Clothes Shopping…

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Clothes Shopping…I had went shopping at the local mall that was near our college, I had on a pair of short pants a t-shirt with our logo and tennis shoes and socks. I dressed lightly so that I could try on clothes and not tire my self out undressing and redressing.I was in the men shop and had tried on a number of clothes and was absent mindlessly staring across the into the other dressing cubicle. The curtain was parted and the guy in there was removing his pants, his cock was sticking out of his underwear and I noticed that it was semi erect and had a left handed twist to his penile shaft. I was mesmerized by the sight of this cock and stared a little too long, the guy noticed me and begin to put on a show for my enjoyment. He slowly worked his cock into en erect state by masturbating very slowly.He kept turning from one side to another as if he was adjusting his clothes while stroking his very solid cock. I was sitting down tying my shoes, my head resting slightly on my knee, suddenly he turned in my direction and snapped the curtain close.I snapped my head up and stood quickly and exited the changing area, I stayed near the fitting rooms till he came out. I acted like I wasn’t paying attention to him as he replaced his items and headed in my direction. He took position on the other side of the clothes rack, and as our eyes met he broke into a wide smile.I smiled back as he winked at me and said ‘you enjoy looking at a mans cock or are you out scouting. I looked at him in amazement muttering ‘I…I…I…’ He smiled and came around the rack and said as he nudged along ‘it don’t matter, let us get out of here I know just where we can go.’Stunned I moved along with him in a trance like state, not protesting or resisting yet not understanding why I wasn’t refusing to go with this stranger. We went into the parking lot, canlı bahis where he took better hold of my wrist and lead me to his car.Opening the door he said to me ‘hop in we going on a short ride.’ I slipped into the passenger seat as he went around to the drivers side. As he started the car he introduced his self ‘Im Carlton and you are…’ I stammered ‘Da…Da…David’ Laughing he said to me ‘Da…Da…David did you like what you saw, I hope you did cause we gonna have some ffffffuuuunnnnn.’We went to the west side of the city to an apartment complex, parking in a space he exited the car. I stayed seated as he walked up to a door and fumbled for a key, looking back at me he nodded his head towards the door and mouthed ‘come on’.As I entered Carlton closed the door and led me to the bedroom, once in there he quickly removed his clothes. His cock was erect and hard with it’s left handed curve, his cock head was a dark purplish black, his penile shaft was lined with veins that stood out like ridges along his cock shaft.Carlton said to me ‘well, now that we are here don’t wait for an invitation get comfortable and climb in bed.’ I stripped off my shorts and underwear along with my tennis and socks also my t-shirt and climb into bed along side Carlton.Carlton reached over and took my hand and placed it on his throbbing cock ‘here stroke this for me’, he said. I slowly started to his throbbing member up and down as Carlton laid back on to his pillows.I looked at his cock as I stroked it and wondered why it had a left curve to it. I tried to work his cock to see if it would get straight, looking back it was kinda foolish for me to think like that.After awhile of stroking his cock I leaned over and enveloped the head of his cock in my lips and sucked on it rotating his cock head around in my mouth. Carlton moaned and lifted his mid bahis siteleri section up to meet my greed mouth.Carlton placed his hand on my forehead and said ‘damn David, shit man your head is awesome. But I brought you here to fuck not suck.’ He pushed my head away causing my lips and his cock head to make a wet smacking sound as they parted.Carlton said to me ‘I want you to trust me, I want you on your knees, your head on the bed and your butt stuck up in the air. When I saw you walk past the dressing room in those short pants, your tight little butt sticking out, I wanted to ride your ass like a jockey.’I asked ‘what type of lubricant do you have’, he reached over into the dresser and produced a tube of lubricant. ‘This is what I like to use, it’s not oil base and want heat up, plus it has an anti insemination substance.’Having not heard that I said bewilderingly ‘why…’, Carlton said ‘I like bare backing, so get used to it.’ I got into position, Carlton squeezed a copious amount of the lubricant into my butt crack as he knelt behind me. ‘I’m going to apply some to my dick as well to make it easier to enter your sweet looking ass.Once Carlton was through he slid his cock head up my butt crack till it encountered my anal opening. Poising at my anal opening Carlton pressed his penile head against my puckering bung hole.The thought crossed my mind if I would feel his cock slid to the left as his penile head entered my butt. Bracing my self Carlton said ‘take a deep breath now, I’m gonna ease it in a little at a time till you get used to it.Carlton pressed slowly against my outer anal sphincter muscle ring till it parted and allowed his cock head to begin to penetrate. Slowly Carlton rotated his hips pressing against my butt hole till his penile glans slipped into my rectum. With a gasp I accepted his cock head into my anal güvenilir bahis canal.Carlton said ‘take a breath and relax, I’ll let you get use to having my dick head in you butt’. I took a quick sets of breath and tried to relax as Carlton, true to his word, held back.Carlton gripped my hips with both hands and softly said ‘just relax let me fuck you gently, till you get use to having me inside this tight boi pussy’. I nodded my head quickly as Carlton begin to work his cock around in my butt.Gasping for breath as he went further I struggled to accommodate Carlton’s penile shaft. Moaning and groaning as Carlton went deeper into my anal love canal. Carlton was fabulous, as he slowly worked his rigid fuck tool into my butt hole.I had maneuvered my feet so that they were hung across his ankles, Carlton sunk his man meat into my butt till his pubic hair was crushed into my butt crack. I was now moaning, groaning and grunting with each thrust of Carlton’s cock.For maybe fifteen or twenty minutes Carlton worked my butt till he stiffened and pulled my hips to him and grind deeply into my anal cavity. He grunted and I felt his cock explode and empty squirt after squirt of his sperm deep into my rectum.Carlton laid down on my back and whispered ‘lay down so I can fill this ass good’. I stretched out on the bed as Carlton maintain contact with me, as soon as I was prone out, Carlton slipped his hands over mine stretching my arms towards the head board and his fingers between mine.As Carlton grind deep into my rectum he whispered into my ear ‘David, this is some good pussy you git man. Tell me you gonna let me get this ass when ever I want it’. I moaned in passionate lust mumbling ‘when ever you want it it’s yours’.Carlton kissed my ear and said ‘I want it all the time I can get it. If you ain’t got a steady fucker I’m gonna be your steady. And if you have, you’ve got to get rid of him today’.I stayed with Carlton all day letting him fuck me when ever he wanted and even at one time begging him to fuck me before he took me back to my dorm.