Chris’s Adventure of His Sex Life

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Chapter 1

Chris drives his car in high miles in hope to arrive at college. He’s idiot for staying at his apartment and being hook to his porn video that the clock remind him his class time. But he is still hard so needs to jerk before entering in his class. Once arrives at his college, he rush into restroom, locks the door in stalls, and get the porno magazine out of his bag. He looks at these smoking models on magazines and visualizes himself among with them. He began to masturbate to quickly build the climax. In his imagination, the models suck his cock and talking dirty to him. Then he process to bang every one of them.

‘Please fuck me hard’, the models said, raising their ass in the air.

‘Great!’ thought Chris when he has ejaculation in the restroom. His classroom has already started. He stands up, put the dirty magazine in the bag, and clean up while thought about his fantasy. Chris already lost his virginity when he was 19, and had watch porn since he was teen. He once responded to the post on Craiglist from the woman who wants a sex. She responds and he and she have a good sex (with a condom, of course). Ever since, he had met some women on Craiglist and had a plenty of sex with them. Some of them are good, bad, and goddamn awful.

But lately, there is no luck on Craiglist and he was horny all the time. So, he went back to porn to relief him.

Chris went to the sink and washes his hand. While he does that, he looks at the mirror. Chris is a good-looking African-American with light-dark complexion of skin, and wore glasses on his face. He has an average body, has no health problem, and is in a good shape. He has been told by several women that he is handsome, which is positively help his self-esteem.

His biology class is already started and he is late for it. He opens the door to enter and apologize to his professor. The teacher gives him a scolding eyes before command him to take his seat. As he is walking from row of tables to table to his seat, he notices a girl looks at him and turn his head to makes an eye contact.

The girl who looks at him is Jessica. She is a very pretty gal with an emerald eyes, plump red lips, and long red hair. Her skin complexion is so smoothly white, almost like snow. Her body shape is a little curvy but very well-match for her and, my GOD, does she have a busty chest. She wore a blue t-shirt but he can see her nipples. He wonders if anybody has notices that but him. Jessica gives him an adorable smile and wave, and Chris returns the greeting.

Chris finds the seat and sat on it. The professor continues his lecture but his words do not come through Chris’s brain because he was keeping look at Jessica from the behind.

Chapter 2

Jessica has a nice ass too. Chris can see it from the behind her. Chris wonders what does her bare nude ass look like and if he has his way with her, he would spank, lick, and kiss her ass. Chris continues to look at her and for a moment, Jessica turns around to him. Eye contacts and Chris is stunning by her sparkle emerald eyes, he chuckles lightly and turns quickly. He looks at her again, and he can see that Jessica is smiling.

The professor announces that each student must pick the partner for experiment. Chris’s immediate thought is to pick Jessica. When the teacher asks each student who their partner is, he prays that none picks Jessica. Lucky, no one picks her and I’m next in the line, so I told him who my partner will be.

Jessica was genuine surprise that Chris picks her but Chris can see that she was flattering. Jessica move and sits with Chris and the teacher gives them the instruction about the experiment. But both of them do not listen to him since they held a long eye contact. The teacher left them alone, so here they are face to face. Chris is nervously as hell. Even if he has several female friends and sex with some of them, he still has butterflies in his stomach when being around them through he does not lack of any confidence.

“So… Looks like we are partners, eh?” Said Chris, nervously.

“Yeah. I have no choice since you specific pick me,” she replies with warm laugh.

“Jessica, I know this may seem odd and out of blue and you probably heard this many times but I have to say this. You have beautiful green eyes and are so sexy and attractive woman. And I am totally excited to work with you because I think you are cool person to me.” exclaimed Chris, wish to told her she have amazing ass and tits as well.

Jessica immediately blushes at his compliment and flash a smile to him. Chris is pleased to see that Jessica accepts his compliment.

“Thanks, sweetie. I think you are cool and cute guy, too. Maybe it’s time that we complement each other since… we have notice each other before.” replies Jessica giggles.

It’s true, what she said. We don’t know each other that well bursa escort except that we are going to college and have biology class together. Maybe the reason Jessica seems standout to him is because of her emerald eyes and lovely red hair (also busty tits and well-rounded ass). But all men notices her and gives her attention just same with me. He wonders why Jessica notices him, maybe because he is handsome African-African man in the classroom but he doesn’t ask her.

