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Subject: Contract Negotiation This story is fiction and not intended to imply anything about the real sexuality of any member of the WWF. Vince McMahon was sitting in his large main office all to himself in Connecticut at WWF head quarters. He was expecting two men to arrive in his office to discuss contract negotiations. He took his water bottle from his desk and twisted the cap to get it off, he did so and took a sip. He heard a buzz on his phone on the desk. He pressed the button; “What is it Judy?” He listened as his secretary at the front desk replied; “Your two appointments have arrived.” Vince smiled to himself; “Great send them up!” Meanwhile in the main lobby at the front desk awaited Randy Orton and Justin Credible. “You two may head up the elevator to meet with Mr. McMahon.” Judy said as she walked off to get coffee. The two headed towards the elevator and Justin hit the button to go up. “So you excited about today man?” Justin said to Randy trying to make friendly conversation. “Yea, I’m a little nervous though, I’m not exactly sure if he is going to give me good news or bad news about my progress.” Randy replied. “Yea same here man, I haven’t been on for a couple of months now.” The elevator finally made the tone symbolizing the door was about to open. The two men stepped back as executives in suits walked passed them leaving the elevator car. They both walked into the elevator and turned around as Randy hit the third floor button being here before knowing what to do. The door’s finally opened and the two headed down the long hallway. Justin looked into some of the open office door and saw a intern a little star struck when she saw him, the usual reaction. They continued down the long corridor and finally made it to the main doors leading into Mr. McMahon’s office. Randy opened the door and walked in as Justin followed. “Randy! Justin! How you doing guys!” Mr. McMahon said as he got up from his desk and walked around it to shake their hands, after they greeted Mr. McMahon he continued. “I bet you both are wondering why you are here.” Mr. McMahon paused. “I am not here with the burden of bad news, its actually great news as a matter of fact. Justin you will be returning shortly but Randy, in no offense to you at all. The World Wrestling Federation’s live roster is just to large right now and we don’t think we can fit you in just yet but we are not releasing you.” The two shrugged off the information Mr. McMahon just gave them satisfied. “Please! Have a seat.” Vince said kindly as he walked back around his desk and sat down on his large leather chair. “Now, both of your talent aspects are top notch, in the ring and what not. But I always want to see how my prospects are doing physically, it is vary important so if you two would not mine standing up and removing your shirts.” Vince said respectively. Randy and Justin didn’t really thing of anything suspicious because they have to go through this regularly. Randy was first to remove his shirt and then Justin removed his. Both of there chests were well developed, and abdominal muscles also. Mr. McMahon nodded and then got up from his desk and walked around them to the door. “Your both looked better than ever, best shape of your life’s to be honest.” He said as he locked the door to his office. Randy looked over at Justin wondering what was going on and Justin shrugged. Vince then walked up behind Justin and Randy and put his arm over their shoulders leaning in between them. “You know, The WWF and I personally are very lucky to have you two in are grasps.” He said as he smirked a little. He put down his arm and walked back around his desks and looked them in the eyes. “You both do know I can make people and I sure as hell can break people, and you both listen to me.” Vince said sternly. They both nodded casually during the tense moment. “Drop your pants.” Vince stammered. They both looked at him with a mixed reaction of shock and curiosity. “I said do it! I’m the damn owner of the WWF you both want bursa escort your jobs right!” With that they both looked down at there pants and undid the top buttons of there jeans and UN-zipped them, they then proceeded at there own pace to let them fall down there knees and then stepped out of them. Both of them were wearing tight underwear, which grasped the top of their muscular legs and made their bulges evident. “Very nice, top notch indeed.” Vince laughed to himself. “Now, I want to see both of your dedication to the World Wrestling Federation, Justin go over to that wall.” Vince said as he pointed to a wall by his desk. Justin knew the circumstances and walked over to the wall and stood there and looked at Vince. “Look straight at the wall and put your hands on it and lean into it spreading your legs.” Justin did so and leaned into the wall with his bubble butt sticking out, his underwear selection made his ass look even better that in wrestling tights. “Good.” Vince muttered. Vince then walked over to Justin and stood by his right side and began to rub his torso. He started to rub up his chest and pinched Justin’s nipple. Justin just stared at the wall as Vince enjoyed his body, Justin knew if he cooperate more television time could be the reward. Vince walked behind him and leaned into his back now hugging him from behind as he played with both of his