Covid Chronicles

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Covid ChroniclesThe 912 was still at Reese’s place, I hadn’t yet made arrangements to retrieve it. I’d already ordered a shitload of parts to continue rebuilding it, and eagerly awaited the chance to work on it. I was planning on flying out in the summer and overseeing the loading and shipping of the car, but increasingly, it was becoming clear the world was going to shut down, sooner than later.The Covid crisis was rapidly overtaking China, and parts of Europe, it wouldn’t be long before it came to the U.S.Reese had called me about a week ago, expressing his concern and asking me to hop a plane, while I still could, and bring Karen and myself out there. We’d be isolated, and could wait out the mess safely.I surmised that if it became necessary to curtail travel, or quarantine the sick, any activity involving contact would be dangerous, if not prohibited outright.While I am a doctor, I’m a specialist, I don’t treat acutely ill patients. In fact, what I do would likely be deemed an unnecessary risk, so, after much discussion, Karen and I decided to head to Vegas. I’d rather be quarantined with friends, than left here where I might not even be allowed to leave my home.I boxed up all the 912 parts and had them shipped to Reese’s, then the next day, Karen and I packed as much as we could in 4 suitcases and flew to Nevada.Reese met us at the airport, visibly relieved. “Damn glad to see you two.” He smiled. “Carol and I have been worried sick.” “Have you heard about Italy?”“Yeah.” I said, nodding grimly. “It’s not good.” “I really hope they can stop this thing, or…” I faded off, Karen gets upset when I talk about this.Sensing Karen’s nervousness, Reese swooped her up in a massive hug. “How you doin’ girl.” He beamed. “Beautiful, as always, I see.”She giggled, hugging him back. “I’m OK, I guess.” She answered. “Is it really that bad?”“Honestly.” He said. “It’s too soon to tell.” “Don’t worry your pretty head.”Karen smiled. “I feel so much better being here with you and Carol.” “I don’t think I could handle being cooped up at home.”“We’re tickled to have you, and we’ve got enough of everything to go at least 3 months without leaving the property.” He elaborated. “And we’ve got all that open desert to wander around in, so we shouldn’t go stir crazy.” We loaded the luggage and drove to Reese’s estate, chatting and catching up.“Carol can’t wait to see you.” He said to Karen. “She’s missed you terribly.”Karen smiled. We rolled in just after 6PM and pulled in the garage. Carol was nowhere to be seen, so we grabbed suitcases and went in.Fabulous odors met our noses as we entered the house. Carol was in the kitchen cooking up a storm. She saw us and ran to Karen, hugging her and kissing her on the lips. “You’re here!” She squealed. “I’m SO glad to see you.”Then she grabbed me, hugging and kissing me as well. She was, of course, nude. We would be as well, shortly, as clothing was optional, if not discouraged in this house.She turned and walked back to the kitchen, shaking her shapely ass as she walked away. Reese and I both stared.“Behave, you two.” Karen chided.We just grinned.Reese helped me carry the luggage to our room, then excused himself, knowing it took Karen a little time to get used to being naked around others.I peeled out of my clothes, glad to be rid of them. I hated clothes, wearing only what I had to at home. I had to dress nicely for my profession, so anytime I could go nude, in private, I jumped at the chance.“I’m going out.” I said, kissing Karen on the forehead. “Join us when you’re comfortable.”“I won’t be long.” She smiled.Rounding the corner, I walked into the kitchen, then stopped dead. In addition to Carol, there was another woman helping prepare dinner. “Robin?” I said, incredulously. “Is that you?”“RJ.” She beamed, hurrying over to hug me, breasts bouncing seductively. “Sorry I missed you earlier, I was in the john.”“What are you doing here?” I inquired. “Reese and Carol wanted me here, to be safe.” She answered. “Just like you.”“Where’s Glen?” I asked.Frowning, she said. “He’s…spending some time…divorced.”“Oh, God.” I gasped. “I’m so sorry.” “I didn’t know.”“I know.” She said. “Not your fault.”Karen came in as Robin and I pulled apart. “Honey.” I said. “This is Robin, Carol’s little sister.” “You met her at the wedding.” “Robin, this is my wife, Karen.”“A sister redhead.” Robin k**ded, hugging Karen. “Nice to see you again.”“I heard what you said.” Karen consoled. “I’m so sorry.” “RJ told me you and your husband were having trouble, but I prayed you’d work it out.”“Water under the bridge.” Robin smiled. “But, thanks anyway.”