“So… Shall we continue the experiment?” asked Jessica, laughing.

“Of course we can!” replies Chris laughs too.

Chapter 3

Everything is going well. Jessica and Chris do good job on experiment and it turns out that they have a great chemistry between them. In this moment, Chris decides that he wants her and hopefully, has a sex with her. He prays since he does not know her well that she is not Christian or type of person being against having sex. As he works up on the question to ask her out on the date, he notices a shock looks on her face. I follow her eye level to his bag, and to his horror, the bag zip is opened and it displays his porn magazine. Our eyes immediately meet, and I try to make excuse in fear to lose her respect and accidently hit the water in the cup. It spilled on her blue t-shirt.

“Oh, SHIT!” Shouted Jessica. “I’m sorry! I don’t mean to spill it on you.” Chris exclaimed.

Needlessly to say, everything is mess-up and so is her interest in him since she discover his secret. Or so he thought.

After the biology class is over, Chris stands in the hall and waits for Jessica finish change her cloth in the restroom. He feels like a creepy stalker, stands to wait for her but he wants to apologize to her despite risk may have Jessica slap on his face.

Jessica walked out the restroom and saw Chris. The first thing Chris notices is that Jessica wore another new tight white t-shirt. Worse than her wet blue t-shirt, her white t-shirt shows her cleavage proudly and her nipple is almost visible that Chris feels tingle in his crotch. He studies her face and her face shows none sign of disgust at him. He approaches to Jessica and ready to say his apology speech.

“I’m sorry for spill the cup on you and that you find… my porno magazine.”

“It’s okay, Chris. I’m not mad at you and… I’m not surprise you have porno thing in your bag.”

“You’re not mad and shock? Or disgust by fact that I am… pervert?”

“Nah, you see, I have an older brother. I sometime went in his room and find a load of porno DVD and magazine.”

“Ah, is that so? I don’t know you have brother.”

Jessica smiles at him and move closer to Chris so she can whisper to him.

“And I sometime watch his porn video and I enjoy it. I finger myself while watch performers have a hot and steamy sex.”

Chris is surprised at her response and her change of attitude. He can’t lie; her response makes my cock a bit hard.

“Wow!” he exclaimed. “I don’t think you are a type of person to watch porn. I think you might be the first woman admit her love for porn to me.”

Jessica smiles but this time, it’s not adorable type but seductively. She looks at me with her sparkle emerald eyes and said “Chris… Tell me more about you are interest in me.”

Chris understands what she means by that. This is his chance to tell her about his opinion on her sexy body figure.

“Ok, Well, I think you have amazing lips. It looks like it makes for great make out and… sucks people’s cock. I think men will come quickly to your luscious lips. I bet… you can suck good.” he said.

“And?” asked Jessica.

Chris moves his left hand slowly and stokes on her arm and puts his right hand on her hips. Surprisingly, she lets his inviting hands on her and smiles at him.

“And your breasts are so amazing and big. If I have my way with you, I will suck your nipples hard that you will moan and I will fuck your busty tits with my cock” Chris said.

Chris is getting bolder and his complement held no back.

“I will fondle and spanking your ass. Then I will eat out your ass out!”

He puts his right hand slowly to her bottom and grab while his left hand goes to her left side of her breast. Jessica seems become horny by his describe to her and closes her eye to visual it.

“Yes, give me more,” Jessica moans softly. So, I continue.

“Then I will penetrate your ass with my black cock and bang you so hard you will scream in pleasure. You will beg for more and I will glad give it to you. I will fuck your mouth with my cock that you will gag,” he continues to feed the visual image for her.

His cock is now erection and man, he really needs to jerk right now. It’s amazing that he could do this considering that they are still in the public hall. Anybody could walk pass through them and heard their conversation. bursa escort bayan

“Enough!” exclaimed Jessica. She puts her hand on his chest and feels his well-build body. ‘It’s obviously he is in a good shape, and damn, is he so cute!’ thought Jessica.

“Wow! That’s good imagination you give to me.” Jessica said, with a growing of desire in her green eyes.

“I have a question for you. Does you have a sex before?” asked Jessica.

Chris is a bit taken by her question but give answer to her.

