Chris’ Adventures Ch. 14

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Christy woke up and stretched out in the bed in the basement. After fooling around last night in chat rooms she had been tired and decided to just sleep in the basement instead of heading upstairs. Surprisingly, she slept well for it being an old bed they picked up a few years ago for a spare bedroom. She grabbed her phone and headed upstairs, still naked, while flipping through her phone. She saw that Chris had sent her some messages and she opened them. She was greeted with a message from him and a few photos from last night. There were pictures of him getting double penetrated, taking a load of cum on his face, and one of his ass spread wide with a huge cock in it, and a few others. Including a video. She groaned as she took in the pictures. God damn that looked hot with him all dressed up like that, she thought. Her pussy started to drip at the thought of getting to witness this at some point, but right now she was getting turned on. Not wanting to wait until after breakfast, she headed to the living room and started the video. She was greeted with the sight of Chris on all fours and a cock sliding deep into his ass.

A moan escaped her lips and her pussy got instantly wet. She set the phone down so she could get a good view of it and groaned as Chris and the two gentlemen in the video grunted too. She watched as Chris knelt there on his hands and knees, his fake breasts swinging, getting a dick at both ends. Her fingers dug deep into her pussy, working to get herself off as Chris was getting off on the video. She spread her lips wide with one hand and dug four of her fingers deep into her pussy with the other hand. She gasped and groaned as her fingers plunged in and out of her dripping hole. Her other hand tugged at her nipples, urging her closer to orgasm.

Through half closed eyes she watched as the large cock plunged in and out of Chris’ ass and one of the men got under Chris and began sucking Chris while Chris went back to sucking the man again, all while getting fucked in the ass. The sight was enough to drive her over the edge. She thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy faster and pinched her clit. The living room was filled with sucking sounds as her hand plunged deeper and deeper into her stretched hole. She thought if she kept it up her whole hand might slip in at the rate she was going. But before that could happen she cried out and came. Her legs shaking and her fingers clamping down on her clit as she screamed and came. Her body stiffened and shook as her pussy spasmed around her fingers deep in her hole.

When she came down from her orgasm she could hear the gentlemen on the phone crying out and all three of them cumming and shaking in the throes of their orgasms.

Christy caught her breath from her own orgasm as she watched Chris roll over with an exhausted look on his face, and his fake breasts swaying as he told the two guys that he needed his sleep for what was to come Tomorrow. She wondered what that would be.

Snatching up her phone she texted Chris, “Oh my God baby! Call me as soon as you can. That was so hot!” She set her phone down and began to eat the breakfast she’d left on the coffee table and relax. As she ate her phone rang ad she snatched it up to answer. She knew who it was without looking at this time of morning.

She picked up on the second ring. “HI baby! Oh my God you looked so hot last night getting it from both ends dolled up like you were. Watching those tits swinging along with your cock got me all wet. I just rubbed one out.”

Chris laughed. “You like me with a pair of tits all dressed up?” He probed.

Christy was silent for a moment, then she responded. “Yes. You looked so good. I also saw that you were wearing a little less makeup.” She would be lying if she’d said anything different.

She heard Chris sigh on the other end as he continued talking. “Well, they both said I didn’t need much with my face having a bit of a feminine look. So for the second go around I didn’t put on a lot. They both loved it. Though I think If I continue to do this I need some laser hair removal. Shaving all the time is a pain.”

Without missing a beat Christy responded enthusiastically. “That would be good. Besides. I like you all smooth. So, did they tell you what I wanted them to do with you for the weekend?”

Chris let out a low moan. “Yes. You little devil.”

“And are you doing it?” She asked with a stern tone of voice.

“Of course. I still have on the breast forms form last night and I’m all done up. You think I’d pass up a chance at this?” He replied. “Want to see?”

“Of course.” She was excited to see him all dolled up.

Chris started the video call with her and when the video popped up she was greeted with the sight of Chris there in his makeup all done up with the dress on from last night.

Chris apparently noticed the state she was in and made a remark. “Mmmm, nice look. Do you intend to stay like that all day? I’m missing out.” He quipped.

