College Party Girl

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College Party Girl”Hey, would you like to dance?”My first college party. Over a month into my freshman year of college, and this was my first party. It was at a senior student’s penthouse apartment, just a few blocks away from the apartment I shared with my sister Kayli, adorned with expensive furniture and filled with dozens of students.I found myself standing next to a circle of cute girls that were drinking and giggling next to a table in the kitchen. I had asked a girl named Natasha, whose name was given to me by a friend. She was smoking hot, and drunk; her tight white T-shirt matched her white open-toe high heels, complimenting the feint orange glow of her tanned skin. She wasn’t fat but had a little bit of meat on her bones: her dark blue jeans hugged her lovely thighs and round ass perfectly, her plump breasts nearly popped out of her shirt.”With you?” She looked me up and down with her gorgeous hazel eyes, tinged red from alcohol. “Definitely!”Her friends giggled and waved goodbye as she took my hand and led me to the “dance floor”, which was actually just the living room with the couch pushed aside and a large sound system belting out club music from a nearby shelf.She wasted no time, immediately moving her body expertly to the beat of the song. I put my hands on her hips, moving along with her, intoxicated by her overpowering perfume. I tried to stop myself from getting hard but failed, her gorgeous ass grinding against my crotch making it impossible.Several hours later, after dancing and watching Natasha fill herself up with alcohol while I drank from the same beer can all night, the party came to a close.”All right everyone, listen up!” the owner of the apartment shouted. “I’ve gotta go to work tomorrow, so I want everyone out in fifteen minutes! Goodnight!” Chatter filled the room as everyone scrambled to find someone sober enough to drive them home.”Can you uh, take me home cutie? I’m a lil’ drunk,” Natasha asks me.”Of course. You can sleep at my place,” I offer innocently.”Really? Thanks, you are so nice. What kinda car you got?””A black ’69 Camaro.” “Wow! What are we waiting for then?” she exclaims and stumbles out the door, pulling me by the hand. We make it out to the parking lot and I point out my car.”Holy shit!” she screams. “Now this’ a car!” I help her in and drive her back to my apartment, stealing glances at her incredible figure along the way. I open the door to my apartment and happily help her take off her high heels, catching her before she fell on her butt.”Nice place. Where’s my bed?” she asks, stumbling across the living room.”In here.” I open my bedroom door and help her onto the bed.”I can’t sleep in jeans silly.” She fumbles with her belt buckle and I help her, sliding off her pants to reveal her pink G-string and unbelievable legs, their golden hue matching the rest of her orgasmic body. blood shoots into my penis and lust fills my mind, her beauty enchanting. “I’ll be right back,” I mutter. “Where ya goin?” she asks, to which I give no answer.I peek in Kayli’s open door across the living room, making sure my sister is asleep before closing the door. I go back to my room and shut the door behind me, my raging hard on pushing against the zipper of my jeans. I quickly undo and drop my pants along with my underwear, my engorged member staring at her incredible body.”Hey, you don’t sleep with pants either!” she says, giggling. I jump on top of her and straddle her waist, pulling her shirt off before she can resist. I rip her bra off and toss it on the floor, grabbing her wrists and pressing them down on the bed while I eagerly lick and suck on her pointed nipples. “Mmm, you like my boobies? I play with em all the time,” she says in a daze.”Shh honey, be quiet and suck my cock,” I order, moving forward over her chest, squeezing her shoulders with my knees.”Okay.” She goes straight to work, wrapping her lush lips around my shaft, rolling her tongue around the head of my penis, sucking vigorously. I pull off my shirt and toss it aside as she flicks the tip of my dick with her tongue. I grab the back of her head and pull her into me, slowly inching my hips forward until her nose hits my crotch. Her lips part from my shaft as saliva pours onto my cock, her nails digging into my ass cheeks as she gags with my dick down her throat, her legs kicking while she struggles to breathe.I pull away and remove my swollen shaft from her mouth, letting her catch her breath while her spit drips off my red stick. I stick it back in right as she attempts to say something, pressing her nose into my neatly trimmed pubes, listening to her mumbled voice try to protest. I inch my hips back and forth, slowly gaining momentum, taking joy in the sound of her gagging with every thrust, my family jewels smacking her on the chin.”Open your mouth wide