Church Basement

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Church BasementI was driving through a small town in Oregon early one summer morning on my way to Portland. I had been out of work for a week and I was getting real low on cash and the fuel gauge was close to empty. I checked out a gas station that was still closed but it became obvious that it had burglar alarms as I cruised past the pumps. I was getting desperate but I wasn’t going to take the risk of going to jail over a few dollars and a tank full of gas. I gunned the engine and cursed my luck as I turned onto the road leading out of town. Just as I was almost to the city limits I noticed a quaint little church tucked back in the woods at the far edge of the city park, which gave me an idea. I looked to see if anyone was around before I quickly turned down the lane leading to the church. As I got closer I read the sign out front and realized that regular services wouldn’t start for another three hours so I thought I’d break in and see if I could find some money or anything of value. The front door was well built and pretty much burglar proof so I parked in the back lot and cautiously checked out the area for prying eyes before I got out of my car. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was starting to sweat as I almost sprinted to the back door. I was expecting big problems but getting in was easy. I broke a small glass panel out of the back door with my elbow and started my frantic search. I looked everywhere but I didn’t find anything of value and I was ready to leave when I heard a car pull up in front of the church and stop. I froze, hell I couldn’t breathe for a minute because the fear of going to jail terrified me.Soon I heard a single car door open and close then the sound of a woman’s shoes quickly approaching on the concrete walk, and then a key was in the door!I ducked behind the altar just as the door opened and a girl stepped in carrying what looked to be a big box of cooking utensils. I was relieved to see that she was alone and I let out a quiet sigh of relief. She looked to be about s*******n, five foot-six, with short blond hair and she was wearing a medium length skirt with a nice yellow blouse. Her innocent beauty stunned me; her face was well defined and her tits were as close to perfect as any pair I had ever seen in my life. My cock was soon giving me fits and starting to leak pre-cum and I suddenly knew, if no one else showed up, I was definitely going to mate with this beautiful girl or die trying. She walked to a large side door, unlocked it, and started down the stairs to the basement and I quietly followed after her. I waited until I heard her rummaging around in some cabinets before I silently stepped through the door and locked it behind me. The basement was warm and set up real nice and I knew it was used for lunches and other stuff. I watched her carefully as she stood by the counter next to the sink as she continued to search for something in the cupboards. Her purse was lying open and I was hoping that she had some money but I couldn’t see what was in it because it was turned away from me. She was so intent with her search that she never heard me come up behind her until it was too late. Just as she started to turn I grabbed her and bent her over the counter as I shoved her forward and pinned her. I clamped a hand over her mouth just as she started to scream, while my other hand gripped a bunch of her hair. “Make a sound or fight me and you’re gonna regret it girl, you understand?” I felt her nod so I took my hand from her mouth and reached into her purse. Things were looking up, she had four twenty-dollar bills and I stashed them in my pocket.”Please don’t hurt me, just take the money and leave,” she whimpered. I couldn’t help but smile when she gasped real loud and started to squeal in panic as I threw her skirt up over her shapely ass and gripped her panties. When she felt my hand jerking her panties down she damned well knew what I was going to do and I was more then ready for anything she might try.It took all of my strength to hold the panic stricken little bitch in place as I repeatedly jerked her panties down and finally forced her to step out of them then I put them in my pocket. They would be a welcome addition to my growing trophy collection.”For God’s sake, NO! Don’t do this to me, I’m a virgin, just take my money! DON’T **** ME!” she shrieked as I continued to hold her down. Then I kicked her legs apart and she really started to holler so I muzzled her again. You’re way too beautiful to be a virgin, girl!” I laughed as I hauled my throbbing cock out of my pants and pushed it against her quivering, naked crotch. She kept struggling and trying to shout through my cupped hand as I pushed my cock firmly against her pussy lips and then started to work it up and down while she suddenly gasped and started quivering and jerking around like she was being electrocuted. “You better keep your voice