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Subject: Chuck McGraw – Part 4 The continuing story of Chuck McGraw, a big-dicked, bad ass mother fucker. Soldier. Father. Fucker. Please support Nifty! For legal reasons all of this is fictional. Feedback welcome at: hoo 1995 – Remedial PT Session – Fort Benning, GA It was early evening, the end of the workday, and the base gym, the largest of four, was packed with Soldier and Marine gym junkies. Almost every bench, squat rack, and machine was taken with grunting and sweating men, and a few women. Most were in civilian workout clothing, the men favoring baggy, knee-length shorts and t-shirt or cut-off tanks. A few were still in their BDU’s and boots, stripped down to their undershirts. Technically that wasn’t allowed, but the post Command Sergeant Major was loath to discourage anyone who was looking to better themselves physically. So, he let it be known to let that particular rule slide. SGT Chuck McGraw walked out of the locker room and headed toward the large free weight area. He wore a old yellow World’s Gym stringer tank top and some old grey PT shorts, so faded and thin that the US Army logo was nearly worn off. As always, he was commando, letting his massive meat swing, well, as much as it could in the too-tight and too-short shorts. His shaft was highly visible, snaking down his left thigh as it was. The young Drill Sergeant was 25 years old and a walking, talking rock solid muscle god, the envy of every man he encountered. Standing at six foot four inches and weighing in at a lean 210 pounds, broad shouldered, trim waist, with 19 inch arms, women wanted to have sex with him and men wanted to be him. Men also wanted to have sex with him, and he was okay with that. As long as he got his dick wet, he was a happy man. On the floor he claimed his bench and got to work. It was chest day and he progressed through his warmup with dumbbell flies, presses, and overhead pull overs. As he lay back on the bench, his legs spread to stabilize his body, the head of his cock would occasionally snake out his leg opening. Many people noticed. He was used to being watched, stared at, especially while he worked out. He was an exhibitionist and enjoyed every second of it. As he lowered the dumb bells on a fly, letting his arms stretch wide, feeling the muscle tendons in his hairy chest strain against the weight, he let his legs spread a little farther apart. He could feel his hooded cockhead push past the hem of his cotton shorts. Who would have the cojones to say anything to him? They were all either scared of him, or they admired him, or both. He moved onto the bench press and began his workout in earnest. Since he started his assignment as a Drill Sergeant, especially as the junior DS, his work hours were fucking crazy. istanbul travesti Ever since his wife gave birth to their first son, she wasn’t up to fucking nearly as much, and certainly not as rough as Chuck liked it. To be fair she was never as horny as Chuck was, but he never had any trouble getting what he needed outside of the house. He also felt he wasn’t progressing enough on his fitness goals due to the crazy hours. He was working on setting up the shared DS office with some basic weights and a basic squat rack. It’d be a glad edition, especially for those nights he was on duty. He was between sets when he strolled over to the water fountain for a drink. He chatted a bit with some big-titted blonde chick he’d fucked a few times before. She was married too, so he felt pretty safe that she wasn’t gonna go crazy and demand more from him other than getting railed out now and then. He was pretty sure she was the one that liked being choked, and he was about to suggest a quick fuck after his workout when SFC Wylde, the senior Drill Sergeant of his company, walked up, greeting him with a slap on the shoulder. Wylde was 40 years old, with a shaved head, a square jaw, and thickly built. He was an old infantry grunt and a power lifter. He wore old cut off sweats as shorts with a leather weight belt and a baggy sweatshirt that concealed his muscular build. As the two men talked, the blond woman, ignored, wandered off. The two men returned to the weight room and Wylde took the bench beside McGraw as they lifted. The two men spotted one another for the heavier lifts. Wylde was the type who responded to being yelled at by his training partner, and so he and Chuck barked obscenities and encouragement at each other, drawing even more attention to the pair. Chuck was working up a sweat, and his tank clung to him. His light grey shorts had turned from light grey to dark with damp. Between the pumping testosterone and blood flow, and the attention he was getting from the crowd, he was at risk of springing to full mast if he didn’t concentrate. As it was his cock was leaking as he got hornier. At one point while spotting Wylde on the bench press a huge drop of precum dropped from his foreskin onto the senior NCO’s forehead. Wylde didn’t seem to notice, or he assumed it was just sweat. After the workout the two men headed to the locker room, and eventually the steam room to relax and recover from their lift. They stripped down, secured their gear, and towels swung over their shoulders, stepped into the dimly lit, white-tiled, steam-filled room. After a few minutes of quiet, Wylde finally said, “Well damn, McGraw. That fucking club between your legs probably does some damage. I’d be exhausted just having to carry kadıköy travesti all that around all day!” “You get used to after a