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The end of the work day drew out selfishly, keeping me seated and wondering whether my supervisor had more work to give me. I had already entered the same information a couple of times, creating work where there had not been any. The clock did not move busily, lapsing instead, if not going backwards. Even though it was a Friday and the weekend beckoned, there was nothing prompting me to end the day besides boredom. I did not have any plans and was basically devoid of the ability to make any. The break-up with my last boyfriend never transitioned to a new relationship. I felt caught in some endless montage of surrender and had yet to discover a new source of light.

Out of habit, I started to scan the items on my desk and inside the drawers. It was hard knowing if anything was out-of-place, but I felt that my things were arranged differently and someone had gone through them. Trying to fight needless suspicion, I nonetheless glanced at the other cubicles, wondering who might show an interest in my stuff. The first person that came to mind — as I watched her bound down the center aisle with her huge boobs leading the way — was Chrissy. She just projected a sense of needing to know the business of others, and she did not seem to care for office decorum or drawing attention to herself.

“I’m so bored! I need to get out of here. My boyfriend, the one with the cabin on Lake Folly, is meeting me for dinner after work. We’re going to his cabin for the weekend,” Chrissy said.

“That’s nice,” I said, looking disinterested.

“I really need to get away for a couple of days. You know what I mean?” She said, adjusting her blouse so the top of her cleavage showed.

“Sure. I know what you mean,” I said, unable to recall the last time I had gotten away for a couple of days.

“Anything going on with you? Any plans for something exciting?”

“Not this weekend.”

“Another boring weekend? Summer is going quick, don’t let it get away from you. You have to take advantage of the nice weather.”

I nodded my head and was going to say something else to her, but she walked away before I could speak. She liked dropping information on her co-workers, thinking her life was more interesting than ours. At this point, with nothing going on for me besides work, her life did seem more interesting — if that boyfriend with the cabin on a ridiculous sounding lake did in fact exist. It would fit with her persona if she invented a boyfriend or an imaginary body of water.

My supervisor, Sheryl, came out of her office carrying her briefcase, signifying her departure. She probably had intimate lake plans herself. Sheryl nodded to me and cracked a quick smile, exiting the office with purpose. She was in the habit of finishing her days early, leaving someone else responsible for locking up. At that point, I decided to come back into the office after closing to see if anyone might be antalya escort rifling through my desk. I hated feeling paranoid, but something seemed off.


Chrissy’s boobs led the way out the door, aggressively raising the curtain on the weekend. As usual, she did not say goodbye to anyone but went straight for her sporty car and drove away. I used to wave politely as she left, but I stopped doing that after my gesture had gone repeatedly ignored.

A few minutes after no one else came out of the office, I checked to see if the door was still open. It was! I quietly went back in to check, not knowing what or who I might find. I didn’t think it was the guy who looks awkward and sweaty all the time. No! How could it ever be someone who sweats in the winter for no valid reason? It’s just not possible that the guy who walks around with a perpetual bulge could ever put his hands where they don’t belong. My desk! There he was, opening a drawer slowly and bending down to look inside.

I had thought it was possibly Chrissy in the cubicle next to me; she liked coming to work braless, showing off a pair of tits that flopped every which way. She acts so carefree and doesn’t do any work. Chrissy had perfected the art of sitting at a desk while looking busy but really doing nothing, or walking all around the office as if she had an agenda.

I figured he looked forward to seeing her boobs bounce all over the office, making him sweat. Or did he enjoy staring at my juicy and delicious bubble butt? I intentionally liked to show it off because I know what it does to guys and, yes, some girls. My A cups did not impress anyone, I thought. My ass supported the cause better.

“I didn’t expect you’d be the one going through my things,” I said, surprising him.

“Just closing up,” he said, nervously.

“Do you go through Chrissy’s things, too?”

“I don’t go through anyone’s things. Really, I’m just closing up for Sheryl.”

“Why are you at my desk and not Chrissy’s? I see how you look at her.”

“I don’t know.”

“Who do you like more, Chrissy and her big tits or me and my sexy butt?” I said, catching him by surprise and catching myself by surprise by being so blunt.

“Both,” he said, meekly.

“You like both of us, huh? You must get so horny sitting in the back of the room thinking about us, watching us walking around here.”

He nodded his head and finally let go of the handle on the drawer, closing it.

“Are you a loser? No way! You actually nodded your head in agreement. Unbelievable!” I said, moving a step closer to him.

“I’m sorry. I better close up the office,” he said, backing away from my desk slightly.

“It’s just us here?” I said, cautiously.

“Yes. Everyone has gone home,” he said, suspiciously.

“I bet you think that these cubicles give a raving pervert like you enough cover antalya escort bayan so that you feel comfortable and hidden enough to go through my drawers or the braless bitch’s drawers. What are you looking for, anyway? That’s a desk drawer, not a panty drawer.”