“Yes. I lost my virginity when I was 19, and after that, have a few sex with some women.” Chris answered.

“Ah, I beat you at here. Well, great, I think we have good experience in sex department.” Jessica replies.

Jessica looks down at Chris’s crotch and imagining herself getting fuck harder by his black shaft. She puts her hands on Chris’s crotch and groping that it makes him jump a little and said “I am so horny now. Do you want to do your way with me and fuck my ass?”

“Yes.” Chris answered at once.

Chapter 4

Chris and Jessica went forward to his car and get inside. They ditches on classes and went straight to Chris’s apartment that was somewhat close to their college. While Chris steering the wheel on the road, Jessica opens the zip on his pant and reveal his cock.

“Oh, god!” exclaimed Jessica, amazed by his rock hard cock.

‘Chris’s cock is… thick and little big than other guys’ cock’ thought Jessica. It’s not biggest but it’s not small either, its lengths go at least eight inches.

“You like what you see?” Chris said, tease her.

“Yes, I like what I see. A beautiful and big black cock” Jessica replies.

Jessica puts her left hand on his cock and start to stroke it slowly. Chris like it slowly and enjoy it. That pleases Jessica, so she speed it up a bit. Chris so badly wants to lie down and let her work on her handjob. It’s a bit dangerous make him distracting while he is driving.

“Hey, grope my tits, too. I know you like my busty tits,” Jessica said.

With one right hand steering the wheel, he grabs Jessica’s breast with his right hand. Damn, her tit is so firm and plump. He squeezes and pinches her tits and nipple that Jessica lets out a cute small moan. Chris like to see Jessica enjoy her herself and continue to massage her tits. Return the flavor, Jessica stroke his cock faster that Chris groan. Chris doesn’t want to ejaculate and let the fun end there, he needs to stay longer to bang Jessica’s sweet ass.

“That’s enough foreplay. We’re here at my apartment.” Chris told her.

Already at the front of his door, Jessica and Chris make-out heavy while Chris struggles a bit to open the door. Once the door opened, Chris dropped his bag and key and French kiss her more while grabs her busty tits. They make a way to Chris’s room and Chris pushed Jessica on the bed.

“Hey. I forgot to ask. Are we alone?” asked Jessica.

“Yep, we are alone. My roommate is at his work and won’t be back until night. Now, strip please”, Chris answered as he remove his shirt.

“Oh, so commands now, are you? I like it.,” Jessica replies seductively.

Jessica went on the center and removes her white t-shirt and blue jean. It reveals her purple bra and underwear. It matches beautiful to her smooth white skin, feisty red hair, and sparkle emerald eyes. Jessica laid back and makes finger gesture that indicates she wants me. Chris jumps on the bed and crawl toward to her. He kisses her fiercely, their tongues swirls together.

After seven minute of intensity make-out session, Chris removes her purple bra and process to suck her nipples. Jessica lets out a passion moan and tells him to finger her cunt. He did as told and inserts two fingers in her cunt. Jessica’s cunt is so wet and warm. Follow as rhythms, Chris sucking her nipple and penetrate her cunt at same times. Jessica likes it and told him not to stop. Jessica lets out a passion moans and this makes his have erection. Decided he has enough with suck her nipples, he remove her underwear and start to lick her cunt slowly.

“Hmmm! Yes!” exclaimed Jessica.

Work up on the process, he licks fast and hard. Jessica start to grind on my face and Chris can feels her ass cheek on his face. He continues to licking her cunt while squeeze her tits.

“Fuck! I’m going to orgasm!” screamed Jessica.

Her body began to shakes violently with orgasm. This makes Chris happy that he manages to make her come. Score point for him.

Jessica roses and looks at Chris with lust in her emerald eyes.

“Your turn.” Jessica said, eyeing on his cock.

Jessica grabs and turns Chris on the bed. She pulls the pants down enough to reveal a bump in his underwear. She removes the underwear and gasp softly on sight of his eight-inch black cock. She licks her lip to prepare escort bursa herself for sucking. Jessica starts to lick the head, cause Chris to moan. Continue licking on the head, she stroke the cock while her emerald eyes makes contact with Chris. Chris like it. After few minutes, Jessica puts the shaft into her mouth slowly.

