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Subject: China Is Next Door 1 Disclaimer: The following is a story of a homosexual nature and is sexually explicit. Please do not read if you are a minor or if it is illegal where you live to do so. Remember to think smart to play smart. Use protection. In today’s story, a closeted Hispanic teen gymnast gets a new neighbor who is more than just the boy next door. This young Asian man is also a gymnast. He too hides his true feelings. If this sounds like something you wish to read, be my guest and read. If it is not, go back and look for another story to read. Help the Nifty Archive continue to provide a home for erotic fiction. Consider donating by going fty/donate.html. Thank you. ===== China Is Next Door Appleseed Park was a neighborhood in transition. Sixty years ago, it was a bastion of White middle-class families. Protestant families. For many years, the demographics were unmoved. About 25 years ago, Mr. Hammond moved into a house a couple blocks down the street and his arrival heralded that change was on the way because he and his family were Black. Catholic also. Over the years, other of different racial and religious backgrounds moved in. It remained a middle-class neighborhood, however. Five years after Mr. Hammond moved in with his family, the Munoz family arrived. That would be us. It was my dad Rafael, my mom Irene, and Jaime. That would be me. Okay, so I wasn’t there yet because Mom was pregnant with me when she and Dad moved in. Still counts though. I have jet black hair and medium tan skin. There are those certain people who assumed that I was either an immigrant or I didn’t understand English or both. Look people. I know what some of you think of my background, but my family’s been here for four generations. Both sides. I can communicate somewhat in Spanish and our family celebrates some Mexican traditions. I was born four months after my parents moved in. For years, it was just the two of us until Ginger Snap, our Pomeranian, came into our lives as a puppy shortly after I turned 13 when it was clear that I was going to remain an only child. We named her after the color of her fur, but we might as well have called her Chili Pepper because she was very energetic. As I grew up, Dad greatly desired for me to be in sports. He played football and was on the wrestling team also. Alas, I had no interest in them or any other sports. That was until I was seven and we watched the Olympics together. My parents only had a modicum of interest. They watched because there was nothing else on. As for me, my interest was on the same level until that one type: Gymnastics. My eyes were glued, and I was fixated on the men swinging on bars and straddling their bodies on the pommel horse. I was so entranced that my parents were calling my name and it took a few tries before I snapped out of my trance. I was hooked and I wanted to be one. Dad wasn’t sure what to think when I said that I wanted to learn to do what those men did. In hindsight, I can only guess he didn’t consider gymnastics manly enough. Maybe he thought I would quickly lose interest and their investment wouldn’t pay off? I do believe it was the former though because he considered himself to be a masculine man. He wasn’t violent or use hateful words, but he was clearly unnerved by males who acted contrary to how he thought men should act. He soon relented however, and he enrolled me in a local club near Downtown. It was tough during those early days. I thought I wasn’t any good even though none of the instructors made no comment suggesting I was performing badly. There were a few times when I thought I had made a huge mistake. Dad could see this and would ask if I had changed my mind. I said no and stood defiant. This was something I chose. This was something that I was going to stick with. The years passed and those initial doubts melted away. My body soon took to the maneuvers as a bird to the sky. I performed admirably, naturally. I get on the pommel horse, and I swing my body to and fro. I wasn’t Olympic level, I know that, but I was the best in the club in my age group. Eventually, I began my journey through puberty. As I traversed those years, my body developed wonderfully. Dad’s misgivings had also been ditched as he saw my budding physique. He lauded my body and my skill. Not only had I won the approval of Dad, but my classmates as well. I was muy caliente. Just look at me. Firm pecs and biceps, abs and round ass. Now picture that in a leotard. Delicious. Ample fuel to get your rock off. One can’t forget my face though. Dad doesn’t like the word beautiful, but that word fit best. I had a model’s face. As for my personality, people describe me as respectable. I hardly got into trouble. Minor infractions if I did anything wrong. I did reasonably well in school. Nothing