honey, that’s it, take my big cock down your throat lara escort you sexy bitch,” I jeer, thrusting my hips toward her head as fast as I can. She complies, her mouth wide open as thick streams of saliva pour out of her mouth and onto my shining shaft and her chest. The sound of her gurgling on her own spit melds into the sound of my cock hitting the back of her throat, her eyes closed tight in discomfort, her hands squeezing the backs of my thighs. Her rich brown hair slides between my fingers as I frantically fuck her face, a waterfall of saliva pouring down her chin, forming pools of spit on her chest.I pull out of her mouth, letting her head fall back on the pillow, a thick string of spittle connecting my tip to her lower lip. I rub my soaking wet head on her lovely orange cheeks as she gasps for air, her eyes watering.”Be a good girl and give it a kiss,” I demand. She kisses my tip passionately, over and over as I grab my T-shirt and clean her face and chest off.I cradle her head in my hands and kiss her forehead, then gently kiss both of her closed eyelids, followed by her nose and cheeks. I run my tongue along the inside of her ear, lightly sucking and nibbling on her earlobe, then I do the same to her other ear, her breathing steady and already asleep, the alcohol taking its toll.I make my way to the end of the bed, marveling at her beautiful feet, breathing heavily on the side of her left foot, which bore a small tattoo of a red rose. I feel her smooth skin in my hands, her cute little toes pressed to my lips as my rod throbs. I place her left little toe in my mouth, gently sucking on her tasty skin, lightly massaging the pads of her feet as I suck on each toe, one by one. I slowly trace the outline of each angelic foot with my tongue, then lick from the bottom of her soft heel to her toes, over and over, savoring every inch of her feet before covering them in long, passionate kisses, taking extra time with her perfect arches.I run my tongue slowly from the top of her left big toe up to her knee, doing the same to her right leg, this time stopping at her waist. I kneel between her godlike legs, holding her thick thighs while I run my tongue from just above her panties to her navel, stopping to flick my tongue around in her bellybutton, then up her cleavage to her clavicle.On my way back down I slip my hands underneath her, finding the back of her pink G-string with my fingers, slowly pulling them off, lifting her feet above my head, sliding her panties off her golden legs.I kneel back down, entranced by her pretty pink pussy, glistening wet in the dim light. I lovingly kiss the lips of her perfect vagina, slowly licking up the length of her vag, my hungry penis pulsing in anticipation. I posture up on my knees, holding her legs spread apart at her sides by the crooks of her knees, her feet pointing limply behind me, her arms sprawled at her sides.Inching my waist down to be level with hers, I slowly guide my raging boner into her gates of pleasure with my hand, quickly returning to the warmth of her leg. Her dormant mouth engulfs my engorged stick, swallowing it whole as a sigh leaves her lips, still fast asleep. I inch my hips back and forth, slowly moving farther away and thrusting faster, steadily picking up speed, my penis screaming at me to go faster.I lose all control over my body, mindlessly pounding her wet pussy as fast as I can, planting my hands beside her shoulders as she comes back to life, clinging onto my biceps and trying to wrap her legs around my waist to slow me down, instead merely hitting my ass cheeks with her heels.The drilling of her pussy nearly drowns out her screaming, her eyes shut tight, her feet flailing behind my back, nails digging into my biceps. I feel the rush of orgasm start to flow through me, but instead of embracing it, I abruptly stop, enjoying it too much to take a break. I hug her left leg, with her right resting on the bed beside me, her foot pointed toward the ceiling.I gently start again, pumping nice and slow, hugging her lovely thigh against my stomach and chest, kissing the inside of her knee and calf. She holds my right hand on her thigh with her left, placing her other hand on my stomach to control my speed, her precious hazel eyes sleepily meeting mine. I passionately lick from the inside of her calf down to her foot, pressing her high arch to my lips with my nose buried between her toes, still gathering my second wind.I grab her right leg and lean forward, her thighs pressed against my body with her legs bent over my shoulders, heels resting on my back, her knees tucked in to her chest. My hands on the outsides of her shoulders, my nose inches away from hers, I pump my swollen cock into her thirsty vagina, nice and slow. Her eyes close, her hands finding their spot on my triceps to hold onto, her toes curled. Her mouth opens and she escort lara moans as I pick up speed, soon