nipples. Justin couldn’t stand Vince’s breath on the back of his neck and how he began grinding his own bulge on his ass cheeks. He didn’t want to show his resistance though. Vince could feel how Justin’s ass pressed in slightly but was so firm and warm feeling. He slid his hands down his chest to his stomach and then put his right hand on Justin’s cock. He rubbed it a little and felt it was still soft. He then got close to his ear and whispered. “Hmm, the least is you’re a good little bitch.” Vince smirked to himself and he began to grind his now stiffening cock onto Justin’s ass. Meanwhile Randy stood still in front of the desk not turned on at all. “Randy, come over here.” Vince ordered. Randy walked over to Vince’s side as he was still grinding into Justin. “Take off my shirt.” Vince said to Randy. Randy didn’t want to get commanded anymore so he got behind Vince and began to take off the jacket to his suit, Vince lifted his arms back and Randy slid it off. He then walked around by the side of Justin who just stared at the wall as a man was enjoying him. Randy reached to Vince’s neck and undid the top button the second, the third and so on. He finally got the last button as he pulled Vince’s shirt UN-tucked. He walked back to behind Vince and pulled off the shirt as Vince lifted his arms again. Randy laid the shirt on Vince’s oak desk and stood there. He noticed how well defined Vince was. Vince stepped back from Justin and looked at them both. “Justin stay there like a good little boy.” Vince said. He then walked back around his desk and UN-buckled his pants and then undid the button to them and then the zipper. He let his pants drop and then stepped out of them. He then took off his black briefs and let his now stiff large cock with nice round balls hang loose. Randy gulped in a nervous state just imagining what Vince was going to make them do next. Vince sat down in his leather chair and looked as Justin’s round ass as he began to stroke his cock. “Randy, walk over to Justin’s behind.” Vince ordered. Randy got there and then looked at Vince dumbfounded. “Slide down those briefs.” Justin widened his eyes not believing what was happening to him. Randy put both of his index fingers under the elastic and pulled them down over Justin’s smooth shaved ass. “All the way off.” Vince said. Randy bent down and pulled them off each off Justin’s feet as he lifted his foot. Randy stood back up and looked at Vince as he still stroke his cock gently. “Now, spank that ass.” Vince said trying not to laugh. Randy looked at Justin and then Vince. “Do it!” Vince stammered. Randy lift his hand five inches escort bayan from Justin’s ass and slapped it once and then looked at Vince. Vince nodded. Randy did it again and felt weird feeling Justin’s warm ass sink in a tad bit as he slapped it each time. Vince just sat there staring at Justin’s ass being slapped as he stroke his cock. Vince had enough fun with that little activity as he continued. “Now, Justin turn around and lean on the wall. Justin turned around with a non amused reaction on his face. He just turned around and stared at the wall across the room. “Now Randy, get down on your knees and suck that cock!” Randy looked down at Justin’s genitals, he had a long soft cock and too balls, his pubic hair was there but very smooth looking. He got disgusted and looked at Vince. “There’s no way.” Vince smiled and said; “Then there is no way in hell you will become a WWF superstar! Pal!” Randy looked angry but got down on his knee knowing this was inevitable. Vince began to stroke his cock more and rub it as Randy sat there on his knee’s and began to get closer to his cock. He opened his mouth and got under the head of Justin’s dick and then lifted up letting the soft member into his mouth. It felt very awkward to him. It was like his girlfriends toe except it was very soft and firm. He began to swirl his tongue a little and Justin began to stir at the non-wanted sensation of pleasure began to take over his body. His cock began to pulse as he got harder. The warmth of Randy’s hot tongue made the pleasure even better. His cock was now fully hard and Randy could only get four inches of it in his mouth without gagging. “Oh that’s great Randy, Now go deeper!” Vince said from his chair as he stroked his cock. Randy just sat there with his eyes sealed shut trying to not think about what he was doing. He held his breath and forced Justin’s cock to go deeper into his mouth, he could barely even move his tongue around thinking it was going to get lodged in his own throat. Justin began to breathe heavier, he felt dirty but liked the sensation at the same time. Randy felt extremely embarrassed having to suck on this guy’s cock just because of his boss wanting some fun. Randy now got six inches in and was bobbing up and down on it with his mouth swirling his tongue a little bit more. “Yea, suck on that mans cock babe!” Vince shouted from his desk in enjoyment. “And when he cum your ass better swallow!” Vince shot back. Randy couldn’t believe his ears of what Vince just expected of him. Justin could feel his cock begin to pulse as Randy got deeper and sucked more. Randy hated having this stiff thing in his mouth. He was worried he was going to bite it as he bobbed up and down. He could feel it start to tense up and began to taste something salty, like pre cum. `Oh God’ He thought to himself as