Cross-Dressing, Gay , Lesbian Sex 05

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18-years-old.


Daniel’s one time bi-sexual fantasy consumes him

“Maybe if you allowed me to have sex with Martin,” said Emma to Daniel pausing without finishing her thought.

She looked at him with teasing eyes and flirty sexiness in the way she used to look at him when they were first dating. He could tell with her thinking of having sex with Veronica and now Martin that she was as sexually excited now as she was back then.

“Gees, Emma, It’s one thing for you to have sex with a woman but I cringe at the thought of you having sex with another man,” he said wringing his hands with the thoughts of his wife naked and in another man’s arms.

If only she knew that he was the one who wanted to have sex with a man, he wondered what she’d say.

“Maybe if you allowed me to have sex with Martin,” she said reiterating her desire for not only wanting to have sex with Veronica but also now for her wanting to have sex with Martin too.

“Ah, gees, I don’t know about you having sex with Martin,” he said interrupting her by feigning his resistance to her having sex with Martin.

She looked at him and smile while finishing her thought.

“After I have sex with Veronica,” she said pausing as if imagining herself having sex with Veronica. “And after you have sex with her too,” she said as if that was his just reward for allowing her to have sex with Veronica. “You may be sexually excited enough to change your mind and have sex with Martin,” she said biting her lip as if what she had just said was forbidden territory and it was faithful marriage.

Wow! Holy shit! There it is. She just took his bait. Now he could swear in a court of law that this was all of her idea and he was going along with whatever she wanted to make her happy. As proof, he just needed for the judge to look at him and look at her. If only for his money, what woman who looked like her would be with someone who looked like him?

Yet, not wanting to be too quick to take her bait, he didn’t want to appear too eager to want to jump in bed with Martin. Instead, while thinking more about having sex with Martin, he thought about his sexy wife having sex with Veronica. Naked and rolling around on his bed, he knew that their sexual exchange would be much more exciting than what he was briefly imagining now. Having never seen his wife kiss another woman, he’d love to watch her kissing Veronica just as he’d love to watch Veronica kissing her. Other than what he’s watched with online videos of lesbians doing one another, he’d love to watch Veronica eating Emma and Emma licking Veronica live and for real.

Now with her mentioning him having sex Martin, he wondered if she was wondering about having sex with Martin as much as he was wondering about having sex with not only Veronica but also with Martin. A sexually exciting scenario, his attention wandered from imagining lesbian sex between Veronica and Emma to gay sex between him and Martin and back to straight sex between Emma and Martin and him having sex with Veronica. While imagining Martin watching Emma having sex with Veronica, he imagined watching Veronica having with Emma.

Then, as if he was dreaming it, he imaged Martin reaching out to rest his hand on his knee before moving his hand up to squeeze his thigh. With Daniel’s hands innocently yet vulnerably resting in his lap, he imagined Martin taking his hand in his with his fingertips pressed against his cock through his pants. He imagined Martin fingering the head of his cock through his pants while they watched their wives having lesbian sex with one another. Such an exciting sexual sensation, except for Father O’Malley, he’s never had a man touch him through his clothes in that sexual way before. If his touch felt so good through his pants, he could only imagine what it would feel like with Martin’s hand wrapped around his cock as he slowly stroked him while kissing him.

“I never had sex with a man and I don’t know if I can start now,” he said lying. If only she knew he’s been fantasizing of having bi-sexual sex with a man for years. “Just because I’m a cross dresser doesn’t mean that I’m gay,” he said playing the innocent one.

Yet, sexually aroused by just the thought of having sex with Martin, while always wondering if he was gay, even he didn’t believe that he wasn’t gay. Perhaps he was a gay man trapped in a straight man’s body in the way that he’s really a woman trapped in a cross-dressing man’s body. Too confusing to ponder the thought of who he was, he didn’t know who he was anymore.

