Cindy’s Journey Ch. 06

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Cindy had spent a week looking for a job in marketing for which she was qualified. But no luck so far, she reminded herself to be patient. She didn’t have to pay rent, so there was no real hurry. She wanted to go out again and explore New York some more.

She always enjoyed evenings with her sister, Sandy modeled during the day, as a ‘specialty model’. If a client wanted a full-figured model instead of a twig, they called her agent. Cindy always admired her sexy body, with her big breasts. She always wore tight shirts to show off her ample cleavage, and Cindy found herself stealing glances at it. She wondered when Sandy would fuck her again, she missed their intimacy together.

Shanda worked mostly from home, so they talked sometimes. She wasn’t unfriendly, but just more on the quiet side. She liked being there, and just tried to keep herself busy.

She didn’t even have to clean. Shanda had a maid, whose name was Molly. She was a Hispanic, young brunette who came three times a week. She just wore jeans and a t-shirt, but she seemed to like Cindy. She noticed her brown nipples one day when she took off her outer work shirt one day to cool off. She could see right through her thin, white shirt. She stood there talking to Cindy, but Cindy was so distracted by her nipples and her thick accent. She wanted to pull her shirt off, and suck on them all day. To feel that olive skinned body against her own.

One day, she sighed deeply watching her ass as she left. Cindy wondered if her pussy was shaved clean or not, and her asshole too.

Shanda noticed as she studied Cindy also. “She’s got a great body, doesn’t she Cindy?”

Cindy looked over at her. “Yeahh- yeah she does I guess.” She felt a little embarrassed. But Shanda gave her no grief about it.

“Don’t sell yourself short babe, you have a great body too.” Shanda smiled at her, then turned and walked to her room. Cindy sat there, feeling flattered by the compliment.

One night she was hungry at 1am , so she went to the stainless steel fridge for a snack. After eating some yogurt, she walked back to her room. She noticed Sandy was still not there. Her door was open, and she was nowhere else.

Where the hell is my big sister? She wondered. But she was sleepy again, so she shrugged it off and went back to bed.

About an hour later, a door slammed and she woke up again. Sometimes she was a light sleeper. She heard her sister’s door close. She considered talking to her, but she hesitated. She stayed in bed, trying to go back to sleep. A few minutes later, she heard a voice down the hall. Her door was slightly open, and a dim shaft of light could be seen.

She was growing more curious, so she got up. And walked quietly into the hall, the light came from the common bathroom. It was Sandy’s voice she heard. The door was cracked, she peeked in and stifled her gasp. Sandy was standing in there, dressed like a hooker. She had fishnet stockings on, and black knee high boots. She had a plaid skirt on, it was very short. Her big, round ass was sticking out. She was facing away from the door, while talking on her phone.

“God, you’re such a pervert. OK fine, I will send the pictures.”

She unzipped the red vest she had on, cupping her breast and taking a picture. She turned raising up her skirt, taking a picture of her ass in the mirror. Then Cindy spotted the glistening white liquid running down her inner thigh. And her thong laying on the tile, soaked with wetness. Her pussy tingled as she watched her sexy body.

“OK fine. I will send one of my pussy.” She dropped her skirt, revealing her Blonde pussy hair, tugging on her long labia with one hand. She took another picture. Cindy thought it looked very wet. She wanted to finger herself right then and there but she slowly crept back to her room, making sure the door was closed all the way.

Her head was swimming as she laid down, what did she just watch? Where did Sandy go at night? Why had Sandy not made love to her since she arrived in New York?

But her nipples hardened as her thoughts lingered on such an erotic sight. No porn had ever turned her on like that. And her sister was far sexier than any porn slut.

She reached under her bed for her chest of sex toys, impatiently grabbing the first one she found. She pulled off her wet panties. She shoved her 9″ dildo up her cunt, as one hand pulled on her labia. She loved stretching them, they were super sensitive.

Her ass crack was soon wet, she then reached up, groping her nipple. She felt the milk ooze from it, she watched her milk shoot out and cover her body. She licked it off her hands and rubbed it into her skin. Soon her orgasms made her very sleepy, so she fell into a slumber.

A while later, Shanda got a knock on her door, Sandy stood there naked, Shanda only had her silk bathrobe on. “May I come in?” she asked.

Shanda sighed deeply. “Yes, come in.” She closed the door behind her, Sandy sat down on the bed.

“Sandy, It’s 2:30 in the morning. What do you want?”

“Mandy just called again. Getting me all worked up again by demanding tempobet giriş pictures. She is insatiable.”

“It’s too bad she’s an hour away. You get fucked by the other club members more than her. Who fucked you tonight anyway?”

