Coming Out

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Coming OutComing OutSophie Tyler was a bit of an enigma, people thought they knew her but the truth is that no-one really did, and even if someone did, not many would understand her. Sophie was a 28 year old male to female transvestite, real name Andy, a builder by trade, of slight build, 5 foot 9 inches tall, enjoyed a pint with the lads once in a while, but loved nothing more to be attired in her favourite dresses or skirt and top combinations, a bit of make-up, jewellery, and a quite long red hairpiece, Andy just loved being Sophie.Around the house Sophie was full on, the full girlie set up but never had the confidence to allow her feminine self to progress beyond the front door. Sophie belonged in a secret world like many other t-girls, too afraid of being seen, even worse to be recognised, but it was always nagging at the back of her head, she wanted to walk the streets in feminine mode, she wanted to hear the click clacking of her high heels on the paving slabs of the walkway along the street. The urge was getting stronger and up to now she’d been able to fight it, admittedly it was fear that kept that front door tightly closed and Sophie ensconced firmly inside.Looking back she knew it had to happen, it was just a case of when. One evening Sophie had been online and purely by chance she spied a t-girl meet, it was held once a month and equally by chance was only a mile or so from her home. Sophie looked longingly through the window, the night was pleasant but already dark, she felt in a turmoil.The temptation was just too strong, she was already dressed and made up, it would just be a fifteen minute walk along a poorly lit road, she imagined the sound of her heels on the pavement, the slight breeze wafting up her short skirt, her false breasts poking through her cream blouse, her red hair bouncing on her shoulders with each step she took, her slim hips swaying in a girlie fashion. Her heart was saying, “go girl”, her head was telling her “don’t be silly, stay at home”. Suddenly Sophie got up, put on her smart jacket, picked up her handbag and purse, collected her house keys from the table and was out of the door. She was a few hundred yards down the road before she fully realised what she was doing, suddenly she felt excited, exhilarated, and scared. She nearly turned back but decided it was now or never. As she had hoped the noise of her heels on the concrete sounded sexy to her, she was aware that if a car passed there would be nowhere to hide. One thing did concern Sophie right now which seemed so futile compared to everything else, as she was so turned on that she was afraid that it would show through her skirt, she giggled to herself, she was loving this walk and wondered why she hadn’t done it before, maybe it was a nervous giggle, maybe it was a “wow, I’m loving it” giggle, she wasn’t sure herself.In what seemed like no time at all Sophie arrived at her destination, she entered the back room of the pub where the meeting was to be held feeling rather apprehensive as she didn’t know anyone. There must have been forty ‘girls’ or more and she felt every pair of eyes settle on her, she looked around, there were girls of every ilk; tall, short, slim, overweight, from the gorgeous to the very plain and quite honestly unconvincing.She approached the bar and ordered herself a white wine, she fancied a pint but it wasn’t really the thing for a girl to be seen with was it? The bar was the sort of walk around sort, she was in the plush back room, but from there with the way things were set out you could also see directly into the bar and lounge. Sophie looked up and immediately held her breath, Directly opposite her and looking in her direction was James, a workmate. James look confused, unsure, his eyes squinting as though he were deep in thought. He clearly wasn’t sure. As she turned from the bar with her drink she searched for somewhere to sit, her stockinged legs suddenly feeling weak, her heart pounding, why oh why didn’t she stay at home?A pleasant looking ‘girl’ looked up and patted the seat next to her to indicate that it was free. Sophie sat down gratefully, the girl introduced herself canlı bahis as Julie and in no time Sophie was smiling, enjoying the experience of being with like minded girls, making more and more friends as Julie introduced them all one by one, Sophie even managed to forget James until she needed to approach the bar to refill her glass. James was a couple of years older than Sophie, his build much the same though he was a few inches taller, he always looked smart and tidy even at work. He had dark hair and handsome features, he was very sporty and he was openly gay. As she approached the bar Sophie’s eyes scanned the other social areas, she could see James, he was in conversation with a group of guys and didn’t pay her any attention, she sighed deeply, she’d got away with it. Sophie ordered her drink and returned to her new friends feeling much more at ease and enjoyed the rest of her evening. All too soon it was time to leave, she had a few new contact numbers and e-mail addresses and was altogether pleased with herself. She agreed to walk Julie to the bus stop as it wasn’t directly out of her way, they walked down the road hand in hand, Sophie thought it was a nice touch, after all it was common for young women to hold hands wasn’t it. She left Julie at the bus stop with a kiss on the cheek and began to make her own way home, already planning what she’d wear when she revisited the meeting next month.