while.” Chuck laughed. “I thought a got a good view of it when you were spotting me, but I really didn’t. I would have never guessed how big it really was.” “Well, it gets bigger when its happy.” Chuck said mischievously. “Yeah?” Wylde asked. “How big exactly?” Chuck could see it then, the hunger. SFC Wylde was more than just casually curious. He might even be a married cock sucker. He wouldn’t be the first, or the last, to taste McGraw’s massive meat, and that thought started to fully chub the young Sergeant’s cock. “If you really want to know, then I think I’ll need some help, sarge.” Chuck said, letting his thighs spread fully apart. He leaned fully back against the tile wall and closed his eyes. He took hold of his fat shaft and started slowly stroking up and down. He could feel Wylde’s eyes burning into him as he watched him. After a few strokes he let he dick drop onto the wet tile with a thud and placed his hands on either side. Without looking he knew what would happen next. He heard the sergeant move, closing the space between them. He felt the rough, callused fist of Wylde pick his cock up and wrap around his shaft. The other man started stroking the younger NCO’s cock. Chuck was rock hard in moments, his foreskin straining against his swollen head, and pre cum started oozing out. McGraw always produced copious amounts of pre-ejaculate fluid. It stained most of his pants and meant that even the tightest of holes didn’t need lube to eventually accommodate his massive cock. Right now, Wylde used his thumb to spread the precum over Chuck’s cock head as he pulled back the foreskin. “God damn, bro!” Wylde whispered in awe. “This is the biggest fuckin’ cock I’ve ever seen.” “Does it feel big in your hand, bro?” Chuck asked quietly, cracking one eye to look down at the powerlifter squatting down between his thighs? “Fuck yeah, man.” “You should see how it big it feels in your mouth, bud.” “I don’t know man.” Wylde said, looking over his shoulder toward the steam-covered glass door. “Go for it man. See how much you can get down before you choke.” Wylde didn’t need much more encouragement than that. His lapped up the precum dripping down Chuck’s cock and onto his hairy fist. He pulled back the foreskin, releasing a musky, manly odor, and placed his head over the end of the man’s cock. Wylde inhaled deeply. He took in as much as he could into his mouth, not even a third, before choking on it. Chuck guessed that SFC Wylde was no stranger to other dicks, but the married man was far from proficient. Still, even an amateur cocksucker held its appeal to the young Drill bakırköy travesti Sergeant. He guided him, with his hands on the other man’s head, and with encouraging words. “That’s it. Get that tongue under my foreskin. Get in there and taste it. Fuck yea, like that. Make me feel good, big sarge.” Eventually Chuck stood up, setting Wylde back on his knees, so he could fuck his face. For his part Wylde place hands on either side of McGraw’s massive quads and concentrated on breathing through his nose. “You want to feel my big fuck stick up your ass, sarge?” McGraw growled. “See if you can handle more of it from the other end. Chuck pulled his cock from the man’s mouth so he could answer him. Gasping and panting, Wylde nodded his approval and whispered, “Fuck yea I do. Goddamit. Fuck.” So Wylde got up, bent over the white tiled bench, and braced himself. McGraw speared the older man’s hairy hole with as much precum, sweat, and spit as he could muster and slowly pressed his ten-incher past the man’s rectum, feeling it pop through the first ring and easing it into his shitter. Wylde used his gym towel to muffle his own cries and curses as he struggled to take the young NCO’s gigantic dick. “Come on, sergeant,” McGraw teased, “Open up that ass for me. Let me in.” Chuck dug his fingers into Wylde’s hips and pressed his cock in deeper. “Relax and let me fuck you. I’m not that big, am I?” He punctuated each comment, each question, with another thrust that drove his cock in deeper. “This ass feels pretty good on my cock. We should have been fucking for months now if I knew you wanted my dick so bad.” Soon enough McGraw was pounding his superior hard, the man’s hairy ass slamming into the younger’s crotch as Chuck’s cock sunk all the way in, rearranging Wylde’s guts along the way. Before they got caught, Chuck increased his speed and thrust until he was unloading his seed in SFC Wylde’s ass. His guttural growl suppressed his usual, instinctual roar as his balls emptied. He pulled free, slapping his cum-coated-cock on Wylde’s ass, and sat down across from him. SFC Wylde turned around and sat down as well. His own cock stood still rock hard, about six inches, cut, and leaking precum. It was just in time too, as a group of three Soldiers entered the steam room, towels around their waists, talking and laughing loudly. Wylde, startled, covered his dick with a towel and adopted a pathetic look of innocence. Chuck, however, never flinched. He sat there, leaning back against the tile wall, legs spread, slimy cock still mostly hard and hanging off the edge of the bench, dripping cum onto the floor. The other men took seats further in. It was obvious that they were all trying to look at the young NCO’s colossal cock without being seen looking. After a few moments, McGraw stood up, nodding to the other men, and headed to the showers. He’d found a useful ally in the senior drill instructor, and, by the end of his tour, he’s sure he could train him to be a better cocksucker. -More to Cum.