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At sixty, I took early retirement. It’s been ten years since Judy, my wife, passed away. My daughter, my only child, is married, with a daughter of her own. I am expecting a visit from her.

I had leased out my house in the country and bought a condominium in the city. I just did not have the same drive it took to maintain the old place. While there were good memories, there was also that reminder of Judy. Everything in and around the house reminded me of her. I missed her terribly.

The lobby intercom phone rang. I changed the TV to the lobby cam and saw Cheryl. I buzzed her in. A few minutes later there is a rap at the door.

I go to the door and open it. My heart swelled at the sight of her as she stepped inside.

‘Hello dad.’ She said as she placed a chaste kiss on my lips as she passed by me.

Cheryl is a beautiful woman. A jovial round face, a ready smile on her plump lips. Perhaps she could be said to be slightly chubby. But I did not see that. She was still my little girl, even at forty years of age.

I took her coat and hung it in the closet. ‘Can I get you something to drink, a wine perhaps?’ I asked.

She walked to the glass balcony doors and looked out at the vista of the city below. ‘Can I get something stronger?’

I raised a brow. She never usually drank anything strong unless she had something on her mind. I fix two glasses of scotch for us and take them into the living room and set them on the coffee table.

She looks at me and takes a seat opposite me. She picks up her glass, takes it to her mouth and drains it. Again I raise my brow. This must be serious, I surmise.

‘Is everything okay?’ I ask.

She looks at me for a moment, closes her eyes for a moment to gather her thoughts.

‘Dad, I know you are going to say, “I told you so.”.’ She paused. ‘Andy and I have split up. I kicked him out of the house while we still owned it. He has had another woman on the side for years. He has gambled away our savings and our home. He even tried to cash in Ashley’s education trust you setup up for her.’

I listened to her, while anger seethed inside me. I always knew that man was a waste of skin, not worthy sharing the air we breathed. I watched the hurt manifest on my little girl face. The tears began to well up in her eyes. If that man showed up at this very moment, I would put a bullet between his eyes.

‘Oh daddy, I was too blind to see. You were right. There were so many indicators and I ignored them.’ Then the tears spilled down her cheeks.

I got up and went and sat down beside her. I put my arm over her shoulder and she turned and buried her face in my chest and cried her heart out as she help onto me. Tears of pain and anger filled my own eyes. I could not bear to see her like this. God, I wanted to beat the living crap out of him.

After a few minutes she pulled away and reached for a tissue on the side table to dry her eyes and blow her nose.

‘I am sorry dad. You must be disappointed in me.’ She said as she glanced as me ashamedly.

I reached up and laid my hand on her cheek and dried away her tears. ‘Cheryl you have never been a disappointment to me. I have always been proud of you. From the day you were born, your first tooth, your first day at school, the day you graduated from high school, and then finally graduating from university. Yes, I was even proud of you when I walked you down the aisle to marry that useless waste of flesh. I knew he was not worthy of you.’ I assured her.

She looked at me through tear soaked eyes and beamed at me. ‘God, I love you dad.’ She said as she kissed me once again but with a deeper intensity and the held me tight as she put her face in my neck, the subtle sweet scent of her soft silky hair filling my nose. I caressed her hair.

Then she pulled back. ‘I think I need another drink, if you don’t mind. There is more to tell.’ She said as she picked up her empty glass and gave it to me.

I took her glass, and drained mine. I got up and went back to the kitchen and fixed two more drinks.

‘I am also homeless. I have all our possession in storage, and I have been living at a motel for the last two weeks.’ She spoke up as she fidgeted with her fingers.

I came back and sat down beside her and set the drinks down on the coffee table. I tuned to her and sat back to listen.

‘Dad, I am also penniless. My wages are being garnisheed to pay off the dept. he placed against the house which we lost. I can’t afford a lawyer, I need a place to stay, and I am beyond treading water. I am sinking dad.’ She then lifted her glass and took a sip.

‘Ashley will be okay while she is away at university, thanks to your generous trust.’ She paused, and then took a deep breath. ‘Dad, can you put me up until I get back on my feet?’ She asked.

‘Of course I will let you stay. But why have you not said anything earlier before things got so bad?’ I asked.

‘I am ashamed. You gave me everything to prepare me for life. izmir escort I am now a grown woman having to beg my father for help.’