“Dinner’s ready.” Carol announced. “Grab a plate.”Thankfully, the awkward conversation ended and we ate and talked, laughing and having a good time.After dinner, the girls shoo’d Reese and I into the sunroom. “Don’t need your naked asses in our way.” Carol chuckled.Reese broke out the bourbon, and we sat, talking, waiting for the girls to finish.The girls came in, Carol sitting in Reese’s lap, wiggling her ass on his semi erect cock. Karen went to sit beside me, and I grabbed her, pulling her into my lap, groping her ass in the process.“Behave.” She hissed. “We just got here, and we have a guest.”“Don’t trouble yourself on my behalf.” Robin grinned. “Reese has been keeping me well cared for.”“Oh.” Karen coughed. “I didn’t…”Carol laughed. “We’re sisters, we share…EVERYTHING.”Reese shrugged and chuckled. “Runs in the family.” “Carol’s not the only nympho.”“I’m not a nympho.” Carol protested. “I’m just horny…a lot.”Robin, on the other hand, just grinned wickedly.We all laughed at Carol’s little joke, even Karen. She was starting to lighten up, catching Carol’s infectious free spirit.We chatted for several hours, catching up and telling stories, then, tired, s**ttered and went to bed.I was in the shower, preparing for bed, when Karen slipped in, wrapping her arms around me. “I glad we’re here.” She sighed. “I finally feel safe.”“We are well isolated.” I agreed. She helped me wash up, then we laid down in bed, cuddling.“Robin’s very pretty.” Karen observed.“Yes she is.” I concurred. “And she’s a redhead.” She added.“Yes.” I said. “Where is this going?”“You’ve had…sex, with her, right?” She inquired.“A very long time ago.” I answered. “Before we met.” “I told you the story.”“Yes, I know.” She admitted. “She’s just so…”“Are you worried I’m going to replace you with her?” I asked.“A little.” She admitted. “She’s just so damn pretty with those perky tits and perfect ass.” “And she IS available.”“I will admit, she’s why I have a thing for redheads.“ I confided. “But the only redhead I want now is you, silly.” I smacked her ass cheek, making her yelp. “Let me show you.”She hugged me, obviously relieved, then squealed when I slipped a finger in her slit, probing for her clit.We made love, pleasuring each other, unhurried, tender, then, after our mutual climax, fell asleep, cradled in each other’s arms.When I awoke the next morning, Karen was gone. Evidently she’d decided to let me sleep. I found her in the kitchen, talking with Robin.“Morning beautiful.” I beamed, kissing her and fondling a tit.Karen smacked my hand. “Behave!” She spat. “Can’t help myself.” I teased. “I’m smitten.”Karen blushed, she still has difficulty understanding my obsession with her body.“Has he always been like this?” Robin asked. “Yes.” Karen hissed. “Married over 30 years, and he’s still horny as a teenager.”“You’re lucky, you know?” Robin lamented. “I divorced my ex because he’d lost interest in me, actually in sex in general.” “It left a big hole in our relationship, one I couldn’t live with.”“Sorry.” Karen said. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” “I guess I sometimes forget how fortunate I am to have a husband that still wants me all these years later, fat, cellulite, scars and all.” “He’s insane, but that’s another story.”Robin laughed. “Insane, no.” She chuckled. “Crazy, yes, crazy in love.” “I know the look.”Carol sauntered in, yawning. “What did I miss?” She asked. “I heard laughing.”“We’re questioning RJ’s sanity.” Karen smiled. “Well, if you want MY opinion.” She grinned. “He’s a fucking loon, always has been.”“Hey!” I protested. “I may be overly obsessed with my wife’s assets, or at least her ass, but I don’t think that constitutes lunacy.”“I’m with Wheels.” Reese added, wandering in and hugging Carol, then fondling her tits. “If he’s crazy, so am I.”Carol opened her mouth to respond. “Not a word.” Reese chided. “You’ll be sleeping alone.”“You’d do it too.” Carol moaned. “Just to torture me.”Reese smiled and sat next to her. “As much as it would kill me.” He grinned. “I would.”We all laughed, enjoying the sparring match.After breakfast, we s**ttered throughout the house. I was planning on working on the 912, of course. The parts wouldn’t arrive for a day or two, but there was still a lot to be done.I dressed in my grungy work clothes and headed for the garage.“Shame to cover up that ass.” Carol purred, as I passed her.“No choice.” I lamented. “Too many sharp objects, wouldn’t want to neuter myself.”“That would be a tragedy.” She laughed, hugging me. “Be careful.”Mostly I’d be working alone, Reese wasn’t mechanically inclined. He’s be working on the grounds, pruning plants, mending anything that needed it and generally staying out of the girls way.Carol was going to putter in the house, laundry, cleaning and such, and Karen volunteered to help, as much as she was able. Her rheumatoid arthritis was acting up. “Can I help?”