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chtAfter School(F/M-teen, 1st, school)A Senior in high school is seduced by his French teacher. ***Every day, Bill looked forward to going to school. He was a normal eighteen year old in his final year of High School. But he didn’t enjoy his classes – No that wasn’t what he enjoyed. Instead, he looked forward to seeing Miss Jones – Cheryl Jones, his French teacher. Miss Jones was every boy’s wet dream come true; especially Bill’s. About 5′ 4″ tall, with long dark curly hair that went half way down her back, a French looking face with beautiful dark brown eyes. But it was her body that everyone drooled over. Bill was sure that he wasn’t the only one that enjoyed watching her tight ass wiggle down the hallway or stretch at the black board. It was one of the best asses he had ever seen. Even with all the younger girls in the school to look at, she was the best. And her breasts – they weren’t huge or anything but very well proportioned. Sometimes, he could make out her nipples pushing out the front of her shirts pointing skyward and begging for his mouth.Yes, every day, Bill would skim through his other classes until it was time for French class. His seat was a couple rows back and off to the side where he could enjoy the view. Sometimes, he wasn’t even sure what she was saying. His eyes were drinking in her body thinking up things to do with her like any eighteen year old would. And then after school was over, he would go home and jack off at least a couple times every night as his imagination had Miss Jones sucking his cock and fucking him in every possible way. If she knew all the things he thought up, she would have been impressed with his imagination.This Friday in May started out like all the others. The first thing Bill did when he arrived at school was to try and track down Miss Jones to see what she was wearing today. Would it be one of her summer dresses, maybe a pair of jeans and tight shirt, or maybe even a pair of shorts now that the weather was a little nicer? He stood in the hallway talking with his friends but keeping an eye out for her. Finally, she came out of the staff room and headed down the hall towards his group. Today, it was a pair of pants and a white top. He always enjoyed it when she wore this shirt for two reasons. One, it was so loose that whenever she bent over, a quick peak down the front would almost always reward him with a glimpse of her bra. And two, this was the shirt that was the easiest to see her nipples through whenever they got even a little hard.As she passed, she smiled at him and said, “Good morning, Bill, how are you today?””Fine Miss Jones,” he replied. He always liked the twinkle in her eyes when she spoke with him.She answered, “Good,” and continued to her classroom to prepare for the day.Bill would have been surprised if he could have read what was going through her mind that morning. She as well enjoyed seeing Bill. More than she should have and she knew it. But that wasn’t going to stop her from admiring his young body whenever she saw him. As she walked to her room, she could feel his eyes on her ass admiring its wiggle and she enjoyed the feeling. Every morning, it would get her juices flowing knowing that her handsome young student was watching her instead of one of his young female classmates.Cheryl was 27 years old and had been teaching for a couple of years. She enjoyed her work. It was always a challenge trying to teach a foreign language to the students. Most of them just didn’t care. But there were always a few who tried and those were the ones who made it worthwhile. Bill wasn’t really one of those who tried extra hard, but she knew he was smart enough to get it, if he only applied himself a little more.”Damn,” she thought to herself. “There I go thinking about Bill again. I’ve got other students to worry about.” And so she started planning her day.Meanwhile, Bill flew through his classes waiting for French at the end of the day. He did OK in his studies but knew that he could do better. But the only thing on his mind this day, like all the rest, was the sight of Miss Jones’ smile that morning and her ass as it wiggled away from him. In fact, he almost always had a partial hard-on. He was sure some girls had noticed as he had caught them looking at his crotch as his cock pushed out the fabric of his jeans. Some would quickly look away when he noticed them; but others would smile sexily at him. But none of this mattered as long as Miss Jones was on his mind.Finally, the day was coming to an end and French class approached. Bill didn’t know this either; but Cheryl looked forward to seeing him almost as much as he looked forward to seeing her. And she had also noticed the bulge in his jeans. How could she not? It was always so prominent whenever she glanced in that direction which seemed to be more and more often as the year went by. Again, she tried shaking that thought out of her head as his classmates started appearing and settling down.It was near the end of the class and as usual, Bill had no idea what was going on. Today Miss Jones looked even better than usual, which he found hard to believe. But it seemed as though her eyes were smoldering. “Probably my imagination again,” he thought to himself. And her nipples seemed even more prominent today than ever before. They were pushing themselves through her bra and producing a noticeable bump on the end of her tits. Suddenly, he realized that everyone, including Miss Jones was looking at him. She had asked him a question. Frantically, he thought to himself, “What was she talking about just now?” Nothing came to him so he sheepishly said, “Oui,” hoping it would be the right answer.But it wasn’t. In fact, everyone started chuckling and Miss Jones shook her head. “Bill, you have no idea what I just asked, do you?” He shook his head. “Why don’t you stay around