Christy laughed. “No. I have some shopping to kars escort do. Then I’m not sure what I’ll be up to. No good for sure.” She flashed him a wicked grin. “And what about you? You look awfully dressed up for a day out.”

“Well I’m thinking I can convince John and Dave to take me shopping for some more feminine jeans and shirts that are a bit more casual. My jeans and shirts I have with me just don’t convey feminine.” He chuckled. “I think the promise of more blow jobs will get them to go along.”

Christy laughed. “You little slut.”

“And you love it.” Chris turned and rubbed his ass for the camera.

“Oh yes I do.” She was rubbing her stomach and chest in response and then stopped. “You know what? I think I know what I’ll do today.” A wicked grin crossed her face. “And I think you’ll agree that it’s a wild idea.

Chris stopped and smiled at her. “More fooling around online? And how did it go by the way?”

“Oh it was fantastic.” She sighed. “But I’ll tell you all about it when you get home. Suffice to say. I showed off for a girl and then a guy last night. They got quite a show, and so did I. I came three times.”

“So then what do you have in mind?” He asked. She watched as he fixed his makeup.

“Remember a few months ago when we picked up Jack and his friend on your first night out all dressed up? But his friend wasn’t interested in the kind of party that we were going to have?”

“Oh yeah. But you came on to him and offered to sleep with him if he ever wanted to.”

“Yes. I’m going to give him a call. See if he wants to have a little fun tonight.” She paused a moment and thought about something else that they had talked about when they started this little arrangement. “So that brings me to my next suggestion. I know we said we’d never bring anyone home to our house but I think this case is a bit different.”

“I’m fine with that. We both know him. Are you going to have him spend the night?” Chris raised an eyebrow at her over the phone.

“That’s an even better idea. I need someone to keep me company in bed while you’re gone.” She flashed him a wicked grin. “But just for tonight. I’m sure he won’t mind. Did you sleep with your new lovers last night?”

“No. They went back to their hotel rooms. I was incredibly tired after the conference and a night of fucking. And I wanted to see how these breast forms held up sleeping. I didn’t want the illusion to be ruined for them. They are, however, staying in the same hotel as me. I think I’ll have them stay with me tonight.”

“Oh?” She cocked her eye. “And how did they do?”

“They did fine.” Chris replied as he caressed his breasts. “I even took a shower with them this morning and they stayed in place. I’ll have to reapply them before we go out tonight. I don’t want a boob popping off while we are playing around or out and about later.”

They both giggled at the thought.

“Enjoying your weekend as Lisa than?”

Chris groaned. “So far yes. I have to admit, taking a shower this morning with these on was a turn on. “I was actually wishing they were real so I could feel my hands on them.” He smiled at the camera and blushed.

Christy smiled at him and rubbed her breasts in response. “You’d like a pair of these Lisa?” She teased. The thought did intrigue her but she wasn’t sure how that would work out. “You are naughty.”

Chris rubbed his chest with his hands for her and Christy moaned. “You know how naughty I am.” Playing up his female persona, he blew a kiss at the camera and squeezed his breasts together and let them fall, bouncing on his chest. “If I had tits, I’d probably never leave the house. I’d be too busy playing with them all the time.” He laughed and continued to get ready to go.

Christy laughed too. “I wouldn’t doubt it. But right now, you better stop playing with yourself and get out there. I’m sure your two boyfriends are waiting for you. What are their names anyway?”

“Dave and John.” Chris replied as he touched up what little makeup he had on. “Well, Have fun today, and tonight.” He grinned at her through the camera. “Don’t wear him out. I’m off to do some shopping and then we’ll see how the rest of the day and night unfolds.”

Christy stopped caressing her breasts and smiled. “You too, Lisa.” Treat your two men nice. And send more hot pics. Bye baby.” She blew a kiss at him and hung up before Chris could respond.

She finished eating her breakfast and then went upstairs to shower and run some errands. Hopping in the shower her head was swimming with the possibilities of what Chris would be up to today all dressed up. She loved that he was going through with what she suggested to John and Dave last night and hoped that he enjoyed his weekend as a woman. She soaped up and rubbed her smooth pussy as she thought about the video of Chris, his fake breasts swinging as he got fucked and she thought about their short conversation, teasing each other about him getting a real set of tits. Did he really want to do it? And did kars escort bayan she really want him to? She’d be lying if she just outright said no. But right now, she pushed the thought to the back of her mind and focused on what her plans were for the day and hopefully, tonight. She finished up in the shower, toweled off and rummaged through her lingerie before pulling out a lace bra and panty set to slip into and she checked her watch. It was a little after 8:00 and she figured she would call Hank before it got too late in the day and he had other plans for the night.

