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Cindy shopped on Wednesday afternoons since that was her day off from answering phones and scheduling appointments for Dr. Weiner, a local dentist. The routine was the same every week; gas up the Chrysler, visit her ninety-three-year-old mother at the assisted living facility for an hour, meet her old friend Jennifer for lunch, then grocery shop before returning home to prepare dinner for her husband Matt. It rarely changed. There were few surprises or variations, and almost none that were pleasant. One Wednesday stands out among all the others. Not for any of the routine errands, but for the encounter that took place afterward. It was in the home that Cindy made with her husband of forty-eight years. A home that saw a loving family of five, dwindle to a pair of very bored, unaffectionate septuagenarians that had lost the fire long ago. Matt loved the racetrack more now than Cindy. She, in turn, had no interest in him.The interest in Cindy came from another source. It came on slow at first, but Ted the deli clerk saw her as a very attractive woman. Not in the glamorous, Hollywood sense. She was not prone to excessive make-up or stylish attire. Nor did she have a centerfold body. Instead, Cindy was an extremely petite girl of roughly five feet, slender figure with small breasts, and topped with red hair cut like a third-grade boy. Ted saw, not the individual parts that alone were plain and unspectacular, but the finished work of adorable elegance. She was very cute and still turned the occasional head of the more discriminating male shoppers. The deli was the first stop on Cindy’s shopping circuit. Deli, bakery, meat, frozen, with an occasional stop at the pharmacy. But it was always deli first, and Ted was always there to greet her.”What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” was his usual line, delivered with a wink and a grin.  “Hi, sweetie. How are you?”, she’d respond almost automatically. And from there the conversation usually found its way to each güvenilir bahis one complaining about something life dealt them. With Ted, it was his ex-wife, and Cindy would bash her marriage to Matt. It was a cathartic bonding experience for both parties.On this particular day, as Cindy exited the store through the automated door, she heard a familiar voice calling from behind.”Hey, Cindy! What’s cookin’ good lookin’?”Cindy turned to see Ted the deli clerk walking her way. “Off for the day, Ted? “”Praise the Lord!” he replied with a devilish tone , as he caught up with her. “That store is sucking the life outta me.”Cindy saw a tired man in need of a kind word.”If it means anything Ted, I, for one, appreciate the job you do. And always with a smile.””Geez, Cindy. You’re the best part of working on Wednesday. I see you and my excitement level goes through the roof”.Cindy smiled. “You’re too kind.”She and Ted came to a stop at the trunk of the Chrysler. “Seriously Cindy. I’ve had a crush on you since we first met. You’re an irresistible cutie pie!”Just for a moment, Cindy allowed herself to believe that Ted was serious, and not just trying to be nice to an old lady. He was, after all, thirty years younger than she, and handsome. He could do better than her, she concluded.But what the heck.”Ted, an hour with a man like you, and I’d be happy the rest of my life.”She softened her statement with a little laugh, in case Ted decided that such a thought could only be composed in jest.As he placed the last bag of groceries in the trunk, Ted spoke. “If you had a twin sister that was single . . .”, still unsure where this conversation was leading.”Don’t let my being married stop us from having a nice time.” She was all-in now. No pretense.Ted shut the trunk and looked at Cindy. He scanned her from head to toe, and slowly back until their eyes met and locked on each other. “Cindy. I most certainly have an hour for you.”Certain that they shared the güvenilir bahis siteleri same vision, the two made a plan to meet the following Wednesday. It was a decision that Cindy would revisit more than once during the next seven days. She had only been with one man her whole life. And that was the man she took a vow of faith for. But, he was also why she could connect with Ted. Matt had sucked the life out of her. She was left an emotionless shell years ago. This is how Cindy rationalized her date with infidelity.Cindy was wearing a pretty white sundress with a pink floral print, and a pair of white sandals when the doorbell chimed. She suddenly felt like a teenager again. Her heart raced, and her mind traveled back to her first time. She and Matt were both virgins. It was awkward, and a little painful, she recalled. The clumsiness and discomfort would soon disappear, as she learned to love pleasing, as well as being pleased. She opened the door, where Ted stood in jeans and a tweed sport coat. He was tall, Cindy suddenly realized. “Come in, Ted”. She closed the door and extended her hand. Ted laughed a little. “It seems a little strange to start this encounter with a handshake. How about . . . “And with that, he took her dainty hand and raised it to his lips. “Oooo. You’re a Fancy Dan, huh?” she laughed. “I’ve always noticed how nice your hands are.””My hands?” Cindy said.”Among other things,” Ted responded with a sly grin. Cindy took Ted’s coat and laid it over the recliner. Then she took a seat on the edge of the sofa, and patted the cushion next to her, inviting Ted to join her.”Ted, I’m not sure how this encounter should start. I’ve never been down this path before.”Ted sat back on the sofa. He took Cindy’s hand a gently pulled her near. He put his arm around her, and she put her head on his shoulder.”I want this to be something special for both of us. Even if we just sit holding hands in front of the television”, he said iddaa siteleri softly in her ear. She giggled. “I think we can get a bit further along than holding hands”.”Good. I’m really excited to be holding you. You’re my number one customer fantasy!”Cindy giggled again. She glanced down and saw that Ted was, indeed, excited. Very excited. And big. Much bigger than her husband. And the sight of his bulging jeans made her tingle inside. She was feeling amorous for the first time in ten years. And discovering how attracted to Ted she was, suddenly. She wanted him. Cindy stood up, then took a seat on Ted’s lap. As she wiggled into place, she felt Ted’s engorged member under her tiny bum. With her arms wrapped around his neck, she leaned in and kissed him softly, once, twice, then a third time with her lips parted. Her tongue found his, just as his warm hand slipped under her dress and stroked her thigh. Cindy unbuttoned Ted’s shirt and reached in to feel his smooth, hard chest. As she slowly rubbed her butt in his lap, she felt him grinding his cock against her. They developed a rhythm as they humped and kissed. Ted’s hand wandered ever further up Cindy’s thigh. Her legs were lean and slender. Her skin was soft and warm, with just the slightest amount of sag in some areas. His fingertips gently caressed her, and when he reached the top, he felt her pubic hair rustle beneath a thin layer of cotton. With that, Cindy spread her legs and Ted cupped her crotch. She let out a series of nearly silent moans as he massaged her pussy.When she could no longer resist, Cindy kissed his lips one more time and jumped to her feet. She reached under her skirt and pulled her underwear down, now slightly wet with her juices. She unbuttoned the sundress and let it fall to the floor. She stood, for the first time in her seventy-plus years, naked before a man other than Matt. Cindy had very little to be bashful about. A small paunch from motherhood, and a faded scar from an appendix removal fifty years ago. She watched Ted’s eyes as they covered her small, fair-skinned frame. She was excited being gawked at by him. It was wonderful to be seen as sexually attractive. Her juices continued to flow.