Craig List

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Craig ListCraig story for postingShe is yours for the tacking!! I have left my sissy chained to tree waiting to be used. We begin begin your transformation from loving boyfriend to my precious Gumdrop the slut. I begin by stripping all your man close off of you and leaving them on the floor. I tell you have sexy you will be once we get all that ugly hair off of you. No man wants a hairy girl. You MUST also be very clean for the men you will service. They wont a slut but not a dirty whore. I will help you to become the sissy that you should be. I pull you into the bathroom. Scented water filled with bubbles. Candles lite the room. I kiss your check and pin you your hair. Now get in the tub so we can wash away your manliness and shave that hair off. I wont to see that sexy, soft famine body you have. I leave you there in the warm water. I wont you to think how it will feel to have a hard cock in your pussy. How you crave to have cum in your mouth. How you are nothing more than a slut for men and there is nothing more pleasing to suck cock. To feel a mans hand on the back of your head pulling you closer as his cock goes deeper in your mouth. You can almost feel the heat from his head in your mouth. You can taset the sweat from his excitement that your hot, wet mouth is pleasing to him. Your cock begins to get hard from the idea of having a true cock in your mouth. You reach for your own member just as I return to the bathroom. “Oh no! You are not allowed to touch your self. A good sissy know she is NOT allowed to service herself until she is told she can.” You are NOT allowed to. You will be a good girl and do as I instruct.” {little do you know just how much I am turned on by this. How I see how hard you are. I so wont to put my lips around you} I hand you the pouf with soap and tell you to begin washing yourself slowly. I wont to film you “cleaning” yourself for the men who wont you. They need to see how clean you will be. Now we need to get that hair off of you. I reach for the razor. Let me start with your legs. You will need to stand and face me. I must see you from top to bottom to make sure I get all that hair off. I begin to shave your legs. I start at your hip and work down. How lovely your legs look. The razor slides down your leg removing all the hair that binds you. My hands are careful and lovingly trace the muscles of your legs with the razor. Slow and sensual the razor feels. My fingertip gliding effortlessly down the back of legs feeling for missed hair. Now turn around and let me see your tight ass. We need to make sure that is ready to be used. { my god how I love your bum. How you stand there in front of me soapy and wet just asking to be fucked. How close I am to the pussy and I oh so badly wont a taste. I could sneak a taste.) My hands reach for the small of your back. My bahis firmaları fingers sliding down between your checks and I pull them apart. I must have a taste. Just a quick like I am thinking but no. I give one long slow good lick. “I am so happy and very turned on that will feel the pleasure of a man in that ass. Its so tight and ready to be fucked.” A soft moan escaped your lips. I think you just shivered a bit. We must finish this bath and get you ready. I wont you to look your best tonight!” I am posting your video with a location of where these men can find you. I will be there with you but from a distance. I am going to film you with them. Then we post it and show how such a good sissy slut you are and maybe we will get more men to come play!” “CD slut for the tacking and ready be used by you”I am a freshly shaven and cleaned sissy that is ready to be used by you. This candy gurl is waiting to service all your needs. My tight sweet, quivering ass is VERY eager to please! I will be waiting for you with GPS location as to find me and use me. I will chained to (something). This will be in a semi-public place and at night. I do not wont anyone to get arrested. If you are REALLY interested then please respond with GPS in the title. I will give you more details in my response. (pix) for 2Now that we have a encounter let us go get you ready for your meeting. We drive to a local park. I check my phone and see that your date is here. I tell you to wait in the car. I come around to the passenger side and open the door. I spin your legs around and then your hands. Before you get out I tie your hands together. Now stand up. We are going to walk over to that tree and I wont you to walk with your head down. Do not look up. I don’t want you to sneak a peek at your date. I walk you slowly to the spot. I want him to see just how ready you are for him. You stand there with your pretty white thighs in pink stocking. How sexy your skirt teases him. How he can get just a gimps of your pussy. Glistening with precum from the excitement. I find the tree we agreed to meet at and begin to tie you to it. Using the pink rope I begin with your legs. Spread wide so your sweet pussy is available to him. I can feel you getting hard and tell you “No! That is not allowed for you till he tells you to get hard” You are not here for your pleasure, you are here for his and only his. Just to make sure you are ready I lift your skirt to give him a good view of you as I spank your ass. You are here to take his hot cock in your ass and tell him you wont more!” (I kiss your cock to give you my reassurance) You have some freedom to move your feet but only so you can please him when comes to use you. My hands glide up the back of your legs to your waist. I stop to admire just how sexy you are there and to get a quick perabet güvenilir mi squeeze to your ass. Your hands