My eyes narrowed. ‘Cheryl, you never have to beg family for help. I will help you in any way I can. You just have to ask.’ I tell her.

She went down to her car to retrieve her belongings. She came back with two large suit cases. The couch was a pull out couch so I set it up for myself. She would have none of that and told me in uncertain terms that she would sleep on the couch.

I took her out to dinner the first night. We had a wonderful time at an upscale restaurant. I ordered a bottle of red wine. Cheryl chatted as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. I could not help but look at her with deep adoration.

We left the restaurant feeling quite replete as we walked arm in arm back to the condo a few blocks away.

‘Dad, you have taken a great burden off from me. I can’t thank you enough.’ She said as she pulled her self-closer to my side and pushed her head against my shoulder.

As we traveled up the elevator to the twenty second floor, she looked at me with so my love. Her eyes sparkled merrily. I smiled.

We watched some TV and around eleven I said my good night, and placed a chaste kiss on her lips.

‘Sweet dreams, Cheryl.’ I tell her.

‘You too, dad.’ She said as she prepared the couch in the room I use as as an office.

She then went to the bathroom to change and prepare herself for the night. She came out just as I came back out dress in shorts and a t-shirt, my normal sleep attire. She was dressed in a sheer black negligée and looking very beautiful and sexy. Her breasts are barely concealed behind the material, and the black panties clearly seen through the sheer material.

‘Wow that is quite an outfit.’ I intoned.

‘Yes it is. It makes me feel beautiful…and sexy.’

‘You don’t need it. You are very beautiful and sexy just as you are.’ I tell her.

‘Aww, dad. You say the sweetest things.’ She says as she stands on her toes to kiss me and then went to bed.

I go into the bathroom to relieve myself, brush my teeth and wash my face, then head to bed.

‘Good night dad!’ She calls out from the living room.

‘Good night.’ I answer as I go into my room. I considered closing the door, but chose to leave it open.

As I drift off to sleep I thought I could hear her crying.

Part 2:

The next morning I awaken, I go out. Cheryl is already up and is getting ready for work. I make her coffee and breakfast of scrambled eggs, her favorite, and toast.

‘Dad, please don’t put your-self out for me. I don’t want to disrupt your routine.’ She said as she took a half slice of toast and took a bite as she sat down at the counter.

I sipped my coffee and watched her eat the eggs, take a sip of coffee, and then a bite of toast which she spread strawberry jam over. She caught me looking at her and blushed.

Then she sprang off the bar stool. ‘Thanks dad, I got to run. She brushed her lips over mine, pulled on her jacket and was out the door.

I sat back and sipped my coffee and thought about Cheryl’s plight, and her having to stay with me. In truth, I was enjoying her company. It’s been a while since I had spent any significant time with her, other than the usual holiday invitations to her home.

I have felt no desire to date other women. Nobody could compare to Judy in so many way. She was the perfect wife. She was beautiful, very beautiful. She was very intelligent. I think at times she eased back so as not to shame me. She was a great lover, a slut when she needed to be, submissive when she needed to be, or a dominant when she needed to be. She was the only women I could trust to be submissive with, and allow to control me. I feel a lump in my throat as I think about her.

I go downstairs to the gym, one of the buildings numerous amenities. I work out with the weights for an hour, and then did a few laps in the pool. All the while my mind was on Cheryl.

After returning upstairs, I call my lawyer to look into Cheryl’s predicament and come up with some options or recommendations.

It was nearing noon when I went out for a bite to eat and to shop for groceries. I bought a couple of steaks, and a bottle of wine. I was determined to make Cheryl feel good, to bring back her self-esteem. I found myself feeling excited, if not anxious, at her return.

I set the table with two candles, wine glasses, napkins, and flatware. I began to prep dinner. I prepared mushrooms, broccoli for steaming, and potatoes for baking.

Just then I heard a key, and Cheryl walked in. She saw the table setup and a rapturous smile burst over her face.

‘You did not have to do all this. Take out or delivery would be just fine.’ She bubbled as she took off her jacket and hung it up. She then came to me and looked at me. Her eyes sparkled happily as she stood up on her toes and placed a meaningful kiss alsancak escort on my lips.

‘Nonsense, child. I enjoyed doing this for you. I don’t go out or date, so this is a nice change.’ I tell her.

