Collection of The Simpsons Erotica

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Collection of The Simpsons EroticaPegging On Evergreen TerraceBart’s stag night. An hour of so before dawn broke the 21-year-old groom came round to find he was handcuffed securely to the Evergreen Terrace street sign. He was also wearing only a black thong that had presumably previouslybelonged to a stripper. Or Milhouse.It was a warm night, but that felt like small consolation as the smell of sick wafted from beneath the sign.Bart had been handcuffed with one wrist to each post meaning he could do little should an early walker find him.”Ay, caramba!” Bart muttered self-referentially. He was still a little drunk.”This is how you celebrate marrying my sister?”Bart, suddenly embarrassed, struggled as he heard the firm voice behind him. It sounded so exactly like his fiancée he first thought it was her, but reasoned Terri wouldn’t refer to herself as her sister.He tried to look over his shoulder, and managed to see the figure silhouetted by the streetlight.”Hey, this wasn’t my idea! I’d rather have spent the night with Terri.””You went to a strip club.””I could barely keep my eyes open by the time we got to the club. My blood must be 90% Duff!”Bart felt a cold hand slap his hard butt, and realised she wore leather gloves. He could not see , but the purple-haired twin wore high heeled leather thigh boots and a leather corset worn above a special harness. She’d slipped off a trenchcoat before speaking. He heard the clipping noise as she strapped a large black rubberised dildo into place but didn’t know what the sounds meant.”Hey, quit it! Can you see a key for these cuffs? I don’t want to spend my married life as an Evergreen Terrace tourist attraction.””You need to be punished, Bart. You need to know what can happen when you go wild and put yourself at risk like this while the love of your life waits at home for her wedding day.””What the hell you doing? Leave that thong alone,” he paused, “Why am I wearing a thong?”Bart struggled as best he could, but he didn’t want to risk actually hurting the woman by kicking out forcefully.He found he had little choice but to allow her to strip him of the thong. He did recognise the sound of tape tearing and, seconds later, could only give a muffled expression of his disgust as the sweaty thong was taped into his mouth.He hoped the underwear came from a clean living stripper.‘What the hell?’ he thought, ‘Sherri’s gone crazy! I’m naked on Evergreen Terrace and old Flanders’ll be out runningsoon!Oh what the hell is that cold… My butt!”As Bart squirmed gloved fingers worked slippery lubricant into and around his asshole. His mumbled protests grew more urgent, but were met with only a callous laugh, just like Terri’s when something cruelly funny amused her.The two twins could be so similar, Bart reflected. The fingers moved from his ass, and one slid round for his cock. Bart shuddered as the slimy cold leather wrapped around his soft shaft and began to slowly massage him to erectness. He felt corsetry press into his back, and then nibbling on his ear.”You know, maybe this punishment won’t be too gruelling… I think you’re going to enjoy this Bart.”Purple hair brushed his face as she straightened and began to work the shaft into his ass. He was tight, but she took it slow and he felt a lot less pain than he feared. As the gloved hand worked his cock he realised it all felt pretty good. Bartshamefully closed his eyes as an appreciative moan filled his ears.He couldn’t see that the dildo harness had inner nubs that pleasured the wearer directly during use. Her hips met his; the dildo was buried as deeply into Bart’s ass as it was going to get, and his cock was dribbling pre-cum freely. He ground his teeth into the panties.”Tell me how much you love Terri.”Bart’s reply was muffled but she could just about understand the depth of love he tried to express. She worked her hips to move the dildo pleasurably as he spoke.”Keep telling me!”Bart opened his eyes and looked towards the sky. There had to be something kind of sissy about taking a big rubber cock in the ass, he thought, he damn if it didn’t feel good. The physical sensations of the thrusting dildo and the skilled fingers were getting his nuts good and boiling. He just wished he were with Terri instead of her sister. It was Terri he trulyloved, for she had little differences with Sherri that only he ever saw.