Coached Pt. 02

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Coached Part 2

Couple of Years Later

Shelley padded across the room bare foot, her equally bare thighs swishing as they rubbed together and her recently pink painted, but chipped nails shining brightly as she made her unsteady way slowly and carefully from the bedroom towards on the balcony holding on to the chairs, wall and door frame as she made her way, her second cigarette of the day dangled from the corner of her mouth, she paused as she reached the door and paused as the gentle warm breeze greeted her body and her loose hair and it and brushed tickled her nose, and attempted to tuck her securely behind her ears, but as she tilted her head and pulled on the cigarette, removed it from her mouth, exhaled the hair popped out again, she then flicked the ash in to the clean ashtray beside two packs of Marlboro reds, the one on top was open, beside them and a plate of fresh French pastries.

“Morning Brian,” she croaked and coughed, and then inhaled again on her cigarette, cocked her head up and exhaled slowly letting the smoke drift off with the breeze and then admired the view “I really do love coming out here, even for a long weekend, thank you, I know I have said it before am grateful your parents let us come away just the two of us again! I just love looking at that view in the morning.”

Brian looked up from his tablet and stroked his stubbly chin and nodded in appreciation of the view he had of the large naked women leaning over his balcony.

Shelley turned her head and smiled at her husband and tried to be seductive as she followed up with yet another deep inhale on her cigarette. “Oh, err, what time did you come to bed? I can’t remember you joining me?” she asked cocking her head inquisitively to the side with her exhale as it disappeared over the balcony.

“I did come to bed, honestly. You were just fast asleep!” Brian said dismissively still looking at his screen “I guess you fancy the beach bar later?” he asked changing the topic as he got up stood alongside her against the low wall that looked over the balcony holding his coffee in one hand and his croissant in the other.

“Sounds good, and what time did you get up for your run? It must have been really early?” Shelley enquired changing the topic back again as she consciously flicked the ash and watched it drift down to the road below before looking back at her husband.

“Yeah, it wasn’t too early.” He grinned and leaned over kissed the top of her head. “You are looking absolutely gorgeous this morning, as you do every morning!” he said trying to praise his wife and put the last of the croissant in his mouth and squeezed her fat buttock in his hand as he chewed.

She laughed, coughed and pulled on her cigarette, “Bri, I only woke up to you in your shower, I feel rough as rats, as usual, and must look shite” she coughed again “and my hair is mess as usual” she said ruffling it up with her spare hand, otherwise I would have joined you in the shower, but my get up cigarette was lit, so I didn’t, but the sun is out, I am up, its warm and I am rather naked just for you…” she smiled and then inhaled deeply on her cigarette whilst her hazel, slightly bloodshot, hungover eyes attempted to twinkle whilst looking longingly in to his eyes. She exhaled and flicked the butt over the wall.

Brian acknowledged the smile with his own grin. “Well yes, I’ve always said you do look rather stunning just like that!” his mouth smiled widely and then he focused on his tablet and coffee rather than her and sipped it.

Shelley cocked her head “If I look stunning and sexy and hot, can I invite you back to bed?” she said as sultry as possible whilst leaning against the balcony wall spreading her chubby legs wide as possible and looked at expectantly at her husband.

Brian didn’t look up from his tablet as she stroked her nipples trying to get his attention, “Maybe later Shell? I am watching the replay of Oliva’s latest run and then we’ve got to get on?” as asked as without looking he picked up another of his buttered croissant and munched on it.

“Uhuh…of course Olivia.” Shelley muttered, sighed and closed her legs and leaned over and took another cigarette from the pack beside him, and hurriedly lit it in frustration.

Brian finished is coffee and placed the mug back on the table and looking up from his tablet and tutting bent down and picked up an empty wine bottle rolling in a puddle on the grey concrete floor. “However, as you are now awake shall I open your morning wine?” Brian asked putting down the tablet and making a move to head back in.

Shelley paused and thought for a second and licked her lips of pastry and then beamed “Oh go on, it’s going to be a hot day again, and I’m on holiday after all!” and leaned forward as she pulled on her cigarette again.

“I thought you might.” Brian smiled, paused leaned across the table and picked up the empty pack and crushed it in his palm as Shelley conducted a deep cheek caving draw, as she finally bahis siteleri exhaled, she picked up another croissant and chewed as the crumbs scattered on the wind across her chest.