*** FLASH ***The whole road seemed to light up. As her eyes re-adjusted to the darkness Sophie saw James in front of her, a camera in his hand. “I didn’t know you were this way inclined, the lads are going to love this on Monday,” he laughed. “Oh God no,” cried Sophie, “Please don’t.” James looked Sophie up and down and liked what he saw, “Are you gay?” he asked. “No,” replied Sophie, though she had had many fantasies of being so in recent months. “So what’s the photo worth?” he enquired. “I don’t know,” she answered nervously, “what is it you want from me?” “Come with me,” he ordered, “and if I don’t,” she asked. “Then there will be lots of copies of this photograph all over the site first thing on Monday morning,” he said joyfully. Sophie was trapped, she had no choice, she had no idea what he had in mind for her but she knew he was gay and she knew she’d have to do as he wanted.James took Sophie back to the pub, this time they approached the lounge entrance, Sophie hadn’t seen the multi coloured flag before, the one that marked it as a gay pub. James made a call on his cell phone and soon the door opened. As they entered the smartly decorated lounge Sophie saw there were three others in there, all men, clearly having an after hours lock in. James told Sophie to sit down amongst the others and she did as she was told, she seemed to be in a bit of a trance at this time.“This is my friend”, said James triumphantly, “her name is …… what is your name when you’re a girl?” asked James. “Sophie, or Sophie”, the feminine looking young man in a short skirted suit and blouse answered. “This is Trish”, James called out joyfully. Sophie didn’t like being called Trish but while he was armed with that photograph she thought better of telling him so. James went to the bar and brought back a few bottles of beer for himself and a whole bottle of white wine for her. He sat next to her and before long his hand was on her thigh, slowly creeping higher, she felt a bit frightened but as before she kept quiet, she wanted him to erase that photo from his camera.As she drank more wine Sophie became more relaxed and actually started to enjoy James’ touch, he was now very near to her stocking tops and her panties were becoming tighter as she started to grow inside them. She started to feel truly like a woman in men’s company and she loved it. James kissed Sophie’s neck which turned her on more, he whispered in her ear, “have you ever been with a man Trish?” he enquired. “No” she replied nervously at last realising that it wouldn’t just be a quick drink then she’d be allowed to go home. “Lads,” James called out in glee, “Trish is a virgin … but not for long eh?” The other men cheered. At that point she felt another hand bahis siteleri on her other thigh, she looked down, it was Leroy, a coloured lad who was also now beginning to stroke her. “We share everything,” James said with a smile, “all four of us”. “Oh my fucking God,” thought Sophie, “I’m going to be gang banged.”Before she knew quite what was happening Leroy and James had reached Sophie’s stocking tops and were stroking the smooth silky flesh between stocking and panty elastic, after the wine and with the caressing she was receiving Sophie was soon loving the attention. Sophie’s-Jay’s breathing got heavier and she u*********sly opened her legs which allowed the young men to stroke her through her panties. “I think she likes it man,” said Leroy as he stroked the stiffness that was now obvious through the girl’s panties.Leroy released Sophie and stood up, immediately Brian took his place and removed Sophie’s panties, he was pleased to see she was smooth, he lifted her skirt to her waist and took her cock in his mouth, Sophie was past worrying as she enjoyed the sensations of her cock being sucked on and she was soon groaning in ecstasy.Leroy returned and Larry was with him, they were both naked. Leroy took Sophie’s hand and pulled her to her feet, he led her to an empty table and bent her over it. Sophie looked at the two young men’s cocks, they looked massive and Sophie had to admit to herself that despite the delicious thought of taking Leroy’s black cock up her white bum she was quite frightened at the prospect. Here she was now, bent over a pub table, her skirt once again around her waist and her thighs spread. Just as she was about to voice her concerns Larry took hold of her head in his hands and as she opened her mouth to speak he slipped the first few inches of his manhood into her, and fucked her lipstick covered mouth. “Hey,” called Leroy, “anyone got some lube?” “Yeah,” said James and passed a tube to his coloured friend. As Sophie’s mouth kept filling and then emptying of cock with Larry pumping in and out of her she could just see the other two lads removing their own clothing. “Holy fuck,” thought Sophie, “they all know I’m a virgin, they must know I’ll never be able to take all this.”Suddenly Sophie felt a cold touch at her tight hole, she realised it was Leroy applying some lube, her breathing got faster as she began to panic. Then it happened, “Oh boy does she look tight,” whooped Leroy, and without any ceremony, or any concern for the girl straddled over the table he just pushed. Sophie felt her tight ass hole stretch, she couldn’t believe how much it hurt as he continue to feed his cock into her. “Oh fuck,” she thought, “what a way to lose my cherry.”There was a brief intermission with the pain as Leroy slipped almost fully back out of her again. Then he thrust, hard and fast, she thought she was being split open, she tried to moan