Cherry popped

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Cherry poppedThe man from next door Mr Tremain became a regular visitor to my shed where I would slip into my mothers mackintosh and ether wank or suck him to completion, on one of these visits he suggested I should go to his and try on one of his macs, I agreed and arranged it for the following Saturday. Slipping into my mothers bedroom with the idea of taking a pr of her pants to wear I came across her suspender belt and black stockings plus a pr of red very shiny knee boots she had worn for a 60s night out with the girls, slipping this into a bag I trotted off next door.     Mr Tremain seemed glad to see me and led me straight to his bedroom, opening his wardrobe I got the surprise of my life as there must have been about twenty ladies macs from see throw to black leather, he just said pick one to wear for me, I got an instant hard on as I run my hands from one to the other finally deciding on a very shiny pvc trench coat in the same red as my boots, taking it from the hanger Mr Tremain admitted it was his favorite eskişehir escort so off I went to the bathroom to change, once dressed I looked at myself in the mirror what a whore I thought the mac looked fantastic and just covered the tops of my boots, strutting back into the bedroom I found Mr Tremain completely naked sitting on the bed, I asked what do you think of your slut in her tightly belted mac and boots, Mr Tremain said nothing but stood up and walked towards me his cock hardening as he did, wrapping his arms around me and grabbing my ass  pulling me tight to him and kissed me hard on the lips, I could feel his cock throbbing as he dry humped the front of my mac, our lips parted and he whispered I would love to shag you, a little shocked I replied sorry but didn’t bring condom or lube. Dipping his hand into the drawer of his bedside cabinet he produced a tube of ky jelly and a pack of three condom, handing me the lube he proceeded to roll a condom over his huge helmet and eskişehir escort bayan down his shaft then lay on his back on the bed with his cock stood like a flag pole, as it was my first time and not to sure what to do I used way to much lube but looking at the size of his helmet im glad I did, without saying another word I straddled him kneeling over his manhood holding his cock with one hand I tried lowering myself onto it after about the forth or fifth time of trying I got the angle right and his cock started opening my bum hole, I bobbed up and on it for a time thinking there was no way that would go inside me without splitting me, finally with a slight thrust from him his helmet was inside me and my ass gripped his shaft, after a short time the pain subsided and I started to move up and down on his ridged cock taking a bit more with every downward stroke, finally his whole baby maker was deep inside me and I was in heaven impaled on his cock. I started to shag myself escort eskişehir on his cock lifting myself up till just his bell end was inside then gripping his cock with my ass forcing myself back down his shaft, he was grunting and biting his lip and I knew he was close to cumming so I stopped and leaned forwards and kissed him his tongue darted into my mouth and I sucked on it this seemed to trigger something in him and he grabbed my mac covered body and held me in a vice like grip and began to thrust his cock in and out of me he let out a load moan and holding me tight to him with his cock as deep inside me as he could get it he started to cum I could feel his shaft twitching and throbbing inside my ass and a fantastic warm feeling from my ass to my tummy nearly sent me over the top. I lay on top of him as we recovered for a minute or two then eased myself off his softening joy stick and turned to see how much spunk had been shot into the condom, Shock horror it had broken and was now just a white band around the base of his cock a marker to show how much man meat had been thrust into me and the warm feeling was in fact his hot spunk shot deep inside me. he assured me he was clean and had never had an S.T.D thank god, this started a whole series of macs and bareback adventures, let me know if you would like to read more of them xx