Creamy Weekend Visit

7 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


Creamy Weekend VisitHad an old girlfriend up from college last weekend and had an amazing time with her and my boy! she came in friday and we messed around but there was no fucking. we both had a plan to tease him and he was going nuts, haha. saturday we had a lazy day in and just lounged around all day and had a crazy time that night. we both started licking his dick and sucking his balls and soon after i hopped on for a while and my girlfriend sat on my boyfriends face. she wanted his cock bad and began licking my juices off and creating massive amounts of pre-cum at the tip. she swirled artemisbet yeni giriş her tongue around licking it up and caused more little spurts. i fingered her to get her pussy nice and wet and she then started riding the shit out of him. it was an amazing sight, the look of satisfaction on her face, as i think hes the biggest shes ever had. the night before i had discussed with her about having him cum in her and she was a little hesitant about the idea. shes on the pill but was still a little concerned. but this diminished as she was almost begging him to cum in her artemisbet giriş when he was about to blow. and my god did he. she was riding him hard as he was spurting and i could see a little bit of cum slide down the side of his cock as she was going up and down. he slid out and i licked the cum from his shaft and tip and then began flicking my tongue up and down her lips as some cum dripped on to his stomach. i cleaned her up good 🙂 and she then slipped down with me and licked the remaining cum from my boyfriends stomach. he was going crazy watching this as his dick perked artemisbet güvenilirmi up. i kissed the tip licking the remaining cum, kissed her and then zonked out from exhaustion. we slept till noon on sunday and i woke to her sucking his cock again! they then started fucking as i got up and let the dog out. when i got back it was my turn to fuck. i lay on my back with my legs spread and my boyfriend dove right in. he fucked me for like 20 minutes with my girlfriend rubbing my tits and sucking on them before he nutted in me. he pulled out and my girlfriend licked his creamy shaft clean and then began licking me. ahh her tongue was so tantalizing and left me so wet. we were both sad to see her leave and i have just been rubbing myself all week at work thinking about our weekend. we felt we would share a little bit of it as we cant get it off our minds.. enjoy! 🙂