after class is over so we can discuss this?” And she returned to her lecture.But Bill again wasn’t listening. All he knew was that he was going to be alone with Miss Jones. Sure it was sort of detention, but that didn’t matter to him. His imagination started going wild thinking up a thousand possible scenarios – none of which he knew would ever come true.The final bell rang jolting Bill out of his daydreaming. Everyone filed out leaving him and Cheryl alone. He waited as she cleaned up her desk.But she wasn’t just cleaning her desk. She also knew that this was the first time they had been alone together and she realized that she was getting excited just considering it. Cleaning her desk provided the excuse to try and get her body under control before speaking to him. Finally she felt ready. Sitting on the edge of her desk she faced him and started, “Bill.” His brown eyes were looking straight into hers. She continued without stopping, “You haven’t been paying attention in class or doing well with your work.” So far, so good, she thought to herself. “I think you’re going to need some tutoring to pass this class. Would you like me to help you out?” Now where did that come from? she thought. But she continued on, “You can come over tonight for starters and I can help you with this latest assignment.” A diabolical plan was forming in her mind. Now she knew where those thoughts were coming from. She was horny. There was no denying it. Not any more. It had been a long time – over a couple years since she had had a lover. And she knew she wanted Bill. She was pretty sure the feeling was mutual.And she was right. As soon as she started talking, Bill started losing himself in her eyes. But when she offered to help him out, at her place even, he popped back into reality. Looking at Miss Jones closely, he could see that smoldering in her eyes grow into a fire and a glance at her chest showed her nipples almost bursting through her shirt. Questions flew through his mind in the instance that she asked her question. Was she asking him what he thought or was he just making it up in her mind? But there was no denying her nipples. They were as plain as day, even if he was imagining the smoldering in her eyes. She was waiting for his reply. He nodded his head and spoke, “That sounds great Miss Jones.”Cheryl knew her nipples were hard. She could feel them against her bra and she knew that Bill could see them. What he couldn’t see was her pussy almost flowing with her juices. Standing up, she returned to her seat behind her desk. Pretending to check her calendar, as if she had anything planned, she asked, “OK, how about 7:30 tonight?” Bill nodded. He was still in a daze. “Good, I’ll write my address down so you can find my place.” With shaking hands that she hoped Bill didn’t notice, she wrote down her address and telephone number on a piece of paper. Standing, she held it out to him, “OK, you can go now.” As he stood, she again took in the sight of his young body. Her eyes fastened themselves to his crotch. He was interested after all. His cock was plainly visible. Inwardly, she smiled in anticipation of the night to come.As Bill stood, he could feel that his cock was as hard as steel but what could he do. She was telling him he could go. Was he just supposed to sit there until his cock calmed down? That would take a long time under the present circumstances. So he just got up and as nonchalantly as he could strolled to Miss Jones’ desk. As he looked at her, he was sure that her eyes were on his crotch just like all the girls’ eyes always were. But this time, it had an effect on him. Not like those girls. This was Miss Jones, his dream girl, who was ogling his cock. Her eyes left his crotch and met his. “Was that a smile on her face?” Bill asked himself. He reached out for the note and touched Miss Jones’ hand as he did so. It was smooth and warm to his touch and he was sure that he felt an electric shock as he did so.As Cheryl handed the note over, she spoke with a smile, “OK, I’ll see you later then. Can you find my place?”Looking at the note, Bill replied, “Yep, I know where this is.” As he left the room he turned back to say “See ya,” and then left the room to go to his locker. He was in a daze. “Was this true? I must have mistaken Miss Jones’ looks and smiles for friendship or just a teacher trying to help me out. But those nipples. It was pretty hard to argue them away. They were large and hard. Maybe it was just cold in there. Yes that must have been it. But what if it wasn’t?” All this went through Bill’s mind as he put away his books and started walking home.Cheryl was having thoughts of her own. To her, there was no mistaking Bill’s hard cock in his pants. She had noticed it before, but after her question, it was longer and harder than ever before. She knew that all she had to do was say the word and she could have his cock inside her quenching that need that was building inside her. But the consequences were absolutely horrible. If anyone found out, she could lose her job. These were the thoughts going through her mind as she put her papers away and headed to her home.Cheryl was still pondering the situation when she arrived home. “Maybe a bath will help me,” she decided. And so she went to her bathroom and started running the water. Standing in front of her mirror, she watched herself as she undressed. Off came her socks and shoes. Then she slipped off her pants and folded them to place to the side. Pulling her shirt off over her head caused some friction on her hard nipples as the fabric rubbed against her bra. She almost moaned in pleasure. Putting the shirt aside, she glanced at her body. “I’m in pretty good shape,” she thought to herself. Putting her hands to her tits, she felt their weight. “Pretty nice tits.” And off came her bra. “Boy, are my nipples ever hard. No wonder Bill had that hard-on.” Thinking of Bill’s