less than a B-. Life was wonderful, mostly. For the past few years, I had become increasing aware of certain feelings within me. While my male peers were enamored by girls, I was not. They were nice and all, but my body was not reacting the same way that I though a boy’s body would around girls. Why was I becoming increasingly attracted to other boys? I wanted to believe it was a phase, but I was so stupid for believing that it was until I spotted Tobiah Weizmann in the gymnastic facility’s locker room very naked. Back and forth it swung. There was no denying it. Girls were not a turn on for me and never would be. I craved only other guys. I wanted to kiss them. I wanted to touch them. I wanted to cuddle with them under the blanket. I kept my feelings as well locked up as Dad’s. He could afford to keep them hidden. I could not. What would I do if word got out that I was into guys? Maybe if I just hold onto my secret for several more years until I establish myself? I could then be myself and come out. Nope. Not a chance. Not once Justin Zhang moved in next door. To our left, was another two-story house. Ours was of white limestone while the other house was of red brick. My parents and I called it Abby’s house even though it had been vacant for a few years since our elderly neighbor had a stroke and was moved into an assisted living facility by her family to live out her remaining years. Abigail Mason’s house remained frozen in time. Very little had changed from the time of her parents who were the original owners. She never married because she had devoted her time to being her mother’s caretaker. It was in the Spring Semester of my Junior year at St Dominic High School, that the house was becoming alive again. Word was that Abby’s family had finally sold it to an investment company. That company did not waste anytime in revitalizing the place and making it more contemporary. Fresh coat of paint, new appliances, window AC unit replaced by central heating, new patio, and more. The investor was doing whatever it took to sell the house. My parents and I would work in the yard from time to time and we would see the comings and goings. Sometimes, a real estate agent would host visitors and show them the property while we were outside. Would this person, this couple, or this family be our new neighbors? We didn’t see all the visitors because we were busy. As summer was fading and my Senior year was on the horizon, a placard was added to the realtor’s sign notating that the property was sold. Days passed and there was still no activity. Even once school started, no one. It was a couple of weeks into Fall Semester that we saw activity that heralded neighbors at last. It was Sunday and we saw moving trucks parked outside. Workers were heading inside with furniture and headed back outside for more. About an hour later, the workers and the trucks left. No obvious occupants though. We saw four vehicles eventually, but we didn’t see anyone. We could tell there was activity inside because we saw lights turning on and off. Time for bed and we were wondering who our neighbors were. Monday morning, I showered and got ready for school by putting on my uniform. Black slacks, white button shirt, the whole ensemble. I got in my car and headed off to Saint Dominic for another week. Morning classes and then lunch. First on the agenda for afternoon classes is British Literature with Mr. Stockwell. We were reviewing the next chapter of A Tale of Two Cities when the door opened. It was Dean Troy Harrison and walking inside with him was an Asian male. One hot Asian male. Girls took a liking to him right away and they weren’t the only one. I felt a tightness in my crotch. Dean Harrison said, “Class. I’d like you to meet Justin Zhang. He’s new here and I’d like for you to make him feel welcome.” Our dean then departed. Mr. Stockwell asked, “Would you like to tell us a little about yourself before we continue with the lesson?” Justin nodded, “Me and my parents moved here from California. We’ve never been to Texas before. I have an older brother in college. We are fully fluent in both English and in Mandarin. Nice to you and I look forward to knowing more about you.” Our teacher nodded and said, “You can sit in front of Jaime.” I instinctively raised my hand but grimacing on the inside. Geez, Mr. Stockwell. Why must you do this to me? Justin walked toward me and as he sat in front of me, I got a brief glimpse of his round buns before they landed. Mmm. Nice. Very nice. The time passed by, and class was over. I stayed a bit behind and made it look like I was just slow in packing up so I could catch another glimpse of what he was packing in those slacks again. As he rose, he did not disappoint. Exceptional bottom. There was something familiar about his rear and as I followed him out the door, I realized izmit