down and hold still or I’m gonna hurt you girl! Now you better listen to me. I’m not gonna do anything your pussy doesn’t want me to do but I think your body wants my big cock inside of you. If your pussy doesn’t make it real wet and slippery in less than a minute, I’ll just take your money and turn you loose. Deal?”She kept struggling and pleading while my cock skillfully worked her pussy lips and clit towards the inevitable lubrication, but that was ok with me, I didn’t expect her to be grateful. I think she believed me when I offered her the ‘less than a minute’ deal because she stopped fighting me and seemed to hold her breath. I’m sure she was praying and counting the seconds.Well, guess what? In less than a minute the head of my cock was glistening with lots of fresh pussy juice and then her pussy lips started to make incredible slurping sounds. When she heard the slurping sounds getting louder she shuddered and started panting and babbling about her body betraying her and helping me get her ready to be ****d in her darkest hour. “Her darkest hour” Is that church drama or what?By the time her pussy was ready for penetration I thought the fight had gone out of her but when I slipped my thick cock in far enough to make solid contact with her cherry, her adrenaline must have kicked in hard because she went fucking nuts and I was in trouble.Before I could say, “oh shit, you really are a virgin,” I found myself trying to mate with a wildcat that didn’t want to be bred. Her struggling became even more frantic when she felt her cherry stretching towards the breaking point and she almost got away from me.”Oh God NO! You’re hurting me! Stop r****g me, I can’t. Yaaaaaagh!!” She tried to jump straight up and quickly twisted to the right but I grabbed her neck in the nick of time and pushed her head against the counter. I held her tight as I reared back and quickly broke through her cherry on the third quick thrust and I swear we both felt it snap.I knew what was going to happen in the next split second and I was ready for her. I clamped my hand over her mouth tighter then before and then I reared back again as my cock moved in for the kill and hilted the little beauty in less than twenty, frantic seconds. During that time, she tried to scream bloody murder so forcefully that the veins in her neck stood out like small blue ropes while my cock opened her up.Anyway, once she was hilted I paused for a few moments and gave her tightly stretched pussy a few short strokes while I waited for her body to adjust to my big African Pipeline before I started giving her full deep strokes. In less than a minute of steady pumping, I noticed that her hips were starting to quiver and I knew that she was starting to feel the real magic of my manhood.With each full thrust, my balls swelled a little more and I knew I had to be careful if I wanted to take my time with this cutie. Her pussy was slippery tight and she was starting to make my balls surge a bit as she kept wriggling and jerking her hips around in her vain attempt to escape her fate. “Hey, what the hell are you trying to do to me girl? You better stop working my cock like that with your damned hips or you’re gonna force me to shoot your little pussy full of cum,” I hissed. Bingo! Man, that had an instant impact on her. Now she was suddenly thinking that maybe I just wanted to fuck her pussy for a while but I didn’t intend to pump my sperm into her. She immediately stopped struggling but she was still real tense as I continued my deep stroking. That just goes to show that if you want a woman to behave properly, you gotta tell her what she wants to hear, and that’s especially true while you’re r****g her virgin pussy. Once she quieted down, I regained control of my load and smiled at the back of her head as my measured thrusts made her upper body slid back and forth on the counter with a slow, sensuous rhythm. I figured that I could last five minutes or so and I was determined to do two more things before I was finished with her. I already had her cherry and panties and now I was going to make her a full partner in crime. Before we were finished, she was going to force me to pump my seeds deep in her womb, then after we rested for awhile, she was going to make my cock shoot a big load down her throat. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to get her to do all of that but that was my plan.I pushed her legs further apart with my knee and tightened my grip around her waist as I continued to work her towards an orgasm. Soon her breathing started getting deeper and I watched with great pleasure as her hips began to tremble and twitch against her will. It looked to me like her “darkest hour” might turn into her “happy hour” if I stayed a couple of steps ahead of her.”Oh God, what’s happening to me, what are you trying to do to me? For Christ’s sake please don’t squirt your sperm in me, I’m only…..!””Naw, I’m not gonna let my cock shoot off in your pussy but you’re definitely gonna bursa escort have to orgasm for me girl.” “YOU’RE INSANE… I’LL NEVER DO THAT! NOW LET ME GO!”Oh yeah you are, don’t go shaking your head “no!” You’re gonna cum for me real hard and you’re gonna do it twice. After you do that, you’re gonna give me a real nice blowjob and when you make me cum you damned well better swallow everything I pump into your mouth, understand?” “WHAT? Me… me cum for you? Swallow your sperm? NEVER! You’re crazy, just let me go! I’ll never be a whore for you and no one will ever turn me into a depraved, cock sucking slut so if you think that I will…!””If you keep jerking your hips around you’re gonna make my cock explode in your pussy so you better knock it off unless you really want my baby.” “WANT YOUR BABY? NO! WAIT! I can’t have your baby! For God’s sake, you’re totally insane…. STOP r****g ME!””You better listen to me girlfriend, I already got your fucking cherry and you know my cock’s way deep in your pussy so if I want to knock you up right now there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop me. Now, you better listen up. You’re gonna cum for me twice and then you’re gonna finish my cock off in your pretty little mouth and that’s just the way it’s gonna be.” “LET ME GO YOU SON OF A BITCH, I’M NOT DOING SHIT FOR YOU!”I didn’t say a word as I tightened my grip on her and started working her real fast, then I had a great idea. I started making loud grunting sounds like I was trying to cum as soon as possible and, man, her pretty head shot up and she started squawking in terror. Oh yeah, that really got her attention!” NO, DON’T DO THIS! YOU’RE GONNA CUM IN ME IF YOU DON’T STOP! FOR GOD’S SAKE……. DON’T DO THIS TO ME!””SHUT UP BITCH, I TOLD YOU I DIDN’T WANT TO CUM IN YOUR PUSSY BUT YOU DON’T LISTEN VERY WELL!””Please mister, if you pull your penis out of me right now I’ll do it. I don’t want to do it but if you’ll stop r****g me right now, I promise I’ll give you the best blowjob that you’ve ever had in your life!” “THAT COMES LATER GIRL FRIEND!”FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, PULL IT OUT… PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME, YOU’RE GOING TO SQUIRT SPERM IN ME AND I’LL GET…!””Not yet sweetheart, first things first, you’ve gotta make your pussy cum twice and we don’t have a lot of time to get the job done.””WHY? Why twice… why do I have to orgasm even once?””I want to feel your pussy squeezing my cock while your pussy spasms when you get your cookies. I love that feeling and I want you to cum real hard each time and make it last as long as you can. After that, I’ll let you give me “the best blowjob of my life” and then I’ll turn you loose and you’ll be home free, minus your cherry and the money of course.” She didn’t say anything for a moment so I started working her faster and deeper then before and then started making my “I’m gonna cum soon” sounds. I smiled as she shrieked in panic and started squawking again.”Is that your answer girl? You’re not gonna cum for me? You’re just gonna stand there all bent over while you wait for me to start pumping a quart of hot cream deep into your virgin belly?” “NO! NO I DON’T! Stop talking to me like that, you’re lying to me mister! I think you’re trying to humiliate me by having me make myself orgasm while you’re r****g me and then, while my orgasm’s making me jerk around like a slut, you’ll make your penis shoot sperm into me anyway! I won’t let you do that to me, I’m not a slut and I never will be! LET ME GO!””Have it your way girl, like I said, I just wanted to stroke your slippery little pussy for a while and feel it squeezing my cock while you had a couple of great orgasms. But…. since you think I’m trying to trick you somehow then we can skip that plan and you can forget the orgasms and I’ll forget the blowjob but your tight little pussy and virgin womb are going to pay a very high price.””NO! Stop talking like that, you’re scaring the shit out of me! Just let me give you a blowjob and then you can take my damned money and leave!””Do me a favor girl, let me know what it feels like when the head of my cock pushes deep into your cervix and starts squirting my baby into your virgin womb.””WAIT! Oh Jesus, not that! Don’t do that to me, please, for God’s sake mister, you can’t do this to me, I’m just s*******n and I don’t want.