internet casino hard-on did it for her. At that moment, Cheryl knew that she would have to damn the consequences and go ahead with the seduction. Touching her nipples did bring out a moan. They were hard and ready for some sucking. Cheryl knew that she didn’t want to masturbate when there was a cock handy, so quickly she slipped off her panties and slid into the tub. The warm water on her hot body felt excellent after a hard week. And so she relaxed and let the worries flow out of her body. Every now and then, her hands went down between her legs to rub her pussy. Just to keep the fires burning until Bill showed up.Bill was home now trying not to panic. His parents trusted him so all he had to tell them was that he was going out for the night and would call if he was going to be late getting home. Through supper, his mind was definitely elsewhere. Buried between Miss Jones’ tits was one place. After finishing, he had a quick shower. Like Cheryl had done earlier, he watched himself get undressed. He had a good body. No fat, nice muscles – maybe a little skinny. And his cock was hard, as usual, but this time he wasn’t going to jack off like he usually did. Instead he’d just let it go in case Miss Jones had a use for it later. He still couldn’t believe that anything was going to happen, but there was always hope. After showering and dressing, he headed for Miss Jones’ address.After Cheryl finished her bath, she dried and walked naked to her room to try and decide what to wear. What does one wear to seduce a 18 year old? “Nothing,” she replied to her thought with a smile. “No, I’ll have to wear something. At least for a while.” First a fresh lacy pair of panties and bra. “No, no bra,” she thought and took it off. In her closet, she pulled out a tight white T-shirt and pulled it on. Looking in the mirror, her tits proudly jutted out from her chest and her nipples jutted out even farther. Bill would enjoy this show. Then a pair of jean shorts – again tight enough to show her ass to its best advantage as well as her well tanned lithe legs. As she finished, she looked in the mirror. “Not too bad, for an old woman,” she spoke to the mirror with a smile. After a quick bite to eat, she laid out her books on the table. “Let’s make it look like we’re going to study,” she thought. And she sat back to wait for Bill to show up.At 7:40, Bill finally found Miss Jones’ house and rang the door bell. A second later, Miss Jones was sticking her head around the door and asking him to come in. As he entered, he started apologizing for being late. But as he came in, he looked at Miss Jones and stopped short. He couldn’t believe his eyes. She was gorgeous. Her nipples were plainly visible through her shirt as he realized with a start that she had no bra on. His eyes travelled down her body. She was wearing denim shorts. He loved denim shorts. And with her wearing them, they were even better. And those legs. Brown and beautiful. Again, he realized she was talking and he hadn’t heard what she was saying.But this time, it didn’t matter what she was saying. It was just small talk to fill the time as his eyes took in her body. She knew that he was checking her out and it was all she could do to pretend she didn’t notice. So Cheryl closed the door and headed to the dining room table where she had laid out the books. “Shall we get started?” she asked as she sat down.Bill was in a trance. As she walked over to the table, his eyes had been glued to her ass. With those shorts on, some of her ass cheek was actually showing. His cock grew even more in appreciation of the view.Cheryl looked at Bill as he stood there dumbfounded. Smiling to herself, she realized that her ass was almost coming out of her shorts. “That must have been a good view,” she thought. Her eyes travelled over his body now as he shook his head to clear it and came to sit down. “God, he must be uncomfortable,” she thought when she noticed the outline of his cock in his pants. It was even longer than before. She knew she wanted that inside her – SOON. But first, she would have to continue the charade a little longer.”Would you like a drink of something?” Cheryl asked. “Ice tea, water, lemonade.””Ice tea. Thank you Miss Jones.””OK, wait here while I get it. And call me Cheryl. That will make this less formal.”Bill watched her ass again as she headed to the kitchen for his drink. Feeling his cock grow ever larger, it was getting uncomfortable and so he tried shifting it around as Miss Jones – Cheryl’s ass wiggled its way into the kitchen. Soon she returned with a couple drinks and put them down on the table.”OK Bill, let’s get started.” And Cheryl started going over the lesson. To get closer to Bill, she shifted her chair over next to his and leaned across his body to point at something. As she did this, she was sure to ‘accidently’ rub her right tit against his arm.To Bill, Cheryl seemed a bit distracted but was going through the lesson as he should have expected. What was he thinking earlier? What made him think that this was going to be more than this? And then she moved her chair to be next to him. “Maybe there is something after all,” he thought and hoped. And then he felt her soft tit rubbing his arm. Could it be an accident? No, she was actually pushing it into his arm as she reached across him even farther to point at something.Cheryl wasn’t sure how she was going to get things started until she thought of a plan with his drink. As she leaned across against Bill, she put her plan in motion. Pulling back, she ‘accidently’ pulled his drink into his lap.”Whoa, that’s cold,” Bill yelled and jumped up from his chair.”I’m sorry,” Cheryl quickly apologized. “I’m so clumsy. Let me grab a towel.” This was her plan. Dabbing his crotch dry would give her the perfect excuse to feel his dick. Quickly she jumped up to get the towel.Bill was trying desparately to rub away the liquid and get his cock down before Cheryl noticed. But then she was back and rubbing the towel over his jeans. How could she not notice his cock? And then it hit him. She had noticed and, in fact, was rubbing it only.Cheryl was down on her knees looking up at his face and continuing to rub his cock. “Bill, I think I feel something here. And I think I can help you with it. Why don’t I help you out of these pants?”He couldn’t believe his ears. This time there was no mistaking it. Miss Jones had offered to ‘help’ him out. What else could that mean? All he could do was stand there as Miss Jones started undoing his pants and talking.”Bill, have you ever done this before?”All he could do was tell the truth and shake his head. “No.””That’s OK. I’ll try and make this memorable for you. Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do this with you?” Again he could only shake his head. “A long time Bill, a long time. It’s taken me this long to convince myself that I was thinking this way. But now I’m sure.” By now, his pants were pulled down and as he stepped out of them, Cheryl pulled his shorts down as well. Grabbing his hard cock, she continued, “Now I’m sure that I want you to fuck me with this.” She paused to let this sink in. “I want you to stick this long hard dick into every hole in my body and fuck me until I can’t move. I want to suck your cum out with my mouth and then I want you to fuck my cunt and fill me up with your sperm. Then I want you to fuck my ass and fill that hole too. Then we’re going to start over and do it again. How does that sound to you?”Bill couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was this his sexy French teacher on her knees holding his cock in her hand, or was this another one of his wet dreams? No, this was better than any wet dream. She was actually down there telling him that she wanted to have him fuck her. His cock twitched at the thought. He knew there would be no trouble getting hard over and over again with Cheryl.And then Cheryl started sucking. She also figured that with Bill being so young that he would be hard for hours. In fact she had seen him stay hard at school. Every time she looked at him, he was hard. Wrapping her fingers around his cock, she sucked one and then his other ball into her mouth and ran her tongue around them. Bill groaned and placed his hands in her hair. Then she started licking his cock. He was as hard as steel. As she licked, she thought to herself, “This k** has got a beautiful cock.” Cheryl wrapped her lips around his cock head and moved her mouth farther down his cock. She could feel his veins against her tongue and could feel his cock throbbing. As she pulled her lips back, she took a quick peak up to his face. His eyes were watching her closely. Around his cock, she smiled and he returned it. And she returned to her work.Between her own legs, she could feel her juices getting her panties wet. Removing one hand from around Bill’s cock, she rubbed her pussy through her jeans. Heat was emanating from her cunt. She was going to need this cock in there very soon. But first, she was going to drink his cum. He couldn’t hold out much longer. Cheryl put her mouth into the job and took his entire cock in until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. A couple sucks with her throat and mouth and Bill started cumming.Bill knew that his first orgasm was just the beginning but it was still going to be a good one. Who was he k**ding? It was going to be huge. Cheryl’s mouth was working wonders. He had no idea how she was doing those things with her tongue, but he knew he didn’t want her to stop. Looking down, he could see her lips wrapped around his dick and could feel her throat against the end of his cock. That was it. He grabbed the back of her head and held it against his groin. The first spurt came from deep in his body and he screamed out in pleasure. He was filling Miss Jones’ mouth with his cum. A dream come true. Cheryl had started pulling away thinking he was done when a second and third and fourth stream of cum came flying out his cock. She tried catching it with her mouth but some dripped onto her shirt and jeans.The intensity of Bill’s orgasm caught Cheryl by surprise. After the first large long spurt of cum came into her throat, she thought that was it for round one. But then she realized that he wasn’t done. As more cum flew out of his cock-head, she quickly swallowed the first load and tried to catch the rest. It was amazing – the amount of cum that came out of him. She couldn’t catch it all. She did get a mouthful but now she was covered in it as well. But that was fine with her.Standing, Cheryl spoke, “Why don’t you help me out of these dirty clothes? You seem to have made a mess of them. And let’s get you out of yours too.” Still holding Bill’s cock in her hand, she noticed that it was still almost as hard as before. “God, after all that cum, you’re still hard. I love it. And you tasted great by the way.”Bill still couldn’t believe it. Cheryl was now asking him to undress her, and was complimenting him on his cock. “Thank you, that was great.””I’m glad you enjoyed it. But now, it’s your turn to please me.””Can I eat you?” Bill asked excitedly.”You bet. That’s exactly what I had in mind. But first, let’s get out of our clothes.” Cheryl then reached out to help Bill out of his shirt. Young hard muscles came out. “Ooooo… I like this,” she cooed and ran her hands over his stomach. After removing his socks, he was naked.In Bill’s mind, he had dreamed of what Miss Jones’ body would look and feel like without any clothes. And now he was going to find out. Cheryl let him take his time. She knew that this was probably something that he had wanted to do for a long time.”Have you dreamed of this Bill?””Oh yes, Miss… Cheryl. You have no idea how many canlı poker oyna nights and days I’ve spent wondering what you would look like without any