cuckold lifestyle 62

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cuckold lifestyle 62My wife bought a remote control vibrating egg last weekend while she and I where in Little Five Points. I had forgotten about it untill tonight. On Fridays we usally go out to dinner , with her wearing something sexy. This Friday was no different , only this Friday she was wearing a special pair of panties that has a little pocket in front that holds the egg right between her lips and high enough for her clit to get the full force of the vibrations. She raised her short skirt to show me the panties and how the little egg was holding her lips apart. So you are going to masterbate while we dine I asked? Well sort of she said. She said I’m going to give you the remote control, and you will be masterbating me when ever you feel like it. Power? I get power I asked. She said yes that I had been a very good boy and that she has a little sumbmissive side that likes to play from time to time. She handed me the control, it is a little black fob that looks like a key fob that unlocks the car doors. It has 3 buttons. I asked why it needs 3? She said number one is a low strong vibration and two was faster and three was VERY strong. I asked if could try it. She said press a button and see if I can guess which one it is. I pressed two…she jumped a little and said thats two. then without asking I pressed three. Her eye brows went up and her eyes half closed…oooh that’s three she said my favorite. We drove to town to a nice steak place. I didn’t use the remote at all on the way there. I pulled up to the valet station and quickly jumped out so I could watch my wife get out showing her legs all the way to her panties…she normally does this. as soon as the valet opened her door I hit number three and held it down. She just sat there …the valet said mam may I help you out ? She turned to look at him and I let go of the button. It took a few seconds for her to clam down. She said OH YES I’m sorry, then she turned to get out, her skirt ridding very high on her thigh. She slid forward to place her feet on the pavemant betsobet yeni giriş and that made the skirt go up further , stopping just below her panties. As soon as she stood up I hit the number two button and held it down as I took her arm to help her into the restraunt. She handeled that with ease. The whole time we waited to be seated I held that number two button down. And not untill the hostess showed us to our table did I let up. I pulled my wife’s chair out for her and as I leaned in to help her set down she whispered are you haveing enough fun with that?After ordering drinks I excused myself to the rest room. On the way back I could see out table from down the hall. I stopped and pulled the fob from my pocket. From where I was standing I could see only the back of my wife’s head. I pressed the number three button. Her hair bounched a little when it first started. I held it till I got to the table. Then I placed it in my jacket pocket and sat down. Holding her wine glass as to cover her lips she said in a low voice, you had better stop, I’m going to have a wet spot on the back of this skirt when i stand up. Oh really I said…then I took the fob out and laid it next to my plate. She could see it but not reach it. I asked is your pussy nice and wet ? She said you know it is. I said wet enough to have sex? She said wet enought to have HAD sex. Then she giggled…wine gets to her very quickly. We ate a very nice meal , had an after dinner drink , then as we got ready to leave she said she needed to use the ladies room. I helped her up and held her arm as we walked down the hall to the rest rooms. I said make sure you get that back in place when you are done. She smiled and said OK….I gave her a few seconds to get in the rest room good and pressed number three again. I heard a laugh come from inside. I waited for her to come out. As soon as she did I asked if she was in position? She said yes and that her panties where soaked when she pulled them down. Well I bet you dried yourself betsobet güvenilirmi real good didn’t you? She said yes that she had. I pushed the front door open for her to walk out ahead of me, the valet stood up and asked for our key number. I said it’s right here and I pushed the number three down again while I handed him the ticket. This made my wife lean into me and put her head on my shoulder. She whispered stop it no now…I ignored her. I held the button down. Our car pulled up and I opened the door for her to get in …still holding the button down. As she sat down I leaned in to kiss her before closing her door. I could hear the vibrator running in her panties. I stood up closed her door and tipped the valet…with the button still down I walked around to my side and got in fastened my seat belt and pulled the car into gear before ever letting up the button. I let the button up only so I could use both hands to get out into traffic. As I started down the ramp onto the interstate I again pushed the button. My wife crossed her legs and I could see at every street light that her thigh muscles where very tight. I waited till she had a little jerk before letting up on the button….OH you bastard she said i was about to cum. I knew that ..time for some female edging I thought to my self. I waited a few minutes before hitting number three again. Her legs squeezed tightly together…I saw her should jerk twice and i let up again. OH GOD DAMN IT she said….I want to cum you son of a bitch she hollered at me. I didn’t say a word…. I pulled into the Star Ship near our house, they sell adult toys and movies. Lets go in I told her, she said OK but not for long I’m horny and need to cum like a mother fucker she said while getting out of the car. I looked at the front door and saw two guys walking out , they heard every word…as they passed her one said nice legs. Just as she was about to say something to them I zapped her again with number three. Just a noise was all that came out. We entered betsobet giriş the store and it was empty…we where the only customers in the store. I head her over to the dildos while still holding down her button. I picked up a big black one and asked her loud enough for the lady up front to hear if she thought she could handle one this size. I thought that would embarrass her…but I was worng. She answered that Mark ( one of her black lovers ) had a cock that size and it fits her cunt rather well. I know my face turned red and I heard the lady up front give a little laugh. We bought a inflatible butt plug ….I made my wife go pay for it…As she did I kept her buzzing the whole time. The lady said thank you and i hope you enjoy the butt plug, my wife said OH it’s not for me..I’m streatching his ass hole out so he can have anal sex with one of my lovers….The lady looked at me and gave me a smile. I let go of the button and pushed the door open. As we started to back out my wife started laughing. I asked what she was laughing at…she said that lady thinks you are a homo…OH you are going to pay for that I told her…she said how and I pressed number one down….OH that feels nice but do number three she said . NO..I answered. OH I can’t hardly feel that she said….I didn’t answer…she bitched over and over untill I stopped it all together. OH No you can’t just stop she said. I drove past Mark’s house ( the big cock black guy ) I said I wonder if Mark would like to fuck you tonight…umm She said yeah pull in ..I slowed down but drove pasted his driveway ..OH you ass hole she said. I pressed number one again….damn it stop teasting me she said. I hit number three for about five seconds and let up….OH you are asking for it she said. I love to make her mad…she does sexy shit when she is pissed at me. I hit number three and held it untill I was sure she was just about to cum. Her legs where tightly together and her hands where in her lap pressing down hard ..I let go of the button …She screamed …YOU ASSHOLE… We where at our house so I pulled in the drive way. OK I told her now lets go in and let you cum. She agreed..I fucked her for a few minutes, she was so wet I couldn’t get any friction. I blew my wad and she made me eat her clean…The butt plug didn’t get played with that night…