‘You treat me like a princess,’ she says as she looks up at me with a smile.

‘You are my princess,’ Tell her as I kiss her forehead. ‘Now go change into something comfortable.

She left and went into the bathroom to change and freshen up. She re-immerged from the washroom wearing shorts and a t-shirt. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra.

She poured wine for both of us and sat at the counter and watched me prepare dinner.

‘Why don’t you go out dating?’ She asked.

‘I never felt the need.’ I tell her.

‘But don’t you get…you know…horny? I know I do. And it’s only been a few months for me.’ She pressed.

‘Yes I suppose I do. But none would satisfy me as your mother did.’

The topic of conversation seemed somewhat natural between us. Sex is sex. I know she has had sex, as she knows I have, she being the product of just such an event.

It was nearly forty minutes before I served dinner. I lit the candles and proposed a toast.

‘To better days to come…’ I said as we touched glasses.

‘To better days to come…’ She echoed.

After dinned we sat on the couch. She sat next to me. ‘Did you mean that?’ She asked as she cuddled up beside me, her legs pulled up.

‘Did I mean what?’ I asked.

‘You said last night that I was beautiful and sexy.’

‘Yes you are beautiful and sexy.’ I re-assure her.

She spontaneously turned her face and kissed me on the lips. She pulled back as if she received a shock and looked into my eyes.

Something occurred just then. It felt like a warm loving glow pouring over me. I am sure she felt the same thing, and I felt an overwhelming urge to kiss her and did just that.

I placed my lips on hers and kissed her with a deep burning desire. She did not pull back but held me closer as she parted her lips to my tongue which filled her mouth in search of hers.

I felt no disgust, no malice, no revulsion, and no guilt, at what we were doing. I felt only a very deep love for her. At this point sex was not a motivator, only to impart my undeniable love I have for her. But that being said; the next level engaged, and I found myself wanting her physically.

I reached up and under her shirt and cupped one of her braless breasts which was warm and soft to the touch as our kiss intensified. I felt her hand move over my leg and grab my growing flesh through my pants.

I felt her moan around my tongue as our kiss blazed between our lips. As we broke our kiss, she looked into my eyes with deep lust. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she pulled off her top.

I look down at her beautiful breasts. I could never imagine just our beautiful and perfect they were as I lower my head, cupping one breast, I then kiss and lick them, then sucking a nipple into my mouth.

Cheryl let out a moan as she struggled to undo my belt, then pushed her hand into my pants and gripped my cock in her hand.

‘Oh god dad, I want you. I need you.’ She murmured as she pushed her other hand through my hair as she pushed my mouth to her breasts.

I released her breasts and stood up and dropped my pants and shorts to my ankles and stepped out of them while I pulled off my shirt.

I stood naked before my daughter with a fantastic erection. She pulled off her shorts and wet panties and sat with her legs apart. For the first time I see my daughters adult sex. She is clean shaven. It is beautiful, beyond compare, as it glistens wetly.

Cheryl moved forward as I stepped toward her, and with both hands, took my raging erection to her face, rubbing it over her cheeks and mouth, peppering it with kisses. She licked and kissed my length before she reached the head.

She looked at it adoringly, licking off a small globule, then kissing it before taking me into her hot eager mouth and began to suck me in a most delightful loving fashion, all the while moaning in sheer delight all while massaging and squeezing my pendulous balls and stroking my burning shaft.

With reluctance, she let my cock out of her mouth. I urged her to sit back as I get on my knees between her legs. I rest my hands on her thighs and look up at her. She looks back at me through eyes of wanton lust. As was her vagina, her lips are swollen and translucent.

‘Touch me daddy.’ She said in a diminutive voice

I move my head down between my legs. The scent of her excitement sweet in my nose, her heat warm on my face. I salivate at the sight of her sex and shake with desire. I kiss her inner thigh which caused her to moan and shiver. I then lick her vulva circuitously, keeping just outside.

Cheryl cries out in torment as she spreads her legs yet further apart. I keep my hands on her thighs, keeping them apart as I slip the tip of my tongue buca escort through her slit, and began to perform unrestrained cunnilingus on my daughter.

‘Oh fuck!’ She gasped as she pulled at the hair on my head.