clothes on.””Well Bill, I think you’re going to find out.”Slowly Bill reached out to touch her tits. Even though he had just cum in her mouth, he still hadn’t touched her sexually. Softly he started rubbing them through her shirt. Her nipples got harder and harder. With one hand, he pinched a nipple bringing a moan from Cheryl.”Did you like that?” He asked.”Oh, yes Bill. You have no idea how sensitive my nipples are. Sometimes at school, it’s all I can do to not pinch them.””Yes, I’ve had that same problem for quite a while now,” Bill replied with a smile.Cheryl smiled as well, “Well, here’s your chance.” And again she moaned as he pinched a nipple with each hand.”Let’s take this off,” he suggested and Cheryl helped him pull her shirt off over her head. After tossing aside the shirt, he stared in amazement at Cheryl’s tits. They were even more beautiful free of any bra or shirt. A good handful, slightly upturned with nipples pointing up and out.”Do you like them?” Cheryl asked as she wrapped her hands around them and rubbed her nipples.”Oh yeah,” Bill replied and lowered a mouth to suck in a nipple. Cheryl’s threw her head back and moaned in delight. Holding Bill’s head over her tit, she could feel him sucking and nibbling her nipple. Her other tit was being rubbed by his hand and between the two feelings, Cheryl was close to coming. But she had other things in mind for her first orgasm.Bill was enjoying sucking Cheryl’s tits but he also had another target in mind. Earlier when he had asked about eating Cheryl’s cunt and she had said yes, it was almost better than the blow job. Eating a girl’s pussy, especially Miss Jones’ was one thing that Bill was really looking forward to. And he was sure that he could bring her to an orgasm. He could tell that her breathing was getting heavier already.Cheryl wanted that boy’s tongue between her legs, so reluctantly she pushed his face away from her tits. Taking his face in her hands, she reached out with her lips and kissed him. After pulling back, she said simply, “Eat me Bill. I want to cum on your face.”That was more than Bill could hope for. Quickly, he helped Cheryl pull her shorts off and down her legs. As they were removed, he knelt down and rubbed them. He could feel the hard leg muscles beneath the surface. “Do you work out?” he asked.”Yes I do. Every day.””I can tell. Your legs are beautiful.”This affected Cheryl more than anything else to this point. Even more than the nipple sucking. She had been working out for quite a while trying to get and keep her body in shape. For Bill to notice and compliment her was more than she could have hoped for. “Thank you Bill.” With a smile she continued, “Thanks for noticing.”Bill smiled. She liked that compliment. Something to file away – Cheryl likes being complimented. He was still on his knees at her feet. Rubbing his hands upward, he reached her panty covered pussy which his eyes had been drinking in for the last few seconds. He could make out where her pussy juice had soaked through the panties leaving a wet spot. With one hand he rubbed her mound. Looking up at Cheryl, he saw her smile and nod her head, “Yes, Bill that’s it. Rub it and then I’ll teach you how to eat a woman.”Again Bill’s excitement grew at the prospect of actually tasting her pussy. He withdrew his hand and brought his fingers to his nose. Cheryl’s aroma was intoxicating. He could smell her juices on his fingers.Cheryl was getting impatient now. Jumping up on the table, she spread her legs for Bill to have access to her cunt. “Take these panties off, Bill, and eat me now.”He was also ready. Smelling her aroma had caused his cock to pound in anticipation. Quickly he took her panties and slipped them down over her legs revealing a pussy surrounded by dark pubic hair. Spreading her legs even more, he moved his face in to take a close look at his first pussy.Bill couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. He could see her slit and how wet Cheryl already was. Her cunt juice was moistening the area and he moved his tongue in to taste her. Slowly he licked up from her ass hole up to her clitoris. As he reached the top, he heard Cheryl groan. “Yes,” he thought, “that must have been her clitoris.”He had done a lot of reading and looking at porno magazines and knew that women were very sensitive there. But he wanted to drag this out for a while so sent his tongue elsewhere. He kissed her smooth inner thighs and worked his way back to her cunt and nibbled her cunt lips. Then he took a finger and tried to find her vagina. And there it was. Pushing his finger in, he could feel the wetness inside her. He continued nibbling and licking and moving his finger in and out until Cheryl was almost moaning steadily.Cheryl couldn’t believe what this young guy was doing to her. She was already as horny as she had ever been before when he had begun, but he was now bringing her to heights that she didn’t think she had ever felt before. The first lick almost did it, but instinctively she realized that he was now ignoring her clit. A few nibbles there would have done it for her instantly. “God, I hope he knows to come back there,” she thought. She was almost ready to beg for him to suck her clit when she felt a finger penetrate her vagina and start pushing in and out. Now she was pretty sure that he knew what he was doing, even if he was a virgin. She could feel his finger going in and out and his tongue and mouth lapping around her cunt.Suddenly, he was back to her clitoris and sucking it like a mad man. Inside Cheryl thought to herself, “Thank God, he does know about my clit and what it means.” She could feel another finger join the first in her vagina and the immense pleasure that his tongue was giving her clit. Roughly, she grabbed her nipples and pinched them. That always did it and this time was no different, except it seemed even more intense than ever before. As