escort bayan why. Whatever he was into, whatever genes he possessed, he had won himself an ass just like mine. The rest of the day’s courses passed without too much difficulty unless you count my mind straying to thoughts of Justin. Any fool could see that he had a wonderful teen physique. Female eyes tracked him and glanced downward as he passed. He seemed very oblivious to their gazes. Final bell rang and I headed to my locker to gather my things. Justin’s locker was maybe about twenty feet away. He’s speaking in Mandarin with someone in his phone. I headed out the door and headed to my jeep. It was time to head home. I began to drive and thought about tonight. Most evenings my parents ask me if anything interesting happened at school and most evenings I have nothing to say. At least I have something now. Intuition tugged on my sleeve and told me that I was being followed. Left, the car behind me turned left. Right, the car behind me turned right. I was nearly home, and the green car remained behind me. True panic was about to set in when the green car turned down a side street. I breathed a sigh of relief. I turned onto my street a couple minutes later and on the other side of the street, I saw another car approach. I was too busy concentrating on entering my driveway to comprehend what the other vehicle was until I saw it park in the driveway of the house next to mine. Interested in who might be my neighbor, I looked up. It was that same neon green car. My brain was trying to process what I was seeing when the door opened. It couldn’t be. It was him. It was Justin. He briefly looked at me, smiled, and headed up the walkway with keys in hand. Door opened and he headed in. He was not just Justin who was my new classmate. He was Justin who was my new neighbor. I closed my jeep’s door and locked it. I headed towards the door of my own home and entered. Locking the door behind me, I headed to my room and changed into more casual clothes. It seemed like a dream. Justin Zhang was my neighbor. Someone out there must be screwing with me, but it was true. I began to hit the books. Yes, I needed to do homework. Yes, I needed something else to occupy my mind. “I wonder when we’ll get to see our new neighbors?” I looked up and heard my mom pose that question. Dad was equally clueless. It had been at least a full day since the house was occupied. One would think they would have seen someone. I hastily chewed the piece of chicken I had in my mouth and declared, “I’ve met one of them. His name is Justin Zhang.” Their eyes and head snapped in my direction, “How do you know?” and “Did you introduce yourself?” I put my fork down to explain myself, “He’s my new classmate. During Brit Lit, Dean Harrison visited our class and introduced him as a new student. Mr. Stockwell then said he could sit in front of me. I thought I was being followed by some creep, but it turned out to be Justin. He went down a different road, but we met with each other again soon after. We arrived at nearly the same time.” After we ate, I was on dish duty. I looked out the window at my reflection and the backyard. I didn’t know many Asians. Hispanics, like myself, accounted for most of the student body. Most everyone else was either White or Black. Only a handful of Asians and none in the Senior class. Now I had them as my neighbors. After my chores, I headed back to my room to complete the rest of my homework and then I put my finished tasks in my backpack. I got ready for bed by taking out a tank and my pajama shorts. I put these on and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and empty my bladder. Off the bathroom light goes and I return to my room. I climb into bed and slide my bod under the sheets. I turn off the lamp on the dresser next to me and snuggle against the pillow. I smiled as my head soon became full of fancies only a young gay man could conjure. “I wasn’t sure about moving to Texas and hated leaving my friends behind, but I’m glad to be here now because you are my classmate and neighbor. I’ve noticed the way you look at me. Do you like this? Touch me. You know you want to.” I look into the eyes of Justin. My hands reach and explore his chest. It is firm and muscular like mine. He leans back against the wall and babbles to himself in Mandarin. My hand slips underneath the white short-sleeved button shirt and feels his torso. Fingers move in and out of the hills and valleys of his abs. In a slight commanding tone, “Kiss me. I want to be kissed.” I press my lips against his and fireworks go off. He turns me around and holds me against his body. I feel his hardness against my own well-crafted rear. His hands feel my own sculpted chest and he remarks how superb it is. His hands reach lower and lower. One of them starts to massage my bulge and he sensually whispers, “Nice toy for me to play with. You like that Mexican boy? You want me to play with your toy?” The real fireworks went off. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! I turned off my alarm clock and my hand strayed downward. I had only known Justin Zhang less than a day and he had given me such a hearty wet dream. I got a pair of briefs, only trunk briefs for me, and headed to shower. Afterwards, I got dressed in my uniform and after making my lunch and getting my things, I headed to school. Look who decided to park next to me, Justin. “Hi again.” I smiled, “Hi again.” Was I too forward? Am I giving him any hint that I’m gay and I think he’s hot? What if he’s straight and blabs to everyone? I’ve spent years in the closet and protecting that part of my identity. It would just be my luck that the one guy I wanted to be with turned out to straight and a blabbermouth. I did better today. I wasn’t ogling Justin as much as I did yesterday. I saw him briefly at lunch. He sat by himself while I sat in the corner near the window. It was the best we could hope for because sitting spots are first come first serve. Afternoon classes arrive and then its back home. Just like yesterday, we leave school and arrive at nearly the same time. Dinner was quick because Tuesday is gym day. Dad and I go to the gym, but only on the weekends. Weekday gym is a solo event. I was grateful for the workout. It helped me get my mind off Justin. I was lonely here. In a crowd, I was lonely. It’d be nice to have a gym buddy my own age. I should ask Justin what type of regimen he has. An hour and a half after having a go at the weights and machines including the pull up bar, I headed back to the locker room to shower. Home again and I got ready for bed. Same routine as yesterday. Exchange clothes, pay a visit to the bathroom, and climb into bed. Wednesday is here and it is a big day for me. Gymnastics meet tonight. My school day passes the same way it usually does. Morning classes, lunch, and afternoon classes. Again, I had my lunch in an odd place. I wanted to sit and have lunch with him, but it was a no go. Yet again. As soon as I got home, I collected my things and headed downstairs for a simple dinner. We got in the family car and headed to the facility on Milburn Street. My parents sat on the bleachers while I headed to the locker room. The first guy I exchange any words with is Tobiah “Call me Tobi. That’s an I, not a Y” Weizmann. Out of all the kids that started all those years ago, we were the last two. He’s my best friend, but he does go to a different school. I’ve gone to his house several times. Often, he is a guest during my birthday party. My parents tell me that I can bring along one or two guests. Tobi is always invited and is oftentimes my only guest. He was nervous the first time I ate dinner at his house because Tobi and his family are Jewish. They are very traditional and carefully adhere to kosher. I didn’t mind then and I don’t mind now. My parents did not raise a picky eater and they have taught me to respect the culture of other people, especially the foods of other cultures. Also, I have no food allergies. Tonight, he appeared to be very animated. Only squirrels have more energy, but I got the feeling that it wasn’t just the competition. “Coach Baxter has a surprise for us.” As I stripped and put my leotard on, “What is it?” Tobi shrugged his shoulders, “Don’t know and none of the others have a clue either.” The other guys looked puzzled as well. Anthony quipped, “Hey, I tried asking Coach and he wouldn’t crack. Said it was a secret and that he’d tell us after tonight’s competition.” All us guys finished suiting up and headed out into the auditorium where we were joined by our female teammates. Out of the corner of my eyes, I spotted Justin Zhang with a man and woman who I guessed were his parents. Why was he here? I told myself I had to focus because I didn’t want to be called out for being distracted. For the next couple of hours, we competed against other club in a variety of events. I completely banished thoughts of Justin from my mind. I blew away my competitors and did very well in the floor exercises. It wasn’t usually my best event and was excited when I saw my scores. All events concluded. It was clear that we, the members of the Bigelow Club, came out ahead. After we accepted our awards, the spectators started to leave. Mr. Baxter called us over and he had Justin with him. Huh? “Some of you have heard that I have a surprise for you. Meet Justin Zhang, your new teammate.” It was clear to the others that we recognized each other. Coach asked us about it, and we said together, “We got to school with each other.” He went on to say Justin moved here from San Jose where he belonged to a club there. “As of next week, he’ll be competing izmit escort with us.” Fate has moved Justin here to be my neighbor, it