“I’d like that.” bursa escort Carol smiled. “But take it easy, I don’t want you overdoing it.”“I’ve got a couple things to take care of, then I’ll catch up with you.” Robin said. Several hours later, Robin wandered out to the garage. “Lunch is ready.” She said. “So this heap is yours?”“Yup.” I beamed. “She’s my baby.”“Jesus, RJ.” She laughed. “You look at that thing the same way you look at Karen.” I paused for a moment. “I guess I never really thought about it.” I pondered. “But this car and I go WAY back, even before her.” “She was always there for me, until she got stolen.” “I mourned her the same way I’d mourn a lost love.” “So you’re probably right.” “I still can’t believe she’s back.”I was getting misty and turned away.Robin hugged me. “You are something.” She grinned. After lunch, I returned to the garage. I was going to live here for the duration, or til I ran out of things to fix.Later, someone grabbed my ass. “If that’s you Reese, I’m gonna kick your ass.” I growled.“It’s me, dumbass.” Carol chuckled. “You coming to dinner, or do I need to bring it out here?”“I should probably call it a night.” I said. “Do I have time for a shower?”“Of course.” She grinned. “I knew you’d want to clean up.”I kissed her, patting her ass. ”You still know me pretty well.”I arrived in the dining room, clean and fresh, just as the girls were setting the table.We ate, talking, and then adjourned to the pool deck. It was a beautiful, warm evening and being outside was nice after my day in the garage.Of course, alcohol was involved. Bourbon for Reese and I, and Carol had concocted something in the blender for the girls.We lounged around the pool, drinking and talking, telling stories on each other.Karen had gotten particularly tipsy, trying to erase the stress of the last several weeks. “Robin.” She slurred. “I know RJ’s history with Carol.” “What’s your story?”I tried not to spit out my drink. I hoped Robin wouldn’t tell too much.“Well.” She started. “I only saw him a couple time while he was dating Carol.” “I always thought he was a nice guy.” “Other than that, not much to tell.”“Not according to Carol.” She grinned. “I’ve heard stories.”Robin shot a quick glance at Carol, then me. “What’d you tell her Carol?” She hissed. “Christmas.” She grinned. “Or have you forgotten?” “We were swapping our most memorable encounters, so RJ and I told that one, together.”“Knowing how shameless Carol is.” Robin moaned. “I’m sure there’s nothing left to tell.”“So you two never got together again?” She inquired.“Karen!” I yelped. Reese and Carol were laughing at my distress.“I wanted to.” She admitted. “I even thought about calling him after he and Carol broke up, but I never did.”“I see.” She said. “He says you’re the reason he’s fond of redheads.” “You left quite an impression.”Robin blushed. “I’m flattered, but that was a very long time ago.”“Can we change the subject?” I protested. “I’m sure Robin’s tired of being grilled.”We decided to swim for awhile, relaxing in the warm water.I cornered Karen. “What was that all about?” I hissed. “Don’t you think you were a bit out of line?”“I see how she looks at you.” Karen observed. “She still has feelings for you.”“And I have fond memories of her too.” I admitted. “That doesn’t warrant the third degree.” “Jealousy doesn’t suit you.”“What.” She laughed. “I’m not jealous.” “She’s no threat to me…,to us.” “I was just being silly.”Splashing from the other end of the pool ended our discussion. Carol was trying to drag Reese out of the pool. Robin swooped in and assisted, flopping him out onto the deck.Carol wasted no time mounting Reese’s massive cock, sinking balls deep instantly. Reese groaned, then grabbed Carol’s tits, groping them as Carol started fucking him.Robin tore Reese’s hands from Carol’s breasts, then unceremoniously sat on his face, blanketing him with her red furred pussy.Karen gasped, transfixed by the sight.I sat on a lounger and pulled her into my lap, impaling her on my upright boner. She attempted to protest, but was overwhelmed by desire. She started bouncing on my dick, eyes never leaving the scene in front of her.I reached around her, cupping her 40DD tits, pulling and pinching her pale nipples, causing her to purr and slam herself harder onto me.Karen came quickly, she usually did when she drank, then I grunted and climaxed, filling her pussy with my molten cum.We remained coupled, my cum running from Karen’s pussy, and watched Reese, Carol and Robin.Robin orgasmed next, sighing loudly, then rose and sat in a chair, awaiting the final act.?Reese went back to kneading Carol’s tits as she bucked in his lap, threatening to throw herself off.Slamming herself one last time onto Reese, she came, groaning, body