but her mouth was full of Larry’s cock and as she opened her lips he pushed deeper into her too. Leroy pulled out of her completely, “turn her over,” he said. Larry pulled out of Sophie’s mouth and between them all they turned the listless rag doll of a t-girl onto her back.Sophie looked down between her open thighs, Brian and Larry held her legs open as Leroy moved towards her again, she was ready for the pain this time and though she wasn’t looking forward to it she couldn’t help but being turned on at the erotic sight of this dark skinned cock disappearing into her rather more open and receptive white hole. This time it felt better and she even started to enjoy it, her hole being filled then emptied, filled then emptied as the black stallion slipped in and out of her. She couldn’t take all of him yet and it pained her when he was inside as far as she could accept his hard cock but by the look on his face he was enjoying himself anyway. Brian started to fuck Sophie’s mouth, it didn’t take long before she could feel him thicken between her lips, she was hoping he would pull out and splash his cum over her but he didn’t, he pumped, and pumped, and pumped, and shot his load straight down her throat, Sophie started to gag but then just in time swallowed güvenilir bahis and emptied her mouth and throat ready to take his next load. She actually enjoyed the taste once she got used to it.Leroy pulled out from Sophie’s now stretched ass, “here you go boys, I’ve opened her for you,” he bragged. Leroy moved to her face, “suck black cock you red headed whore,” he ordered Sophie, and as if in a trance she complied, taking as much as she could, he stretched her mouth lips as much as he had her ass. James moved between the girl’s thighs. James wasn’t as big as Leroy and as he slipped into his work mate’s soft smooth hole Sophie sighed, after Leroy James felt so good, a smaller cock but a cock nevertheless, a hard cock. James was slower with his methodical pumping and Sophie found herself really enjoying it, she moaned contentedly.Larry took one of Sophie’s hands and wrapped it round his own cock, she didn’t need to be told what to do and she gently started to wank him. Suddenly Leroy pulled out from between Sophie’s rosy red lips and started beating on his cock vigorously, he was breathing heavily and then Sophie watched transfixed as what seemed like pints of white cum shot from his black cock and splashed over her face. Larry also started grunting and in no time at all he started to cum, Sophie amused herself by thinking “this suit will have to go to the cleaners now, I hope they’ll be able to get the stains out.”James leant forward, and as he continued to fuck her he licked Leroy’s cum from Sophie’s face, then he kissed her greedily, transferring spunk from his mouth to hers. Sophie was loving being fucked by James, she’d received cum in her mouth, over her face and over her clothes, she wanted James to cum right where he was so she wrapped her legs around him and locked her feet together so he couldn’t pull out of her. That seemed to do the trick, James kissed her passionately as he fucked her faster, his cock going deeper with every stroke, the other lads shouting encouragement as they watched their mate getting off with this attractive young woman, man, whatever.James felt his balls tighten and Sophie felt his cock swell inside her, he groaned loudly as his cum travelled from his balls to his cock tip. “Fuck me big boy,” Sophie whispered into his ear. Sophie felt the heat and wetness as he shot his load deep up her ass. Sophie couldn’t believe nor understand the sensations as the friction of James’ belly on her own cock caused her to grow as he moved up and down on top of her, and made her cum too, she moaned as she both came and received at the same time. Once her boy cunt was full of cream Sophie released her grip from around her man’s body and he gently slipped from inside her. As she lay getting her breath back Sophie felt the sticky cream seep from inside her and dribble between her smooth cheeks. She used a finger to scoop some of the cum from between her legs then sucked it into her mouth.The lads all got dressed and continued drinking, eventually Sophie, no longer a virgin, stood shakily, her legs weakened by their forced exercise, she put back on her panties and smoothed down her skirt. James came over to her, “Well I guess I should keep my part of the deal and delete that photo,” he said. “How many would you have printed off if I hadn’t come back with you?” enquired Sophie. “A couple of dozen,” James answered honestly. “Then instead of deleting the photo do something else for me instead, print off a few dozen and pass them round, it’s time people learned about the real me,” Sophie answered back with a cheeky smile.“Come on now lads, haven’t you got homes to go to, oh, and lady,” the landlord quipped as he re-entered the bar with one of his assistants who was in a more dishevelled state than Sophie. “Do you want walking home?” James asked Sophie. “That would be nice,” she replied. James took her hand in his as a man would his woman. “I could stop the night if you wished,” he continued. “That would be nice too,” Sophie answered and gently squeezed his hand, “but please can we just cuddle until the morning, I’m feeling a bit sore right now.” James squeezed his new lovers hand back, turned and kissed her mouth. The walk back home was so much more enjoyable than the one from home earlier that evening, and Andy knew that Sophie would be experiencing much more of the big wide world in future.