she pinched, the feeling of her orgasm grew and grew. Waves of pleasure emanated from her clit and moved to her nipples and back again. Out her mouth she screamed, “I’m cummmmiiiiinnnngggg!!!!” Her body tensed and pushed upwards pushing Bill’s mouth deep into her pussy. He continued licking as her body shook and her juices flowed.Bill wanted to have her cum hard and was pretty sure that he could do it. When the time seemed right, he moved back to her clitoris and started sucking. That brought the effect that he was looking for. He pushed another finger into her wet vagina and sucked and finger-fucked her. Glancing up her body, he could see her pinching her nipples and tensing her body pushing her crotch upwards. This pushed his face even deeper into her cunt.She was screaming now and her body was shaking. “I made her cum,” Bill thought to himself. “I made Cheryl cum.” Again his cock throbbed. He was ready for his first fuck. But first he knew that he should continue pleasuring Cheryl until she was finished. And so, he kept sinking his fingers into her vagina and licking her clit until he felt her hands on the back of his head and heard her say, “Whoa, Bill. That’s good for now.”Cheryl had had one of the most intense orgasms of her life – from a virgin. As she came down from the high, she was shaking her head in amazement. “He was good. I can’t believe this.” She could still feel Bill between her legs and told him to stop.”That was amazing Bill. Where did you learn to do that?”Bill was smiling from ear to ear, his face covered in Cheryl’s cunt juice. She was complimenting him. “I don’t know. Lots of reading I guess,” he replied.”Well, you certainly know what you’re doing. Everything was perfect. Let’s go into the bedroom to continue.” As Bill helped Cheryl get off the table, she again looked at his body. His cock was hard and throbbing. On his face was a stupid little grin. “What are you grinning about Bill?”What was he grinning about? He couldn’t believe she actually had to ask him. He still couldn’t believe what was happening. Let alone, he had actually gotten a blow job from her and then eaten her to an orgasm. But now she was telling him how good he was and actually inviting him into her bedroom. And she was staring at his cock again. It was pushing skyward, waiting for something to fuck. What guy wouldn’t be grinning under these circumstances? “Are you k**ding, Cheryl? Don’t you realize what this means to me?”After a moments thought, it came to her what this meant to him. After all, it seemed as though he had been dreaming about her for a long time and here she was, ready to take his virginity. “Yes, I see what you mean Bill. Let’s make this extra special for you, shall we?” With that she grabbed his cock and pulled him toward her for a kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and battled his tongue while slowly rubbing her hand up and down his cock, rubbing its pre-cum over his length.A couple minutes later, she pulled back. Looking at his cock, she said, “Why don’t we go do something about this?” Bill nodded and grabbing his hand, Cheryl led him down the hallway into her bedroom. As fast as she could, she pulled the sheets back and threw them to the foot of the bed. Laying down, she reached up to Bill and said, “Come here and fuck me Bill.”And there she was in all her glory. Nipples still hard and pointy. Breasts going up and down in time to her breathing. Beautiful brown eyes burning with lust. Long hair framing her face. Hands reaching toward him. And her pussy. Oh what a pussy. He could see her juices matted in her pussy hair. In a second, Bill had taken this all in and was climbing on the bed next to her, his cock pushing into her leg as he laid next to her and kissed her deeply.”Are you ready Bill? Are you ready for me to ride your beautiful cock?” Cheryl asked as they pulled apart. “I’m on the pill so we don’t have to worry about anything like that,” she assured him.”Oh yes, Cheryl, fuck me. Fuck me with that beautiful cunt of yours.”And so Cheryl pushed Bill onto his back. His cock pulsed in anticipation and pointed straight skyward. Again, she took it in her hands and admired its beauty. It had been so long since she had had one of these inside her. She positioned her body over his facing him. Holding his cock in the air, slowly she lowered herself onto him. He was just average sized, but still filled her up.Bill watched this all carefully. As Cheryl got into position, he put his hands on her hips to steady her. His eyes watched as she wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly lowered her body onto his. With the first touch of her pussy, he could feel the heat and wetness with his cock. And as each inch entered her, he could feel the muscles in her cunt massaging him. And then their pubic hair was entwined and he was completely inside her. It felt amazing. Cheryl was just sitting there slowly rocking back and forth using her cunt muscles on his cock.She was enjoying watching the look on Bill’s face as she sat on his cock. “How does that feel Bill? Do you like having your cock deep inside me?” And she gave an extra squeeze with her muscles.Bill was speechless. All he could do was nod his head and look up at Cheryl’s face with lust in his eyes. She leaned forward putting one of her tits near his mouth. Taking the hint, he sucked the nipple into his mouth. As he sucked, she started rising and falling on his cock. He could feel her cunt lips pulling in and out against his cock. His hands were wrapped around Cheryl’s back feeling her ass cheeks and rubbing down to where his cock was pushing into her cunt.Cheryl could feel his teeth biting her nipples. First one and then the other. She continued fucking canlı bahis his cock. The feeling of his length inside her was satisfying a need that she had felt growing over the last few months. Finally, she could let go. She was getting