“Natasha again, she really likes me, She is always horny I think. And Bella, Maria, Naomi, Odette. It was a slow night I guess.”

“Well, that still sounds like fun.” Shanda was looking her over. “I was here again, trying to meet a deadline for work. I can’t complain too much though, they do let me set my own hours.”

“You certainly work a lot though.” Sandy started caressing her pussy and she held Shanda’s gaze. “You need to relax too babe, my legs are always open for you.”

“We both know how horny you always are.” Shanda said, smiling knowingly. “Just like your sister it seems.”

“Huh?” Sandy asked. “Why did you say that?’

“Her first night here, she left her door cracked. It wasn’t on purpose, I heard moaning so I went to look. She was grabbing the dresser, touching herself, totally nude.”

“Wow. Hmmm…OK.” said Sandy. She decided not to tell Shanda she had fucked her. “So what did you think? I mean of her body.”

“I think she’s very nicely built. Very sexy breasts, nice ass. It runs in our family I guess.”

Sandy laughed a little. “Yes, I guess it does. And you have a gorgeous body.”

“Well thank you sweetie. Sandy, you know what?”


“I am gonna fuck your little sister.”

Sandy just laughed. “Well, if you can seduce her. I think she would like your cock.”

“Really? Because I have the best of both worlds? I know she doesn’t like guys.”

“Yes, I think so.” Sandy giggled at her comment. “I got used to it when I fell for Mandy. But just talking about all this is getting me worked up.”

She laid back and spread her legs wide. “So how about it? I can’t sleep, Shanda.”

“You are such a slut. But I can’t sleep either.” She grabbed some oil from her dresser. Then she dropped her bathrobe, freeing her tanned body, she moved closer and swayed her hips. Her big cock flopped back and forth. “Is this what you want?”

Sandy started fingering herself. “Yes, you know I do cousin. Fuck me like a whore.”

“First, you need to get me hard. You know what I like.” Shanda walked over to her, Sandy’s mouth watered and she felt her growing wetness between her athletic thighs. Shanda stood over her, and Sandy caressed her thick, veiny cock.

Sandy loved how Shanda responded to her touch. It made her feel empowered, knowing that she was putty in her hands. How every time she sucked her cock, Shanda was a groaning, horny, slutty mess of lust. She flicked her long tongue along her urethra, making tiny circles around her prominent, fat tip. She licked and teased her by sucking just the first few inches very slowly a dozen times, then she licked down the shaft and over her balls.

Shanda ran her fingers through Sandy’s hair and quietly moaned, she trembled with exquisite pleasure. Sandy sucked her cum-heavy balls and stretched out the ball sack while rubbing the tip. She made little kisses all around her glans and slobbered on the shaft. Shanda groaned as her cock swelled from such intense arousal.

She caressed the 10″ cock with twisting motions and slid it between her lips. Shanda grabbed her head and thrust into her wet mouth. She pulled back slowly then swiftly pushed until her cock was engulfed by her mouth. Sandy felt her spit running down over her chin and it dripped on her tits. Shanda pumped her fat rod with hard pushes into her slutty mouth.

She fucked her mouth until Sandy sloppily pulled back with a long strand of saliva hanging from her mouth. She tugged on her fat dick and looked up at her, she loved seeing Shanda’s face while she licked her tip.

“Do you wanna fuck my fat tits?”

Shanda gasped and shivered, her body was tensing up as she edged close to an orgasm. Sandy was teasing her like she usually did, but she always satisfied her too.

“Yes.” She finally managed to answer. “I really wanna fuck your tits.”

Shanda handed her the oil, then she sat on the bed and Sandy poured oil on her tits. She kneeled in front of her and opened her mouth. Sandy also oiled up her cock, rubbing it up and down. Sandy pushed her double D tits together, engulfing the fat cock she started thrusting, slowly at first. Sandy’s warm mouth was open, sucking the tip on each thrust.

Then she went faster and faster, building and building up to her climax. They both were panting and moaning. Shanda was sweaty, she grunted with the effort.

“You like this, don’t you?” Shanda said through her heavy panting. “You naughty whore.”

Sandy was too busy sucking to answer her, she just moaned in agreement. Her messy face dripped saliva from her mouth, it mixed with the slick oil on her tits. She frantically bobbed her torso up and down, creating constant friction on Shanda’s sensitive cock.

“Ohhh…fu-fuuuck Sandy. I-I am gonna cum!”

Her cock twitched, and her contractions made her shake. She grunted and shot thick jizz tempobet yeni giriş all over Sandy’s face, it coated her tits. It shot into her mouth, mixing with all her spit.

“Ohh fuck baby, that was so hot. I love your cock in my mouth.”