had enrolled him at school to by my classmate, and now it has positioned him to be a fellow gymnast at the club I belonged to. Was someone messing with me? It would be just my luck that a hot guy moves in next door, and he turns out to be straight. I wasn’t about to ask him about it. Thursday arrived and I was grateful that the week was almost over. Soon, I wouldn’t keep seeing Justin until next Monday. What a bad thought Jaime. Shame on you. I know I shouldn’t think like that. I should be happy to see him. I should cultivate a friendship with him. We live next door and there may be a situation where we need each other. I got to school, and my classes passed without too much hassle. Lunchtime would be an occasion to remember. I was in the line when I heard a voice behind me, “Let’s find a spot so we can eat together.” I turned around and there Justin was. I nodded, “Sure.” We got our lunches and sat near the window at one of the smaller tables. He looked at me with a smile, “It is strange. We’ve been neighbors for three whole days, and we’ve barely said five words to each other. Now’s our chance. Your name is Jamie Munoz? Right?” I smiled back, “Yup.” He asked, “You have any siblings?” I told him that it was just me, my parents, and our dog. “You said you have an older brother?” He nodded, “Marc. He’s four years older than me and is a Junior at Dalton University where he’s a defensive end.” I vaguely recalled Dad mentioning a superstar Asian football player playing for UCLA. “Same one. They call him the Great Wall. Nothing gets past him. He hasn’t been to our new place because he had to head to training camp the week before we moved. My parents and I were able to recreate the room I shared with him. We’ve sent pictures and videos to him. He loves what we’ve done and looks forward to Thanksgiving break when he sees it for real for the first time.” We moved on to gymnastics and we exchanged stats. We were impressed with each other, and he then asked me about my workout routine. He then blurted, “I work out Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays also. Want to work out this evening?” This was a special moment. I had longed for a gym buddy and here he was. “It’s a deal. Carpool?” Did I just say that? We had only been acquainted with each other for only a few days and here I was making the bold suggestion we carpool. He cheerfully confirmed, “Sure. Could I go with you? I want to make sure that I don’t get lost. I want to know the area without having to resort to using GPS.” Later that day and it’s the same as other days when I go to the gym, but there is a change to the tempo. Ding, dong! I had my duffle bag with me which contained my gym clothes and workout sneakers. There he was, standing in the doorway with a drawstring backpack affixed between his shoulders. I had told my parents during dinner that I was going to the gym. That wasn’t surprising. What was surprising to them was that I told them that Justin would be going with me. “We had lunch together and discovered that we had the same gym schedule. It makes sense.” This was the first encounter between Justin and my parents. Mom appeared to like him right away as soon as she saw his expression and when they shook hands, “Don’t let this one get away Jaime.” Dad, super devotee of physical fitness, sized him up and nodded in approval. I readily imagined what he would say. He would say that this was a suitable friend for me. A part of me believed that he had an image in his head that if someone was Asian, they must be nerdy and wimpy. Nerdiness was unknown. Wimpy, he clearly was not. “That’s quite a grip you got there Justin. I think you and my son will get along well.” We entered the parking lot of the gym and parked. After making sure that we had our bags, we entered. I waited patiently while Justin spoke with a nearby clerk to update his membership from his old California address to his newer one. With that out of the way, we headed to the men’s locker room where I became guilty of my own flawed assumptions. I like the lockers in the middle because it’s between the door that leads to the gym and the door on the other side that leads to the pool. “You swim?” Justin pulled his shirt off his magnificent torso, “I do. I’m glad this gym has an indoor pool in addition to an outdoor one. I prefer indoor pools though.” I nodded and focused on exchanging clothes. That was when I saw it. That. That which belonged to Justin. I got a brief look, but it was enough. I didn’t have a tape measure with me, so I couldn’t be exactly sure, but it was clear that his meat was larger than mine. I was guilty of assuming that since he was Asian, his equipment was puny. My dick was six inches when hard, but that thing he sported probably hit at least seven inches once fully erect. Hefty nuts also to complement such a schlong. Thankfully, he