quivering. Reese followed moments later, grunting like a boar and exploding in Carol clenching cunt.We applauded. “Well done.” I said.Carol stood, a bit wobbly, and bowed, Reese’s cum running down her thighs. Reese waived. “Always glad to please the fans.” He grinned.Karen and I excused ourselves and retired to our room. After a quick shower, we went to bed.For the next two weeks, we ate, talked, and watched each other fuck. During the days, I worked on the 912, at night, I made love to my wife. She wasn’t like this at home. I could learn to like quarantine. I could tell Karen was developing an itch only Reese could scratch, she was starting to drool when she saw his cock. Carol was also having a hard time. She loved my cunt licking, and was increasingly distressed, not getting any.Normally, we’d be swapping by this time, but Robin had thrown a wrench into the dynamic. Of course, Reese, Carol and I knew Robin was game, but we couldn’t risk exposing my recent relationship with Robin.Lying in bed one night, Karen asked. “Honey.” She purred. “Can I play with Reese?” “I really need what he can give me.”“Of course.” I grinned. “He’s about to pop, he wants you so badly.”“But what about Robin?” She inquired. “Do you want to have sex with her too?” I asked, puzzled.“No…” She spat. “Carol’s the only one I feel that comfortable with.” “It’s just awkward having her here.”“Well, you and he could fuck in private.” I offered.“But I’m sure you want to have sex with Carol.” She said. “It wouldn’t be fair to leave her all alone while we had fun.”“What do you propose?” I asked.“I don’t know.” She sighed. “Maybe I should talk to Carol.”“Well, in all honesty.” I added. “You should talk to Robin too, after all, she’s involved.”“You’re right.” She beamed. “That’s what I’ll do.”A day or two later, I came in from the garage, having taken the 912 on an extended test drive, and found the girls in the sunroom. They’d been talking, but went silent when I walked in. Karen blushed when she saw me. “What brings you in, honey?” She asked.“Aah.” I grunted. “Cut my finger, need to clean it up.”“The bathroom in the garage has a first aid kit in the cabinet.” Carol said.“Shoulda thought of that.” I chided myself. “Thanks.”Reese was sitting on a stool in the garage when I returned. “What’s up Wheels?” He grinned.“Had to bandage a finger.” I answered. “Nothing unusual.”“How’s the car coming?” He inquired.“Mechanically, I’ve done everything I can do.” I smiled. “I’m going to start on the cosmetics.”“Wow.” He whistled. “You’ve been busy.”“Honestly.” I admitted. “She’s still in pretty good shape.”“Changing the subject.” He said. “I was walking through the sunroom, and the girls seem to be having a rather serious discussion.” “Any idea what’s going on?”“Possibly.” I answered. “Karen needs her Reese fix, and Robin being here has her flummoxed.” “She doesn’t want her to feel left out, but she doesn’t know what to do.” “Well, I’m having a difficult time walking in her presence.” He grinned. “If I’m being honest.” “And I know Carol’s about to lose her mind wanting that tongue of yours.”“Exactly.” I stated. “Where does that leave Robin?” “You and I both know she’d be OK either way, but Karen’s concerned.”“Well I’m sure Carol will have an answer.” Reese laughed. “And knowing her, we’ll both benefit.”“I hope you’re right.” I grinned. “I’m really missing Carol, but the thought of getting Robin’s pussy again, with Karen’s consent, is quite arousing.” “I’ve always felt a little guilty going behind her back.”“With Glen out of the picture, are you sure that’s a good idea?” Reese asked. “I know how you two feel about each other.” “Hope you don’t mind me asking?”“I’d be mad if you didn’t.” I smiled. “Yes, I do love Robin, but I love Karen more, I’d never leave her.” “There’s more to a relationship than sex, if I were that shallow, I’d have left her years ago.” “We’ve got over 30 years together, that’s not something you throw away casually.”“Glad to hear it, Wheels.” He grinned. “If you hurt Karen, I’m not sure I could forgive you.”“Damn.” I said. “When did we get so serious?”“You’re right.” Reese shook his head. “Anything I can help with?”“How are you with a toothbrush?” I grinned. “Got lots of interior to scrub.”Robin came out to retrieve Reese and I for dinner. “Carol says you two need to get your asses in here or else.” She chuckled. “Guess we better move it.” I grinned. “Wouldn’t want to piss off the lady of the house.”Reese took off while I put some tools away. Robin lingered.“Something up?” I asked. “Yeah.” She said slyly. “But I can’t tell you.”