screaming, her nails piercing the backs of my arms, my family jewels smacking her butt like a drum, her bosoms jiggling relentlessly. I no longer fight off orgasm, allowing its euphoric feeling to course through my body, drowning out the beating of her pussy and her shrill cries.I barely feel the semen exit my penis, still hammering away at her tight vag, my whole body shaking in ecstasy until I can no longer take it. I rest my forehead on hers, breathing heavily along with her, my enthralled cock growing limp inside of her. I run my fingers through her hair, lightly kissing her warm cheeks and soft neck as she fades back into her drunken slumber.I carefully roll her over onto her stomach, spreading her arms slightly outward with her legs squeezed together. I kneel beside her endless legs, tenderly brushing the backs of her thighs with my hand while I kiss her golden calves.I move down to the end of the bed in front of her feet, caressing her thighs in my hands as I run my tongue the length of her right leg, from heel to her butt cheek. I do the same to her left leg, over and over, my cock growing stiff with every taste.I straddle her legs, my knees pressing hers together. Leaning over, I hold her cushy hips while I kiss her plump ass, my erect shaft resting on her thighs. I spread her marvelous cheeks apart, staring intently at her heavenly asshole. I place my tongue at the end of her pussy and lick up the length of her crack, over her anus and ending at her tailbone. I gently press the tip of my tongue to her little asshole, feeling around and slowly applying more pressure until I gain entry, tenderly pushing my tongue deeper inside of her and back out, faster and faster.My enflamed boner is no longer content to watch, begging me for a piece of action. I move higher up on her legs, straddling her thick thighs while I rub the tip of my penis on and around her anus. I carefully force the head of my swollen cock in her tight hole, placing my hands on the bed under her armpits for support, inching farther into her, her anus gripping my hard dick tight. My balls press against her butt, my shaft fully engulfed by her asshole, her fingers clenching the blankets, face contorting in pain.I raise my hips until only my head remains inside her, then slam my pelvis down hard, shaking the bed and jiggling her round ass, ripping her from her slumber. Her eyes open wide and shut just as quickly in pain, her arms tucking themselves against her body, hands clasping the blanket above her shoulders, her head raised off the bed and facing the headboard. I raise my hips and slam them down again, and again, quickly gaining speed, the smack of my pelvis and her ass met with a cry of agony each time, her legs stretched and toes curled tight in pain, shaking with each impact.Thrusting as fast as I can, the fat of her ass rippling in waves, beating like a drum, her throat unable to form words, just screaming into the pillow. I slow down momentarily, dropping most of my weight onto her back, placing my forearms under her armpits, holding her hands by her head, breathing heavily into her hair, my thrusts shorter but just as hard. I brush the hair to her left with my chin, unveiling her soft orange neck which I sink my teeth into, sucking vigorously and giving her a hickey, her fingers clasping my hands in search of comfort.In need of a short rest, I stop, kissing her spine and shoulder blades in between breaths, still slowly inching my hips back and forth.”That’s a good girl. Get on your hands and knees sweetie,” I whisper in her ear, pulling myself out of her stretched anus and kneeling behind her. She obeys, propping herself up in doggy-style position. I eagerly shove my red stick back in her hole, quickly returning to my previous pace, holding her hips to help keep her in place, her legs crossed between mine, feet stretched with toes curled, her voluptuous jugs bouncing uncontrollably. I bend over, placing my weight loosely on her back, my arms wrapped around her with my hands clenching her busty breasts, her cries sending me over the edge into the sweet release of orgasm.My cock spasms uncontrollably inside of her tight asshole, spewing cum down her pipe, my fingers clutching her precious melons, my moans lost in her screaming as I continue to pound her ass until I can no longer take it. I push her head down into the pillow, pulling her arms out from under her and placing her hands on her ass, my swollen penis rapidly deflating inside her.”Spread your cheeks honey, that’s it, that’s a good girl,” I jeer, slowly pulling my flaccid dick from her hole, her golden fingers clutching her red cheeks. “Spread your hole baby, let me see the mess I made.” She inserts her two middle fingers inside her beaten anus, spreading her asshole lara escort bayan wide. I look inside proudly, her wet pipe filled with thick white semen.I roll her over onto her back, straddling