fucked and Bill was doing a good job of it too. Now she wanted him to get on top though. It was time for him to do some work. Leaning her mouth next to his ear, she whispered, “Time for you to get on top Bill. I want you to fuck me hard until you cum.”Bill heard her and felt his cock twitch. Wrapping his hands around her waist, he rolled them over keeping his cock buried inside her. And then he was on top. “OK, Cheryl, are you ready for this? I’ve fantasized hundred of times about being on top of you like this and now I’m going to make all those fantasies come true.””Oh yes Bill. Fuck me. Cum inside me. Make me cum. Just fuck me hard.”But first he wanted to do something else and so he pulled his cock out of her. With a shocked look, she started opening her mouth. Bill put a finger on her lips to stop her. Reaching down to his cock, he started rubbing it up and down her slit getting it even wetter. When he rubbed it against Cheryl’s clit, her body tensed. And then he moved it back down to her vagina. One quick thrust and he pulled out again and was rubbing her clit. Back and forth he went a few times until Cheryl was almost jumping out of her skin each time he touched her.This was something different for Cheryl. No one had ever done this to her before. It felt weird and wonderful. One second his cock was deep inside her and the next her clit was being directly massaged. She could feel another orgasm growing.Bill could feel one growing too. So now he quit his alternating and started fucking her. In and out he pistoned his cock into her vagina. His body was flying, Cheryl was screaming in ecstasy, he was screaming. It was too much. He tried slowing down to draw out the feeling but Cheryl screamed to him, “No, faster. Keep going faster. I’m going to cum again.” And so he sped up his thrusting again and felt Cheryl’s body tense and her orgasm begin. He could feel the waves of passion going through her cunt muscles and with a final plunge deep inside, Bill came as well. And came and came. This time, it wasn’t just three or four spurts of cum, but 8 or 9. Bill just kept pumping his cum into Cheryl’s body. And then she was full and it started flowing out of her pussy and running down between her ass cheeks and onto the bed sheets. And Bill kept going, in and out. Both of them could hear the sound of his cock slurping as it went in and out of Cheryl’s pussy.Cheryl’s orgasm was as strong as her first, if not stronger, which was hard for her to believe. But it was Bill’s orgasm that amazed her even more. As her orgasm hit, she felt Bill push deep into her body and start cumming. She felt one, two spurts and then another and another until she lost count. God, he was cumming in buckets. So much so that she could feel his cum overflowing her cunt and running down to her ass. And he was still hard and pumping. “Is this k** never going to stop?” she asked herself. Not that she wanted him to. No, not in a million years. In fact, she could feel another orgasm building inside her. Wrapping her legs around his waist and her hands around his back, she pulled him inside her deeper and deeper feeling the orgasm approach.Bill was in another world. He had just had the best orgasm of his life and had cum longer than he thought possible. But he had to keep going. He knew he was going to cum again. And all he had to do was look down at Cheryl’s face below him and the hard nipples on her tits to realize that she was going to cum again as well. Now Cheryl was wrapping hands and legs around his body and he couldn’t have stopped even if he wanted to. But he didn’t want to, this was too great. Cheryl started screaming again as she came.Her mind was awash with the feeling of a second orgasm in less than 2 or 3 minutes. As the waves of pleasure again crashed through her body, she felt nothing but Bill’s body against hers and inside hers. That was all that mattered at that moment.Cheryl was cumming again. That made Bill feel proud, and horny. He was also close and moved in to high gear, pounding his cock into her juiced up and sloppy cunt. Their bodies pounded against one another’s as her orgasm crested and his began. This time there wasn’t the copious amount of cum that was produced the previous time, but still Bill produced enough to again overflow Cheryl’s cunt and run it down to her ass.Cheryl could feel his cum flowing into her body again and down between her legs. She was cumming down from her orgasm and laid there enjoying the feeling of Bill’s still hard but softening cock inside her and his cum inside and on her.Bill was exhausted and withdrew his softening cock and laid down next to Cheryl. She reached over to rub his glistening sweaty chest. “Bill,” she whispered, getting his attention. “That was by far the best fuck of my life. And I’m not k**ding. I’ve never had two orgasms like that and I’ve never had someone cum twice that quickly or that much before.” To emphasize the last statement, Cheryl reached down between her legs and picked up a fingerful of his cum that she then brought to her mouth to swallow.He could see by the look in her eyes that she was telling the truth and it made his cock twitch thinking about it. “Thank you Cheryl. It was great. Can we do it again?”Cheryl’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Are you serious?” Looking down at his cock, she could see it slowly twitching and starting to move. “God, you’re amazing. Your getting hard again already. I knew you would last, but I had no idea it would be like this.”Bill just smiled and leaned over to kiss Cheryl’s mouth. She replied in kind and he felt her run her fingers down his body to wrap them around his wet cock. “Cheryl, like I said, I’ve dreamed about this for a long time and I’m not going to waste one minute of this time with you.” In reply, she squeezed his cock again and kissed him again.”Let me clean you up,” Bill suggested and started moving his