She tasted very sweet, as sweet as her mother and my mouth filled with saliva. I explored each petal like fold, probing her opening with my tongue, and then sucking her clit into my mouth. I nibbled and licked at her labia, then thrusting my tongue deep through her crevice and back to her clitoris.

Next I slowly penetrate her digitally and continue eating her most succulent vagina while my finger finds her spot. She begins to moan deliriously, her hips undulate wantonly.

‘Oh god that feels so wonderful. You are going to make me cum.’ She squirmed.

I looked up at her. Her eyes were closed, her face contorted. ‘Dad…dad…daaaaad!’ She cried out.

Her hips bucked, she pulled me deeper between her legs, as she experienced a deep reaching orgasm. I continued, producing a string of smaller, yet sharp orgasms, until she suddenly pushed my head away.

I raised my head, removed my finger which caused her to shudder. My face wet as I look at her. She stared back as if in disbelief, swallowed, and made a couple of attempts to speak.

‘G…God…that… that was awesome.’ She stammered.

I moved her legs onto the couch and let her lay the length.

‘Let me suck you off now, dad. What you just did to me will be hard to top.’ She blushed as she looked up at me.

‘I am not finished with you yet.’ I said as I lifted her inner most leg to the top of couch back and moved between her legs. My erection remained massive as I lowered myself over her.

‘Are you really okay with this?’ I asked.

‘Yes, yes, oh god yes. I am so okay with this.’ She replied and beckons me to her.

With one hand, I guide my erection down between her legs, moving the tip back and forth through her lusciously wet folds. Then stopping at her opening, I slowly sink my shaft into my daughters very beautiful, very wonderful sex as I look into her eyes.

The sensation is sublime. Her body seems to pull me into her. She is snug and very wet as I fill her with my entire eight inch length.

She bites her bottom lip as she looks back at me. A worried frown creases her brow. ‘You are big.’ She whispered as I begin to stroke in and out of her.

She felt beautiful. I could not hold back and I began to fuck her, and fuck her hard and deep. She moaned as I plough my flesh deep into her, which soon changed to cries of passion and pleasure.

My hunger for her was insatiable. I delved ever deeper into her wondrous body. I was on fire, at a point of no return.

‘Oh god, dad… Fuck me, yes fuck me. It feels… so wonderful. I want you, I want your seed in me…I need it!’ She cried as her hips bucked wildly under me at my continued assault.

We are both swept away in our mutual intense feelings of ecstasy. She clawed at my shoulders as we both draw closer and closer to the edge. I feel my rapture suddenly soar to the precipice. I could not hold back the coming storm.

‘Ooooo god… fffuck!!’ She articulated before letting out a strangled cry as her back arched precariously upward as she is assailed by an intense euphoric orgasm. That was all I could take when my body is rocked by a wild explosive orgasm. My seed bursts out, exploding wildly into my daughter’s incredible body, sending endless hot potent streams into her womb.

Spent, I dropped down over my daughters quivering body. My breathing was deep as I try to collect myself. Cheryl held onto my while I throbbed inside her.

I thought crossed my mind. If I was a religious man, and was sure my soul would be damned for what I had just done, then it was well worth eternal damnation.

Cheryl suddenly giggled.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘Who would have thought that the best fuck in my life would be from my father?’ She giggled again.

‘And you are an awesome fuck.’ I tell her.

‘Dad, your cock felt incredible inside me. And when you came, I felt you let go inside me. That sent me right off the edge. God it was amazing.’ She confessed. ‘Oh dad, you must think that I am a real slut.’

‘Yes you are. But you are my slut, and there is nothing wrong with being a slut.’ I tell her as I raise my head from her neck and looked into her tear laden eyes.

‘I love you, dad. More than I thought possible.’ She says to me.

‘I love you too, Cheryl.’ I respond before I place my mouth on hers and we kiss each other fiercely.

I take her to my bed and we make love once more. This time it was tender. She guided me into her cum saturated body, slowly entering her as we kissed.

With my pubic mound pressed against her clitoris, I made small circular movements on it, and shallow rocking thrusts in and out of her. We both reached an orgasm, while not a wild as before, but still very sweet.

We cuddled each other, her head on my shoulder, and her leg over mine. She toyed absently with my flaccid organ as we spoke in generalities. Soon she was asleep. I took her out from over my arm and let her lay back. She had a serene smile on her face. I turned out the light and fell asleep next to my daughter.