“I have an idea.” I said, patting her ass. Robin sighed, then leaned in and kissed me, a long, tongue darting kiss, then broke away and we walked into the house bursa escort bayan together.After dinner, we curled up on the couches in the sunroom, Karen and I on one, and Carol and Reese on the other. Robin sat alone in an overstuffed chair, between the couches.Alcohol was flowing freely, leading me to suspect Karen was getting ready to act on her need for Reese’s cock. She usually needed to be pretty happy to overcome her inhibitions. Once she crossed the threshold, she wouldn’t need so much encouragement.Karen was leaning against me, rapidly consuming whatever Carol had made this night. Her chest was flushed and she was breathing heavily, nipples standing at attention. She was extremely aroused in anticipation of fucking Reese.She pulled me down, kissing me. “Honey.” She purred. “I’m going to fuck Reese now, OK?”“Sure hon.” I grinned. “And you want Carol, I guess?” She cooed. “I do.” I answered. “Would you mind taking care of Robin too?” She asked. “I really want Reese to myself.”“I can do that.” I smiled, leaning down to kiss her. “Go blow Reese’s mind.” “Make me proud.”Karen stood, eyes glazed, thinking only with her pussy at this point. It needed Reese, and wasn’t taking no for as answer. She strutted across the space between the couches and straddled Reese’s lap, thrusting her tits in his face. Carol kissed her, then rose and sat next to me. She motioned Robin over, and she sat on my other side.The three of us started kissing and exploring one another. I spent a great deal of time reacquainting myself with Robin’s voluptuous body. It had been WAY too long.Soon both girls were panting, taking turns stroking me. Looking over, I saw Karen sit on Reese’s cock, groaning loudly as he split her pussy wide open. “Oh, God!” She nearly screamed, then she started fucking him, bucking in his lap, her tits pummeling his face. She came quickly, falling onto Reese’s chest, heaving. Reese laid her on her back, then spread her thighs and re-entered her. Karen screamed when Reese’s dick invaded her cunt, tossing her head from side to side.“Yes…yes…YESSS…” She moaned. “F-F-fuck meee.” “AAAhhh…”Inflamed by Karen’s urgings, Reese pounded her pussy, making her tits bounce and shimmy, fanning his desire even more.She orgasmed again, so urgent was her need. Reese continued hammering her spasming cunt, sweating, wild eyed, possessed. The sight of her driving him mad. He deeply loved Carol, but there was something about my wife that just made him crazy.As Karen came for the third time, Reese orgasmed, his overworked cock blasting her insides with his cum, filling every nook and cranny, then running in rivers from her well fucked pussy, pooling under her ass.I turned my attention back to Robin and Carol. “Save that tasty pussy for me.” I leered at Carol. “I’m gonna fuck your sister.”“Oh, God!” Robin gasped. “Please!”I laid her back and stabbed into her furry, red muff, bottoming out immediately. Robin yelped and grabbed my ass. “Fuck me, RJ.” “Gimme your cock.”Shifting gears, I fucked Robin furiously, making her tits shake. She gasped and panted, clawing at my back. “Ung…ung…ung…” She grunted with each stroke.It wasn’t long before Robin threw her head back and screamed, climaxing, thrashing under me. Reese and Karen, startled by the noise, turned at see what was happening.I left Robin in a heap and turned my attention to Carol, I could see her pubic hair was wet, matted by her love honey. Watching everybody else fucking, was just about more than she could stand.She spread her legs, glistening pussy drawing me in like a moth to a flame. She yelped as I made contact, tongue burrowing into her, seeking her aching clit.Groaning loudly, she grabbed my head, pushing me in even deeper, as I probed her moist folds, driving her relentlessly towards orgasm.She was so over excited, that she came within a minute to two, wailing and thrashing. I was a little disappointed, I wanted to eat her sweet pussy longer, but her reaction made up for it.By now, Karen had recovered and was sucking on Reese’s cock, trying to revive him, and from what I was seeing, doing a good job. After he was hard again, she dropped to the floor and waved her ass at him. He loved fucking her doggy, so this was guaranteed to make him crazy.Kneeling behind her, Reese slammed his raging rod into her pussy, instantly reigniting her lust, and his for that matter. He fucked her furiously, skin slapping and Karen’s tits swinging wildly, her nipples nearly scr****g on the carpet. Cum from their earlier encounter coated Reese’s crotch, and Karen’s ass, adding sloppy, wet noises to the event.Karen shrieked and came, welcoming orgasm #4, just as Reese roared and splattered her insides with another load of hot cum. She collapsed, panting on the floor, Reese falling on her, spent as well.Having sprouted another erection watching Reese bang my wife, I decided to return the favor and bang his.