crowder ave arcade part the final abuse pt4

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crowder ave arcade part the final abuse pt4i don’t know how long i had been sitting in the blindfolded dark struggling to get loose, when i felt, more than heard someone come into the booth. i jumped when i heard a voice hot and close artemisbet yeni giriş to my ear say, “i don’t know who you pissed off, or what you did for someone to leave you here like this, but there must artemisbet giriş be a good reason. that’s when i felt another cock rubbing against my face and lips, felt my face being slapped by a cock, hard,again, artemisbet güvenilirmi and when the gag was pulled from my mouth, before i could even protest it was roughly pushed into my mouth and down my throat so i would have swallow another load of cum. before the day was up, i was used, abused, and ****d two more times til the time came when i was able to free my self and escape, when i looked back a little later, it came to me, as i looked at a clock, i had been used, abused, and ****d for over three hours