Shelley looked around and realised Brian had gone again, she leaned over, topped up her wine glass, gulped a couple of fingers from the glass and with effort eventually got herself out of the chair, picked up her glass and with her cigarette dangled in the corner of her mouth. She meandered indirectly to the hallway and then fell into bathroom where she promptly sad down on the toilet and with loud fart, peed whilst taking turns to gulp her wine and inhale on the cigarette, before not bothering to wipe or flush as she had her hands full as she got up and stumbled into the bedroom.


“Do you want me in pink or green or nothing today, Brian?” Shelley asked with her cigarette dangled in the corner of her mouth as she leaned against the bedroom door frame with two of her bikini’s sets in her hand as she offered the bikini top up to her tanned breasts.

Without looking up from his tablet to acknowledge his still naked wife Brian replied “Err, you’re in nothing already, let’s go pink” and carried on scrolling through on his screen.

“Okay Bri,” Shelley shrugged her shoulders and huffed and flounced back into the bedroom, her once toned naked backside now bounced, wobbled and jiggled with every step as she made her way back to beside the bed, picked up the wine glass on the bed side table gulped it down, placed the cigarette between her lips and fell back on the bed before lifting herself back and then with a groan falling again on her back. She eventually used what little stomach muscles she had left to start a fight with her legs the holes bikini bottoms.

Are you sure you absolutely sure you want to start running again?” Brian asked in semi disbelief.

“Abshultley” Shelley slurred as she sat on the red bar stool against the poolside bar. “I’m very fats and meh!” she said and slowly brought the cigarette in her left hand, to her face concentrated on it and drew the smoke in to her lungs.

“I don’t want you to hurt yourself again?” Brian said concerned.

Shelley exhaled and then giggled and then chased the red straw around the cocktail with her lips until she locked on and secured it and slurped her drink. “I’m a very goods at runnings!” She said defiantly as she sat back upright and grinned. “I did very good winnings!” she smiled.

“You did once, yes; you are more than welcome to come with me for my morning run?” Brian asked before drinking his coke.

Disagreement crossed her face “Umm” she inhaled deeply on the cigarette it fizzled and burnt almost down to the filter, and after a little bit of hazy thought as she exhaled she replied, “Maybe when we get home, as you says, I’ms on holiday now!” she said it with her exhale, dropping the cigarette on the floor as her thick legs dangled from the bar stool, she then went back to chasing the red striped straw around the glass.

“The offer is there Shell?”

Shelley swallowed and tipsily and exaggeratedly shook her head.

“Ooopsy” Shelley stated as she bumped into the wall and giggled as she leaned against the wall as Brian opened the door. Brian sighed and put his hand around her soft waist and corralled her into the apartment. “I’se going to me more bruised than tanned!” she smirked at Brian as he walked her in the living room with his hand around her waist and he released her as she stumbled sideway before unstylishly pirouetting and falling on to the centre seat of the three seat sofa with a sigh.

“You will be fine!” Brian mused knowingly looking at his complete drunken mess of a wife with her smudged make up, and her legs wide apart flashing her stained pink bikini bottoms under her short white linen skirt. “When did you piss yourself?”

“Dunno, probably, must have done?” she giggled. “Sorry…” she giggled again and stroked her wet gusset. “Yes…I have!”

He smiled “You know you should have told me?”

She licked her fingers and nodded “Next time I wills, I primish!”

“You know that Marian used also piss herself all the time when she became a drunken waste of space!”

“Shhhs, don’t mention her now, and Bris I’m not verys wasted, gives us another drink and I will pees again for you if you likes me to?” Shelley waved her knees in and out wobbling her thighs, and looked around smiling drunkenly, she then attempted lean and reach her cigarette pack and lighter that were balanced on the arm of the sofa but fell flat on her face on to the sofa “Fuck” she exclaimed and giggled as her head was buried in the sofa cushion.

Brian laughed and ran over and grabbed Shelley’s hand and pulled the practically dead weight upright on the sofa, “Shell are sure you are, okay?” he asked.

“Err Huuh” she smiled and rearranged her hair into more of a mess and then pawed at the sofa.

“Shell, shall I get them for you?” Brian asked.