“I love watching you suck it with your tits on it. I’m not done with you yet, get on your stomach.”

Sandy got on the bed face down. Her face dripped cum on the pillow.

“Do you want it in your ass bitch?” She asked.

“Yes, fuck my big ass!” Sandy pulled her ass cheeks wide, as Shanda dripped oil on her crack. She put her fat tip on her asshole and pushed. It went in easily because her ass had been fucked many times that night. She pushed in hard and deep, slowly letting Sandy’s ass grip her cock.

Shanda then started pounding, so turned on by the thought of Cindy’s naked body, she grabbed Sandy’s hair and plunged her cock deep with every slamming thrust. Sandy bit a pillow and screamed as Shanda’s balls slapped against her pussy. They were both covered in sweat after a few minutes from their vigorous sex. Sandy clawed at the sheets with her sweaty hands as her tits jiggled.

Pressure built up inside her cunt, her orgasm swelling inside her. She let out a huge muffled scream, and blasted her juices out. It shot out hitting her in the thighs as it ran down Shanda’s nut sack. Another deep thrust and Sandy’s ass gripped her cock, milking the jizz from her balls. She blasted her hot load deep in that sexy ass, more and more flooded her gaping ass.

Shanda flopped down beside her, and Sandy rolled over. The thick cum made a wet gurgling noise as it came out her asshole. Sandy put her cock in her mouth and sucked her clean. Shanda moaned and rolled her head back.

“You’re so nasty Sandy. Mandy is a lucky girl.”

Sandy pulled her mouth off, licking her nuts thoroughly and slurping up the jizz.

“I know she is. I just hope Cindy didn’t hear us.”

“I doubt it, although she could join us too.”

“Yes, I think that will happen at the right time, Shanda.”

“OK babe. We sure made a mess though, good thing the maid is coming tomorrow.”

Sandy giggled and kissed her goodnight. She was exhausted. Shanda laid there, rubbing her flaccid cock. She wanted Cindy on her too, but she knew she’d have to wait.

Cindy awoke later that morning, she put some sweats on. She checked the whole penthouse. She was all alone, so she went to find some breakfast. After a fruit smoothie, she went down the hall. She peeked her head back in that bathroom and she saw the panties on the floor. Sandy must have forgotten them, so she picked them up. They were stained with something. She felt it, it was crusty, and it had a musty odor.

Was it cum? She wondered. She should have been grossed out, but instead she was turned on. She started teasing her cunt while wondering who was fucking her sister at night. Then she remembered the sex toys in her room, so she decided to leave the panties there.

She sat on her bed, and opened her secret chest again. She got out her lube and her 3 butt plugs. And her bigger vibrator. She held up her new strap on, sighing because she had no one to use it on yet. Sandy had not mentioned fucking since she had moved in, Cindy wanted it to happen again.

She had been experimenting with the butt plugs recently. She had taught herself to squirt years ago. But anal orgasms were amazing to her. She wanted the biggest one in her ass.

“Now is a good time to try.” She mumbled to herself.

She grabbed a towel, and laid on her side. She used more than enough lube. Coating the tapered, thick rubber plug. She pushed it against her tight ass hole. She grimaced and moaned. She tried to relax as the tip slipped in. She gasped as she pushed again. After a few minutes, it was mostly in. She had not been stretched like that since Roxy had fisted her. Her ass spasmed, she breathed deeply and pushed with both hands. Her pussy dripped all down her thighs, running onto the sheets. She got into quickly pumping her ass with the fat toy.

“Ahhhh…mmmm…shittt. That feels so good!” Her vagina throbbed and she trembled, feeling the huge plug pushing her to the brink. She let out a big scream and her pussy jetted out. She felt the hot liquid hit her thighs and cover her hands. She jammed it into her gaping hole and twisted it around, letting it stretch and fill her.

Then with obscene, sucking noises she fucked her ass until her orgasms became one long blur of pleasure. She lay there, shaking uncontrollably and fondling her trickling cunt. She jammed the toy in and out a few more times, she enjoyed how it stretched her.

After she regained her senses, she looked down and saw the mess everywhere.

“Ohhh, well shit!” She said with giggling amazement.

The sheets were soaked with her juices. She grabbed another towel from the bathroom and tried to soak it up. But then she realized she really needed to shower. She walked into the bathroom, and turned the water on. Just then, Molly the maid opened the hallway door, Cindy didn’t know she had a key.

Cindy tempobet güvenilirmi used the pulsating shower head on her hard throbbing clit, giving herself another ecstatic orgasm. She got out after a long shower, dried off and wrapped a towel around her head. She then walked out of the bathroom naked.

But Molly was standing there by her bed, looking at her with a big smile. Cindy just stopped in her tracks, realizing she had already seen her sex toys.