didn’t catch me looking at his junk like I wanted a taste. He slid a jock over his genitals and put the rest of his gym clothes on. I finished a few seconds after. We stored our stuff away in the locker and headed to work out. It was the most exhilarating workout I ever had in a long time. It wasn’t the exercise; it was the fact that I had someone to share this with. We each knew what the other needed and wanted. During the session, the exercises occupied my brain instead of thoughts of his naked body. After the workout, we headed back to the locker room to shower. Shower, towel off, get back in our regular clothes, and headed home. Dad asked me when I got in, “So? Jamie? How did it go with you and your friend?” I ecstatically answered, “Awesome. We have the same workout routine. He said that we should do it again and we will.” The approval was clear on his face as he nodded, “That’s good to hear. I suppose one day, the three of us will hit the gym. How about it, son?” Gulp. “Sure Dad. That’d be great.” During the weeks that followed, Justin quickly proved that he was a vital asset to our team. My best event was the pommel horse, Justin excelled with the rings, and Tobi was the star of the parallel bars. Justin and I got to know each other better. His parents, Jiesheng and Suyin were born in China and immigrated to the United States in the early 90s when they were both in their early 20s. His mother, Suyin, had an uncle who had immigrated a generation prior. He was a successful restaurant owner and they both helped while they built a new life here in this country. Being in the food industry was not a dream career for either of them because he had studied architecture and she studied public relations and communications, both at the University of Shanghai which was the city that they were from. Despite this, they worked just as passionately. Her uncle understood and accepted their desires. He knew that one day, they might depart to pursue their dreams. Ten years after they arrived, Marc Ning Zhang was born. They were still working at the restaurant at the time. Life in San Fran was good and if this would be their life, they knew they could be happy and find contentment. They had become American citizens and built up their savings so that one day, they might move into a house. Four years after Marc, Justin Wei Zhang entered this world. The years passed and they still lived in the same townhome owned by her uncle. Only Mandarin was spoken, and they lived a very traditional lifestyle in their household. Marc, Justin said, always had an interest in football and religiously followed the 49ers. He wanted to fit in with his more Americanized peers and felt that this was the best way to achieve that goal. He was intent on playing despite his parents’ reservations. He began to work out and his body began to develop splendidly. Before his entry into high school, his parents relented. He took to the sport as a fish does to water. It was clear he was a natural and won several awards. Some had even started to call him The Great Wall because of how well he performed. Scouts came calling and he signed up for Dalton University. What to do after he leaves school. A part of him wanted to play professionally. but he decided that he wanted to make a difference. He was studying to become a firefighter. Justin tagged along with Marc during his gym sessions. His musculature also developed but he chose an activity that was more palatable for his parents: gymnastics. It was also something familiar to his family because his mother was a star gymnast when she was much younger. It was clear that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. All these years, they lived in the same townhouse and their parents worked in the same restaurant. His father was one of the managers and she managed the books. That was until a few months ago when his father got the call of a lifetime. An architectural engineer position became available. The pay and benefits were appealing, but the drawback was that the position was in Houston. The family talked about it. They could remain and be comfortable or they could take a gamble to achieve their dreams. “Now you know how I came to be here.” Justin smiled as we headed home after spending quality time together at the gym one evening during the following week after he moved in. My birthday is September 10, and it was time to start planning my party which would be held the Saturday before. The first was to decide where I wanted to go. Choices. So many choices. I ultimately went with Sullivan’s Inn. When one can’t decide what to eat, go there. They have burgers of various types, chicken fried steak, fried catfish, izmit kendi evi olan escort salads and more. There’s bound to be something on that menu for anyone. Tobi was an obvious choice because he had been a guest of mine for