A sexual overload when thinking of his wife with Veronica and even more so when thinking of himself with Martin, he would have been happy just having his wife helping him to dress in women’s clothes. Before Veronica and Martin came along, being that she now knows his secret that he’s a cross dresser, he would have been happy having hetero sex with his wife while dressed casino siteleri as a woman. Now, with a whole, new, swinging, sexual world opened up to him, he remained quiet while looking at her while wondering what she was thinking. With him not only thinking of Emma having sex with Veronica, he thought of having sex with Veronica too while his wife had sex with her husband, before he had sex with Veronica’s husband too.

Going from one to the other, if that wasn’t enough sexual excitement for one evening, he was even more sexually aroused when he thought about having sex with Martin too. Maybe when they were all together naked in bed and beneath the sheets, if that was even to happen, he could accidentally on purpose touch and feel Martin. Maybe Martin would touch and feel him. Maybe while the women were busy having sex with one another, as long as he had enough to drink and was a little tipsy, he could have sex with Martin too.

“Just as I didn’t know that I had sexually feelings for another woman, how would you know you’re not gay until you had gay sex? How would you know until you tried it? Just because you have one time sex doesn’t mean that you’re gay Daniel,” she said obviously giving him the green light to have homosexual sex with Martin by encouraging his latent homosexual desire. “Able to experience the best of both sexes, there are lots of men and women who are bi-sexual.”

Before Emma mentioned that she wanted to be with a woman, he was happy only having sex with her while keeping his secret that he’s a cross dresser. Now looking at her in a whole different light and as if seeing her for the first time, he stared at Emma with her newfound sexuality and her a confident and self-assured promiscuity that no longer made her blush. He only wished he could be as honest and open about his desire to sexually experience a man in the way that she confessed her sexual fantasy in wanting to sexually experience a woman.

She was so beautiful. She was so sexy. Not only couldn’t he wait to see her naked with Ronnie, he couldn’t wait to see Ronnie naked with her too. The only fly in the ointment was that he still had trouble imagining her having sex with Martin. Her having sex with a woman was one thing but her having sex with another man was something else entirely. It was easier for him to think of having sex with Martin than it was for him to think of her having sex with Martin. With cheating behind one another’s back and extramarital sex expressly forbidden within their marriage vows, seemingly extramarital sex was admittedly okay within a swinging relationship.

He thought about all the men who were into cuckold sex and he didn’t want to be one of them. Wittol sex was one thing with him not only accepting her infidelity but also encouraging her infidelity, only too possessively jealous, he wasn’t there yet. Possibly he could allow her to have sex with Martin for the sake of her having sex with Veronica and him having sex with not only Veronica but also with Martin too. Cuckold sex on the other hand would be her betraying him, cheating on him, and having sex with men behind his back. Yet, in the way he felt about her having sex with anyone but him, whether she had wittol or cuckold sex, both of those types of extramarital sexual relationships made him feel bad about himself and made him fear the end of his loving relationship with his wife.

Only what they were about to embark on was different. This wasn’t cheating extramarital sex. This was swinging extramarital sex. Stretching the definition of what’s acceptable and what’s forbidden within their marriage, when extramarital sex was defined under swinging, their infidelity seemed okay.

Agreed to and encouraged by all parties with them all going into this with eyes wide open, the only unknown was how the women would react to and feel about him having gay sex with Martin. Even within the confines of the swinging lifestyle, for some, unknown reason lesbian sex between women was more acceptable that gay sex between men. Yet, with Emma supposedly open to it now, she may be turned off when she sees Martin sucking him or him blowing Martin. She may not have realized that gay sex meant anal sex too. Maybe if it was to happen that he was to get together with Martin, for the sake of everyone’s sexuality, they should take it slow with going no further than kissing and touching. Maybe having Martin kissing him while stroking him would be enough to satisfy his sexual fantasy and sate his need to be with a man for onetime sex.

“This is a big step we’re taking Emma and I want to make sure that we’re embarking on this with eyes wide open and with the full knowledge of what this may do to our marriage,” he said. “On one hand, having an open sexual relationship may broaden our sexual horizons. On the other hand, conceivably, with one becoming more possessively jealous over the other, this may ruin our marriage too.

Ridiculously implausible to even ponder the thought yet just as he imagined her canlı casino falling in love with Veronica and leaving him for her, he imagined himself falling in love with Martin and leaving her for him. When he hasn’t even met either of them, his thoughts were preposterous. Albeit, his thoughts were more fantasies than just mere ideas. Maybe Emma was just looking to have sex with a woman in the way that he was looking to have sex with a man.

