Connections by Six Degrees Ch. 01.2

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Anal Fingering

She drove fast and I almost lost her. A few minutes later, we were at a Best Western. I got a room and she followed me quietly. In the elevator, she put her hand on my crotch.

“Something is stirring.” She squeezed softly. She left her hand there, even when the elevator door opened to an older couple waiting for the elevator. I was embarrassed, and I moved quickly, slapping her hand away. She just laughed.

In the room she walked over to dresser and started to take her earrings off. Then she unclasped her necklace. She pulled her T-shirt over her head and her big breasts jiggled. I had a clear view of them in the mirror. They were gorgeous. Full and round and her nipples were high on her breasts. The areoles were not large but the nipples jutted out at half an inch. The nipples and areoles were a darker tan then her skin. She noticed me gawking at her and her movements became deliberate and teasing. She was taking her time.

I walked over to her. I kissed her neck and smelled her hair. I turned her to me and kissed her on the lips. Her mouth felt soft and warm and comforting. Her tongue was playful and skilled. We started undressing, now with urgency. I pulled off my shoes and socks, nearly tripping. Pants, boxers, shirt tearing off the buttons… She kicked off her sandals and simply pulled her jeans down. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. She was completely naked except for a thin gold anklet on her right ankle.

She was clean shaven. But the triangle around her pussy was nevertheless darker than rest of her skin. Her pussy lips were prominent and gorged. Swollen and separated so that I could see pink. I almost expected her pussy to speak, to command me to fuck her.

She got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth, with a practiced move. It disappeared completely in her mouth. She started move back and forth, and then she licked my balls. She took each one in her mouth and I could feel her running her tongue over them. She crawled in between my legs and started licking my asshole.

I gasped. That had never happened to me before. It was thrilling.

She moved back to my cock and swirled her tongue around the head. I wasn’t going to last long.

I pulled her up. “Let me do you first.”

“Okay, lover.”

She laid down almanbahis şikayet on the bed, spread her legs and raised her eyebrows at me, questioning, well what are you waiting for?

Yeah, sometimes life is good.

I start at the back of her neck because this is the best place to breathe in the scent of woman, this is the place where the feel and smell of hair is most intoxicating this is where I try to memorize the ecstasy forever but cannot. This is where her passion is. I look at her face. I trace my fingers lightly over her eyebrows and eyelashes, I trace her cheekbone to her chin, I brush ever so softly her lips. This is how I can look at her and I see wonder and beauty. And put my palm against her cheek and close my eyes and I can see in my mind her warmth, a flickering red warmth. I take her palm and bring it my check to feel your touch. And from her hand I take in the scent of toil and cooking, and the scent of overcoming strength. I kissed the inside of her arm and up the inside of her arm, very slowly. This is where her excitement is, and I can feel it on my lips. And I kiss the top of your shoulder and taste the sunshine and open air and heat. I kiss the middle of your chest, over your heart and it beckons, so I lay my head on her bosom and I hear pain and hurts but the beat is strong and surviving, and comforting. I feel at peace.

She looks so sexy in anklet only. I drink in with my eyes, patiently and unreservedly, her naked beauty. I move to her feet, kissing each toe, separately, and her arch and heel and her ankle and came back around to her instep, so that I understand the roads she has traveled and the roads where she lost her way. And I kiss up her legs to her knees, and the back of her knees, which were slightly moist, and full of her scent, and I understand the weights she had borne. And I kiss the back of powerful thighs, and move up from the coolness of her butt to the warmth of her spine and I kiss up her spine and I caress and massage the muscles around her spine, and to the back off her neck. I turn her over. And I spend a long time, with my eyes closed, memorizing her face with my kisses, feeling her peaceful mood through my lips. And I move down to the center of her chest, and feel her breast and nipple with my cheek and I kiss almanbahis canlı casino lightly, and the other breast, now jealous, demands attention that I am happy to give. I kiss down the center of her to her navel, kissing just barely, kissing only the light down on her belly so that it makes her shiver. And I move down further, my kisses getting more insistent. And I stop at her essence, and she is now lost completely in blackness with only one sensation, and she focuses on that, and she floats, and did her soul has become so incredibly light, and, and in her ecstasy she takes in the wonder and the appreciation of existence, and breathes out, hard, because the pleasures is on the other side of tender, and she put our head back and shut your eyes tightly so she can remember the feeling of ecstasy that she had just a fleeting moment ago.

Now I had her.

She screamed and she gushed. She actually squirted. I had never seen any other woman do that.

“Come up here,” she said breathlessly and urgently, “come fuck me. God! Where did you learn how to do that? Nobody has ever eaten my pussy like that.”

I wondered silently how many people had tried.

She grabbed my arms and pinched hard, hard enough to hurt. I slapped away her arms and spread her legs wider with my knees. Now I was rough because that’s what she wanted. I manhandled her; I pulled her by the back of the knees closer to me.

I was already hard and she was so wet I slipped in without aid.

I pumped her slowly at first, enjoying the velvety feel of her pussy. She started scratching my back and hitting me. I got the message: she wanted it rough. So I pumped her hard, hard enough that her head was now banging against the headboard.

“Is this what you want, you Indian cunt? You want it hard like this.”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me bastard. Harder. Harder, don’t be a pussy.”

She had already sucked my cock and I had been in an unbelievably aroused state when I was eating her sweet pussy, so I didn’t last long. I thrust hard and came like I never have before, grunting involuntarily. I squirted and then again and again and again. There was so much come I actually felt it squish out of her cunt and onto my balls.

My sweat was pouring on her face. She licked almanbahis casino the sweat off my forehead, slowly, enjoying it, with a naughty smile.

“You’re a really bad girl.”

I extricated my cock slowly out of her cunt, not wanting to spill any come. I laid down beside her. I put a finger in her cunt, and another, and a third and started fucking her with my fingers. I then offered her my dripping fingers. She grabbed my arm and deep throated all three fingers.


I pulled her by the hair and forced her head down to my glistening cock. I laid down on my back and got comfortable, not letting go of her hair.

“Clean it off bitch.”

She looked at me and laughed. “That’s not you. Relax, you’re doing fine. It’s not your style to be tough, so don’t try.”

And with that she clasped her mouth around my cock. She licked hungrily and urgently, like a gecko lizard. She licked the come of my balls. She then swallowed my cock completely.

I was hard again.

She slowed down, enjoying the feel of my cock with her tongue. She swabbed the head and then she licked my balls. She got underneath and licked all the way to my asshole. She licked the side of inner thighs. She knew the spots. Wherever she licked I felt the warmth of her tongue and then sudden coolness of saliva left behind. It was ecstasy.

I was again close to coming. I grabbed both sides of her head. I held her still while I pumped her mouth. She stared at me; I stared at her. She looked so devilishly sexy with her disheveled hair, bangs wet with sweat, and my cock in her mouth and her reddened eyes high in her eye sockets as she maintained eye contact with me. My stomach muscles tightened and my legs tensed and my toes curled and let loose another huge load. Where is all this come coming from, I thought absurdly, even as I was enjoying the impossible pleasure of release. I felt her swallow. My pleasure was doubled knowing that she was swallowing. I had been a long time since a girl swallowed for me. I was breathing hard now and my stomach cramped. I thought I might have pulled a muscle.

She got most of my come. Some dribbled down the side of my cock but didn’t get too far before her gecko lizard tongue got it.

“You taste so good,” she whispered loudly. “Spicy! You must have had curry recently.”

I was still enjoying the afterglow and I couldn’t talk. My abdominal muscles were just beginning to relax but I was still breathing hard.

We fell asleep like that, with her head nuzzled in my crotch.