over ten years, and I wanted Justin to be my other guest. “Sorry Jaime. Can’t make it this year.” I looked at Tobi and he picked up on my surprise. “My grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary that same night. I’ll have to take a rain check on that.” Justin jumped at the chance, “How about that. We have the same birthday but one month apart. Mine is October 10.” He and his family had not gone out to eat yet because they hadn’t had time to investigate what restaurants were in the area that people liked to visit. I was all smiles, “You’re speaking with the right guy. We go out to eat about twice a week. I can tell you about all my favs.” A couple weeks later, it was the night of the party. I had told Justin what was appropriate to wear at Sullivan’s and here he was walking towards our yard wearing exactly what I had suggested. Not only that, but he wore it well. Jeans, sneakers, and a tee which had a green camo pattern. I tried not to drool because his tee hugged his firm body just enough to hint at what he had going on beneath it without appearing inappropriate. Another nod of approval from Dad. He asked my classmate if he was thinking of joining the armed services. “I was thinking about it. Coast guard perhaps or maybe be a park ranger. I enjoyed it whenever I went camping with my brother and father.” Mom took out her phone and took a picture of me and Justin before we climbed into the SUV and headed to the restaurant. The diner wasn’t too packed, the density was just right. Justin climbed into the booth, and I sat next to him. He opened the menu and started to study it as if it was a textbook he was reviewing for an upcoming test. Ultimately, he went with the chicken fried steak plate. I looked at him with a chuckle, “I was also going to get the chicken fried steak.” That type of plate came with two sides. We both got mashed potatoes, but he went with green beans while I had a salad with ranch dressing. His parents were curious about him and asked if he could share his past with them. Most of what he said I already knew such as him gravitating to gymnastics because of his mother. He talked expressively about his culture. He and his family heavily participated in Lunar New Year’s celebrations. Once they got old enough, they became more than simple spectators. Marc became lead performer in the dragon costume for a few years until Justin took over once his older brother headed off to college. Dinner was wonderful and Justin was set on returning here so his parents could experience this type of cuisine. He thanked me profusely for inviting him because he normally didn’t get to eat food like this. “My parents are very traditional, so we mostly eat Chinese food.” After dinner, we had dessert. Sullivan’s had the best pies and we all got something different. Justin went with the strawberry cream pie while I went with blueberry. Dad had pineapple pie and Mom selected the apple pie. When the pies slices came, Mom wanted to take pictures of me and Justin. More picture taking came outside the restaurant. Home again and Justin beamed, “See you on Monday.” I smiled back, “Catch you later.” Catch him later in my dreams as it turned out. There were trees all around me. Trees for miles. How did I get here? How could I get out? I searched wildly for a way out, running through the forest. I look overhead and see that the sun is starting to set. I was desperate to find a way out before nightfall because a chill was starting to set in, and I was woefully underdressed. I ran and ran, not watching where I was going. Thud! I ran straight into a firm and muscular form. I fell on my butt and looked up. The man had Justin’s face, but he was older and slightly more muscular. His park ranger outfit fit his body snugly. He asked me, “You lost young man?” I looked at him nervously, “Yes. It’s getting dark and I’m wanting to get home before it’s too late.” Ranger Justin looked around and up and then back at me, “It is, but you are welcomed to stay with me tonight until tomorrow.” He leads me to a cabin. It is a simple place with a table and two chairs, a fireplace, and a single bed. Ranger Justin closes the door behind us. The night quickly arrives as does the chill. He serves beef stew. If he says anything, my mind is too preoccupied. What does he look like beneath that uniform? How superb is that piece of meat he is hinting at by the crease in his slacks? The wind howls outside and the fireplace keeps us warm. Ranger Justin says, “Time for bed. Maybe.” He takes off all his clothes and tells me to strip. “All the way.” He is an authority figure and I obey. I have my hands in front of me to cover myself and he shakes his head in disappointed amusement, “No need for that. I don’t hide myself. See? Now, let’s sleep. Maybe.” Politely he points to the bed and tells me to get in. The bed is