“A pen.”

“Really? You’re looking for a pen? There’s a cup with at least three pens and two pencils in it right in front of you.”

“Thanks,” he said, reaching for the cup.

“Don’t touch them! I don’t know where you have had those hands.”

“Sorry,” he said, blushing.

“Don’t look so hurt. Offices have rules that keep things running smoothly. A co-worker’s desk is off-limits without permission. How could you not know that? Do you want me to snoop around your desk? What would I find? I am sure nothing. Your secrets are probably all concealed in that grimy looking cell phone of yours. Who, besides you, would ever go near it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Not me, dude — if you even qualify being called a dude,” I said, trying to humiliate him.

“I am a dude,” he said, looking away.

There was some relief that it was him going through my stuff instead of Chrissy. I despised her and didn’t want her anywhere near my things or me. Yes, I was jealous of the attention her breasts got; it made me feel as though I was on the second tier of desirability among the office staff, relegated to the second-raters with the homely girl just out of college who gave one word answers.

“I can prove I am a dude,” he said, confidently.

“You say that you are a dude and want to prove it to me.” I said, intrigued.

“Yes. I want to prove it to you. It sounded so challenging, what you said.”

“I’m not sure I need you to prove anything to me.”

He started to unbutton his pants, wanting me to see what his workday bulge looked like once revealed.

“That’s disgusting! I don’t want to see your thing. Pull your pants back up! No! What the fuck! You walk around with that thing hard all day. That’s pretty big for a sweaty creep.” I said, surprised/shocked by what he had going on.

“It’s not even completely hard,” he said, sheepishly holding it as if he had never made contact with it before.

“It’s not completely hard? Stroke it, then. Wait, lock the door so no one surprises us,” I said, giving in to the scenario with my hung co-worker.

“Okay,” he said, walking quickly to the doorway and locking it.

He walked back just as fast.

“Let’s get you seated at the bitch’s desk.”

“Chrissy’s chair?”


Moving to Chrissy’s desk, he held onto his cock and pushed the chair out to make room for himself before sitting down.

“Good, sit down and give me a show. I’ll even shake my ass for you. I can’t believe the nerdy corner cubicle loser has a cock as long and as thick as a porn DUDE.”

“Thank you,” he said, taking escort antalya long and slow strokes with his left hand.

“You like it when I walk around the office, showing off my ass? These leggings show it off so perfectly. Keep stroking, dude. You were right, it still had some growing to do. Mmhmm! Keep stroking it, sitting on that bitch’s chair but looking at me the whole time.”

“I like you better than her. She’s just a tease,” he said, working me.

“You say you like me better, of course you do. How couldn’t you? Just look at this booty,” I said, turning for him.

“It’s beautiful!”

“Her boobs are so heavy, they probably drop all the way to her waist.”

“Yeah, she’s disgusting,” he said, appeasing me.

“That’s it. Jerk it now.”

“Jerkin’ it just for you.”

He was concentrating on his hand movements and on me, looking at me as I was in display just for him. I thought of how the day had slowed down and my thoughts were all compressed into a state of paranoia about my desk, my things. I now felt relief, offering myself, my ass, to an awkward co-worker with a huge piece of manhood.

“You better let me finish you off. I can see how close you are to exploding,” I said, grabbing hold of his cock. His body relaxed, and he looked up to me expectantly.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“It’s so meaty. I had no idea you were walking around the office with this thing in your pants.”

He blushed and tilted his head onto the top edge of the chair. I could see a couple beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He closed his eyes tightly and his breathing quickened some.

“All this pre-cum, dude. Wow!” I said, trying to find a rhythm with his penis to satisfy the pervert who had invaded my space earlier.

“I always leak like this when I edge,” he said, opening his eyes only to find me staring intently at him.

Placing his hand on my hand, he sped up the pace a little. His grip felt strong around my hand, tethering me tightly to him. We worked like that for a long while. His breathing seemingly grew heavier with each of our strokes. He suddenly let go of my hand and left me to do the work alone.

“I’m so close. I’m so close,” he said, presenting his face to me, wanting me to kiss him.

I used my free hand and swiped it across his smooth cheeks. That small touch triggered his ejaculation. First came a thick missile of cum that went up and seemed to touch an imaginary point. Right behind the first volley came two less powerful attempts that failed to get as high as the first. His bare thighs received most f his load. I let go of him, noticing how calm his face looked, how relieved his mood became.

My hand had some of his drippings on it; I wiped it on the back of Chrissy’s chair, making sure to get it on as much fabric as I could.

“You got a lot out of me. That was one of my biggest loads,” he said.

“I better go and leave you to explore the desks. If you look deep in the middle drawer of my desk, you’ll find a small bag with some feminine stuff, including a pair of panties,” I said, rewarding him for his/our show.

“I know. They’re pink.”

“Very good, enjoy them,” I said, walking to the front door.