“Care for a shag, dahling?” I grinned, channeling Austin Powers. Carol rolled her eyes, but didn’t say no. She leaned back, presenting her wet, swollen pussy to me, and I mounted her, thrusting deep into her slit. Wasting little time, I pounded her, momentarily taking her breath away. As I gained momentum, she started panting and moaning, hurtling toward ecstasy, enjoying what I was doing to her.Robin was sitting at Carol’s head, legs spread, frantically fingering herself. My face was mere inches from the action, I could smell her I was so close.As I fucked Carol, I looked up at Robin. “Watch me cum RJ.” She whispered. “Cum with me.”Inspired, I jack hammered Carol’s cunt, waiting for Robin to pop, and didn’t have to wait long. She convulsed and gasped, cumming violently, her pussy spasming, squeezing out pure pleasure. Overcome, I climaxed, exploding in Carol’s love tunnel, injecting semen deep into her. She, in turn, ran headlong off the cliff, orgasming, screaming, thrashing. By now, Reese was tenderly helping Karen up off the floor, and depositing her on the couch, then sat next to her, grinning. She looked at me and smiled, her need sated, for now anyway.Robin and Carol were still recovering, panting, their pussies sticky and well fucked, my cum oozing from both.I pulled Karen up off the couch and kissed her. “Feel better, honey?” I asked.“Much.” She grinned. “Thanks Reese.” She bent and kissed him, stroking his deflated cock, tenderly. “That was just what I needed.”“Anytime.” He smiled. “You know you drive me wild.”Arm in arm, Karen and I went to our room, I swear she was strutting, Reese’s words bolstering her self esteem. At 5’3” and 200 lbs, she has never seen herself as attractive, or desirable. Having someone other than me lust after her really makes her happy.“I can’t believe he’s still smitten with me.” She chuckled. “Why?” I asked. “I still am, even after 30 years.”For once, she took the compliment, falling into my arms and kissing me. “Thanks, honey.” “Now, let’s get that gorgeous ass of yours into the shower.” I said. “Before I’m forced to fuck you with Reese’s cum dripping out of you.”She blushed, head to toe, not understanding why she drove me wild, but liking it nonetheless.After a long, hot shower, we made love, slow, tender love. I brought her to the height of pleasure, orgasm #5, once more, and she held me as I finished, cumming quietly, totally sated, happy to be with her.Several more weeks passed, filled with conversation, food, friends and fucking, lots and lots of fucking. I hadn’t been able to get with Robin or Carol again. That would have to wait until Karen’s itch returned, and it would return.The pandemic appeared to be easing, and I figured things would be opening back up, to a limited degree at least, within the next week or two. We’d need to be making plans to return home. I had patients that would need me as soon as the state would let me see them.The girls put their pretty heads together, and planned a final, special night before Karen and I left. Robin was staying til she worked out what she wanted to do.I made arrangements to have the 912 shipped to a renowned Porsche restorer in my area. He was going to do some rust repair and generally rehab the paint. I wanted to preserve as much originality as I could.The day before we left, the girls unveiled their plan. Just after breakfast, they excused themselves, banishing Reese and I to the sunroom. They returned, roughly two hour later. What a sight to behold! They were all wearing makeup, a rarity for Karen. Damn, they looked good. Each was dressed in matching panties and bra, Carol’s red, Reese’s favorite color, Karen in orange, mine, and Robin in yellow. Reese and I were at full mast instantly.Carol smiled devilishly, then spoke. “I see you boys like what you see.” She purred. “Good.” “Now listen closely.”With Carol in charge, you can be sure this will be memorable.“Dinner will be promptly at 6PM.” She announced. “Until then, we remain covered.” “You may not touch any part of us that is covered.”Reese and I exchanged glances. We were in for one hell of a night.Carol continued. “After dinner, we will play a game, the rules of which will be explained later.” She elaborated. “Are we clear?”Reese and I nodded, grinning.The girls spent the next 7 hours torturing us, bending over, sitting in our laps, anything their twisted minds could come up with.We were VERY relieved when dinner time finally arrived. We ate, barely tasting the food, anticipating the evening.After dinner, Carol explained the game. “I have one envelope with all our names escort bursa in it.” She said. “We choose from that one first.” “That person must do what ever is pulled out of envelope 2 to the person who is drawn from envelope 3.” “Just to keep it interesting, there are multiple wild cards in envelopes 2 and 3.”Reese and I nodded our understanding. “Obviously, certain combinations aren’t possible.” Carol giggled. “Though, I’d like to see Reese and RJ do something, so in those instances, another card will be drawn.” “Also, once drawn from envelope one, your card is removed.” “That way we each get one turn.”Again Reese and I nodded.