….!””Are you gonna cum for me? Are you gonna cum twice… REAL HARD?””Stop it, I told you I’m not a slut and I won’t do that for you or anyone else so you can go straight to hell! STOP r****g ME YOU BASTARD!””Have it your way girl! Now I don’t want to hear a mother fucking peep out of you until you feel my cock start pumping lots of baby-making sperm deep inside your stupid virgin cunt.””NO! You can’t do this to me, don’t talk to me like that, I’m not a whore! Please, I’m begging you, I’ll suck your penis and swallow all of your cum, I swear to God I will! Please let me show you what I can do, I’ll…. I’ll do anything for you, just don’t make me pregnant!””Shut the fuck up girl,” I said as I grabbed her waist and drove my cock as far up her painfully stretched pussy as I could. “OUCH…OH SHIT, NO! Stop it! Stop pushing it in so damned deep, you’re too big for me… you’re hurting me you bastard!””Shut up bitch, your pussy will get used to my cock soon enough and by the time it starts gushing and flooding your womb you’ll be feeling warm and wonderful.” “WAIT! Please wait, I don’t want this, how do I know that you’ll keep your word and not let your penis get me if I make myself orgasm for you?””You don’t, but if you do nothing I’ll guarantee what my cock’s gonna do inside your pussy. Last chance girl, are you gonna make your tight little pussy orgasm for me? Yes or no?”She seemed confused and it was real funny watching her trying to make up her mind if I was telling her the truth or just gaming her. Stress does that to white girls; hell it’s probably the same with black girls too. Someday I’ll have to **** one and find out.”Are you telling me the truth? If… if I do this for you, if I orgasm for you, will you promise not to let your penis squirt sperm in my… vagina?” “I already told you I want a blowjob but only after you make your pussy cum twice.” “OK! OK… this is so disgusting, I don’t want to do it, but I will! Oh God, I’m not a slut but I can’t stand the thought of your baby growing in my womb!” “Let’s get this over with girl, its just sex. Now raise your beautiful ass up so I can get more of my big, thick cock into your tight little vagina and then you better get ready to start cumming for me as quick and hard as you can.”She slowly shook her head in despair as she grudgingly raised her ass to give me better access for penetration. She grunted real hard and cried a little but she didn’t say a word as I slowly forced an extra inch of my cock into her tightly stretched belly. Then I started working her with long, slow strokes and after a few moments her hips started to tremble again and I knew she was finally ready for some serious adult entertainment.”Ok girl, your pussy’s ready now and my cock’s gonna know when you cum so don’t even think about faking an orgasm, because you know what I’ll make it do if you try to cross me, understand?” “Please hurry, I won’t fake it, I just want to get this over with before you…” “Shut up and listen to me. If you don’t want my cock to become a daddy you better tell me how to work your pussy so you can cum real fast.” “Stop it! Please, don’t talk like that, I told you I would do what you want so stop threatening me.”I started working her pussy a little faster and after a few moments she started moaning quietly and twitching and I urged her to speed her orgasm up.”I’m trying, but I’ve never done this before… ummm, ummmm, maybe if you go a little slower. Umm, ummmm, I’m getting closer now, ahhhh don’t go that fast, ok? Uhhhh, ahhhhh, yes, like that, now push it in just a little, uhh, uhhh, ohhhhhh… ohhh, jeez, whoa, that’s plenty!” I was having a great time following her suggestions. After ten strokes or so I felt her hips start to buck a little harder and she started to make weird little sounds as she shook her head back and forth in dread as she felt her first man-made orgasm approaching.”How’s it going down there? Talk to me, we don’t have all day.””I’m… I’m really trying, just don’t… go in so deep… yes, just like that… uh, uhh, uhhh, don’t change anything now… Ahhhhhhhgh.””Cum for me girl!” “Ahhhh, uhhhh, uhhhhhhh, I’m trying dammit, uhhhh, uhhhh… SHIT! Oh my God…. what’s happening to me, what are you doing to me now? Uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhhhh, it’s getting closer…. God forgive me I…, I don’t want to jerk around like a slut when I start to orgasm! Ohhh, ohhhhhh, it’s gonna happen… soon!” Oh, ahhhhhhhgh, ohhhhhh, please be careful, I’m so afraid that your penis will…. oh… ohhhh… ohhhhhh… JEEEZUS!”Just as she said that, I felt her pussy clutch my cock as her hips almost went into convulsions and it took everything I had to keep my balls under control. “AAHHH! Ohhhhh, please don’t cum in me while I’m doing this! Oh, ahhh, ahhh, um, I’m gonna orgasm soon… oh Jesus forgive me, I’m not a slut! Uhh, uhhh, uhhhhh! I’m getting real close and I’m… so damned scared!” “TALK TO ME.””Ohh shit! You’re cock feels like it’s getting bigger… it’s gonna make me cum in a minute! Ahhhhhhhgh, ohhhh shit, I can’t help it, this isn’t me, I would never do this for anyone but your damned… it’s starting to make me feel… like a… worthless fucking slut! DON’T CUM IN ME!””CUM FOR ME!””Oh, ohhh, ummm, ummmmm… I’m not a whore! Uuhhh, uhhhh, waaafff! Go faster, hurry! Harder, ohhh, ohhhhh… I’m almost cumming! Please, oh please don’t make me jerk around like a slut when it happens! Aahhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhh! I’m…. so afraid that you’re gonna…! Ohh, ohhhhhhh, uhhhh! WHAT…? OH MY GOD…. OH SHIT, SHIT! Noooo… WAAAFFF!” “I’M CUMMING! OH SHIT! YOU’VE GOT ME! DON’T LET ME JERK AROUND LIKE A… CHEAP bursa escort bayan