Completely Dominated

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Completely DominatedSo here I am, 24, full time college student, and bored on a Saturday night (even though I know I should be working on my 6 page paper thats due the coming Wednesday). As I’m sitting there thinking of all the things I could possibly do on a Saturday night I realized that I was extremely horny. I knew the person that could fix my problems would be at my favorite bar that night because he had sent me a text earlier in the evening. So I got dressed in my favorite Red and cream lace bra and matching thong, threw on jeans and a tank top and headed out. Once at the bar I grabbed a beer as well as took a shot of tequila (I knew that I would need the numbing feeling it gives me with in the next few hours). I spotted the person I was there to see and headed over. As I walked up to him I saw him look me up and down and take a deep breath. My jeans looked damn near painted on making my ass look amazing and my legs look long. My sparkling cowgirl belt buckle drew attention to my hourglass waist. I saw his eyes travel up to my breasts. With a white spaghetti strap under a black tank top with a lace back my breast looked amazing. As soon as our eyes met and I saw the look in his eyes I knew it would be a long night.As soon as I was by his side he wrapped an arm around my waist and squeezed my ass making me moan a little as he did. I asked if we could go out side and smoke and he said yes and led the way. As soon as we were outside and I had set my drink down I looked up to see an upset and güvenilir bahis siteleri confused look on his face. I was confused for a moment until it hit jacket..I had left it in the car and I should have known better. Before “I’m sorry” could even escape my lips he sighed and pulled me to him. He wrapped his hand in my hair and began to squeeze telling me that I would be punished later for being so careless with my health and I knew he wasn’t bluffing. As the night progressed he continued to keep me close to him. Never letting me out of his sight. Counting all of my mistakes that way he could punish me later. I was his toy and he wanted to protect me. Finally it was time to leave and go home. As I saw him extend his hand in front of me I knew I had to give up my keys. This was the moment when I could no longer make decision for the rest of the night…he was in control now. When we reached my house he made sure to enter behind me. As soon as we entered my bed room he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. He told me to strip down to bra and panties because it was time for me to be punished for my bad behavior earlier in the night. He took off his shoes and shirt as I took off my clothes. As I was pulling down my pants I saw him take a seat on the edge of the bed. I knew what was coming. My ass started to sting even though i hadn’t even taken a step in his direction yet. Once undressed i walked to him and bent over his knee like i knew i was supposed to do. He placed one hand across kaçak bahis my back to hold me in place. The other he used to lightly caress my ass as he asked if I knew why i was being punished. I said “yes sir” with as much courage as i could manage and he responded with “good” as he landed the first strike. He continued to spank me and lightly rub my pussy between my legs until my ass was the nice rose color red that he liked. My panties were soaking wet. He grabbed the hand cuffs from the night stand and told me to take my bra off and place my hands behind my back. After putting the handcuffs on me and making sure they were tight he pulled down my panties and told me to spread my legs. There was quiet for a moment until i heard him smack the crop in the palm of his hand. He proceeded to spank my ass and pussy with the crop for a while. After a few minutes I felt cold liquid run over my ass and my pussy. Lube…he was pouring lube on me for the toys. He leaned down and wrapped a hand around my throat as he started to slide the butt plug in my ass. He whispered in my ear “does my toy like pleasing me?” I moaned out a yes as the largest part slid inside me. Once the plug was inside me he started to finger my pussy and rub my clit. He knew exactly where my spot was and he made no mistake of missing it every single time. As he went harder I begged for him to please allow me to cum. He kept going harder and harder and told me to keep begging…finally he granted me permission but only when he felt me illegal bahis start to squirt uncontrollably. Once I was done he grabbed my waist and slid his rock hard cock inside me. He had no plans to be gentle with me that night. As he fucked me harder I couldnt help but start to moan and scream a little. Still bent over the bed with my hands handcuffed behind my back he leaned down and grabbed one leg and lifted it so that it rested on his shoulder as he stood back up. With one hand wrapped around my thigh and the other playing with my clit he smiled as he continued to fuck me and asked if i was ready to squirt again for him. As i whimpered yes sir he started pounding me harder and rubbing my clit faster. He told me to be a good little whore and squirt for him and i did. He didnt stop slamming his cock into me as i started to cum. The faster and harder he went the more squirted out of me going all over the bed and both of us. After what seemed like forever he moaned “does my little whore want some cum” I couldnt help but moan/scream “yes sir i want your cum…I want to taste it”. After slamming inside me a few last times he pulled out and d**g me to my knees. Shoving his cock in my mouth he started to fuck my throat. I could feel his body tense as he told me to look at him when he slid it down my throat. He did this two more times shoving his cock completely down my throat before he kept it there and exploded sending cum down my throat. He told me to clean his cock as he took the handcuffs off of me and took out the butt plug. Of course I obeyed because I had been spanked enough that night. Since this is the first time I’ve uploaded a story please comment and let me know what you think. If you like it i will start posting more.