are now bound around the tree. Facing the tree you shudder for just a second. Suddenly realizing that this is not a fantasy now but real. How you are bound to a tree with no way to escape. (knowing inside that I am close by and you are safe) I place a camera by you. “I am going to record everything that will happen to you. I wont to see you enjoying being used by a man. How nothing more than a slut you are. Do not speak unless he tells you can. I know your date is hear and he is watching us.” Watching how with every twist of the rope and every knot you are restrained for his pleasure and his pleasure only. His anticipation is growing with the thought of how his cock with be the first in your virgin ass. I think I need to check just to see if you are ready to receive him. My finger traces down your back to your skirt. I slowly reach up from behind to find you are wet! I can not help but to take a sample of your juice for my own pleasure. Standing behind you I explain in detail how a cock feel inside you. How the heat will make you wont to come again and again. I reach for myself and start to massage my harden clit. I to am excited and barely contain my own excitement. I am now breathing heavy with each stroke of my own hand on my clit. I come to the edge and stop. I can not come not just yet I tell you. For when you are done being a good gurl you will pleasure me before we leave this park. I stand back and pick up my phone. I make a quick call and wait. I see you there tied to the tree. Breathing heavy with the excitement of whats to come. You hear the footstep of heavy boots approaching. “Is she ready” he said in a low gruff voice. “She is all yours for all of your needs. She is not allowed to speak unless you tell her to. She can not cum unless you give her permission. You may untie her if you desire her sweet lips on your cock. OH and she is to swallow every load you give her.” I walk back to the car to watch.He is standing behind you. You can feel his hot breath on the back of your neck. You know his eyes are criticizing every part of your bound body. You wiggle but to no avail. You are scared but so turned on a shudder comes across your body and you so wont to cum. “Do not worry my little slut, You will get what you deserve.” His hands reach to your hips. He runs his hand up and down your legs. Feeling you shake with excitement. He steps so close to you…you can feel his weight against your back. His hand reach to move your skirt up so he can get a good view of what is about to be his. His cock is hard and wet with cum. He slides himself between your thighs..rubbing your own cock. You moan just a little. mmmmmm you are soft and sweet to the touch. tipobet He reaches up to kiss the back of your neck. His cock has found its way to your pussy. A pussy that is clenching with desire and need to have his cock and have it now. He pushes his wet cock into you. The sudden pressure of pain that turns to intense pleasure. How badly you want to cum but you do not…you know a good sissy will not disobey her mistress. Further he goes in. Deeper he drives himself in you. It is all you can do not scream in pleasure. It feel so intense. His hard member is now deep inside of you. Pulsating from the desire he has for you. He stops to feel just how tight you are and wonderful it makes him feel. To have you there…tied and unable to move just for him. His movements begin to get faster. His breathing is heavier. You can feel the sweat dripping from the him pounding your ass. The sudden rush of warm liquid fills you. I can feel him cum from his orgasm. He stops for just a moment. “I want you to feel my still hard cock in you.” He begins again moving in and out. You find his rythame and match each of his thrust. You continue to move together when your own hard cock escapes its confinement. A gasp escapes you. He notices your soft moan and reaches around you for your cock. His warm strong hand finds you. Squeezing you to let you know he has you from both sides. You belong to him. With each thrust he strokes you. Harder you are the harder he pushes deeper inside of you. YOU will be his slut for the night. Closer you are to cuming and closer he is again. Just as about you feel you can not stop..he removes his hand and tell you NO! You are not allowed to cum. Not yet my slut. Not until you satisfy me with your mouth. He slowly removes his cock from your swollen pussy dripping with cum. You can feel it running down your silken stockings. He unties you. ” Now you are to turn around but do not look at me. You will get down on your knees. You obey him. Knowing if you do not punishment will happen. Punishment that you may never get to please a man again. There on the wet grass you get on your knees. You look up only to see his huge cock. “Open your mouth slut and take me in.” Mouth open you reach for him. He is wet and still very hard. You kiss the tip. You can taste his salt on your lips. How amazing it is to have this strangers cock in your mouth. You long to have the taste of a mans cock and now you know egzactly what to do. Sucking his balls while you caress him. He moans with pleasure. Licking up and down him he is pleased with what you are doing. In your mouth goes all of him. His hand reach behind your head to guide you in rythem with him. How his hips thrust himself in and out of your mouth. He grows in your throat. Feeling harder and stronger. His movements are growing faster and you can feel him ready to explode and release himself in your mouth. You are ready to swallow all of it. Not a single drop will be lost on the ground. You are such a good sissy I think I wont to see you again. I will make arrangement with your mistress for another visit.