SLUT!” Just before she was cumming full force I hilted her and held her real tight as her pussy repeatedly squeezed my cock into ecstasy. When she reached her peak she started hollering as she bucked against my crotch like the wanton slut she didn’t want to be. I loved the intense action but it soon gave me a big problem. I gritted my teeth and pulled my cock back a few inches as I frantically struggled to keep my load under control. As soon as her orgasm started to fade she started begging me to pull out of her pussy before “something horrible happened,” but I was having none of that. I kept stroking her slowly as I regained more control and then I worked my hands under her chest, pushed her bra up, and started squeezing her incredibly beautiful tits.”No, not this! Oh God, don’t do this to me, no, get your damned hands off me! Nagghh, ummfff, waaafff, you…. you don’t know what you’re doing to me! Listen to me. If you keep doing this to me I’ll go out of control when I orgasm again and I could start jerking around so hard that I might make your penis shoot sperm in me, waaafff! STOP IT! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING TO ME MISTER!” “What’s your fucking problem girl, you got eight big inches of my cock working way deep in your pussy and you’ve already had one ass kicking orgasm but now you’re concerned about me squeezing your nice big tits?” “No, no you don’t understand! Uhh, uhhhh, ummmm, jeez! They’re real sensitive and when you squeeze them like that it starts to do something to me that really scaring the shit out of me and I hate that awful feeling of helplessness that’s coming over me.””What in the hell are you talking about?””When you work my breasts like that it does something weird to me. It’s already starting to make me feel….. strange, it always does. I always do it to myself when I masturbate and when I orgasm it almost turns me inside out! “ONE MORE ORGASM TO GO!! I’M GONNA WORK YOUR TITS!”Uhhh, uhhhh, ohhhh jeeez, please go easy, it’s already starting to make me feel like a cheap tramp. I can’t stop you from r****g me but I don’t want you to embarrass me by making me look like I love being ****d when I start to orgasm again!” “Well you gotta cum once more girl and if I keep working your tits you’ll cum a lot faster, so you better settle down and work with me. If you keep wasting time fussing about your horn-dog tits you might wind up with my baby in your belly instead of having my cock shooting hot cream down your pretty little throat! How will that make you feel?””Oh God, stop being so gross, I told you I would orgasm for you and I did, didn’t I? Please mister, let me give you a blowjob before something terrible happens! Your cock’s probably leaking a lot of sperm right now and I….!””Let’s do it again girl friend! You got one big orgasm to go, are you gonna cum for me or not? You’re almost home free so you better not fuck this up!””Please stop, I’m so afraid that I’ll make you cum if your keep squeezing my breasts when I orgasm because it’s gonna be a lot stronger than the first time. If I lose control I might make you cum and I’m sure I’ll get preg… naaffff… waaffff!””I can control my cock for a while girl, but it won’t last forever and if I go off before you orgasm again, I swear I’ll shoot so much sperm into your pussy that it will spray out of your cute little ears!”The right words can make miracles happen. The little bitch started whining as she pumped against my cock like a sex-starved maniac. My balls started to swell and tighten faster than I wanted them to but I didn’t try to slow her down, I knew I could keep them under control until she started cumming and maybe a bit longer if she was lucky.”Talk to me girl, my cock needs to feel your sweet pussy orgasm again.””Squeeze my breasts harder, we’ve gotta hurry! Uhhh, uhhhh, now push it into me a little deeper…. ok, now go faster, I…. I’m getting close again. Uhhh, uhhhhh. Oomph? Eeeyowwww! Nhaaggg, God dammit, not so fucking deep, huh?” “Sorry about that, my cock’s a little greedy today, talk to me.””Umm, ummm, ohhh yeah, that’s better… now faster…. go a little… yes, ohhhh, ummmmmm, ahhhhh… just like that! Squeeze my breasts a little harder…. ok, now work my nipples. Uhh, uhhhh, ahhhhhh, pinch them a little harder….don’t stop! Ahhhhh, ahhhhhhhh, God, it’s getting more intense….. I’m starting to feel like a wicked little slut! Oh shit……, nagghh, waaafff, ummfff… keep going, we gotta hurry! Jeez, you don’t know what this is doing to me! Oh shit, shit, please you gotta make me cum as soon as you can… I can’t stand much… waaafff!”I knew she was going to pop in less then twenty seconds and I was really getting into working her horny tits. Man, it just doesn’t get better then this!”Ohhhhhhh… a little deeper now. Uh, uhhh, uhhhh, go faster, ahhhh, ohhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh, God forgive me! It’s getting so crazy now… just keep working my damned…. tits! I’m going to cum awful hard… Oh jeezus! Please don’t