Justin began to cum. A long hard shot hit the back of his throat and Justin’s knees began to buckle as he began to moan not even thinking. Shot after shot went into Randy’s mouth. Vince loved the site, Randy had come dripping out the edges of his soft lips and Justin’s large cock pulsing into his mouth. Both men trying to resist each other but doing it any ways. This really turned on Vince. Vince got up from his chair with his cock still fully erect and now dripping some pre-cum. He walked over to the action and pulled Randy’s head off of Justin’s cock. “Oh, Yea great work Randy!” Vince leaned down and then stuck his tongue in his mouth, tasting cum. Vince could feel his tongue try to escape his own as he gave Randy a deep French kiss, tasting Justin’s cum. Vince stood back up and put his hand under Randy’s arm pit and guided him up to his feet. Vince then turned to Justin who was extremely embarrassed by his eruption of pleasure given to another man. Vince put his hand around Justin’s saliva mixed with cum cock and began to stroke it as he looked deep into Justin’s eyes. “Don’t worry, you won’t leave the office without having a nice large cock in your mouth!” bursa escort Vince promised. He then turned to Randy and quickly took down his briefs and Randy knowingly lifted both his legs one by one letting Vince take them off completely. “Randy, get on this desk, on your back and spread those damn legs!” Vince demanded. Randy sat his bare ass on the desk and then leaned back on it on his back and lifted his legs up exposing his pink shaved ass crack and hole. “Now! Justin get over to this desk and you wrap your damn mouth around Randy’s cock!” Vince shot at Justin. Justin walked over to Randy lying down on his stomach on the large desk. He then put his arm across Randy’s stomach for leverage as he leaned in more and put Randy’s soft cock in his mouth. He couldn’t believe he was actually feeling a man’s cock harden in his own mouth. Vince then got in his desk and opened a cabinet and got out some Vaseline. Randy was nervous thinking about how Justin was sucking on his cock now and his tight pucker was free and open. Vince smiled to Randy as he walked back around to the front of his desk and looked at Randy’s anus and then back at his eyes and smiled. “Justin, I hope you feel lucky because this orgasm Randy is going to feel is going to explode in your mouth! Randy I know you will love this!” Vince laughed to himself. Meanwhile Justin was trying not to choke on Randy’s now stiff cock in his mouth. He did was Randy did and bobbed his head up and down. Vince was now at Randy tight asshole. Randy could hear echoing through his head the sound of the jar lid popping open. Vince scooped out a glob of the solution and put it allover his hard cock and moaned as he massaged the head of his large cock with the stuff. He then put a glob on Randy’s anal entry. Randy shuttered as he felt the chilly solution on a place where he had never been touched before. He felt a burning sensation as Vince began to probe his index finger into his body. He felt a wave of sensation when he went deeper and the Vaseline began to loosen up his anus. Vince had enough playing around and quickly ejected his finger. Justin hated how he could feel Range’s piss slit on his tongue every time he moved up and down on it. And could feel some of the veins on his tongue. Vince moved in close to Randy’s asshole and put the tip of his head on the entry of it. Randy felt it, he felt like someone putting a huge toe on his ass and then pushing in. Instead this time it felt very hard and began to stretch his walls. Vince’s cock head was not in. Randy could tell because he felt a ledge get engulfed by his anus. Vince’s shaft was now being pushed in as he began to pump in and out. Randy didn’t like how the feeling felt great once he hit deep inside of his ass. Vince loved how he could feel his foreskin move up and down stroking his cock with Randy’s hot ass. Justin could feel Randy’s cock begin to twitch more with all this sensation going through his body. Randy felt extremely embarrassed that he was so aroused with all of this action and attention being put on his body. Vince began to pump harder and faster into Randy. Randy couldn’t take it anymore and his cock began to explode into Justin’s mouth. Justin tried to get more of the cock shallow in his mouth so the cum doesn’t build up in his throat. He felt really stupid as the cum shot allover his mouth and he was trying to block it with his own tongue. He hated the salty taste and smooth solution shoot allover. Randy was moaning and shouting as all this was happening, he couldn’t help it. Vince began to tense up also as he began to shoot hot loads of cum into Randy’s asshole. Randy felt the warmth hit deep inside of him and wondered what his doctor would think if he ever checked there. Vince collapsed onto both of the guys. All of them were panting trying to resist what just happened. Vince pulled out of Randy as he gasped with the pain and release. Justin had already got Randy’s cock out of his mouth and walked over to the sink and began to spit out the cum. Randy just laid there in a coma of pleasure and shock. He finally sat up and looked at Vince. “Oh yes, you too are very top notch!” Vince said as he began to laugh and through Randy his shirt. .. I hope you all liked the story. You can send coments to ail ..