the right. He started kissing his way up the insides of my thighs, first the left and then the right. Someone was moaning softly . Ohgawd it’s me. What am I doing? Ohgawd ohgawd ohgawd. I could feel his warm breath on my pussy lips. Ohgawd yes! Ohgawd NO NO NO. Ohgawd ohgawd. He kissed his way around the edges of my bush, ending up back between my thighs. He kissed his way up the final inch, to where there was no more thigh gap. I could feel my juices flowing. The cloth surface under me was becoming soaked. The moaning was getting louder, more rapid. Oh, that’s right, it’s me. He licked my slit from bottom to top. He nibbled on my outer lips. His tongue slipped between my outer lips and licked my inner lips. His tongue found my JOYBUTTON OH MY GAWD!!!! I pulled his head tighter against me. He sucked my clit. Someone was screaming. It sounded pretty close. After listening to about 30 seconds of the most blood-curdling screaming I had ever heard I realized, yes, once again, it was me. I discovered that my legs had gotten themselves wrapped around his neck. My hips were bucking like a rodeo bull. Electric charges were flowing from the tips of my toes up through my entire body and shooting out the ends of every strand of hair on my head. Convulsions wracked my body. My brain melted and started running out of my ears. I sure hope that one was a hallucination. I came and I came and I cameandIcameandIcameandICAMEANDICAME!!!!!!! Dick released my clit and I went limp as a dishrag. He moved up and laid next to me. The odor of pussy on his beard was almost overwhelming. He caressed my breasts, then licked and sucked each nipple. I caressed his head. His beard and mustache were soaking wet. I looked down and saw that his cock was out of his pants and he was gently stroking it. It looked like it was carved out of marble it was so hard. A bead of precum glistened on the tip. He wiped the cum off with his index finger. I looked at his face. He was staring into my eyes. Then he shocked the snot out of me — he brought his finger to his lips and licked the cum off!! He must have seen that my eyes got as big as saucers. “Did you want some? There’s plenty more.”. “Uhh, no, no… not now.”. Where did that ‘not now’ come from? It’s NOT EVER. NEVER. Then he kissed me. Hard. And deep. I’ve never played with another woman, but if they all taste like I do….We laid there in each other’s arms for a couple of years or maybe five minutes. Then Dick had my jeans and panties in his hand. He offered to help me get dressed. He slipped his hand into one of the pockets and then pulled the waistbands over my feet. My bra appeared. He nuzzled each breast and then helped me to fasten the clasp. I managed to get my shirt on by myself. “Thank you, thank you, thank you darlin’.”. “Oh, Dick, I should be thanking you. I never came like that in my entire life.”. We made the short trip back to the restaurant in silence, my hand snugly held in his. I put my other hand into my pocket and found a small object that hadn’t been there before. It was a small roll of paper. I managed to unroll enough to make out that there were 3 $100 bills. Ohgawd he even tips well for this. Back at the lot I pointed out where my car was parked and he pulled into the empty space next to it. He looked at me. I could tell he didn’t want to let go of my hand but I gently disengaged. I opened the door and started to get out of the car. I turned to look at him again. My mouth opened itself and I heard it say “Dick, I almost forgot to mention. I’m having a buy one get one free sale this month. Would you like to cash in your coupon next Thursday ?”