cum in me while I’m doing this for you, it’s not gonna be like the first time….. I’m getting closer now… go a little deeper! SHIT…. it’s gonna be real soon now, I can’t stop myself from…… Ommmphh?” Your cock’s swelling, stop it…, it’s almost too fucking big for me now! Shit, Ohhhh, shit, it’s so fucking deep in my belly, waaafff, I….. ahhhh! Nagghh ……. never mind… FUCK ME DEEP…. WORK MY NIPPLES!””CUM FOR ME GIRL!””Aiiyeeee! This isn’t me, you’re turning me into a filthy slut, I shouldn’t have told you about my fucking tits! Oh, ohhhh, my God, I’m so full, umm, ummmm! Ahhhhhhh…uhhh, uhhhh. SHIT! Ohhhhhh, ahhhh, I’ve gotta cum! Ahhhh, fuck me faster… make me cum dammit, shit, shit, shit….! “TAKE ME….., USE ME…… FUCK ME TO DEATH! HURRY UP!””CUM FOR ME YOU BEAUTIFUL FUCKING BITCH!””OK! Fuck me anyway you want to, I don’t care anymore….. hurry, I just want to get this over with. Ummmm, ahhhhh, work me harder, go deeper… oommphh! Jeeeez…shit yes… just like that! Uh, uhhh, uhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, waaaffff, oh, ohhh my God, I’m nothing but a fucking slut for you now! Ohh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, waaafff! I’m almost starting to, to cum again….keep me going! Ahhhh, ahhhhhhhhh, this is gonna to be way stronger than the first time! Oh Christ, ohhh shit, you’re cock’s gonna love this fucking orgasm! “YOUR PUSSY’S STARTING TO GRIP MY COCK GIRL!”Oh God… I can feel it, your cock’s getting way bigger now, it’s starting to happen, oh, ohhh, ohhhh, shit…. make me cum! Ohhhh, waaafff …! Fuck me deeper, fuck me faster, naaffff… waaffff! HURRY…. DON’T CUM!””OH SHIT…. HOLD ME….. DON”T LET ME…. WAAAAFFFF!”Just at that moment her hips shot back against my crotch and she started bucking violently. The little bitch was definitely going out of control.”I’M CUMMING, OH SWEET JESUS…. I’M CUMMING, I’M DYING!” “Oh Christ, what’s happening to me? I can’t control my hips, ummm, ohhhh…! Shit, it’s too fucking intense! I… I can’t stop cumming and … Oh Christ…. it’s getting a lot stronger now! Ohhhh, uhhhh, uuhhhhh, ahhh, waaafff …. I’m getting awful dizzy now, I’m not a slut…. but my pussy is! It’s turning me into a dirty, filthy,…. slut! Please don’t let your cock …….. shoot sperm in me!” “GIRL, MY COCK’S UNDER CONTROL…. LET’S KEEP IT GOING!””I…, I ….. OK, you’re right, you’re cock’s got me, I want to keep cumming. Just fuck the living shit out of my pussy! Uhhhhh, uhhh, uhh, deeper, ahhhhhh, go way deeper, make my fucking slut pussy take every inch of it! Squeeze my fucking tits, keep pumping me hard…. fuck me, fuck me to death if you can! Ohhhh, shit, shit, ohhhh, gagghhd, aaaghh, nagghh, ahhhh, I can’t take much more…cock! Oh, ohhhh my God, my pussy’s gonna be your personal fucking cum bucket if I don’t stop soon but I..… I can’t… I can’t stop fucking your big r****g cock! I… gaaahd … waaaffff… just do me, don’t stop!””TAKE ME… FUCK THE HELL OUT OF ME… OH CHRIST!”! “NO, I BETTER PULL MY COCK OUT OF YOU NOW GIRL!””NO! NO DAMMIT…. I WARNED YOU… NOW FUCK ME!” This was my cue, she was in full heat and her pussy’s urgent need for me was easily overpowering her mind. Her vagina was squeezing my cock like a vibrating vice as her desperate hips kept hammering against my crotch and I couldn’t hold back any longer. My balls were at the bursting point so I pushed the head of my cock firmly against her cervix, leaned back, and held her tight as huge loads of cum started to rocket up my swelling cock shaft. “NO! Noooo… not like this, not now, I can’t stop! There’s too fucking much sperm shooting out of your cock and I’ll get..… ohhh, shit, shit, SHIT! “YOU’RE SHOOTING TOO MUCH SPERM IN MY ……….. PUSSY!”She gasped in shock as she felt my sperm start forcing its way through her tiny cervix under incredible pressure and she shrieked in fear as she felt it starting to spurt into her womb but her beautiful hips kept pumping hard. Her big blue eyes were blinking rapidly and bugging out in horrified confusion but she wasn’t putting on an act; she couldn’t stop her hips from trying to force my cum spewing cock even deeper into her tight fertile belly. I worked the base of my shaft against her clit with circular motions and kept her orgasm ripping through her until her thrashing hips had forced my cock to shoot the last drop of my sperm into her cervix. During that time she was using words and phases that are unprintable for polite church folks, but over all, they were somewhat flattering to me.As her orgasm finally faded, she came out of her sex-crazed stupor and the full realization of what her pussy had just done with my cock overwhelmed her and she started to wail hysterically and I had to muzzle her mouth with my hand until she calmed down a bit. Now talk about a seriously confused ex-virgin who’s suffering from self-denial!””You horrible fucking liar, I trusted you and you humiliated me! Oh my God, you’ve ruined my life you low escort bursa life r****g bastard! You’ve taken my virginity and lied to