Cum lover

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Cum loverI love pussy, im not gay bisexual I quess. I love the taste of cum. From the first time my girlfriend. Sucked me off and then kissed me with a mouth full of cum I was hooked. I remember the fisrt time that I tasted another mans cum, now that was a night I will never forget. I met this older married couple, I was 25 and they were in there late forties. I met them online and they were looking for a younger guy to join them. We met at a bar and we all had some drinks and got to know each other.(at this point in life I had only eaten my own cum mostly from girls pussy after I had filled them up with a hot load, also have never sucked cock ) . After a few hours of hanging out and drinking they invited me back to there house. Kay and I go sit on the couch while jim gets us some drinks from the kitchen. JIM Comes back with the drinks and sits down on the couch beside me with kay on the other side of me. Kay leans in and starts to kiss me and tell me how dirty her and jim were and how Jim loved watching her with another man. Next thing I know jim leans in and is kissing kay at the same time I am. Kay kind of pulls back and for a second its just jim and I kissing, kays goes backaway at suckinga ithim sucking on my lip and then he pulls away and kisses my neck and kay returns to kissing me. As jim is kissing my neck he says that he wants my cock in his wifes mouth. Kay stands up itand starts taking off her cloths while jim starts adiosbet yeni giriş to unbuckle my pants and pull them down. I have never been sexual with a guy so the kiss on lips and neck from jim was all new territory. To tell u the truth it was making me super horny and I pretty much was gonna let myself go and what ever happened happen. Kay sits back down as jim is pulling down my pants and grabs my dick in his hand and starts to stroke it. Kay leans down and starts to lick the head as jim strokes it and plays with my balls. As kay really starts to suck it jim leans down and kisses her and looks up at me and smiles then kay starts to lick down my shaft to balls and u starts to suck on them. While kay was doing this jim leans over and puts his lips up to the head of dick and just barely touched the head and then pulls back . Then he leans in again and licks just around the tip and then stops again. At this point im going crazy all I can think about is wanting my dick in this mans mouth. Kay comes back up and is sucking my cock again and jim leans back up and kisses my neck again and starts talking dirty in my ear about how nice my cock was and how he could really suck it good if I asked him to. Without hesitation I said please jim put it in your mouth I want it. He then says oh yeah u want man to suck your cock real good and he then kisses me real deep this time I kiss back. Finally jim gets down beside his adiosbet giriş wife and slips it in his mouth. Wow I almost shoot my load instantly, it felts so fucking good and it was so erotic watching jim and kay share my dick. They sucked my cock for a while then said they wanted take it to the bedroom. Jim leads me to the room and kay pulls out a video camara and says ok boys y’all play. Im laying naked on the bed and jim is getting undressed as he pulls down his pants out pops his big thick dick. I mean my dicks about 8 1/2 inches long, but his was about 10 and real nice and thick. He lays beside me and we kiss again and my hand goes strait for has big dick . Jim smiles and says looks like u found something you like. He asked if I’ve ever sucked cock, I said no but I want his big dick in my mouth. So then jim lays on his back spreads his legs and says you go enjoy yourself and I eased my way down to his dick. I remember licking the tip of his dick first and tasting his precum it was so sweet I wanted more. Slowing I start to try to put this big dick in my mouth after about 5 min kay joined me and showed me how to really suck it good. Then jim told me to lay on my back while kay sits on my dick and rides it. Jim gets behind her and puts his dick in her pussy too, so we are both banging away at her pussy I can feel his dick next to mine and our balls are banging together and I couldn’t do it anymore. I let lose adiosbet güvenilirmi and blasted a big load of cum inside kays pussy and all over himself cock it felt fucking wonderful. Then jim pulls out and tells kay to spin around and 69to me but not to let all my cum drip out as she does that he leans over and puts my dick in his mouth and cleans all cum up and then comes around the back of kay but before he puts his cock in her he brings his face to mine and kisses me letting me taste my cum I lick his lips begging for more cum and he says not to worry im gonna get lots more then he moves up and slides he big dick in kay while I lay under her watching him fuck her and goes in real deep a few times and then pulls it all the way out and it flops on to my face splashing my cum all over my face I lick his dick suck it and taste my cum. I tell jim that I want to taste his cum so bad and he puts his dick back in kay and his big balls are in my face and I put them in my mouth and suck them. Soon after this jim starts to shake and grunt and pulls his big cock out just as he blows his load its splashed against kay pussy and all over my face I open my mouth and take the next 3 or 4 squirts in my mouth before the rest is shot all over my face it was a fucking huge load. I swallowed what I had in my mouth and then got the head in my mouth and sucked it dry and then proceeded to eat the cum out kays pussy. Then we all lay together while kay and jim licked my face clean. Jim said he never thought he would meet another guy who loved cum as much as him. We spent the rest of the night sucking each other and eating cum and pussy. Yummy. Well next time ill have to tell you about first time I let jim fickle……