“Finally.” Carol added. “If we girls choose, we may decide to do another round.” “We’ll see if you two have any lead left in your pencils.”“I will draw the first set.” Carol said. “The person whose name was drawn will pull the next set.” “Shall we begin?”One by one, we all nodded, Carol grinning wickedly through the entire process. I suspect she’s stacked the deck, as it were, I just don’t know what that means.“OK.” She chirped. “First card…Robin.” “Second card…give oral.” “Third card…RJ.”We were all so worked up by this point that Robin lunged at me, swallowing my raging cock in one gulp. She sucked me frantically for several minutes before I grunted and came, shooting down her throat. She sat next to me, smiling, reaching for the envelopes.“My turn.” Robin grinned. “First…Karen, second…fuck, third…Reese.”Karen smiled. “Well since I’m the one doing the fucking…” She crawled in Reese’s lap, sitting on his rod. Reese feasted on her tits while she bounced, fucking them both towards release. It didn’t take long, Reese grunted and came, filling Karen’s pussy, pushing her over the edge. She sighed and sank down on Reese’s member, then kissed him and sat down.“I guess it’s me now.” Karen giggled. “First…RJ, second…wild, #3 choice, third…Robin.”“Well Robin.” I said, sitting next to her. “What’s it gonna be?”“You know what I want RJ.” She beamed. “Put that golden tongue of yours to use.”I knelt in front of her, throwing her legs over my shoulders, and dove in. She gasped when I parted her labia with my tongue, then screamed when I started sucking her clit, alternately jamming my tongue down her tunnel. Not long thereafter, she came, kicking her feet against my back and shoving my face deeper into her cunt. I sat back, rather pleased with myself and reached for the envelopes.“Let’s see who goes next.” I said. “First…Carol, second…wild #1 choice, third…wild.” “Interesting.” I chuckled. “You get to do whatever you want to whomever you want.” Carol sat, thinking. “I’d like to eat Karen, if it’s OK with her.”Robin gasped audibly, I guess Carol didn’t tell her everything.Karen blushed and nodded, holding out her arms.Carol kissed her, sucking on her tongue briefly, then got down to business.Karen reclined on the couch, then Carol went to work. She fingered Karen tenderly, spreading her slit open, Reese’s cum oozing from it. She leaned down and cleaned all the mess from Karen’s sloppy slit, then flicked her clit, sending a jolt through her nerves. Karen gasped and jumped, and not long after, orgasmed, drenching Carol’s face in nectar. Unable to resist, I kissed Carol, licking Karen’s honey from her face.“Well we know who’s next.” Carol grinned. “One…Reese, two…fuck, three…Robin.”Robin squealed and laid back on the couch. “Come and get me, big boy.” She leered. “I need a good fucking.”Reese leapt at her, impaling her in one swift thrust. Robin howled, her pussy being stretched to near breaking, kissing Reese urgently.Reese pulled back, then slammed into Robin, nearly knocking the wind out of her. Apparently Reese also has a thing for redheads. He continued pounding Robin, grunting with each thrust, her tits bouncing wildly, until a few short minutes later, he roared and came, filling Robin to overflowing. She climaxed seconds later, screaming like a banshee.We sat recovering for probably an hour, having a drink or two and snacking.“You boys up for another round?” Carol purred. “Or do we go on without you?”“As much as I’d like to see that.” I teased. “I’m ready.” “How about you Reese?”He pointed to his erection, no need for words.“We’ll make this round simpler.” Carol announced. “We each get one turn, double wild.” “Do whatever to whomever.”“Karen, would you like to go first?” Carol asked.“Sure.” She said, then sat thinking. “Robin, could I eat you?” “I’m OK if you don’t want to.”Robin sat, quietly for a moment. “I’ve never done anything like that.” She confessed. “But, I can’t honestly say I haven’t thought about it.” She laid back. “Go ahead.”Karen crawled over, sitting at Robin’s feet. She took great delight in inspecting her red pussy hair. “Is this what I look like, hon?” She asked me.“Pretty close.” I answered, still amazed at her choice. “I can see why you like it so much.” She giggled, then stuck her tongue in Robin.She arched her back and grunted, Karen working magic on her nether regions. Karen tongue lashed her sopping cunt for several minutes, then she climaxed, moaning and shaking, clearly excited by having a woman eat her.