‘God, Sherri’s going to get off,’ Bart thought as the moans behind him rose in pitch and intensity.”I Love Terri! I want Terri!” he cried into the gag, a collection of vowels as his cock jumped and spurted into the dirt and sick beneath the Evergreen Terrace sign. The purple hair dropped down by his face again as she collapsed onto hisback, lost in her own peak. The cuffs bit into Bart’s wrists as he supported her weight Her feverish panting felt hot, but at least her breath was sweet, just like Terri’s.He dripped a final load as the dildo shaft moved against his prostate. Sheripped the tape off, and separated it from the thong. Broken voiced, Bart asserted,”I love Terri. I would never do anything to hurt her.””I know.”He grimaced as the dildo pulled from his ass. She gave him another swat on the buttocks, and helped him tuzla escort back into the thong – it was a stag night, after all. A semi naked groom in the street was to be expected.”See you at the wedding, Bart.”Terri slid her coat on and strode away, wondering when her dear fiancée would figure out the truth; probably the next time.Secrets of The Simpson familyLisa woke with a start. She had been sleeping peacefully until the noises from Bart’s room had risen so loud that she could no longer ignore them.This all started earlier that week when Homer left on some business trip for the power plant. Ever since he left, Lisa had been hearing weird noises from Bart’s room all night every night. She had been ignoring them, but now it was gettingirritating.Throwing off the covers, she got out of bed and made her way to her parents’ room. Maybe if she had their mom with her it would be easier to convince Bart to be quiet, but when she opened the door she was surprised to find that her mom wasn’t there. Figuring she would have to do this on her own now, she walked over to Bart’s door and pushed it slightly open.When Lisa peeked inside, she nearly passed out in shock from what she saw.Up against the wall seperating Bart’s room from her’s was her mom, Marge, sweating, naked, and thrusting back.Behind her was her brother Bart, groaning and ramming into their mom.”Ah fuck me, Bart, fuck me!” said Marge through the moans.”Will do, mom!” said Bart, cocky as ever. He began thrusting faster and harder until Marge could focus on nothing but her son’s cock filling her and touching her in ways Homer’s never could.”Oh Bart yes yes! Fuck your mom! I want you to fill my pussy with your seed!””Again? Damn, mom, if you keep asking for that every night you’re gonna get pregnant or something!” But Bart didn’t complain, he loved the feeling of shooting off deep into his own mother. “Oh shit here it comes!” Bart shoved himself in to the hilt just in time for his dick to release load after load of cum deep into Marge’s tight snatch. Marge had her own orgasm as her son filled her with his cum, getting off on the shear taboo of it all.”Oh Bart you’re so good! No one has ever fucked me as good as you!”Bart let out a quiet laugh as he pulled out of her. “Once you’ve done the Bartman, no one else can compare!”The size of Bart’s penis, even soft, nearly made Lisa pass out again. No wonder Marge was going crazy with that big thing all the way inside her!Marge turned and nearly tackled Bart, pushing their bodies together and kissing him with all her might. As Lisa watched she could feel herself becoming jealous, but she couldn’t decide who she was more jealous of.Bart and Marge kissed passionately, their tongue’s exploring one another’s mouths. Marge could feel Bart geting hard again and broke off the kiss to move down his body and greet it.”You’re insatiable!” Marge giggled and wrapped a hand around the semi-soft member, stroking it.”What can I say, mom? You’re just so fucking hot!” said Bart, running a hand through her hair as she pumped him back to life.”You always know just what to say, sweetie,” said Marge. She leaned in and gave the head a wet lick before completely covering it with her mouth. As she kept the tip in her moist mouth and licked it all over, she used both her hands to pump her son’s cock, which was quickly growing to its full size.BAMMarge and Bart stopped and looked to the door. Lisa had been trying to lean in and get a better view, but had pushed too hard on the door, slipped, and fell to the ground.”Well, well, mom. Looks like we had an audience,” said Bart.”I wonder if she’d like to join,” replied Marge.Lisa was afraid to move. She wasn’t sure how her mom and brother would react to her peeping in on them during such an intimate moment. She sat in silence for a few seconds, staring at the floor, unable to hear Marge and Bart if they were saying anything.The next thing she felt was someone pulling her up to her feet. She looked up and was greeted by the naked body of her mother.”Lisa,” Marge said, “were you spying on me and your brother?”Lisa looked her mom in the eyes, then hung her head in shame. Even though she was trying not to, she couldn’t help but admire her mom’s body. Even at her age, she continued to keep herself sexy and in shape. Her breasts were beautifuland small enough to not have been destroyed by time and gravity. Down below, she had a small, well-kept patch of blue hair above her privates.”Yes…” Lisa replied, trying to break away from these thoughts of her mother, “I saw the whole thing.””Good,” said Marge, “that gets explanations out of the way!” With that, she pulled Lisa up to her level and gave her a kiss on the lips. Lisa was shocked but couldn’t help but kiss back, fueled by the sexy sights from before. Lisa became lost in the moment and wrapped her arms and legs around Marge, rubbing her body against her. Marge, meanwhile, moved her hands down her daughter’s back and up her night gown to her ass, giving it a good squeeze. Marge broke the kiss.”What a nice ass my little girl has,” she said, “and she’s not a bad kisser, either!”Lisa was eager to press her lips back to her mom’s, but was interrupted tuzla escort bayan while leaning