Yet, for him to even think of her leaving him and him leaving her, there was a break in their ten year marriage that may eventually become an irreconcilable split. With Emma totally happy with him, he never had the thought of her leaving him, especially for a woman. Moreover, with him totally happy with Emma, he never had the thought of leaving her for anyone, especially for a man. Now it was anyone’s guess what would happen to their supposedly happy marriage once they allowed another couple inside of their bedroom.

“I understand,” she said. “I’m willing to see where this may lead if you are. I’m ready to have a lesbian relationship with Veronica and perhaps an extramarital, albeit a swinging affair with Martin,” she said looking at him as if trying to read him. “Are you ready to have an extramarital swinging sexual affair with Veronica and,” she said with a pause, “perhaps try having a homosexual relationship with Martin?”

Just he imagined her in Veronica’s arms, he imagined himself in Veronica’s arms. Just as he imagined her having sex with Martin, he imagined having sex with Martin too. Yet seeing himself more clearly with Martin than he could with Veronica, he imagined Martin unzipping him, pulling out his cock, and stroking him before leaning down to take his cock in his mouth. In the way that it sexually excited him to imagine cumming in Veronica’s mouth, it excited more to think of cumming in Martin’s mouth.

Definitely, just as he’d allow Veronica to have her wicked sexual way with his body, he’d allow Martin to feel him through his pants while kissing him. He’d even allow him to unzip him, remove him from his trousers, and stroke him before sucking him. Only, just as he imagined cumming in Martin’s mouth, he didn’t know if he could suck Martin and allow him to cum in his mouth. Unable to go there, it was one thing for him to have passive homosexual sex, where he allowed his sexual partner to use his body, but it was quite another thing for him to have active homosexual sex where he used his partner’s body.

Baby steps, with all of these sexual thoughts overwhelming him, he needed to take things slower so as not to be overwhelmed. He didn’t want to make a mistake by saying the wrong thing and/or show Emma was he was really thinking. He needed this swinging, sexual relationship to be all of Emma’s idea with her sexual desire to have sex with a woman and possibly another man motivating her to do this and not his sexual desire driving him to have sex with a man. Besides, she was the one who started this by confessing her sexual fantasy that she wanted to have sex with a woman. He never confessed his sexual fantasy that he wanted to be with a man if only for onetime sex. It was enough that she knew that he was a cross-dresser. It was embarrassingly enough that she now knew that he enjoyed dressing as a woman.

He thought more about having sex with Martin than he thought about Emma having sex with Veronica. He thought more about having sex with Martin than he did having sex with Veronica. In the way that he imagined Martin feeling him through his clothes while kissing him, he could probably feel Martin through his clothes while kissing him too. Having never masturbated a man before, no doubt much like masturbating himself, he could probably unzip him, pull out his cock, and stroke him in the way he imagined Martin doing that to him.

Definitely, being that it was his longtime sexual fantasy, he clearly imagined Martin sucking him. He could nearly feel himself cumming in his mouth. Only, a big step, he didn’t know if he could suck Martin. He wouldn’t know if he could suck him until he was at that crossroads of crossing the line from hetero sex with Martin’s wife to having gay sex with Veronica’s husband. Having anal sex with Martin whether he was the fucker or the one being fucked was something else entirely. Already removing that from the homosexual table as probably something that wouldn’t happen during their first time together, if there was even to be a second time, he wouldn’t know how any of this would progress or not progress until he met them.

Who knows what may happen between the four of them? Having not even met the couple, he couldn’t even speculate the unknown. With neither of them having sex outside of their marriage, he wouldn’t how they’d react to inviting another couple to their bed. Possibly with them not getting along and not liking one another after they met, the whole evening may be a bust. Maybe just the opposite would happen. Maybe they’d be totally and sexually attracted to one kaçak casino another. Then, daring to go where no straight man would ever go, not ruling out anal sex, maybe first time anal sex with a man would be more pleasurable than not. He didn’t know but with this sexually opportunity handed to him by his wife, just as he’s more than willing to sexually experience having sex with a man, he may be willing to try anal sex with a man if only just once.