soft, and he climbs in after me. I feel him behind me. His hands run up and down my back. They caress my round buns, and the goosebumps make me quiver. He asks lustfully, “You like that young man?” I moan, “Yes sir. Kiss me, Justin. Kiss me.” He turns my body over and I look into his radiant dark eyes. His lips land on my neck and work their way up. I sigh contently, “Your Chinese lips are amazingly juicy.” They land on mine, and I feel his tongue part my lips. He grinds his crotch into mine while his hands rub my butt. The crackling of fire embers keeps the cabin warm while the heat of our naked male bodies keeps us warm. I wake up startled. Another fine jizzy mess I made in my briefs. I tugged at my cock which had a serious case of morning wood. I grabbed a clean pair of underwear and went to take a shower to begin another day at school. I had the hots for Justin. I wanted him badly, but I feared his rejection. Not only Justin, but what would my parents say? In the weeks that followed, I kept Justin at a close distance. I cherished him as a friend, but I kept my attraction to him sealed away so he wouldn’t suspect. Lame job I did. A couple weeks after Justin had dinner with my family, he asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner at his house for his birthday. I almost forgot myself and squealed. Rather, I acted mundanely upbeat. “Sure. I’d be glad to.” October 10, a Saturday, I put on the same clothes I wore to church earlier in the day. I walked across the lawn and up the walkway. Justin was there and welcomed me inside. I hadn’t been inside this house in years since I was a little boy when our neighbor babysat me once. Dinner was very different from my birthday dinner. The food in front of me was very traditional. The dining room’s look was just as traditional as was the rest of the house. Justin spoke true. His parents wanted to maintain an emphasis on their heritage. I greeted his parents and I sat down. I wasn’t quite familiar with the foods in front of me because they were different from the Chinese food that I knew of. I hoped I didn’t make a fool of myself. They asked me a few questions about the city and about myself if I was comfortable with talking about myself. I mostly talked about the city. I spoke of the places I enjoyed eating at, some of the entertainment events mentioning that me and my parents regularly attended baseball games, and other places. The primary subject I spoke about myself was gymnastics. They had cheesecake for Justin. Although he didn’t know it, cheesecake was my favorite. However, I rarely got a chance to enjoy it because my parents didn’t care much for it. His parents didn’t watch much regular television. Just the news or public television or movies. Justin and his brother were the primary users of the TV and most of their time with it was after their parents went to bed. Like now. It was about 9pm and his parents decided to call it a night and headed upstairs. They would be awake for at least another hour, Justin said, but it was unlikely that they would be appearing again tonight. Justin got up from the couch and turned on the TV and changed it Fancies, a channel which showed nothing but fantasy and sci-fi programming. I had sent a text message letting them know that I might be late. They were fine with that because I was next door. Had I truly been out, I would have had just an hour. We were watching some old monochrome film about an evil ventriloquist dummy trying to frame his owner. Justin seems interested, but a part of him seems distracted. I was just enjoying sitting on the same couch as him. He looks at me, “I’d like to thank you for coming over tonight.” His eyes walking all over my body. Was I just imagining that? Was I just imaging that he was getting closer and closer to me? I said, “You’re welcome. I just wish I had gotten you something, but you said that I didn’t need to.” He placed an arm around me, “I know. You here with me is gift enough.” Justin presses his body against mine causing me to recline on the couch. I feel his hardness as he whispers, “I’ve thought about you ever since I moved in. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve wanted to be with you like this.” I look into his radiant dark eyes and softly confess, “Same here.” He tilts his head forward so his mouth is next to my right ear, “I know. I’ve have always known ever since I caught you scoping out my ass that first day.” Lips upon lips. Truly juicy Chinese lips. Was this happening? Yes. This was a cosmic joke of the highest caliber and I proudly profess that I am a sucker. Give me more. ===== I would appreciate any comments you may have, but please keep insults or flames to a minimum. I’ll try to respond to everyone, but no promises. Please mention the title of the story so I know what you are referring to. You can email me at: hoo.