her chest after she licks the juices off of her fingers.”Clean my dick for me sweetie,” I order, pressing my wet, limp cock to her luscious red lips. She wraps her lips around my shaft, sucking and rolling her tongue around my deflated stick in her mouth, her arms sprawled above her head, her face red and chest moist from exhaustion. “That’s my girl. Now you take a nap honey. You earned it,” I whisper softly, removing myself from her mouth and giving her a kiss on her forehead.”M’kay,” she mutters in a daze. She goes out like a light, almost instantly fast asleep, looking like an angel as I stroke her rosy cheek with the back of my hand.I get off of her and kneel at the end of the bed, lifting her left leg by her ankle so that her foot is level with my head. I nuzzle her heel and the pad of her foot lovingly, deeply kiss her perfect arch, run my tongue along the side of her foot, and suck tenderly on her pretty toes, slowly filling my penis back up with lust.I bend her leg so that her foot is level with my crotch, forcing my hard cock between her big and pointer toes, slowly pumping back and forth. I grab her toes with my left hand and bend her foot downward, slowly pumping my swollen shaft along the top of her foot.I grab her right leg and hold both by her ankles, backing up so that her legs are straight. I hold her feet steady on either side of my engorged member, gently pumping my shaft between her beautiful arches, picking up speed, entranced by her precious feet. My balls slap against her soft heels, my crotch against her arches, yet she sleeps like a baby, oblivious to her body being used for my fetish.I place her legs back down on the bed and straddle her stomach, playfully massaging and groping her large breasts, tweaking and flicking her stiff nipples. I position my shaft against her chest, squeezing her tits together with my hands, my glowing stick swallowed by her twin balloons. I thrust my engorged member between her boobs, picking up speed with every thrust, stopping only to spit on my dick from time to time for lube.I slam into her double D’s, shaking the whole bed, her twins jiggling in my hands, still asleep even as I near orgasm. I stop myself before it’s too late, pulling away from her assets and kneeling by her side. I gently suck on her pointed nipples before I grab her arms and rest them on her stomach, getting them out of the way.I straddle her shoulders, cradling her head with my left hand, rubbing my red tip on her moist lips, her mouth open and still fast asleep. I carefully put my head into her mouth, feeling her warm breath and wet tongue, inching farther into her gaping throat.Her eyes open wide, a wave of spit crashing over my shaft as I hit the back of her throat, causing her to choke. I pull out and let her breathe, her eyes closing and already falling back to sleep.”Suck my dick babe,” I order, shoving my head back in her mouth. She wraps her lips around my corona, rubbing the underbelly of my cock with her tongue, sucking gently on my tip. Her tongue slows to a crawl and her lips start opening, falling back to sleep as I feel the rush of orgasm drawing near.I withdraw my dick from her mouth, instead smacking the head of my wet penis against her petit nose. I smack my tip against both of her eyes, snapping her back to consciousness, my cock thumping against her cheeks while she opens her eyes.”Spit on my cock baby,” I demand, pushing my shaft under her chin. She does so, sending a thick ball of saliva onto my swollen stick. “More sweetie, keep spitting.” She draws more spit from the back of her throat, chucking it onto my throbbing dick until it’s soaking. I draw her head closer to my crotch, her nose an inch away from my tip as I rapidly stroke my slimy shaft, her eyes closed and asleep while the euphoria of climax courses through me.I grip my penis steadily as warm cum shoots from my tip, sending white streaks up her left cheek, across her eyelid, and to her forehead, then from her lower lip to the bridge of her nose and brow. I squeeze out the last drop onto her right eyelid before forcing my head between her lips, wiping my tip off on her tongue.I rub my tired penis on her painted face, across her cum covered cheek and nose, tracing the lines around her glued-shut eyes, rubbing her creamy lips.I get up and pull her by her ankles, positioning her head about halfway down the bed. I lay down on the bed with her between my legs. I lift up her head and place her on my crotch, my penis limp and still slick.”You’ve been such a good girl. Good night sweet cheeks,” I say happily.”G’night cutie,” she mutters, turning her head to the side. She hugs my left leg, resting her cum-covered cheek on my trimmed pubic hair, my flaccid penis resting on the tip of her nose and on her lips. I follow into sweet dreams right after her, fully fulfilled with a beautiful girl sleeping on my crotch, face full of cum.