in.”Damn, mom! If I knew you and Lisa would be doing this infront of me, I would have gotten you two together long ago!”Marge and Lisa took their attention off of eachother to look over at Bart, leaning against the headboard of his bed, stroking his thick dick.”What do you say, Lisa? Do you want to sample the cock that made me sleep with my son behind Homer’s back?”Lisa nodded slowly, her eyes following Bart’s hand as it pumped up and down his erection. Marge put Lisa back down to the floor, allowing her to remove her night gown, her only article of clothing.Together, mother and daughter joined Bart on the bed and settled inbetween his legs. Bart let go and put his hands behind his head, allowing the ladies to examine his amazing meat.”Wow…” Lisa gasped, “It looks even bigger up close!” She hesitantly moved a hand toward it, wrapping her fingers around as much of it as she could hold.Marge joined in, bringing a hand to it as well, pumping slowly.”Go on dear, move your hand like me.”Lisa complied and began to pump her fist. While she was distractred by the dick infront of her, Marge leaned in and began kissing her again.”Aw fuck, you two!” said Bart, “If you keep doing that I may just blow my load all over you before you get to the good part!”Marge broke away and smiled at her son. “Come on, Lisa, follow my lead.” Still pumping with one hand, Marge leaned her head in down to Bart’s balls and took his left in her mouth. Lisa, watching intently, leaned in and did the same to hisright. The mother daughter team worked his balls in their mouths for a few seconds, then Marge removed it and pressed her tongue to the shaft, licking it up from the bottom to the top. Lisa followed her mother’s example and soon the two were licking up and down Bart’s cock in unison.Marge brought her mouth to the tip, licked around the head, then took it into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, slowly taking more and more in while Lisa continued licking the sides of the shaft. Lisa then moved to the top with Marge as the two both began working the head over with their mouths and tongues.”Fuck!” said Bart, “I’m gonna cum!”Bart’s semen pumped out in long streams, some going into Marge and Lisa’s open mouths, but most of it landing on their faces. Bart’s orgasm did not stop the two, however, as they continued to lick and suck at his cock, cleaning it,eventually moving to each other’s faces. Once again the two were lip-locked, swapping Bart’s cum between each other.When she pulled away, Marge swallowed and Lisa, not wanting to disappoint, did too.”Bleh!” was Lisa’s response to that.”Don’t worry, it’s not for everyone,” said Marge, “Next time we do that, just make sure you give it all to me.””I’ll remember that from now on… but what do we do now? Don’t they go limp after that?””That’s another reason I love Bart. His stamina!”Lisa looked back to Bart and, sure enough, he was already starting to get hard again.”So what do you say, Lisa,” said Marge, “Are you ready to lose your virginity to your brother?”Lisa nodded enthusiasticly. “You BET I am!”Bart raised his hands in the air in triumph. “I have the best mom and sister in the WORLD!”Lisa was so excited she nearly jumped Bart, but he held her back.”Woah now, Leese!” he said, “There’s plenty of time for that, but there’s still a good bit left of the pre-game show!”Bart smiled and, putting a hand to his little sister’s cheek, he leaned in to kiss her. She had her first real kiss earlier today and it was with her mom. Now she was having her first kiss with a boy… and it was her brother. Lisa had the feeling that this wasn’t particularly normal, even less so for a p*****n girl, but she didn’t care; It was amazing. Bart deepened the kiss while slowly pushing Lisa down on her back.He moved his tongue into her mouth and his hands explored the rest of her small body from top to bottom. Starting at her head, he ran his hands through her short, thick hair, pulling her in close as their tongues wrapped around each other.Bart then moved his hands down to her flat chest, rubbing histhumbs against her hardened nipples. Lisa moaned into her brother’s mouth and arched her back, grinding her chestagainst his hands. She noticed that there was something else she was grinding against. Bart’s massive member was throbbing between the siblings. She could feel blood pulse through it as its thick veins throbbed against her skin.Marge, meanwhile, was on the other half of the bed watching her two T**ns humping each other right in front of her. She was overcome with a sense of motherly joy. Also horniness. Not wanting to interrupt their love-making,she moved one hand down to her pussy and began fingering herself.Lisa broke the kiss, wrapping her arms around Bart’s back as he moved down to kiss her neck.”Oh my GOD, Bart, I love you!” Lisa howled, “Why have we never done this before?! This is amazing!” She kissed any bit of Bart’s skin she could reach.Bart smiled and continued his quest lower, placing soft kisses on her chest and nipples. Opening his mouth, he gave her smooth, flat tummy a hard lick. Lisa watched escort tuzla in awe at her sexy brother. Just the sight of him doing this wasmaking her so wet.Finally, he reached the end of