me! You’ve robbed me, ****d me into an orgasm twice and then made me pregnant in the house of God! I wish I was dead, I wish we were both dead!” she said in a muffled shout of total disbelief and indignant outrage.I pulled my limp cock from her clutching pussy and used her dress to wipe both of us clean. Then I pulled her up from the counter and made her stand and face me as tears of anger and embarrassment streamed down her face. As I watched her big tits jerking and swaying on her chest while she sobbed, my cock started to stir again and I firmly pushed her down on her knees. When I did that she opened her eyes and tried to bolt when she saw my cock rising in front of her pretty face but I grabbed her by the shoulders, held her tight, and shook her hard.”I’m gonna reach into my pocket and show you something you need to see so you better not try to run, understand?” She was defeated and she knew it so she hung her head and slowly nodded as she stared at the floor.I fished in my pocket and brought out a medium size orange pill and ordered her to look at me. “Do you know what RU-486 is girl?” She stared at the pill then shook her head. “This is the ‘Morning After’ pill, does that ring a bell?””No…. I don’t….., what? Yes… yes I’ve read about them, oh please don’t lie to me again, is it real?” “Yeah it’s very real, I boosted it out of a pharmacy a couple of nights ago.” “Do you want it? If I give it to you… will you use it?” “Oh God yes, please, I’ve got to have it, I don’t want to be pregnant, I….!” “Slow down girl, you’re forgetting something, there’s one last thing…” I said as I lolled my cock in front of her pretty face with my hand. “No, you’re crazy, no fucking way, I’m not going to do that now! You owe me that pill because of what you’ve done to me and I want it right now!””Well I want a blowjob right now and you will suck and swallow like you promised or you’re not going to get the magic pill, how’s that?””Oh my God, haven’t you done enough to me for one day?” she hissed as her head snapped away from my cock. “After all you’ve done to me and you still expect me to suck your cock and swallow your sperm? Fuck you!””Ok, have it your way, if you’re gonna be angry with me I’ll just have to leave,” I said as I pretended to turn away.”What? No, no you’re not leaving me this way, you can’t do this to me! “Wait, you said you would give me that pill and…!” “That was before I realized how rude and selfish you could be. Think about it girl! I gave you two incredible orgasms and don’t you tell me you don’t like to fuck. “Hell girl, you love to fuck, you just didn’t know it until today!””You owe me that fucking pill, you bastard! You lied to me, you said you wouldn’t cum in my pussy if I did what you told me to do. Well I did what you asked of me and then you proved yourself a liar and pumped me full of your fucking sperm!””I told you I wanted to pull my cock out of your pussy when you started getting so damned frantic and I knew I couldn’t last but you were yelling, “TAKE ME… FUCK THE HELL OUT OF ME… OH CHRIST!”!”NO I DIDN’T!”Oh yeah you did and right after that you started shouting…. “NO! NO DAMMIT…. I WARNED YOU… NOW FUCK ME!” “I don’t remember doing that.””Bullshit! I warned you but you wouldn’t let me stop until you forced my cock to explode deep in your belly and, even after that happened, you wouldn’t stop working my cock until you were sure that it was completely out of sperm! Don’t shake your head girl! Now you admit what you did!””Fuck you, no man should have a cock like yours! I couldn’t control myself, I tried to but I couldn’t and that was all your doing! You ****d me into that insane orgasm and you kept it going, oh yeah, don’t shake your head like that, you damned well knew what you were doing to me! You fucking bastard, you knew I wouldn’t be able stop myself once you got me started!”I never should have told you about my damned tits, if you wouldn’t have worked them the way you did this never would have happened to me. I think I always knew they would get me into serious trouble someday but you had no right to do that to me. Damn you, I trusted you and you tricked me!””I didn’t lie to you about not wanting to shoot off in your pussy, what happened was an accident. I didn’t count on you being able to fuck like that. Yeah, your slippery little pussy got my cock a little carried away and I apologize for that but no one needs to know about us and what happened here today. You’re almost home free girl, all I’m asking for is a simple….” “No fucking way buddy! Just give me the damned pill and get the hell out of my life and my town, you said….!” “Hell no and fuck you lady! I’m embarrassed that I even had to ask you for a blowjob in exchange for a pill that can make all of your problems go away.Considering what I can to do for you, like saving your virgin reputation and all, I thought you would have enough class to offer without being asked! I’m starting to think that you really want to keep my baby, is that it? Are we