Cleaner Anna (Giantess fantasy)

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Cleaner Anna (Giantess fantasy)Like every day, Anna came to work in a large shopping mall.She worked there as a cleaner.It was 7:36 pm Anna emptied the trash cans in the main corridor on the ground floor.Many people were shopping around.Anna was slightly unhappy, because the day before she had a little quarrel with her friend.At one point, a woman approached Anna and criticized her for working as a cleaner, it was a job for ignorants and losers that she would not do anything and would not achieve anything in her life.Several people on the side hearing the words of the woman nodded to her.Anna got a little sad, she thought about another job but she liked it.Hearing the words of people she could not stand it and said that no work was disgraceful and that she would show them how well she worked.Anna uttered some words in an unintelligible language, and a moment later all the people who were just around changed into small plasticine men.They could not move, stood in places where they stood, only shrunk to about a centimeter or a little more.Anna said that now people will not laugh.Plasticine humans were shocked, they did not know what had happened yet.They spoke but their voices were very weak. They shouted, but the music in the gallery’s speakers was drowned out by their screams.For someone from the side, it could look like someone would set up plasticine figurines along the entire length of the corridor.Anna smiled when a random woman came through the main door and stepped on one of the men.The man crushed under the soles of her black boots.She paused for a moment and looked at the soles… and moved on… but she missed the other men.Anna thought that she would have a lot of work to clean up this mess, but for now she would watch what happened and how many people would be crushed by random shoppers and she would play with her black ballerinas on her feet in front of those who were closest and who were they laughed at her so much.Anna giggled softly and said:- And what should I do with you now?You are so small now. I could crush you all with my ballerinas.The little people were screaming güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with all their strength that she would not do it, they begged her not to hurt them, that they apologized that they were laughing.But Anna did not reach it, she did not hear their requests and screams.She looked down at them and played with her feet, wiggling her toes in the shoes.And every now and then she would take her feet in thin pantyhose from her shoes and put them on ballerinas.Anna smiled and said to herself: my feet stink and after a while:- How do you like it? You must feel the feet of an ordinary cleaner and you can not do anything.You can only breathe this stench.The smell of her feet reached everyone nearby. Everyone was confused, they did not know the intention of the cleaner. They hoped that Ania changed them back.Anna put her feet back in her black ballerinas and began stamping her foot.- Now one of you will die, Anna said and lifted the front of the boot slightly up holding the heel on the ground over the nearest man.Little man shouted in terror, he saw the sole of the ballerina, it was huge for him. Anna gently lowering her foot down, she felt something melt under the shoe. A little mess on the ground was left from the guy.Anna giggled and said:- Very nice feeling, you were so soft. Who is next?And this time Anna turned her back to the small people, lifted her heel up, and again the ballerinas slowly dropped down, pressing another man to the ground. Anna turned on her heel and almost nothing remained of the guy.- Nice fun, why I did not come up with it before.Anna approached the last two men, I think it was a couple.- Who is supposed to bend first?Anna moved the shoe to the left and to the right.-Hmm, maybe you … and she lifted her leg over the man on the right.With all her strength she stepped on the ground, so that the human was a thin cake and glued to the sole.- Hihi flattened you pretty well.Anna gently peeled the human from the sole with her fingernails and threw it into a trash on wheels that stood next to her.The little man she had just güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri stepped on was the wife of the other man. He began to cry that there is no hope that he will die. His wife is no longer there. So fast and there is nothing left of her.Anna crouched over the last guy.-Hmm, what to do with you? hihi.She stood up and stepped on the little man in front of the shoe and repeatedly shuffled the shoe on the ground. Only small debris left, which Anna cleaned with a brush and scoop.- You could not start with me, Anna said.In the meantime, a woman with two daughters entered the gallery. The girls behaved loudly and the woman spoke to them all the time, but the girls did not pay attention to her and did what they wanted.One of the girls noticed one of the men on the ground and called the other.- See Gosia what I found.The other girl came up and said something and after a while began to show fingers to other people.- wow a lot of toys said one of the girls.Anna heard this and approached the girls. Crushing one along the way.Ups! I stepped on one.The girls laughed and said that it was very funny and where so many of these people come from.- Anna replied that recently there were some promotions in the toy store and they set up such people to attract attention and she has to clean everything up.- can we take a few of these toys, ma’am? An older girl asked.- yes, if you want, take a few with you, as much as you want Anna said.- thank you, ma’am, and the girls started gathering small men into their little bags that they had on their shoulders.- If you want to play, you can step on some of these little guys the way I did. and so all will go to throw away, said Anna.- thank you and girls jumped forward, laughing loudly.The older girl had pink ballerinas and her sister had black varnished shoes fastened with Velcro.The girls jumped and enjoyed the fun. And they showed with their fingers what was left of the people.Their mother also smiled and trampled off with her black boots a few men that she had on her way to please her daughters.And the girls raced güvenilir bahis şirketleri that would crush the “toy” for a bigger cake.They stepped on top with all their strength, other times they stood and turned on their toes or on the heel. At other times, they jumped on people.Finally Anna lost the girls from her eyes and went to work.”It must finally be cleaned up, Anna thought.Only Anna knew that it was not usually toys, not plasticine people but real people reduced and changed.Only she could hear what they say, but the music drowned out their screams. A few of those little people gathered in a separate garbage bag with the intention of taking them home for further play …Anna began cleaning the floor, many people were crushed. Anna sc****d them with a scoop, some of them not even crushed, she was sweeping the scoop and pouring them into a big trash bag. When there were already a few, she looked inside :- How do you feel? From there, there is no escape.- Many voices shouted to let them out, asking for mercy.Anna did not do anything about it and went to the first trash on her way and poured the contents into her big trash on wheels, throwing garbage on little people.And so on she collected the men and poured more trash can along the corridor. So that the people mixed up with garbage.When she cleaned all of them from the floor. She looked into her trash on wheels and said.- Now you are just ordinary garbage. No one will save you and no one will find you.Anna stopped on the way near the toilets and emptied the contents of the trash bins on small men.And there was stinking rubbish like girdles , tampons, toilet papers etc.Anna drove the cart to the room where the cleaners throw out rubbish.Last time she said to the people:- Good bye trash! haha.She tied tightly the big black bag. And she put it next to two other big black sacks next to the crushing machine.Anna started the machine, opened the flap through which the sacks were thrown in and slowly slid the sack with the people inside.- it smells awful … she thought.She closed the lid and pressed the button, laughing loudly. The machine moved and a large metal plate squeezed the sack and crushed it flat.Anna with a smile added another sacks and pressed everything.A colleague from work, the cleaner from the first floor came with her garbage and asks, Why is she so happy?Anna replied that today she had a nice and pleasant job.