Curiosity of A Boy And His Cousin’s Wife – Part 1

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Curiosity of A Boy And His Cousin’s Wife – Part 1the unmarried guy working in the real estate business. The following story is a fictitious story and isn’t real.The story is about me and my cousin’s wife, Deepthi. I hope you like this story as it took a long time to write. Please feel free to contact me. Please send your feedback to coming to the story. The story is of the year 2004 when I was in 10+2 class and I was 18 years old at that time. The story is about me and my cousin’s wife whose name is Deepthi. She was 30 years old at that time. She was good looking, with wheatish complexion.She had a beautiful attractive face and curvy figure. She was married to my cousin Sudharshan for 5 years and had a small baby boy of 3 years at that time. As a daily routine, in the evening after college was over, I used to visit my cousin’s place. His house was on my way home.I used to play cricket with some friends in the small ground behind my cousin’s house regularly. And after playing for an hour or so, I used to spend time chatting with Deepthi Akka (sister) before going home. Her husband, that is my cousin, had a hardware business.He used to go to his shop at 8 am and return by 8.30 pm. So whenever I went, it would be Deepthi Akka and the baby only, at home. Deepthi Akka was very close to me and I liked spending time with her, chit chatting. She used to inquire about my classes, my friends and other stuff.Since there was no proper TV cable connection at that time, Deepthi Akka used to feel bored sitting at home. I used to give comics and novels which I had at home or the ones I got from my friends, for her to read. She liked it a lot and usually, we used to discuss them canlı bahis at times.As I told you all earlier, I was in 10 + 2 at that time. I had been introduced into the world of sex by my friends during that year. That time the internet was scarce and in order to access the Internet we had to visit a cyber cafe. A best friend of mine named Mahesh had access to adult magazines.He got them from one of his senior college friends. He used to share it with me after he had gone through them. Watching those naked models and reading some of the stories, I used to masturbate in the privacy of my bedroom at night.I rarely spoke to girls when I was in college. So, obviously, I didn’t have any girlfriend.And also during that time, it was all new to me. So masturbation was the only option for the sexual release. The masturbation session used to be mostly filled with fantasies of my class girls, teachers or actress or the porn models in magazines.It was the last day of college before Diwali festival holidays would start. After class hours my friend Mahesh pulled me aside and said that he had got something for me as a Diwali gift. He was smiling broadly and handed me a couple of latest adult magazines and something wrapped in a paper.When I opened the paper wrapping I found that it had condoms. It was the first time I was seeing condoms as way back in 2004 condoms weren’t available so easily like nowadays. I was really surprised looking at it and I asked, “Mahesh how did you get hold of this?”He said, “Got it from a friend of mine.” I smiled at him and said “Wow. Thanks. But what to do with it? I have no one to try it on.” Mahesh smiled and said “As if I have someone to use it on. Just put it on and shag. It bahis siteleri will be fun.”I smiled at him and said thanks hugging him.I put the magazines and the packet containing condoms in my bag and headed home. So the 10 days of Diwali festival holidays had started. I was in a jovial mood and headed towards my home. After getting down from the bus, like always, I headed towards my cousin’s place before going home.I chatted with Deepthi Akka for some 15 minutes on various topics, including my plans for Diwali holidays. Deepthi Akka asked me to get some grocery items for her as she couldn’t go out due to the baby. She handed me the list and money for the shopping and I headed to the market leaving my bag at her place.I returned after around 20 minutes. When I returned, Deepthi Akka was in her bedroom feeding the baby. I called out to her from the hall. I told her that, “Akka, I have kept the grocery on the table and also the change. I am going to play cricket on the ground behind.”I left my bag there only and headed to the ground and played cricket for an hour with my friends. After playing cricket I returned to my cousin’s place. Deepthi Akka gave me mango juice to drink and she had prepared a sandwich for me. Since it was getting dark, I decided to go home.I said bye to Deepthi Akka and left with my bag and headed towards my home. At home, I totally forgot about the magazines and the condom packet which Mahesh had given me. I was busy watching TV. Then went out with the family for dinner and after returning home. I hit my bed and fell asleep immediately.Next day, the morning after breakfast I decided to check the magazines and condom packet that was in my bag. But when I was about to check bahis şirketleri on them, I received a call from a friend of mine on my landline. He was asking me to come and play cricket in the morning.Everyone will come in an hours time to play cricket since the holidays had started for all. So informing my mom, I left for my cousin’s home to meet Deepthi Akka and then play cricket in the ground. When I reached my cousin’s house, Deepthi Akka was watching TV and the baby was sleeping in the bedroom Seeing me, Deepthi Akka smiled and told me to sit. She brought me some snacks and juice. Deepthi Akka was silent and was in some deep thought, that was strange. But I kept on watching TV. After around 5 minutes, Deepthi Akka went into her room.She brought something with her and standing in front of me she asked sternly, “What is this?” I was really petrified because she had in her hands the porn magazines that my friend Mahesh had given me. I was perplexed and didn’t know how to react. It must have been just horror on my face.Yesterday when I came to her place in the evening, She must have looked in my bag when I went to play cricket. She must have been looking for some novels or comics and might have got hold of the porn magazines. Deepthi Akka, showing me the books asked me “You read this kind of books. I didn’t know you read all this adult stuff. From where did you get these?”I was nervous and scared and explained “ My best friend gave it to me. He gets me this kind of books Akka.” Deepthi Akka sounded surprised and said “Oh so you are used to reading this kind of books” I nervously said, “I have read a few, Akka.”“Ok then, have you used this with anybody?” saying this she showed me the condom packet that Mahesh gave me with the magazines. Deepthi Akka had taken that one too from my bag along with the magazines. I now knew I was totally screwed.What will happen now? I will share it with you in the next part.