face down to her cunt.”Are you sure? There’s a lot of your cum down there.””That’s OK. I’ve tasted my own cum before and I think it’ll taste good mixed with yours.”Cheryl was amazed once again. This k** would do anything. No man she had ever been with would even consider eating her after cumming inside her. And here was Bill volunteering to do so. She knew she would have to do something for him in return. “Bill, swing around and bring your cock up here,” she suggested. He understood and laid his semi-hard cock over her lips. She proceeded to suck it into her mouth as she felt his tongue licking her pubic area.Bill was willing to do almost anything with Cheryl. Tasting his own cum was something that didn’t bother him one bit. He was sure it would taste great mixed with Cheryl’s cunt juice. He felt Cheryl’s mouth start sucking his cock and bent his head down between her legs. She was right, his cum was all over her pussy and still slowly flowing out of it. He stuck his tongue out to catch it as it came out and licked up every drop he could find.Together they spent this time leisurely pleasuring each other. Cheryl continued sucking Bill’s cock. It was still only semi-hard and she realized that he would need a longer time to recover this time. So she took it out of her mouth and suggested, “Bill, why don’t we just cuddle for a bit? I’m kind of sore at the moment anyway.”With concern in his voice, he quickly pulled his mouth from her pussy and spoke, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t hurting you was I?””No Bill,” Cheryl assured him. “You’re not hurting me. It’s only that that last fuck was so good that I need some time to get ready for more. And you’re still not ready either,” she added with a squeeze of his cock.”Yes, you’re right,” he agreed and spun around to lay beside her. He pulled her close and ran his hand through her hair. Again he couldn’t believe what has happening. Miss Jones – when was the last time he had thought of her as that – was laying beside him, still flushed from her last orgasm. Her nipples were still hard and he couldn’t resist rubbing them again. Cheryl’s eyes were closed and she moaned softly as he ran his fingers around them.Cheryl opened her eyes and looked at Bill’s face as he concentrated on massaging her breasts. There were still a few drops of sweat on his face from the furious fucking he had given her earlier. His hair was disheveled and sweaty as well. Around his mouth, she could see the remains of their juices that he had licked from her pussy. Moving forward, she started licking them off his face. “This tastes pretty good,” she thought to herself. To Bill she said, “Mmmm… we taste pretty good.””Yep. Now you know why I was enjoying it so much.”She pulled her face back from his and looked deep into his eyes. Suddenly, she was serious and said, “Bill, what are we going to do? I can’t believe we did this. Not that it wasn’t great,” she quickly added. “It’s just that I’m your TEACHER. I’m not supposed to do stuff like this.” Bill had nothing to say and let her continue. “But how could I resist? You’re so handsome and sexy and I wanted you so badly. Did you know that I’ve wanted you for months?”All he could do was shake his head. He had no idea that she had also been thinking about him. After all, he was a lot younger than she was and, he thought, way out of her league. But he had no idea what was going to happen with them. School was never going to be the same again. Suddenly he thought of his parents. “Oh my God, what time is it?” he asked. “I’ve got to call home.” Looking at the clock by Cheryl’s bed, he saw that it was after 9:30. “Can I use your phone?” he asked her.Cheryl nodded towards the phone beside the bed and as he rolled over to it, she got up to go to the bathroom. While there, she continued thinking about the predicament that she had gotten herself into. She knew that there was really no turning back now. She had sampled his cock and realized that she couldn’t live without it now. And he was really good looking – there was no denying it. But she didn’t really know too much about him. Maybe it was time to learn what he liked, what he didn’t like, and all that. Finishing up, she washed herself and looked in the mirror. The sight facing her was a woman flushed from sex. Her hair was all over the place like Bill’s was. She pulled out a comb and started making herself presentable. As she did so, she listened to Bill as he talked to his parents. Apparently he had come up with the excuse that he was going to a late movie and so it would be after midnight before he got home. Smiling to herself, she realized that this left them 2 and a half hours. Time enough for lots of fun. And she turned to return to the bed.As Bill dialed his number, he was trying to think of what to say to his mom. “Yeh, Mom, I’m over here at Cheryl Jones’, you know my French teacher, and we’ve just had sex for the last 2 hours or so. Can I stay for some more?” Yeh, right, that was what he was going to say. The phone was ringing and then he came up with an excuse – a movie. And so that’s what he told her. As usual, she trusted and believed him, saying to enjoy the show before hanging up. He as well hung up and turned to see Cheryl returning from the bathroom. Him mom had told him to enjoy the show and that’s what he was doing now.Cheryl’s body was beautiful. Her tits bounced slightly as she strolled to the bed, her hips wiggled nicely and her hair was combed and bouncing lightly. Playfully, Cheryl jumped onto the bed next to him.”Is everything OK?” she asked.”I told her I was going to a movie and I wouldn’t be home for a few hours,” he replied.”Great. Does that mean you’re not done yet? Cause I know I’m not done yet.” Looking down Bill’s body, she could see his penis twitching. “But why don’t you wash up a bit first?””Maybe you’re right,” he agreed and headed to the bathroom adjoining her room.