“I just come in to clean Miss Cindy. But I see these on the bed.”

“Umm- ahhh- I did—I did not know you were coming today Molly.” Cindy fidgeted, not quite sure what to do. She thought of running back into the bathroom. But she also saw the lust in Molly’s eyes, so she hesitated.

Molly could see her discomfort. “It is OK, Miss Cindy. I like your body, It is very nice.”

“Hmmm OK, that is uhhh-nice of you to say, thank you.” She was still in disbelief as she blushed. Molly’s body language said “fuck me.”


“It is okay, I take my clothes off too? ” Cindy was stunned by the question, but she was still horny too. Molly might have thought she was brain damaged, considering that she just stood there with her mouth open. But she longed for a woman’s touch again, and Molly was quite sexy to her.

“Ye-ye-yes.” She answered eventually. “Please take your clothes off too.”

Molly did not hesitate, pulling her shirt off. Her floppy 36D breasts hung there, with her brown nipples perking up. She pulled her pants down, revealing her black bush under her white panties. She kicked her shoes off, and pulled her pants off. Cindy walked over to her while taking in her exotic body, it was absolute eye candy to her.

Molly came closer, her big, full lips looked so kissable to her. Her short, wavy locks framed her face in the cutest way. Some would call her hairstyle ‘old fashioned’, but Cindy thought it made her look very appealing. Cindy had not been touched in months. She felt driving desire wash over her, reaching out for her dark skinned breasts.

Her heart was pounding, palms were sweaty, her mouth watered as she touched the supple flesh and caressed her nipples. Molly moaned like a whore in approval. Cindy attacked her lips with steamy passion, they kissed and licked each other’s necks. Their young bodies rubbing together, Cindy grabbed her full ass and squeezed. Molly slid her hand down Cindy’s belly and found her cunt, the thick juices flowed out of it. Molly retrieved some, she smelled it and the scent made her even wetter. She slid down Cindy’s willing body as Cindy caressed her hair and quivered in anticipation.

Molly leaned against the bed frame, and sucked hard on her pussy lips, lapping up her thick juice like a wanton slut. She pulled on her labia with her sensual lips, her spit mixing with the dripping grool. She licked her front to back, rimming her delicate asshole with her probing tongue. Within minutes Cindy shivered, she felt a huge orgasm building.

“Ahhhhh, mmmm, e-eat-eat my pussy Molly, you hot bitch.” The deep moaning and dirty talk just poured out of her. She felt overcome with hot pleasure, she grabbed Molly’s head with both hands. She pushed and thrusted her cunt hard against Molly’s face, she jerked her head back as her thighs shook and she groaned loudly.

Molly’s face was coated in spit and cunt juice as she mashed her face against Cindy’s crotch. She attacked the horny, sexy blonde between her legs. Her lips, tongue and nose rubbed against her dripping pussy.

“Yeahhh…fu-fu-fuckk.mmmm. Right..right there..Yes Molly! MMMM!”

She grabbed Molly’s hair and pulled as she screamed. She fucking erupted, forcefully squirting on her face, it went everywhere. All over the bed frame and her quilt. It dribbled out of her, she reached down and finger fucked herself, she knew she wasn’t done. Molly stuck her tongue out, Cindy’s hips shook and she filled her mouth again, it overflowed. It ran down her body, into her pubic hairs. Molly’s face and tits were drenched. She reached up, grabbed Cindy’s hand and pulled her close. Cindy Frenched her as they shared her cum in a hot, sucking, licking kiss.

“You are one hot little maid, Molly.” Cindy gave her a warm smile and licked her cum off Molly’s grinning face.

“OK, now we go to bed?” Molly pointed over her shoulder.

“Yes, let’s do that.” Cindy agreed. They climbed onto the bed, where the sex toys were. Molly wasted no time in picking up a dildo, and started licking it while looking at Cindy.

“Damn, that is hot molly.” She said, while laying her legs open and groping her nipple. Then she remembered what was still in her chest of toys. She reached in and grabbed her strap on, holding it up for Molly to see.

“Please Miss Cindy, you fuck me with that?” Her eyes lit up.

“You want me to put this on?”

“Ohh yes please, I want you to fuck me bad.”

“Ummm, yeah, I think I can do that.”

She stood up, and held it out, unsure of how it was supposed to go on. But after some fumbling with the straps, she was ready. Molly crawled over to her and took the thick toy in her mouth, sucking with lewd desperation. Cindy throbbed between her legs at the sigh, she was hot with desire for her. She remembered the shemale porn with a sexy, submissive brunette sucking a blonde’s big cock. She wondered what being fucked by a shemale was like.