going to be parents?”Man, I had the bitch exactly where I wanted her. I didn’t say another word and it was great watching her think it over. Yeah, I had ****d her and I guess I shouldn’t have but she had thrashed madly through two terrific orgasms. It was her over-sexed body that had forced my cock to shoot her pussy full of cum so I figured that we were even. A nice blowjob would get her the magic pill and she would never see me again. I was almost tapping my foot and smiling as I awaited her obvious decision.”Ok, please don’t leave, I wasn’t thinking straight, I’m sorry. You’re right, no one ever needs to know what’s happened here today and neither one of us wants this situation to get out of control. I’ll do it if you promise never to come around here or bother me again, ok?” “Fuck you and just forget it! Your attitude sucks, you know that?” I’ll be leaving this stupid little town in fifteen minutes whether you give me a blowjob or not! “NO! Please mister, don’t be angry with me, I’m sorry, I wasn’t being fair and I apologize for my what I said. You’re right, I’m almost home free and I’ve been talking like a fool. Please, let me take care of you and then you can give me the pill, ok?””No!””Please, I really want to do this for you and I’m good at it, you’ll see, ok?”I just stood there staring at her in mock anger as she started getting more nervous by the second and, for a moment, I thought she was going to cry.”Come on, please give me a chance, let me show you what I can do. OK?”I shrugged my shoulders as I stood before her and watched her head bend down as her hands reached towards my swelling cock. She wasted no time as she sucked my cock into a huge erection and almost gagged several times before she got it all the way down her throat. I’ve had a lot of blowjobs from white girls and most of them were rank amateurs but this one was a real genius. She looked into my eyes as she worked her magic and time almost seemed to stand still as my balls surged towards the bursting point.I tried to hold back as long as I could but the girl knew what she was doing with my cock and she had me shooting volleys down her throat in less than three minutes and my knees damned near buckled before she was done. When we were finished she used the counter for support and pulled herself up and turned towards me. We were both out of breath and we just stood there looking at each other with shy, stupid smiles on our faces. We stayed that way for a few minutes or so and it was kind of an awkward moment but, in a way, it was pretty cool.I had forgotten about my cock hanging out and when I noticed her eyes shyly looking at it I shoved it back in my pants, zipped them up and reached into my pocket as she watched me intently for any sign of betrayal. I moved my closed hand in front of her face, then turned it over and opened it. I returned her smile as I watched her eyes widen with surprise and wonder. “What are you doing… there’s three pills here!” “Yeah, you only need one and there won’t be any unpleasant side effects.” “Then why are you giving me three?””Well, considering this is the first time you’ve ever had real sex and seeing how much you love to fuck, I figure you might miscalculate a bit in the future so this is a little insurance to keep you safe, ok?” “Oh my God! Thank you so much, I was so wrong about you…. I just didn’t understand you, I thought that you…..”I turned to leave but she tugged at my arm as she jumped up on the counter and pulled me to her and wrapped her legs around my waist. She softly kissed my lips as her fingers searched for my zipper and pulled my cock out. Then she slowly jacked it with both hands until it was hard and I worked her tits until she was panting and starting to make those weird sounds again. “Before you leave I want you to make me cum as hard as you can and then I want to feel your sperm spurt deep inside of me again. Will you do that for me? Just one more time?”Well, I was right, the girl loved to fuck and my hands kept working her incredibly sensitive tits as her pussy devoured my cock for ten frantic minutes before I could blast my final load into her belly. During that time she got her cookies twice and she wasn’t bashful about letting me know how intense they were and she never used the word ‘slut’ again. She was a woman now and I was very proud of being a big part of it.When we were finished we rested against each other for a couple of minutes as we caught our breath. I gave her a light kiss on the lips, wiped my cock with a towel and then moved towards the stairs as I zipped my pants up. “Are we cool with each other?” I asked quietly as I walked up the stairs and unlocked the door. She had been studying the orange pills in her hand like they were diamonds but when she heard me speak she looked up and gave me a warm smile. “Oh yes, we are most definitely… very cool!”I quietly left from the rear entrance of the church without being seen, then I drove slowly out of town, and never saw her again.