Pulling up his number she texted him. She figured it might be easier for him to say yes over a text rather than talking to him over the phone. He might get a little bashful. “Hey Hank, how’s it going? This is Christy from a few months ago.” She hadn’t texted him since that night so she wondered if he would remember. “My husband and I met you and Jack at one of the local bars one weekend. Remember?”

She snapped a picture of herself in her lingerie and sent it to him before getting dressed. “Here, this picture might help you remember.” She hit send and went to get dressed. Rummaging through the closet she picked out a tight-fitting pair of jeans that showed off her round ass and a camisole top that matched her purple bra. It was a bit tight fitting and accentuated her small breasts but it also made her small belly a little more prominent. But she didn’t care. She still got looks from men when she walked around in revealing clothes.

As she was finishing arranging her clothes on herself she heard her phone beep. She went to see if it was Hank and sure enough it was.

“Oh, Uh hi there Christy. Yes I remember. So What’s up.”

“And, I uh, like the picture.” The text was accompanied by a blushing emoji.

“Well I’m glad you like the picture. And I’m glad that you remember me. Now, Do you remember what I told you before you left the bar?”

The response was almost immediate, “Of course I do.”

“Well, what are you up to tonight? My husband has been out of town the last week and a half, and I’ll be straightforward, I need some cock. Do You want to come over tonight for a meal, a movie, and some fucking?” She hit send and waited for a response. It wasn’t an immediate response like she thought it would and she wondered if she’d scared him away.

After a couple of minutes a response came. “Uh, Of course.”

“I take it you’re still unattached then?”

“Unfortunately, yes. :(“

“Well come over tonight and I’ll lift your spirits.”

A few seconds passed and she got a response. “That sounds promising. What time should I be over?”

Christy smiled to herself and texted back. “Come on over around 5:00 and we can start with some dinner and we’ll see where the night goes. 😉

“My address is 3409 W. Green. See you later today.” She hit send and went to put on a little makeup before heading out.

As she drove down to the grocery store she thought about how things would happen tonight. She also wondered if Hank would want to stay the night. She hadn’t sprung that idea on him when she texted him, but she thought he would probably be up for it. Especially after the night she was going to give him. She was certainly going to rock his world and she hoped he was up for it, because she doubted any college girl he’d been with had ever told him to fuck her in all three holes. She giggled at the thought. After a proposition like that, she’d probably have him wrapped around her little finger.

Christy pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store and headed inside. She walked the aisles and picked up groceries for the week and some stuff for tonight. She thought chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce with some wild rice pilaf and steamed broccoli would be the perfect thing. Some good cooking for Hank instead of the regular college food he’s probably been eating. When she finished with the groceries she headed to the mall for some new lingerie. Any excuse for some new sexy lingerie she thought.

She decided for her lingerie that she would visit the lingerie store that she took Chris to a few months ago for some shopping. She pulled into the parking lot and headed inside. Looking around she noticed the place was empty this early on Saturday morning with the exception of two sales associates. She browsed around for a while when one of the associates came over to ask if she needed any help.

“Good morning. Is there anything I can help you find?”

Christy looked over at the woman standing next to her. She was taller than her by a few inches and thin with a large chest, probably fake breasts. Her eyes were a deep blue and her hair was a light sandy blonde that hung to the small of her back in a ponytail. Christy recognized her as the sales associate who helped her and Chris out when they were here last time. She looked at her nametag and it read Lisa and she giggled. She had picked out the reason the two of them were there right off the bat and had helped them pick escort kars out the right things to wear. She’d even let them use their special dressing room in the back for a little fun. Apparently, the girl recognized Christy too, because before she could say anything, the sales associate began again.