her torso, stroking her tight legs with his hands while moving his head between her legs.”I love your body, sis,” he said, looking up at her from her crotch, “You’re so small and soft. Mom’s body is great but being with my s*s is… amazing!”Lisa was blushing, but couldn’t say a word because, before she could speak, Bart was already eating her out. “Oh my GOD, BART!” He lightly bit down on her clit, making her shove her hands onto his head and try to push his face deeper into her.He kept going, his tongue had plenty of practice on their mom and he was really putting it to work on his s**ters cunt.With one hand holding onto her leg, he brought his other hand up to his face and replaced his mouth with it, slowly pushing one finger into her.”Do you like this, s*s?” said Bart.”M-more!” was all she could say.Bart lovingly obliged and added a second finger to his assault, pumping harder than before. While adding a third finger, he moved up to lean down and kiss her. She moaned into his mouth as his fingers slid in and out of her slick, tightpussy. Lisa howled and writhed in pleasure.”B-bart! I need you inside me!”Bart smiled. “What’s that? I didn’t hear you, s*s.””I.. I… I NEED YOUR BIG COCK INSIDE ME, B*****R! FUCK ME, BART!””That’s more like it!” Bart took out his fingers and positioned his bulbous cockhead against her entrance.Looking down at his long cock poised at Lisa’s small body turned him on even more. Would he even be able to fit it all in? His thought was broken when he felt a tongue against his shaft. Bart looked down into his m****r’s eyes.She had moved herself to face Bart while hovering over Lisa.After placing a kiss and a few licks on it she finally said, “Sorry about that, I just couldn’t help myself! Don’t let me interrupt you two, I’m just here to help.” Marge focused on slowly stroking Bart’s dick while playing with Lisa’s pussy.Bart focused his attention on his sister. “You ready, s*s?””Stick that big dick in and FUCK ME!””That’s all I needed to hear!”Marge held Lisa’s lips open, allowing her son a straight shot into his sister’s most intimate place. The thick cockhead pushed inside slowly, both of the siblings trying to savour the moment. After a few more seconds, Bart reached her hymen and things came to a stand still. As a good mother should, Marge knew how to help.”Lisa, honey, eat out mommy’s pussy.”Lisa looked up at the full-grown womanhood hovering above her. It lowered down and she leaned up to meet it.Marge turned to Bart and smiled. Bart leaned in and their lips locked.With all three family members fully engaged, Bart thrust forward and broke his sister’s hymen. Lisa put all her effort into eating her mother out to try and mask the pain she felt. Bart eased more and more of himself into his sister. He stillwasn’t sure if Lisa would be able to take him to the hilt.Even at his age, Bart’s penis was already over twice the length of an average full-grown male!While a good deal of him was already inside her, there was still over half left to go.What was already inside her was driving Lisa wild. She was having trouble focusing on pleasuring her mother due to being overcome with the amazing feeling of being filled. She found herself bucking against Bart, trying to get more of himin. Removing her lips from Bart, Marge looked down at Lisa.”Wow!” She traced her fingertip against the throbbing shape moving through Lisa, “I can SEE how deep Bart’s cock is inside you!”Lisa pulled away from her mother’s pussy. “BART, I LOVE YOU! MORE I NEED MORE INSIDE OF ME!”Bart smiled. “If you insist!”With half of his shaft still not inside her, Bart gave it one hard push and shoved in to the hilt. Lisa’s eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth hung open. Not a single thought was left in her brain that wasn’t about being fucked senseless byher brother’s cock. Bart began to pull out, but Lisa, worrying the feeling would go away forever, swung her legs around him, trying to pull him back in.”No, Leese, don’t worry. You’ll like this.”Bart pulled out until all that was left inside was the head. Then he PUSHED all the way in. He began thrusting like this until he became faster and faster. Going from being completely empty to so utterly FULL was driving Lisa mad withpleasure.Marge leaned forward and began licking the outside of Lisa’s pussy, focusing on the clit.All this attention was too much. Lisa began cumming right then and there. Her first real orgasm swept over her body but it didn’t stop there.Bart and Marge didn’t slow down. Orgasm after orgasm shook Lisa’s small body. Bart finally began to feel his orgasm coming on again.Marge smirked. “Cum inside her.”Pushing himself as deep as he could go, Bart’s cock began pumping thick loads of hot, cum into her freshly-deflowered pussy.”Ahhhh,” said Bart, “DAMN that felt good!”The three of them collapsed on the bed, laying in the remains of their wild lovemaking. Lisa wanted to thank Bart and Marge.To say how amazing this was and all she wanted to do for the rest of her life was be here with them. She was, however, completely broken from the sex and this all came out in a series of unintelligible moans. Marge smiled andgave her a peck on the lips.”This is just the beginning, sweetie.”