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cuckold lifestyle 43It’s Monday and I just have to share what my wife did this weekend. Saturday it was in the low 80’s here in Atlanta , my wife and I where working in the back yard around the pool , planting flowers and pulling weeds. I was going at it alone when my wife brought me a cold beer out. She had on a white tank top no bra and a hot pink thong bottom. She handed me the beer and ask if I needed any help? I said sure you can help, she bent over to pick up a flat of flowers and the tank top fell open and allowed me full view of her beautiful hand fulls. Her tits are as tan as the rest of her because she tans by our pool topless while I’m at work. I made a comment about how tan her tits where. She looked down and said yeah they are coming along nicely then she pulled her shirt off and tossed it in a chair. I said are you going to work topless? She said yeah why not? Well it’s the weekend and some one might come by. Well then they’ll get to see my tits she said. I started getting a hardon as soon as that shirt hit the chair. I was trying to hide it but as soon as I grabbed the wheel barrow handles and stood up straight she saw it sticking out. Is you cock hard you pervert she said. Yes it is I answered. She said get in the pool till it goes down. But that water is only seventy one degrees. She said well then it won’t take long. I was hot and a dip would feel nice. I killed my beer tossed the can in the trash and walked down the wasn’t bad till my balls hit that cold water, I stopped for a second , she said well get in there and she pushed me in with a rake handle. I couldn’t catch my breath at first. I was about to say OK I’m soft when I heard a door close in the drive way. I looked at my wife she had heard it too. Get your top someone is here I told her. She walked to the gate and looked to see who it was. The wood fence hids anyone for seeing in the back yard. She turned and said you want another beer I’m going in the house for a minute. I asked who it was but got no answer. As she started up onto the deck still topless she said don’t get out till I get back. çankırı escort I was either getting used to the water or getting numb. I tried to see who it was but the sun reflecting off the patio door made it impossible for me to see inside. I begain to wonder why it was taking so long. After at least fifteen minutes I heard the door open on the patio and at the same time I heard a door close on a vehicle in the drive way. my wife had on a bikini coverup and she was carring a beer for me. I asked if I could get out now. She said are you soft? I said I think it’s gone, this water is cold. She well get out I have something for you. As I got out the sun felt good on my cold body. I said well let me have it then. And reached for the beer. She pulled it back and said no this isn’t it. I just stood there , well what is it I asked. She sat the beer down on the table and turned around and bent over at the waist. The she took her hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing a very wet pussy. I asked is that what I think it is? She said taste it and see. I dropped down on my knees and burried my face in what turned out to be a freashly fucked pussy. I went in hard and almost pushed her down. I got a good tongue full and pulled back. I swallowed and said who’s cum is this? She said can you guess? Well your pussy isn’t tore up so it’s not Jon or Eric. But that still leaves almost a hundred to guess from. She said it was Danny, he came by to see if I wanted to go to the lake with him and some of the guys he works with. Then she said one of them has a boat and he’s going to get it and them and will be right back. I take it you said yes to the offer. She stood up and yes I did so if you want to finished this you had best get at it. I need to shower and shave my pussy . I have a feeling it’s going to get a work out . I ate her for a few more minutes untill she said that’s enough. I followed her in the house and while she showered I was to lay out a bathing suite for her to wear. I picked a blue one piece thats cut real high on the legs. I love the way the front dives down real escort çankırı narrow and cups her pussy lips. She had cut out the liner in the crotch last summer and when she stands up straight she has the sexiest camel toe. I also laid out a see through bikini skirt coverup. She came in the bed room butt assed naked and shaved clean as a baby. I asked if this was ok? She said yes, she liked that one to fuck in because she could just pull the crotch to the side and if anyone came close she could just let it go. She put it on and pulled the sides up real high, the cut outs where just above her hips bones. She turned around and looked at her ass in the mirror. The back is cut so half the ass cheeks show. She said what do you think? I said I think you are hot enough to fuck. She said that’s the idea, I don’t know these guys and I want them to like me. Oh baby one look at you and they’ll like you alot. She gave the front a little tug to pull in between her pussy lips just enough so you could tell there wasn’t much between you and her smooth shaved pussy. When are you coming home I asked? She said when they get enough water sking…I said yeah right. She said well you aren’t going to be here when they come back, I don’t want to take a chance of spooking the new guys. So change out of those wet cloths and go to the HomeDepot. But first bring me your chastity cage. Which one I asked? She said either one just get that little pee pee of your locked up. I took the CB3000 out of my night stand drawer and dropped my pants, guys I don’t have to tell you what my dick looked like being in wet shorts standing in a air conditioned house. It wasn’t but maybe a inch long. She laughted at it and said lock that little thing up. I did as I was told…my drawn up nut sack made it hard to get the ring around it. I got locked up and dressed , I jumped in my truck and started out of the neighborhood. Just as I was pulling on to the main highway I saw a red Ford F150 pulling a Red and White ski boat turning in my road. it was a four door and all the windows where rolled down. I didn’t get but about çankırı escort bayan two seconds to see the guys inside but it looked like six. three in front and three in back. All white boys. As I drove I thought well they are all white so maybe her pussy won’t be wrecked tonight when she gets home. It was just after eleven when I heard that truck coming down the road. It stopped right in front of our house and when the door opened I only saw Danny and my wife , she leaned over and kissed him , jumped out and ran to the house. I opened the door and waved at Danny. He looked at me kind of oddly and waved back. I closed the door and said well did you have fun? She said what do you think? I just spent seven hours being fucked in every hole by six of the hardest cocks I’ve ever seen. I said well you want to tell me about it while I eat you clean? She said you can eat me if you want to but I doubt theres anything in there. I played in the lake just before we left. Why did you do that I asked with a frown on my face. She said well right before dark they wanted to make me air tight. I had told them about the black guys doing that to me and they wanted to do it. I told them I hadn’t planed on anal sex and I might not be clean inside there. They said we have a giant bath for to if you aren’t. Well Danny laid down on the picnic table and I sat on his cock, a tall boy named Luke stuck his cock in my ass while he was standing on the ground! Then she said ok who wants the blow job? Hank pulled out what she said was a good nine inch fat soft cock. She said it was so fat she almost couldn’t suck it even soft. When it got hard she couldn’t do anything with it ,so him and Danny swapped places. She said when she sat down on it she had to be still for a minute because it hurt like Hell …I looked up from her red loose pussy and said WHAT? You have been fucked by some of the biggest cocks I’ve even seen and this one hurt? She said yeah I know and yes it did. After they finished she said Luke had some smeer on his cock head and went to the lake to wash up, she told them to let her go too . After she got cleaned up she said they started packing everything up. One of the boys said I wish I had brought a tent, I’d just keep you here all night and fuck you silly. My wife said well boys thats the plan for next time….hey life is good