“Peas” she said with puppy canlı bahis siteleri dog eyes as she slumped further down on sofa her skirt riding higher around her waist. Brian smiled wryly and retrieved the half empty pack of cigarettes, pulled one out and placed it between her lips, then fired up his lighter after getting it from his pocket.

He then looked towards the bedroom and then back to her, his shoulders sunk, and knelt down in front of her and stroked her bare thighs “Shall I help take those wet things off you before they chaff?”

She nodded and he deftly ran his hand up inside her skirt and she lifted her backside, he tugged as he slowly slid her saturated knickers back down before slowly kissing up her fat inner thigh.

“Ohh you’ve shaved for me, well done!” he grinned and got a little closer.

“See, I’s, not totally useless drunk!”

Following Week

Shelley walked over to the start line carrying the basket of her tracksuit, her open pack of cigarettes balanced on top of her removed jogging bottoms. She looked around taking in the sparse crowd and her fellow competitors and whilst everyone else jogged on the spot, or stretched to keep warm, she put down the basket and confidently lit the cigarette and stood there one hand on her hip, pulling smoke into her lungs as everyone stared in utter awe and confusion. There was cloud cover and dark clouds threatening rain in the distance. She looked up to the clouds and brought the filter to her lips and hungrily inhaled on her cigarette the tip glowed orange against the dark brooding sky.

Shelly groaned and she bent down paused for a brief second and wobbled forward, she put her hand on the dark mahogany bed stead for support, stood up and sighed with her hands on her hips taking stock of the situation and then slowly bent again down and then tugged and wiggled as she continued to struggle to pull up her black lycra shorts up over her bruised but tanned legs and up over her naked pubis as she stood in front of the full-length bedroom mirror half dressed in her now two sizes too small running gear. She picked up the cigarette burning in the ashtray and pulled on it, exhaled and flicked the ash into the ashtray on the dressing table beside her “Fuck” she exclaimed before she inhaled again bringing the cigarette right down to the filter. “I’m definitely going to go running this morning” she said as she exhaled, the smoke snaking and bouncing off the mirror as she twisted her chubby body in front of the glass and sucked in her little belly squashed conveniently in her very tight running shorts and puffed out her chest. ‘It’s surely only been a few months or…no Christ….it’s been longer…’ She mused and lied to herself on the actual last time she wore them as she stubbed the cigarette out in the overflowing ashtray on her dressing table before holding the wooden Formica top for support as the world spun slightly.

She tutted to herself and reached over to the pack beside the glass ashtray and pulled yet another cigarette between her chipped red paint on her short-bitten nails and lit it. ‘That it much better’ she mused as she exhaled, grabbed the pack and lighter tucking them securely inside the sports bra under her running top and gingerly and slowly headed downstairs.

“Morning darling” Brian said without looking at his wife as he sat on the sofa in front of the telly watching daytime children’s TV with Johanna.

“Bri, now that I am finally up, I am just going out for my run again hon!” she said as she flicked the cigarette in ashtray on table by the front door. “I have promised you that I would do it again today!” she chortled.

“Okay, thought as much, do go and have fun, as I assumed you would and so I have asked Olivia from the track to coming up to help up around the house this afternoon!” he smiled as he looked at the clock.

“Oh, Olivia…is she? That’s great for both of you, she is really useful, and if that is the case, I might make this a slightly longer run?” she suggested before looking at, and then bringing her hand back to her mouth, and with her fingers making a wide V, dragging hard on her cigarette.

“Yes dear, not to worry, oh two things have you got your card, and will you be back for lunch?” Brian asked.

The cloud of smoke billowed across the room “Ohh good thinking Bri,” Shelley said as moved away from the door and look her handbag on the kitchen table, she opened her purse on the kitchen table and flashed the credit card at Brian to acknowledge it before she tucked the card inside the other breast on her running top “Think this run will take me a while, I will grab something to eat on the road.” Shelley said confidently. “I will definitely maybe be back for dinner, I will see how I go, please don’t wait for me though!” she grinned sheepishly.

“Okay see you later! Please be safe and remember…” Brian said as she watched his wife take an extra cigarette pack from inside her handbag and stuff it down her top, she then went canlı bahis back and opened the front door then inhaled on the cigarette, she turned to blow him a smoky exhaled kiss and then gently shut the door.