“OK RJ, your turn.” Carol said. I didn’t even ask, I just crawled over and shoved my cock in Robin’s still smoldering pussy.“Jesus Fucking Christ.” Robin groaned, then wrapped her legs around me. “Fuck me RJ.” “Make me cum again.”I hammered her, slamming against her body, driving my spike deep into her. She howled and thrashed, then after about 10 minutes, stiffened and orgasmed. I was there with her, coating her insides with semen, then we both fell limp onto the couch.“That was impressive.” Carol smiled. “I think I’ll go this time.” “Karen, can I have another go at your sweet pussy, I think I’m hooked?”“Gladly.” Karen said. Carol licked her lips, then parted Karen’s wet labia and dove in. This was a much less urgent encounter, taking the best part of 30 minutes to get Karen off. Carol was truly enjoying herself, and took great pleasure at her skill.“OK Reese.” Carol said. “You’re up, literally!”“Karen.” Reese asked. “You available?”Still panting and shaky from Carol, she held out her hand, pulling Reese to her. “I’m all yours.”Reese grinned broadly. I don’t think he’ll ever get enough of Karen, nor she of him.Reese jammed his shaft into Karen, fanning her just cum nerves back into flame. She groaned and spasmed, nearly climaxing from his initial intrusion.“Don’t cum yet.” He urged. “Wait for me.” “I’ll try.” She panted. “Don’t take too long.”She grunted with each thrust, teetering on the brink, trying to hold out.“Now!” Reese yelped, cock spasming, blasting Karen’s cunt full of his seed. She let herself go, cumming, howling like a dog in heat, drowning in her orgasm. Reese fell on her tits, heaving, spent, sated, at least for now.“Well Robin.” Carol said. “What’s your pleasure?”“Sis, you’ve kinda been left out, so I want to ride RJ, while he eats you.” She grinned.“Oh.” Carol cooed. “I like that choice.” “Can you handle both of us, RJ?”“Wouldn’t be the first time.” I grinned. “But it has been a VERY long time.”Robin mounted my stiff dick after I laid on the floor, then Carol took her place, sitting on my face.I concentrated on Carol, Robin was right, she got left out. I was going to rectify that oversight. I kicked into high gear, tongue lashing Carol’s increasingly dampening pussy, exploring every fold and crease, making sure she got the attention she deserved. She orgasmed quickly, then fell over, laying beside me as Robin continued her expert assault on my cock.I tweaked Robin’s pale nipples, making her squeal, while she bounced in my lap, pushing herself to climax. She leaned down, kissing me passionately, then moaned into my mouth as she came, her passion burning through her.We all laid where we fell for quite some time, recovering, then Reese and I scrapped up the girls and said our goodnights.Karen and I showered, still jazzed from the nights activities. “I’ve never seen you like this before.” I said. ”I think I like it.”“What do you mean?” She said. “I didn’t do anything I haven’t done before.”“True.” I admitted. “But going down on Robin, that was something.”“No different than doing the same to Carol.” She argued. “Maybe, but still pretty hot.” I admitted. “You never cease to amaze me.”We finished our shower and I dried off and laid on the bed while Karen fussed in the bathroom. She walked into the bedroom, hips swaying, tits bouncing with each step, then straddled me, kissing me deeply, purring softly. Before I could react, she spun around, planting her pussy on my face, simultaneously cramming my cock down her throat.She was already starting to ooze in anticipation of my tongue probing her cleft. So it was no surprise when she squealed when I nibble on her clit. My cock in her mouth, dampened some of her vocalizations, but didn’t stop her from expressing her appreciation of my oral skills. I, in turn, was moaning into her cunt as she worked on me, taking me deep into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head of my dick, licking off the precum I was producing.A few moments later, I arched my back and shot a torrent of cum down her throat, then she shuddered, moaned loudly and orgasmed, then fell limp over me.I rolled her over, carefully, then snuggled up next to her and fell asleep, a big grin on my well fucked face.We left for home the next morning, leaving behind our friends. Sorry to be departing, but happy knowing they were safe.My practice reopens in 2 days, and I’m SO ready to get back to work, even if things are still far from normal. We have an opening for a P.T., I wonder if Robin would be interested?We’ll get through this, but it’s nice to know we have somewhere to go if things go south.