The cock touches her throat and it was not even at eight-inches. Jessica determines to engulf it whole to makes him please Chris. She continues to shoves the length down the throat that she starts to gag and drools on his balls. Chris asked her if she is okay and she said that she can do it. With effort, she finally engulfs the eight-inches, she throat-thrust sloppy with her saliva on his cock. Chris loves her plump lips wrap on his cock and her throat is so fucking amazing. If this keeps for long duration, he would cum faster. Jessica flashes him her emerald eyes, her eyes so hypnotizes that I can look into forever. Jessica pulls the cock out of her mouth and spit on it. As she stroke his cock, she process to lick his ball.

“Fuck! If you do that, I will cum!” Chris exclaims.

“Go ahead! Come in my mouth.” she said as she puts his cock back in her mouth again. After a few minutes of sucking on his cock, Chris starts to cum in her mouth. Jessica savors his cum and swallows it.

“Wow! I can’t believe you swallow it. Other girls have had spill it out immediately after I cum,” said Chris, amazed.

“Well, I saw the models in porn swallow it, so I did the same thing. Turns out, I like it and your does not taste bad” replies Jessica.

“Haha, ok if you say so. So, ready for round 2? I’m not near done,” said Chris, chuckled at her answer.

Jessica looks at his cock and to her surprised, it’s still erect. She smiles with lust and turns around. She put her head and arm low on the bed and her ass up into the air and said “fuck my ass hard, Chris”.

Chapter 5

Chris spreads her ass cheeks open wide and it shows her tight pink asshole. He puts his fingers in her anus and thrust it. Chris wants to help it get ready for his big cock.

After few minutes of warm-up, Chris shoves his eight-inch cock in her ass with help of Jessica’s saliva. Jessica lets out big gasp and her eyes pops out.

“Oh, my! That… feels so fucking amazing!” Exclaims Jessica.

After minutes of coaxing, Chris thrusting in her ass so hard that Jessica screams loudly in passion. The entire neighborhood can hear the passion noises from here but Chris doesn’t care. He rams her ass violently on the bed and grabs her tits.

“YES! Fuck my ass with your black cock!”

“Oh, god!”

Jessica can feels the whole length in her ass, it thick so fat that it fills her up. Jessica asked her to pounding her against the wall while standing. So, Chris lifts Jessica off the bed and continues pounding her against the wall. Jessica starts to dirty talking to him and ask him to pull her hair.

“YES! My white ass is your to fuck anytime!”

“I’m your white bitch!”

“Makes me come with your big cock!”

Jessica’s relentless dirty talk makes him soon to come. So, he pulled her away from the wall and laid her on the floor while her ass roses in the air for him to pounding relentless.

“Jessica, I’m ready to cum in your ass! So, I want to say that I am so fucking glad I met you!” exclaimed Chris.

“Same here! Now, cum in my ass!” shouted Jessica.

With all his might, he grips Jessica’s hip and cum fiercely in her ass. Soon, the excitement and horniness leave the room. He pulls his cock out and lie on the bed. Jessica’s asshole is filled with his cum. she lets a satisfied sigh, stand up, and lies beside Chris on the bed too.

“That’s good sex. Don’t you agree?” asked Jessica.

“Believe me or not, I think you might be the best partner I ever have.” answered Chris.

“Haha, I’m glad you agree but don’t sugarcoat me. Through I’m flattered you said that,” replies Jessica.

“Heh, I have a plenty of sex with other women and some of it are good and plainly awful. You are beat them in total because we gets along right away and I really, really enjoy our mind-blowing sex. I’m serious,” Chris said.

“Wow. I’m… honored by that you praise me. I like our sex too, and…you are the first black dude I had sleep with,” Jessica admitted.

“Now, I’m honor to be your first black dude to have a sex with,” Chris said, with broad smile on his face.

Jessica laughs and hits his chest. After few hours later, they have another sex and sleep together in night. Chris’s roommate come to home and is surprised at him have a girl in the room but then gives him a praise thumb-up. At morning, Jessica and Chris went on their separate way but had exchange their phone numbers. So, Chris knows he will have another amazing sex with her eventually in future. He lies on his bed, start his porn movie, and daydreaming about her. The clock snaps him out of his dream world and he looks at it and realizes that he is once again late for his class.

He curses at him and run hurried to the college.

The End