Shelly paused as the door closed behind her and adjusted her eyes to the brightness of the sunlight, leaned against the low boundary wall next to the front door and slowly finished her cigarette, before getting up exhaling and flicking it across the road. She exhaled the cloud of smoke and then jogged labouredly down the road and then around the corner, once out of sight of the house, she slowed down and walked along the road following the yellow lines to the pub, looked at her watch and smiled and sat down on the wooden benches out the front, pulled the already open pack of cigarettes out from her sports bra and retrieved the lighter from beside the cigarettes, lit one and exhaled and then waved at Tracey the thirty something brunette barmaid through the door, smiled at her and made the international recognised hand signal for asking for a drink. Tracey knew what she wanted.

Five minutes later Tracey, with her strappy pink cami top with black bra showing through, with her love handles just hanging over her jeans- came out with the large glass of wine and a glass of coke, placed both on the table, “Usual for you Shell?” she asked with her smoke deepened gravelly voice as she sat down on the bench in front of Shelley and clamped her Marlboro red between her lips and lit it and then after exhaling drank some of her coke.

“I would have bought you a wine too?” Shelley suggested.

Tracey smiled “Maybe later Shell as its only 11!” and then inhaled on her cigarette.



Shelley blinked at the single flash bulb and grabbed her glass in front of her and gulped.

“So, Shelly we understand you are trying to make yet another comeback? Can you confirm this is true?”

“Absolutely, I have been working with my coach, now my Husband, to see if I can get back to my previous fitness levels.” She proudly said then coughed and nervously twisted open and gulped down the water from the bottle in front of her.

“Is it true you got drunk at the race before your ‘retirement’ last year?”

Shelly laughed, “There is absolutely no truth in that at all!” and drank some more water as perspiration appeared on her forehead.

The journalist followed up “So the reason for breaking your leg was not falling down the stairs after drinking a couple of glasses of wine between heats?”

Shelly laughed and coughed and drank again “Trust me; it would take more than a couple of glasses of wine to get me that drunk as to fall over!” the room laughed with her.

“Are you going to lose some weight to get back to fighting fit?” a man shouted from the back.

“How rude!” she looked faux shocked, and then smiled “I broke my leg and had to rest for a few months, however I am hoping that through the rigorous exercise regime that my coach and husband has introduced, I should get back to my previous size, so yes!” she smiled and sipped her water again. “Right, I look forward to seeing you all the tracks, I better get back to the gym, thank you for the time.” Shelly smiled and then sipped her water and then she pushed the chair back and taking the water bottle with her walked outside and slowly jogged and then walked up to Brian’s car he had let her borrow for the day, and waited for the media to have dispersed a bit before getting her pack out of her jogging bottoms pocket and once it was lit, rotating the chair position back and having a longingly enjoyable inhale.

Ten minutes later she was driving home via the pub.


Shelley put one foot in front of the other slowly wavered back from the toilets still tugging and adjusting her running shorts and then giggled as she leaned her elbow against the bar.

“Oh Tracey, another large glass of white peas” Shelly slurred as leaned with her head in her hands with both elbows against the bar.

Tracey looked on with concern “Are your sure, wont Bri want you back soon?” she asked briefly looking at the clock behind the bar.

Shelley giggled “It’s okay, he has, err, Sandra, no Sandy, no Samantha, I don’t know one his young new girls up helping him this afternoon. She will prolly cook tea for him. Did you know I used to do that for him? I was very good!” she rambled “I did a very good job at cooking, so I am okay parked here.” She said as attempted to lift herself up on to the bar stool, it took her a couple attempts and a couple of giggles before she got her bum up on to it. Her fuddled brain whirred as she flicked the cigarette pack lid back between breasts back and forth before extracting one and placing it between her lips “Oh, yes, Olivia that was it!” she smiled.

“You know you are still very young” Tracey said smiling. “You are the same age as me?”

I certainly don’t feel as young as I did.” Shelly coughed deeply. “I do try and do my exercises. I’m very good at them!” she grinned.

“I had noticed, and please don’t light that in here!” Tracey looked up at the cigarette bouncing between Shelly’s lips. “I don’t want you, us, getting caught.” She said with her concerned voice.