What a difference twenty years can make? When he was in college, the idea of having sex with a man sickened him before as much as it sexually excited him now. Back then, he only thought about his roommate giving him a hand job and possibly sucking him. He never thought about giving his roommate a hand job and sucking him in the way that he was thinking about giving Martin a hand job, sucking him, and now possibly having anal sex with him too. Now that his is more than just a sexual fantasy but soon to be his reality, he’s pondering the thought of having anal sex with a man. Wow! Forget about baby steps, having anal sex with a man is a giant leap into him not only emerging from his closet as a cross-dresser but also as a homosexual man.

‘Yeah, maybe I could do that, fuck Martin in his ass,’ he thought to himself. He was totally aroused by the thoughts of having sex with not only Veronica but also now with Martin. ‘Only, in the way I don’t imagine sucking Martin, even after he’s sucked me, I can’t imagined allowing Martin to fuck me up my ass even after I’ve fucked him in his ass,’ he said pondering the thought internally. ‘Besides, being that I haven’t even met the man yet and don’t know if there’s any sexual chemistry between us, it’s difficult for me to speculate what may happen,’ he thought while having an internal monologue with himself.

Now that Emma confessed that she was ready for a lesbian relationship with Veronica and gave him the green light to have a homosexual affair with Martin, he reconsidered Emma having sex with Martin. Even though seeing Emma with another man didn’t appeal to him at first, it was beginning to appeal to him now with him having sex with Martin too. He was overwhelmed with the sexual thoughts of having swinging sex with a foursome. With him going beyond the point of no return in considering having homosexual sex with Martin, he had no idea the Pandora’s Box that he was about to open and would never be able to close.

Admittedly now, the only thing better than watching Emma having sex with Veronica would be watching Martin having sex with Emma. The only thing better than watching Emma having sex with Martin was him having bi-sexual sex with Martin. The only thing better than having bi-sexual sex with Martin would be having sex with Emma, Veronica, and Martin. The only thing better than having sex with Emma, Veronica, and Martin would be having sex with them while dressed as Danielle instead of as Daniel.


* * * * *

“So? What do you think?”

Emma looked at her husband with a newly found sexual lust that he hasn’t seen since they were dating. He’s never seen her so excited with sexual anticipation. Always having a good sexual life but, in the way she was looking at him with sexual expectancy, no doubt by the thoughts of her having sex with Veronica and Martin and him having sex with Veronica and Martin, she was seemingly on sexual steroids. He wondered if she was just as sexually excited about having sex with Veronica as he was sexually excited with the thoughts of having sex with Martin.

If only she knew he was as sexually aroused to have sex with a man as he was to have sex with a woman, he wondered what she’d say. Perhaps with her fearing losing him to a man in the way that he feared losing her to a woman, he wondered if she’d change her mind about him having sex with Martin. It’s still not too late to put a stop to all of this and return back to the way that things were with him secretly cross-dressing while she fantasized having a lesbian affair and he fantasized about having onetime sex with a man. Only, with her confessing her secret sexual desire to have sex with a woman and him exposing his need to cross-dress, he knew that it was too late to go back to the way things were before.

With him always trusting his wife before, sadly, after she showed him her cards of sexual intention by being so sexually enamored with this couple, he didn’t trust her now. With her never lying to him, as far as he knew, he wondered if she wasn’t being honest with him now. Maybe her having lesbian sex with Veronica was just her ruse for her to have heterosexual sex with Martin. Being that she knew he’s a cross dresser while hoping that he’s bi-sexually curious too, maybe she was playing him. Maybe instead of Veronica, it was Martin who she was really after. Maybe it was Martin who masturbated her on that park bench and not Veronica. Now filled with as much doubt as he was filled with sexual excitement, he’d have to observe her interaction with the both of them for him to know the real truth. Only no matter if it was Veronica or Martin who masturbated her on that park bench, with him able to experience his bi-sexual fantasy of having sex with a man, the thoughts of having sex with Martin consumed him.