“Oh. I remember you. You brought your husband in a while ago for some lingerie. You two took quite a while trying things on in the back room, I remember. And why the giggling.” She grinned at Christy and then looked over at the section of the store for crossdressers before looking back. “So how are things going? Did you leave your husband at home?”

Christy let out a giggle and grinned at Lisa. “No. He’s actually out of town. He’s having some fun on his own. So I’m here for some lingerie for my date tonight. And I’m giggling because your name is the name that my husband goes by when he’s all dressed up.”

Lisa’s eyes widened. “Oh my. Date tonight? And your husband is having fun on his own? Seems the two of you have quite the relationship.” She looked Christy up and down and smiled.

Christy smiled back. The last time they were in here Lisa hinted at wanting to have fun with the two of them. “Oh, most definitely. Since the last time we came into the store things have gotten wild.”

Lisa replied. “Oh really? I remember the two of you walking out of here with quite a few things. More so than most couples like you that come in here. That’s one of the things that made me remember you.”

Christy grinned, “Oh yes. We’ve been up to a lot of wild things since that weekend.” She looked the Lisa up and down and smiled. “Let’s see, I have him in panties all the time, he’s really taken to crossdressing. We’ve had a few threesomes and foursomes where everyone is fucking everyone. And now we’re fooling around without the other one around.”

“Oh my God!” the girl gasped. She started to shift from one foot to the other, clenching her thighs under her dress.

Christy noticed her sifting back and forth. “Does that turn you on? I remember you hinting that you’d be more than willing to join us some time. Maybe when he gets home, we could have some fun together.”

Lisa sucked in her breath. “I see.” She gushed as she looked around and then at her watch. “You know, I get a break in 15 minutes.”

Christy looked at her out of the corner of her eye as she was sifting through the rack of negligees and smiled innocently. “And what makes you think that I’m into women?”

“Call it a hunch.” She spoke. “So, am I right?”

Christy smiled wide. She’d never been hit on by a woman before. Having one figure out her proclivities and make an advance on her was quite the turn on. “Yes, you are. So just what are you suggesting?” Christy knew what the salesgirl had in mind but she was going to play coy.

“It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve fooled around in here.” She replied. “I can help you pick something out for your date tonight and then we can go on my break and fool around.”

“That sounds promising.” Christy cooed. “What would you suggest for my date tonight?”

“Well,” She started, “What kind of guy is he?”

“He’s in college. And a little shy.” Christy said.

Lisa gasped. “College? Oh my.” She walked over to a rack of satin and lace camisole and tap pant sets. “Awfully young for you. He’s what? Half our age? I’m impressed.”

“It’s a long story too.” Christy laughed.

“Well, if he’s shy, I think we should go for something sexy, yet plain. These tap pant sets are just the thing.”

Christy looked at the rack and thumbed through them. “I think this rose colored one would do nicely.” She pulled it from the rack and glanced towards the private dressing room in the back where she and Chris ended up. “Shall I go try it on?” Christy motioned as she turned to walk away towards the dressing room.

Lisa looked at her watch and smiled. “That would be a good idea. We need to make sure it fits.” She grinned at Christy. “But first let me tell the other girl that I’m going on break.”

Christy headed towards the dressing room and saw Lisa talking to the other salesgirl. She noticed that the other salesgirl started to giggle and playfully swatted Lisa on the shoulder. She smiled to herself, she knew exactly what the two girls were talking about so she hurriedly worked her way to the dressing room and shrugged off her clothes. She tried on the lingerie and admired how it fell on her body. It hugged her breasts and billowed out a bit towards her waist and hips, falling on her curves and hiding her belly a bit. The tap pants were slit up almost to her waist. The creamy skin of her hips flashed with each step she took as she looked at herself in the mirror. It didn’t expose her pussy but there wasn’t much left to the imagination considering how high cut the legs were, enough to allow for easy access to her pussy but low enough that they didn’t expose her to whoever she was with. Good enough to tease, she thought.

As she was admiring herself in the mirror Lisa walked in and whistled. “Very sexy. I think your date tonight will enjoy it.” She walked over to Christy and ran a hand up her almost naked thigh. Christy shivered at her touch and let out a low moan. “Let’s get down to business. We’ve only got fifteen minutes.”