Cockold Hubby

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Cockold HubbyThe relationship with Mick had gone past chatting on msn and the initial one night meet to enjoy each other — we where now meeting every time Mick came back to the UK… Some times in a hotel others just lunchtime or a diner meet, we always had great chemistry laughing and joking and when we did make love –we really did make love…This particular visit threw up all sorts of complications for us to meet, C had been working away had come home 2 days early — I told him I had arranged to meet the girls and our son was staying at his friends — From the time I walked through the door – C was all over me grabbing my ass, tits and kissing my neck –I pushed him away each time as I was really looking forward to meeting with Mick and wanted nothing to spoil this evening…Finally C said I’m going to the club if you don’t want shag — I said “See ya” — things hadn’t been good for a few months now and we where in a rut …I ran a bath and soaked for an hour I was due to meet Mick at a country pub for some food and anything else he wanted!!! I know what I want this evening — I want it all!!!!My dress was short showing off my long slim legs — my tits where pushed up and looked very nice indeed in my low cut dress —-Yes I think he will like this number very much -I say aloud to myself!!I jump in the car — always I have butterflies in my stomach — not really nervous more excitement I think…Mick always waits in the car park for me so we can have the initial long kiss in private — fuck we do kiss so well — I know he loves our kissing because he has such a wonderful hard on while we kiss —- for me personally — I was wet before just driving to meet but when we kiss I feel my wetness on my inner thigh as I leak — The sensations take me right to the brink of a real orgasm..We break the kiss and walk isveçbahis yeni giriş into the pub arm in arm we certainly don’t look married more the couple who are having a bit on the side!!! LOLWe have a great meal — great conversation and lots of laughing — by the time we have finished the pub is just locking up — I ask Mick to take me home as I don’t want to drive — he says are you sure — I say please …I give him directions as he drives — I am feeling really happy and really pissed off that C has come home 2 days early —- Mick pulls up in front of the house and leans to kiss me good night — we kiss –as we do I rub his cock through his jeans as I have all the way back from the pub — his fingers are driving my pussy crazy — 3 fingers deep inside stroking my g spot and his thumb is driving my clit into a wonderful hard orgasm — as I cum on his fingers I break the kiss and gasp for air — I say come in the house with me Mick and fuck me on the sofa !!!!!Fuck sake Missy, Mick says — C is in bed!!! Even better then I say!!!I open the front door and go into the house checking the kitchen and lounge — I can hear C snoring as I get half way upstairs —I grab Mick who is standing in the shadows so no one will see him…Come on I whisper and drag him in to the hall — He is laughing — what I say — us– he says — I can’t believe we are doing this — but hey fuck it !!!I push him into the lounge and basically jump on him as he gets by the sofa!! he goes over onto the sofa trying not to make too much noise —- he’s ripping my clothes off and me his — seconds later we are naked — he is sitting in the middle of my leather sofa and I’m sitting on his lap facing him with my arms around his neck kissing him like never before !!!!His cock feels so hot as I rub my camel toe isveçbahis giriş up and down his shaft — fuck it feels wonderful — his hands are on my ass cheeks — opening and closing my holes!!! My fanny is farting so loud as I am so wet —– his fingers are not only grabbing my ass cheeks now — he has slid 2 fingers into my bum hole!!! Fuck it feels wonderful — I break the kiss and tell him I want him to fuck my ass on my sofa!!!He just smiles and seconds later his fingers dip into my creamy honey pot gathering my love juices — next moment 3 then 4 fingers ease into my asshole — my breathing is so hard — my heart is racing — I will pass out for sure when he puts his cock in me I just know it !!!!He tells me to kneel facing away so he can massage my nipples too — while he is kissing and biting my ear lobes — fuck my body spasms as I cum again —- and he isn’t inside me yet —- I raise my bum — and hold his hard throbbing shaft —- I decide I want it all !!!I nudge my star easing him into me — it hurts just a little but I know how much pleasure is around the corner!!!The knob is inside my arse now and I control a short fast fuck –just the knob is fucking me at my speed — then when I am ready I slide down the full length of his cock — until his balls are squashed under my ass…Mick is breathing hard — it didn’t realise I had just hit him in the ribs while going down on his cock — small price to pay!!!I know lean back onto him — he is kissing my neck — his one hand is rolling my nipple — fuck it feels so good!! his other is down on my clit —- that feels amazing — the sensations are driving me hard and fast toward a more powerful orgasm — his fingers leave my nipple — oh !!! But they bury deep inside my cunt!!!!! Fucking my G spot rubbing my clit and having isveçbahis güvenilirmi 8 inches in my ass hole is just heaven for me and the best thing is Mick knows what I love most and he gives it to me!!!my rocking on his cock is getting increasingly harder — until he knows I ma seconds away from a massive orgasm —- he removes his fingers and holds my hips — he begins to thrust hard and deep — it seems to be going deeper into my ass hole — I start to squirt — he just carries on fuckin my bum — even harder and even faster now —- we don’t notice the door open and C standing there watching his wife being ass fucked by a total stranger — I look at him and just don’t give a fuck — my pussy is squirting and gushing as never before Mick’s fingers go back inside me rubbing me faster bringing my orgasm harder and harder — I look at C again and he is shaking his head — no smile –just disgust — I ram my ass down on Mick’s cock so fuckin hard my cream is splashing every where —- I hear Mick beginning to breath very hard — the normal sign he is cumming —– sure enough I feel his jet of cum splash inside my ass hole — 3 times I feel his knob pulse bigger inside me unloading more of his wonderful juice !!!As his orgasm subsides his hands come up to my nipples and he holds them gently rolling them at the same time — just winding our orgasms down easily —- C is still watching from the doorway —- I turn side on and kiss Mick hard and passionate —— fuck if I don’t squirt just once more !!!!After a while I break the kiss — I ease myself of Mick’s still hard cock — sliding up his shaft until he plops out of my gapping hole —- followed by a gush of his creamy juices !!I just glare at C as he watches me kneel in front of Mick and suck his cum and my ass juices of his cock — my gapping asshole was facing him —- so wide open and Mick’s cream dribbling from me and down into my open cunt….I tell C he is to sleep in the spare room tonight as Mick is staying with me!!!!I know he is just listening to Mick fucking my brains out all night — but hey — who gives a fuck!!!!!!